Wish List

Many Tears have an Online Wish List set up via Amazon. Here you can order items and get them delivered directly to Many Tears. Please click the link above and this will then list everything we need. The items listed are in no particular order but we always need NatureDiet Puppy Food and tinned dog food to add to our normal kibble, washing powder, thick bleach and SD cards.

If you do not have access to Amazon but would like to donate we list below some the items we always need. If can't get them to the centre please email info@manytearsrescue.org and we will try and help with transport. Whatever is sent ALL will go to help give the dogs a better life.

Dog food (dry and tinned) *
Naturediet puppy and junior dog food
Cat food (dry and tinned)
Dog treats - pigs ears, biscuits etc
Sardines in oil
Extra heavy duty bin bags
Towels (in reasonable condition)
Dog collars and leads - new and second-hand
Dog treats - pigs ears, biscuits etc
Sardines in oil
Extra heavy duty bin bags
Strong string mop heads
Malaseb shampoo
Dog shampoo and conditioner
Rolls of cotton wool
Thick bleach
Fleece and thick blankets
Duvets and pillows - non feathered only
Milbemax Wormer
Advocate (spot on)
Vet bed
Shredded Paper
Plastic dog beds (new and second-hand)
Plain White DL Envelopes 110 x 220 without windows
Plain A4 Envelopes without windows
Plain A5 Envelopes without windows
A4 paper

We regret we are no longer able to accept feathered pillows, feathered duvets or pillow cases.

* Many Tears makes regular trips to Ireland to rescue dogs who are in desperate need. These dogs would be put to sleep unless we helped them. Some of the dog food donated will be passed on to volunteers in Ireland to help them feed the dogs they hold for us until we can collect them.

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