Sylvia's Diary

Sylvia writes a diary entry as and when she has time or if she needs to get something off her chest. We hope that you enjoy reading about the ups and downs of rescue life.









In this video, Sylvia takes us on another tour of the kennels at Many Tears, introducing us to some of the wonderful characters we have waiting patiently for their forever homes!

If you'd like to donate to help us save more dogs like these, you can make a donation through Paypal here. Thank you so much for watching and supporting us.


This is a copy of what Bryony has put on our Equine News.  I wanted to let people know it is not just dogs and cats we care for.

Beautiful Molly has more going on on the inside than you would think.  On the outside she is 15 hands of marvellous American bred horse, on the inside she has chronic laminitis and cushings disease.
Molly's cushings is managed by one small pink pill a day but the laminitis is a bit more complicated. Every year Molly has an annual foot scan to see how things are going inside her hoof. This time we had a new vet from the Dyffryn Tywi equine practice in Nantgaredig. The picture features Peter who visited Molly this time.  Each front hoof is x-rayed annually and this years x-rays didn't reveal much different from last year.  Whilst this is good news there is no deterioration, Peter is encouraging us to try and get Molly's hooves to improve.
Biotex-80 is the product he recommended, whilst he sounded like part of their sales team, and gave it a great pitch, Peter gets no money for gaining a sale and recommended it purely based on the fact he has seen such HUGE improvement on horses by using this, so this is the next part of Molly's hoof journey, we have set out to order some of this supplement to try and get some better hoof growth.
Biotex-80 is replacing Molly's current Biotin, as it has 3x more amount of biotin in every kg making it much stronger! This is great news for Molly, and we can't wait to try it! Whilst Peter was here, he did Molly's bloods and we are now awaiting the results to check that she is on the right amount of medication still to manage the cushings. When I told Peter Molly has cushings, he was very surprised, and commented on how well she looks!! Everyone knows Molly just knows how much of an angel she is, and how Sylvia will do absolutely anything to keep her happy, healthy and comfortable!!
Hopefully we can update in a few weeks one we manage to order it as to how she gets on with the supplement! Molly also needs new boots. These are so we can walk her on the road to graze on the keb side and help her to keep moving if the fields are to wet to turn her out in. These boots are special and cost over £200, the new biotin product is also super expensive at over £100. Good horse care is just not cheap!!!!! But is so necessary.



Having said we don’t want more bedding we are now in difficulty. We looked at commercial washing machines that could be used to wash the dog bedding but now realise that is not an option as three phase power is needed and we cannot install this. This also means we cannot get an incinerator to burn the bedding so we are now looking at different skip options and it looks like we will be spending an extra £400 plus a month on emptying the skip of used dog bedding. 

So for dog bedding we are still looking for blankets (preferably lightweight/fleece) cut up if they are large, vet bed, duvets (not feather) cut up and sewn to stop the stuffing escaping if at all possible, but NO pillows, cushions, foam, carpet, curtains, or any bedding that would not work for your own dog.

If items are donated that cannot be used we will have to pay for that to be dumped which just adds to our expenses so please only donate what is listed above.

Please be kind and help us make beds comfy for our charges but only with items that we can use, by doing this you can help us to continue our work.
Thank you

22-08-20 DOG BEDDING

We wish to thank everyone who has donated dog bedding in the past years however we are going to have to try something different.

Owing to the huge monthly bill of over £1000 to empty our skip of used bedding we started to burn the cardboard boxes and used bedding. Sadly this is not allowed as classed as burning commercial waste.

We are now going to have to set ourselves up better with the following.

  1. A really big commercial/industrial washing machine.
  2. Rolls of rubber backed vet bed which must be in light colours so we can easily see any health problems. If you would like to help with vet bed donations you can find this on our Amazon Wish List.

We will have to wash daily and hang out 80 beds a day to try to dry in Wales (!!!) and try to only use the drier if we really have to. This as you can imagine feels like another nail in the coffin.

Going forward we can accept:

  1. Lightweight/fleece blankets that are quick to dry and that are already cut to fit in dog beds of all sizes.
  2. Duvets - but only single ones which are cut up into 4 pieces or double/kingsize cut into 6 pieces and sewn to stop the filling coming our as we can rewash these and hang to try to dry. Some dogs that need extreme help need the padded duvets (no cushions, pillows, carpeting etc)

There are many problems at the rescue but one of the main ones is the skip is charged on weight and as they are not covered everything gets soaked which in turn makes it heavy. In addition the birds and feral cats split the bags open which just adds to the problem.

Our dogs comfort is paramount, but to keep running is also paramount, we hope you all understand.

Any help to buying the commercial washing machine or vet bed would be very gratefully received.


11-08-20 Coll - The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Now you've seen the good, the bad and the ugly.
Coll has waited a long time, but the special person he needs hasn't met him yet.
He needs time, patience and consistency.
If you can help the good side of Coll, in time it will far outweigh the bad.
If you can give him a chance, please contact us.


This week, we've had lots of wonderful new dogs arrive at Many Tears, all ready to start their next chapters in life! Here's a look at some of the lovely little faces now in our care..
These dogs will be added to the website over the next few days so please be patient and keep an eye on the website if there's one you're interested in but can't find yet. Please don't contact the office as we can't keep a waiting list, thanks!


It is with great sadness I need to tell you all our darling chow chow pup Teckles died last night. She came in with two bulging blind eyes and the vet found her also to have a rattily chest. We treated the eyes till she'd be well enough to remove them as the they could not see and they could not be saved.
The rattily chest was treated but worsened, antibiotics were changed and we continued with all meds. We knew the eyes were urgent but feared she could not go through a big operation.
Teckles started to show neurological signs yesterday and the vet was worried and this morning we were going to make the huge decision to go ahead with the operation despite her problems. This decision was taken out of our hands as she died in the early hours of the morning.
I want to say thank you to the two vets who helped us day and night, to Steve and Helen for taking her home and loving her between her vet stays, and to all who donated towards her operation, that now cannot be done.
Many of the dogs we are getting in lately are needing huge veterinary care, and have proved to be very challenging. I hope you won’t mind, but the funds raised we would like to use for others in special needs. If you donated and don’t want this, please send your name and email addressto and we will refund the money.


Yesterday we welcomed some rather unique animals into the rescue! We have a few chinchillas, degus and a sugar glider all looking for their forever home!
If you are interested in adopting any of these, please don't email about them, but keep an eye on the website for further information.


My whole ethos in life is to help and rescue and rehome dogs that need help. I do this for the dogs.

  • I don’t think by helping a greyhound I am enabling greyhound racers to get another to race
  • I don’t think by taking a foxhound I help the hunt to get another to kill foxes.
  • I dont think by taking a would be dog owners rejected untrained dog I am helping them to make room so they can go out and buy a cute pup, or by taking a breeding dog I am helping breeders to get another better suited to breed.

I do however think of that dog as every dog's life matters!!!

I work 24/7 to help dogs.  Instead of criticising I wish people would put their energy to work and not their tongues. They could work my days alongside me and make an honest assessment then instead of criticise and send horrible anonymous emails.

The reason dogs have so many friend is...
They wag their tails and not their tongues. Thank God they are my friends!!!!


Here is a video introducing some of our lovely new arrivals, all of whom have arrived at Many Tears over the past few days ready to start their new chapters in life and find their forever homes.
We have lots of adorable new faces, a real wide variety of breeds and some very special puppies too. Each dog is so wonderful in their own way and all are so very deserving of finding their perfect forever family.
Some of these dogs are already on the website and the rest will be added over the coming days.


The worry is huge.
Running this rescue is exhausting.... However the rewards are immense.

I finished the book I wrote in the hope it could be used to help finance this place, but not one publisher answers my request for info on publishing on whether to send the book to them.
The one publisher I sent it to never even acknowledged it they received it, or answer any emails. I have no idea if none are working due to the pandemic.

Please... if you know anyone in the publishing world who would look at the book with a view to publishing it, pease, please let me know I am desperate for help, so I may in turn help the rescue.
Please email me at  thank you


There will be transport to Romania agan in a couple of weeks and last time we took that opportunity to ask you all if you would like to support the puppies out in Romania in the care of some wonderful people who do not allow harm to come to the dogs and do their very best to find homes all around the world for dogs that desperately need help and have a bleak future without them.

The pups in their care are born already unwanted, unloved and unplanned. They need to be cared for, fed good nutrition and placed in homes who will agree to get them neutered to break the endless cycle of strays and suffering that takes place in so many countries. We have helped similar situations recently in Antigua and now Romania. The care and compassion from you all never ceases to amaze us and we are humbled by your kindness.

Many Tears is struggling, just like many others at the moment. We fret about our future, struggle to get by. The ladies that help the Romanians work their socks off with no resources and for us to offer to share their good work and try and give them a hand gives them hope.
Even in the darkest of times we all need hope and faith.

To make a donation for the Romanian pups you can send a donation via our PayPal appeal for them here

or choose items from our Romanian Puppy Wishlist here

08-07-20 Daisie May Snacking!


Daisie May loves her snacks and once you pop, she can't stop! She really is the most special goat.


This week has been full of extraordinary acts of love and kindness.

The first was when a frightened dog that was adopted in Cornwall got away from her new adopter and was lost. Keith, one of our staff had fostered her. He jumped in his car and drove all the way to Cornwall after he had worked all day, down to the place she was last seen. He took his little dog with him and amazingly found her!

The second was today, some mean, uncaring person put rabbits on the road, at the edge of woodlands in Swansea and left. A kind person found them but one had run into the woods. The dear little rabbits were brought here safely, but I was so upset to think of the other rabbit in the woods who would probably get killed by foxes or a dog. I told a staff member Chelsea about them and she drove straight there and after a search actually found two more rabbits and they are now in transit here to be reuntited with the others.
All the young bunnies are going to be looking for homes. They will need a shelter and good run, not a hutch and no proper space of course.  If you have a great setup for these lucky bunnies and you are interested in adopting,  please email but we are also looking to see if there is a rescue more equiped for rabbit care who can take them.


Today we welcomed some dogs to Many Tears who had been saved by Caki in Bosnia. Here is a short video of them arriving with some information about the dogs.


Although Many Tears is constantly in need of funds I try to help others in desperate circumstances. After watching the video on Caki's fund raising page I felt compelled to help. You can hear my thoughts here
If after listening you would like to help this rescue get the funds it needs to buy a vehicle to continue saving dogs please donate via their crowdfunding page HERE



As seen through the eyes of BIll!


Here are some of the dogs who are in the kennels mostly waiting to find their new homes.  To help us continue with their care and to carry on saving dogs just like them who need a safe place to stay until their forever homes can be found please donate whatever you can.  Every single donation helps no matter how large or small - each one is gratefully received.



All these dogs find it quite hard meeting new dogs, but they can do it and they manage to settle but it takes time. They've had a life that we couldn't even imagine, so you can't think that they're going to be settled into your home and happy straight away, they just need to be given a chance that they so deserve. Ben is only a puppy and Daisy dog is only young too, but they're both beautiful dogs, still looking for their forever homes.


As some of you know whilst having empty kennels I felt it imperative to fill them. If there were no dogs in the world suffering that would be different, but the reality is there are. I reached out and found a Romanian rescue trying hard to do their very best. However lack of funding means nearly all the care falls on one ladies shoulders. Having had pups of 4-6 months on a previous run realized that some of these pups have spent a lot of time at the rescue and needed more handing in these essential informative weeks of the life of any pup. I therefore have sent money and will continue to try to fund a part time puppy socializers wages all the time I am taking dogs from this rescue, as well as helping fund their travel.
Here are some pictures of pups too young to travel awaiting the chance of good homes now having time being socialized.
I know some feel I should not help Romanian dogs, and of course I always take UK dogs first, but at this time AMAZINGLY there are very few dogs in need of space being called in, and these poor Romanian dogs need help so much. Some say educate the country, this can be done via the rescues, but without funding the rescues simply cannot run to UK standards and set a president for the people. The rescues over there Especially the one we are trying to help do Everything in their power, and we are supposedly a nation of dog lovers, I felt we could help.

01-06-20 An email to bring joy to your heart..

Today I received an email from the adopters of Doris, which I'd like to share. Doris was the most shut down of the last Romanian dogs. Not the most reactive, but most shut down. I am so worried about all maybe this will help people see the effort needed.

"Hi Sylvia

I hope you are well. This email is sent to bring joy and happiness to you for all that you do for the many dogs that are in need of love and help.

Here is an update on Romanian Doris (now Indie) which I'm hoping will give your heart lots of happiness. We are a week on now, and here is what our girl has been up to since leaving MT last Sunday.

Monday - Quiet day getting her used to us moving around the house and garden.

Tuesday - Came out of the house for the first time on her own. Started showing an interest in toys.

Wednesday. - We started recall, by asking our lab Isi and Springer Millie (was Vanessa at MT and whom we adopted last Aug) to 'come'. Indie was quick to learn that if she followed me and the other girls around the garden (on her long line) she would receive small rewards of cheese. By the afternoon, I put the other girls in and Indie was following me to 'Indie, come'....???? She saw cows today that had been put in the field opposite the house. She barked at first, but soon ignored them.

Thurs - First walk. New harness had arrived. We decided against using the crate in the car, as it was impossible to get her out safely as I had to climb into my car to get her out, and was afraid of slipping/tripping and also felt as though we were 'getting in her face' when trying to prise her out of it) so we bought a sturdy crash tested harness. Harnessed her into the truck, long line attached and took her to one of our fields. She opted to lie in the long grass and wasnt really interested in exploring. Continued recall in garden.

Friday - Took her to same field. This time, she walked around the perimeter. (10 acres) Continued recall in garden

Saturday. Took her to different field where Andrew's grandsons were riding their bikes. Kept her at a distance. She was watching them but we didn't allow any close contact at this stage. It was intended as an introduction to kids and bikes. She decided today to join Isi in her basket today, so I moved hers from where she had wanted to be when she arrived (up a long corridor between hall and lounge) and put it where I'd originally put it with Isi's and Millies. Continued recall.

Sunday - Started asking her to come 'this way' by zig zagging and turning when she was recall training, instead of going in a straight line up and down garden. Jumped out of the truck for the first time when we got to the field. Started recall training in the field with an approximate 80% success rate. As a stray, she will obviously be used to wandering around at will, hither and thither, and we can see this in her. Our work is to get her to the point of wanting to stay with the pack. This is going to take time as she's very independent- although still wary. When she's not playing or training in the garden, she likes to got to 2 places under bushes. I usually end up having to climb under to get her out, but yesterday, decided to see how long she would stay there. I put a bowl of water close to her, and set about painting my outside windows, washing car and weeding. She stayed out for 3 and a half hours, before coming out on her own! I felt so proud of her! Took a treat out of my hand for the first time. Continued recall.

I know you'll be as proud of her as we are. We will continue in our efforts to help build her trust in us. I'm under no illusions that this is going to be an easy task. She is still very flighty, but she will allow me to pick her up in the garden (as she still won't come in on her own - even for a treat) so I say 'basket' as I pick her up and deliver her promptly to it, so she knows I'm taking her to a place of safety. She's better in the house now, and will even sit in the downstairs loo (whilst we're on the loo!????)......

Keep up the good work Syvia. I know you will. We'll be back again in a couple of years when our lab goes over the rainbow bridge.

In the meantime, we send you our gratitude for all that you do, and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for trusting us to take care of Indie.

All the best
Tina and Andrew."


In these days that are so strange I am closer to breaking down and having a cry than ever.
Yesterday I realised two trees planted well over 10 years ago on memory of my dogs will never recover and have died dispite all the care I gave them trying to get them to recover.
Today a staff member carved a plaque for me which has a poem my wonderful mum sent me years ago I thought I would share it with you all .

Daisie May exploring the field


Today I took Daisie May to explore the field. She is such a special goat and was willing to walk with me to check it out. If you are seriously interested in rehoming Daisie May then please email us at


This is our newest arrival at Many Tears.. Daisy May the goat! Poor Daisy has been quite ill as she's had an infection in her udder, but with lots of TLC, daily milking and injections she will soon be on the mend. She's very sweet and walks well on a lead, we think she may have been someones pet at some point. She doesn't like other goats, ponies or cows but we're going to work with her and either find her the right home or make her happy here.


This is Clover.. she has a home to go to, but while she is waiting to go there she wanted to hold on tight and not let go to something she has heard is very important in these troubled times!!! To support us and help us continue to save dogs like Clover please donate


24-05-20 So you'd like to own a rescue?


I have been asked why I am taking Romanian dogs. Well it’s because we have kennel space and they need a chance of life like any dog.
The dogs we have taken in from Romania are desperate and have witnessed unimaginable atrocities which most of us would find unbearable to even think about.
The rescue is truly struggling out there so I am going to try to send them some puppy toys, starter puppy food and ordinary puppy food along with a few thermometers and some puppy milk. If you care, like I do, then please help.
We have added items to an Amazon Wish List but many of them can also be sourced from other places like pet stores and supermarkets, very often cheaper and delivered directly to Many Tears at Cwmlogin House, Cefneithin. Llanelli, Carmarthenshire, SA14 7HB or you can drop them at our gates marked for the Romanian Puppy Appeal.
If you would like to make a donation for us to purchase items on your behalf, please send us the PayPal link which will send funds to the Romanian Puppy Appeal.
Thank you so mucyh

Amazon Wish List


21-05-20 It saddens me..

It saddens me that someone hates Many Tears enough to involve the crime squad. They were told we have no license to travel dogs (which is wrong), that we are not allowed to home dogs (which is wrong) and the charming dog lover ???? who made these allegations involving the police also said the rescue is open to the public (which is also wrong) We of course could prove all. We like every one are trying to survive, however we unlike some are trying to save lives too as well. My God after a week like this with all the daily worry who ever you are your timings spot on.... I am fried!!!!!!

However, there are still dogs that need to be found homes and here are some of our newest arrivals.

20-05-20 ARCHIE

This is our blind dog Archie.. who said blind dogs can't have fun? Look at all the fun he is having playing and galloping around and enjoying life!

15-05-20 New arrivals from Romania

We are delighted to welcome some dogs from Romania who have all been saved from very difficult situations. With space here at the kennels we have the room to give them a warm cosy bed and start to give them lots of love and attention . As you can see, they are all wonderful, sweet and we are looking forward to helping them on their way to their new homes. If you would like to know more about them please go to and if you feel able to make a donation please click the link . Thank you for your support

14-05-20 New Arrivals At The Rescue

Today we were privileged enough to receive 40 Romanian dogs.
All were saved from near death situations.
I am strong, realistic and usually get on with jobs not letting my emotions get in the way...
However when our driver returned with these dogs and I met them ( having already known their stories) I cracked.
The adult dogs are amazing, gentle and forgiving babies. They are so so ready for love.
The juveniles don’t know what’s going on and they just remember the times of no food and pain and mistrust.
Please if you can help these guys do
They deserve you x


**Click Here to find out more info and take part in our IM-Perfect Pawtraits fundraiser**

Of course I am worried about our future, but we are not giving up. I had thought our new fundraiser to be a great way to have allot of fun, but really sadly only a few have wanted to partake. PLEASE share this with every one, and also have a go. I myself am sending in a picture just to support and for the fun of it. secretly I hope I have a child drawing my boy, but its pot luck. So as we cannot have a dog show, raise funds at stalls , do all the things that we used the funds to run on, think of having a shot at being the lucky one or not and getting a great picture of your pet , whichever way will be drawn with love and support.
Sylvia x


All day Friday I felt on edge, then in the evening I sat with my dogs and wept.
I know it’s weak, and I know everyone is trying so hard to be positive, but none of that helps.
I have empty kennels and staff on furlough. Contrary to most beliefs the furlough program is not without costs to the employer, and still costing us around £250 a month per employee, just not to be here. I have had to let staff go as all those £250 are just adding up and up and up, and at the end, we won’t have the work for all the staff we had before the crisis.
I have taken on three peoples work, as have others, just to try to get through this.
Plans started and paid for well before the coronavirus have been hard and slow to achieve, and dogs all over the world are dying as their UK contacts have had no way to get the dogs.
It’s going to take a very long time to be able to recover, and this will mean a lot of canines will suffer in the meantime.
Though a stupid dream, I throw away £1 a week on the lottery. If we owned our own premises , if we could just ride out this time, if we could just have a tiny bit of luck….. too many 'if's.

On a positive note, we have managed to save lives. Our vet and other vets have been great doing emergency surgeries and spaying and neutering, which for our dogs is also oftenver much  an emergency.
Even yesterday our vet castrated a Cav with one testicle, only to find the other the size of an orange up in his abdomen.
So now’s the time in my blog to say a huge thank you to all who have done so much, for all who have worked so hard, for the staff on furlough who kept in touch, who asked what they could do to help, and for the staff here working as a family, cheerfully and yet with all so changed.
I have no right to feel so down, and even writing this I realize I owe it to you all to buck up and cheer up.


When it was arranged for Chris Packham to be our patron I thought that he would also be supporting us, talking about us, visiting us to see what we do here and maybe keep in touch with us. Sadly none of this happened at all. When the coronavirus hit us and we had to close our doors, we were thrown into uncertainty and I have worked constantly, every single day trying to keep this rescue going. Still we heard nothing from Chris. He had not even shared us once on social media. So I have made the decision to remove him as a patron as I could not have it in writing on our website that he was supporting us, when he was not.
I have been thinking a lot about the support we receive as a rescue. From the kind emails telling us to keep going or how happy someone is with their new member of the family, those people who foster, transport and fundraise for us and those who make a donation to help us to keep going, or even simply share our news and our pleas to help them reach more people. That it what true support is.



It is so disheartening to see how much rubbish is finding it's way on to the lanes around the Rescue, even in lockdown. We pick up what we can but it is saddening that people feel it is ok to discard rubbish like this, it is so harmful to wildlife.
Perhaps others could do a lockdown litter pick in the streets around their home on their daily exercise, together we can make a difference.


20-04-20 I'M IN LIMBO

Like everyone I feel like I am in limbo
I want to know what the future will bring
I don’t want to simply exist
So like others I read my horoscope
Was it worth the effort No
Has it helped No
My advice spend your time loving your dog

18-04-20 An amendment to my original blog

We had huge interest in the cottages we put on here but 99:% of the response has been just people wanting to know the price and never following through, so I have taken the cottages off the site.
I would like to say a huge thanks to all those who wrote heart filled letters to me. 
Thank you


Sometimes, especially when the world is on your shoulders we receive something that makes us smile so much it simply has to be shared. 
Here one of our youngest supporters has watched the advice in Leahs video in our How To Pass The Time WIth Your Dog section and as you can see if spending quality time with his beloved dog, teaching the 'touch' command and rewarding with a 'yes' and a yummy treat. Watching the child and dog together it is clear to see their friendship. This is exactly what the video we published was for.


06-04-20 XENA




03-04-20 A Dog From War Paws...

My friend Louise who vet nurses also runs a charity called war paws. She told me about a dog with NEVER a hope of ever having a home.
She said imperfect dogs in Iraq never get adopted .
I saw him his videos and pictures.
In this terrible time I feel I want to look forward, not dwell on the doom and gloom, so have agreed we will try to help him.
When this terrible time is over, we will try to give that rescue hope, and him a promise of a UK home.
Maybe you'd like to help too?
I will post his journey to happiness.



Many Tears runs from our home.
Our home is also the home of over 180 dogs.
Our home is a family of dogs, staff, supporters and volunteers.
We personally will try our hardest to support and help you all as long as we can
We will accept stray dogs if the council pounds are closed or full
Please don’t be scared
Stay strong and united
Watch our siteUnited we stand!!!!
Sylvia and Bill

In light of the latest announcement we are very worried about the Rescue. We have many, many dogs waiting for homes and even more dogs that need to come in. We do not know if the
council will be open to collect the strays, so we have made ourselves available to them so any
strays that need a place can come here.

Wherever possible our staff will work from home and some will move into the rescue so they
are here to care for the dogs - as the dogs NEED us.

We will not disappear, we cannot do that - the dogs need us.
We need to help these dogs and we need you to help us. Over the coming days we will be
putting lots of news, videos and other things on the website for you all to watch over the next
few weeks. Please keep checking it, smile along with us and be united in our love of dogs. We
need your support now more than ever and always will.
If you would like to support us in these difficult times please donate via the
PayPal Link below.




I would like to share a video with you. I filmed this video myself along with my good friend Kelly whilst we went to collect dogs this week. We have filmed snippets before but not in this much detail... in the hope that you can all see and understand just how much we need to keep going at the moment.

The journey is hard. Exhausting. We have troubles and difficulties every trip and this was no exception. The dogs need help.

At the moment we are struggling - we understand that everyone is in this very difficult time but we NEED to keep going.
We have never had to close our doors before. The mood is serious, sombre and unsure.
The dogs are still here, there are even more waiting to be saved too we are still here too and we are doing our best. We will never, ever give up on them.

It's tough, we have less people applying for dogs as they're anxious about travelling ( of course ), we have less Home Checkers able to help, we have far less staff able to work and donations are at an all time low.... in fact they have pretty mcuh stopped completely.

Without help we will run out of food, we will run out of staff and support, we don't have a healthy bank account that means we can just tick over for a few months, once our account is empty we will have nothing to fall back on. 

Please watch my home made video and see for yourselves what we do and why we need to continue.
IF you can help please do. Every penny counts. Every dog matters.
Thank you



Excuse my frankness but in this era of toilet roll mania I am shit scared.
Unlike the big rescues, some of whom are shutting their doors now, I have only three months of running costs behind us. I have never agreed with stock piling money for a rainy day, but spent on helping the dogs or all who can, and this could well be our downfall. The money left to us, that was to be used for URGENT building work, is now waiting to be spent on wages. The breeders are wanting spaces, and every day we are being asked for urgent help to save dogs lives.
I may lose my staff, I may get sick, but I won’t give up less I am dead.
So what do we do..
1… Pray
2… think outside the box, publicity to help with the vitals - food, homes, vets products, vets, hands on workers.
Write letters to celebrities or any one that can help us through this time.
Your thoughts and strength now needed for me and the dogs………… PLEASE.
We cannot let this be the demise of this wonderful rescue.


We are already starting to see the devastating impact of the Coronavirus on Many Tears. There has been a significant drop in donations of food and the impact is enormous as we rely heavily on the generosity of the public not only for financial contributions but dog food and cleaning products.
Unlike nationally known rescue organisations who have financial resources to rely on, Many Tears invests all its money on the ongoing running costs of the rescue. Every tin of dog food and cleaning products helps so please have a look at the Wish List for items that are always needed.
This is a terrible time for everyone, but I hadn’t expected it to impact on the dogs too. It is truly devastating. Every day dogs will die, if adoptions cease, those waiting for a  space would have to be turned down. I am taking a HUGE chance still accepting dogs into the rescue, but I believe somehow these dogs will be safe and rehomed to make space for others. The day we are forced to lock down I will need your prayers. I will NEVER give up on the dogs.


Please have a look at this video by Adam Wedd. I met Adam one day and got chatting to him whilst his partner, who is a vet, was spaying and neutering dogs in our clinic. We had a sing in the vets clinic which brightened everyone's day and he went away and wrote "Sylvia's Song". Please enjoy it as much as I did. Thank you Adam.


09-03-20 WE ARE AT THE PORT!

Bill and I travelled down to see all the items donated to Angiua loaded.  I cannot tell you how heartwarming and rewarding it was to see the two vans being unloaded and getting made ready for loading on the ship.  There was a slight problem in that we were allowed 9 pallets and in fact had 11 but the wonderful team from Meachers who are the people who load the goods, the pallets we reorgansied and everything was loaded successfully.  I simply cannot say enough time how grateful I am to everyone who has made this possible.   From the people who have made donations both in items and money, to Geest Shipping for shipping for free, to Flight Logistics for transporting to the port for free and  to Meachers who worked so hard today to get everything loaded and who also had be gathering donations to send themselves.  Each and every person who has been involved in this has helped so many dogs,  cats and horses in desperate need - you have really made a difference.  So thank you from the bottom of my heart.


07-03-20 WE DID IT!

We asked for your help for the dogs and other animals in Antigua and the response and support from you all was AMAZING.
We are delighted to announce that through your kindness we have received £8,282.01 in monetary donations plus £1,490.55 to buy flea treatments.
We received lots of dog food, horse food, clinical items and vital equipment via the Amazon Wishlist. .
The money was not quite enough to purchase a van so this has been passed on to the spay and neuter clinic to help them.
The flea treatments and donated items will be shared with organisations in Antigua that desperately need them.
Thank you to each and every one of you who donated and supported us, also massive thanks to Flight Logistics who have transported the items free of charge and to Geest for donating a large container on the ship to Antigua. Without these companies none of this would have been possible.
Every penny and every item will help animals in need and make a difference.

On behalf of those who cannot speak, we thank you all.



Massive thanks to Flight Logistics who have now collected all of the items that you have donated to Antigua. They are now on their way to storage and will be loaded on to the shipping container that has been given for this by Geest on the ship to Antigua.
THANK YOU to each and every one of you who have made this possible. For every penny donated to the fund we are truly grateful and your donations will go to directly help animals who desperately need it.
Thanks again to FLIGHT LOGISTICS without whom we could not have managed this. Their driver Ian has been amazing and Tracey who has made this possible you are a superstar and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Thanks Geest for the container to enable us to even contemplate helping these wonderful people in Antigua with their mission to ease the suffering of animals there.
Thank you for every Nexgard, every penny, every pound, every item and every "Good Luck" message. We appreciate you all.




It’s the last week of our Antigua appeal. The public, dog lovers and angels have all been amazingly kind. Next week  Flight Logistics will come for the last of the donations, spay neuter kits, dog discs and split rings etc.  Simparica and cash for the spay neuter program are still needed and although we won’t reach the huge goal I had set we have done so well, and I am so proud that so many cared so much.


Dear Bo went to his new home today. It was a bitter sweet parting, but I know he will have more love and time with his new folks than I could offer.


As you can see, Flight Logistics arrived this morning, with driver Ian, to load up the amazing donations that you have sent for Anitgua. It took some time to get loaded but Ian is now on his merry way to England where it will be stored safely until it is loaded on the container that has been provided by Geest onboard a ship bound for Antigua. We have one more collection of some items leftover next weekend so if you have anything left to donate you still have time to get them on that boat.
Enormous thanks to Flight Logistics for being so helpful in making this happen. Huge thanks too, to each and every one of you who donated to Antigua. Every donation will go directly to help animals who desperately need help and offer hope to those who work tirelessly to make a difference. The world cannot turn a blind eye to those in need. We are watching, we are sending help and we send our kindness and compassion with it.

22-02-20 Today I spoke to the CEO of the Humane Society, Antigua

Today I talked to the last of the animal rescue groups in Antigua.
This was the Humane Society. Firstly I found out that carrying this name is a choice, you are not having to be affiliated with any other organisation and in fact could be a hairdressers, a slaughter house or anything you wished and carry the name of Humane Society.

The CEO I talked to was an older lady like myself, but unlike myself she was not interested in any views ideas, statistics, or in fact anything bar her own ideas. I suggested listening to others helps us make the right judgement, but she did not like that, or the fact that I suggested as an older citizen maybe it was hard for her to see other views.
She feels registering all dogs will solve the problems and others will be impounded and rehomed. I pointed out how unrealistic this was In fact these are the questions I asked, but never got to the end, as this lady in charge was unable to lead a conversation and could only pick up that I had said once that as an older citizen she may need to change her views.
I had to call 4 times to talk to her, but although a paid employee, supposedly representing the Humane Society of Antigua she simply put the phone down on me,

Here are the questions I asked and what I wanted to tell and show her so she could comment:

What is the Humane society’s solution to the dog problems in Antigua?
Catch in Batches
Give owners time to claim their dogs? If so how long do they get? ( I was told 3 days)
Home what’s not claimed if possible?
How long do the public get to see and adopt the dog? Would that rely on space? ( there would never be space so none could be adopted)

Euthanize the rest? How do you do this ? Is this humane and at what cost per bottle of Eutherol and two people to administer, if humanely done )?

I believe you have 15 kennels that 30 dogs could be in at a time.
If you hold 30 dogs for 3 days each and worked 365 days a year you would have taken in 3,650 dogs

If all were euthanized straight away with no time to be adopted at all you could only make that much difference to the problem per year.
You have 6000 registered at this time I was told, and you and I know that there are many, many more on the streets unregistered.

If we said there are only 2000 dogs on the streets  If only half of the dogs are females, and they go on toproduce 12 pups in a year that’s 12,000 extra dogs.
Your way only addressed 3650 dogs leaving 8350 the first year unaddressed, and we all know that those pups will go on to have pups so each year the numbers will go up and up and up.

So my question is, would it not be a huge waste of government money too if you do not spay, neuter and release dogs.
On a separate issue, if dogs are biting, chasing people or livestock that is a separate issue entirely, but not all dogs should be branded as problematic.

Other countries have tackled this problem in a humane fashion, and learning by them is  how we grow wiser stronger and smarter.   
Reality is you could not keep up  and make any difference. 
If you were to rent other kennels the cost of these staff and amenities would add greatly to the budget, and unless you had 40 extra kennels and more and more each year it still could not work without a spay, neuter and release program.


22-02-20 ONE WEEK TO GO!

I am blown away at the support for another countries dogs. It was a free choice to help and those who did not want to did not, though still help animals over here.
All of you are amazing people and what ever you chose thank you for choosing to help dogs and cats in need.

 I have kept the groups up to date with the donations and the spay neuter clinic know about the funds, all, like me, are SO grateful.

 The wish list was so nearly all ticked off, though I need to add a good electric sewing machine, as one just broke down today, and funds are raised with it, also  the drapes for the vets sewn, we just have one week to go.

At the end of this I will return all my time and focus on many Tears, but I wanted to say a HUGE thank you to everyone for helping the dogs and cats in Antigua, you are all  VERY SPECIAL x

Still one more week to help the funds for Antigua or buy spay kits, or help towards buying mange treatment.You can buy a treatment to help a dog with itchy skin HERE

To puchase something from the Wishlist please see HERE 
We are doing all we can, the rest is up to you ….



In Antigua everyone who cares about the dogs want to do trap, spay/neuter and release them as there are not enough homes, but the governing bodies don’t want this. None of us who are trying to help these dog want them to be killed but this is what the governing bodies are going to do. Please can I ask you all all to post your views at the end of this article AND message Ministry of Health, Wellness and the Environment on their Facebook page. We really need a lot of comments expressing the horror of what is going to happen.
The island rescues have very little ability to hold dogs and there are very few homes and so there could be mass killing of all the stray dogs. Everything we are sending to antigua will help, especially the spay kits of which they need as there are many projects planned for volunteer vets to help them.Your voice could help so much. We are the voice of the voiceless!!!!

11-02-20 What A TEAM

What AMAZING support.. . Getting donations to Antigua could have been a nightmare, however Geest line who are shipping the goods out free have been AMAZING.

But it does not stop there, the donations have to be stored in a holding warehouse... this could have been expensive but Meachers Global Logistics have also waived their fee, as have the crane drivers and Dockers.

Getting the donations from Many Tears in Wales down to Meachers again is a MASSIVE task but this has been tackled by Tracey and the fantastic team at Flight Logistics who will be collecting the donations and really going out of their way to get the good to the right place at the right time.

Everyone is on board with helping these dogs, and I am beaming with pride that the British people are pulling together to make a HUGE difference.

The container we are storing things in is just over half full now. I would still love to fill it completely but this may not be possible and we can only be thankful for everything that we do achieve.

Thank you everyone for helping, it means SO much. And will help SO many animals.

What a team!
Sylvia xxx



Today whist helping in the vets it occurred to me that the rescue PAAWS in Antigua had dogs that had been there YEARS. I was thinking what I could do to make their lives better, as though loved and cared for they are not in homes. It’s SO hot out there. What about if each pen had a paddling pool? So do you have one or want to buy one to donate, I think the hard plastic ones are best. I know how much pleasure that will bring the dogs. Please help, and maybe even visit and help them with the maintenance. We are also collecting donations of overalls, tools and paint to help with the maintenance too.

We are sending a container to Antigua at the end of February, please visit here to see a list of the items that we are desperately trying to source to send over, we would be so grateful of any donations. We also have an Amazon Wishlist set up for Antigua if you would like to donate there or via our Antigua GoFundMe. Thank you.


Together We Can Save Them All...

"Together we can save them all”….
Maybe not right here and now but slowly we will make a difference - So today's request is from Colin at Paaws Antigua.
He and his committee are doing their best with so many to help and so little resources. I said I’d give 6 weeks to trying to raise the funds and supplies they need, and now 4 weeks are left and I just know you can help.

Colin needs some medium sized men’s overalls. Some medium to large wellies. 5 gallons of outdoor paint in red, yellow, blue and white and paint brushes. He needs good heavy duty hammers, rakes and brooms, hand drills, he would also love a pressure washer.
All these things you may have in your garage, or a local hardware store that may donate if you asked nicely.
Please try to help. The foster van will be going down the M4 corridor to Reading next sun. You could meet us if you could help with donations in some way.

Amazingly Paaws largest expenditure is a medicaton called Nexgard which they pay £20 a tablet for.
As you drive around Antigua you see EVERY dog scratching... some bloody and raw as they have sarcoptic mange.
All the welfare groups try to help these dogs, the dogs get a whole month of rest from torment, with just one small tablet
You can buy it on line for about £6 a tablet over here!!!

I am sorry I keep asking, but they need your help…..


31-01-20 Antiguan rescuers need help

Yesterday the Rachael from the spay neuter clinic came across this boy in the central reservation. He's possibly been hit by a car at some point. She only had a small car, no cages and no way to move him. She called animal control, but then in a moment sadly he was gone.
There are VERY caring people trying so hard, but until the population decreases they have little chance to do anything.
Just because they are not on our doorstep should we choose to look the other way?
Come on dog lovers... Please help me help them.
If you read and watched this blog, please consider sending at least £1 to help them. To help us please click HERE 



Has anyone got a grooming table they don’t need that we can send to Antigua? This is wanted for vets to spay from and others want one to groom from. Please look to see if you can help. Also welder needed to make long handled poop scoops for Paws of Antigua and also us. The robust ones here are over £20 and not that robust. Any help would be great.


One of the rescue groups we are hoping to help is PAWS of Antigua. They are very active and easy to work with. They have a shelter but it's always full to bursting. However the dogs not in the shelter are important too. These are some living in a grave yard neutered and rereleased, healthy and happy. They don't know better and don't have to be suffer worse either. If all the strays were spayed the population boom suffering and hopelessness of it all would decrease.


25-01-20 Just Imagine Being Able To Save Thousands Of Lives!

Imagine with one click saving thousands of animals lives.... Well you can! And this is how.

If you bought a dog or cat trap for the Antigua project, when used the captive animal would be spayed or castrated. This would mean not only would they stop producing pups or kittens that would almost certainly die in a bad way, but any that did survive would also produce more unwanted offspring and so you are helping to end a vicious cycle of unwanted strays and the suffering that comes with it.
Literally EVERY bit of help will save lives. JUST THINK OF THAT  and hopefully help me to help them PLEASE

We now have an Amazon wishlist set up for Antigua. Every item on the list will help the animals. Any items ordered will be sent to us and then put on the container that has been kndly donated by Geest.
To see the list or donate an item please click HERE


Donate with GoFundMe

Donate with PayPal

I have given the last 17 years to Many Tears, to the dogs to the people and to my staff. I cannot imagine trying harder to make a difference but now I am asking you to make a difference for my life. I am feeling a failure as I can see that if only the help was there so many animals would be able to go without suffering but I don’t seem to have the support needed.

Most people have holidays abroad and many countries have animal problems. If we could help one country get things off the ground and jump start their projects we could all feel very proud. Antigua has a race course where horses where racing and jockeys riding but now this is unused derelict. Some of the hoses where turned out to forage and try to live others just left to die. A rescuer walks sometimes 3 days to get a poor starving or injured horse to safety. Dogs are constantly straying, run over and left. The rescuers need an ambulance to share which can be shared with each other along with a tow bar and a horse trailer. Yes this needs is well out of their dreams as Antigua's an island and vans are VERY expensive.

The spay neuter clinic is not mobile so animals have to be taken to the clinic and the people who do own dogs rarely do so.  This means it's left up to the rescue groups with only their family cars (if they are lucky) to do this. There are derelict buildings that perhaps voluntary vets could spay in but they need equipment.  The amazing spay neuter vet who works tirelessly needs supplies to carry on. I know there is someone who could help with all of this but I don’t know them - BUT MAYBE YOU DO?

Please if everyone who reads this could send £5.00 marked Antigua by PayPal or GoFundMe or send a cheque with Antigua written on the back please please do. Please help, as I am personally feeling a huge failure yet the stories and pictures cone from the amazing animal groups in Antigua every day. We all need success to carry on... and today that persons me!

This poor soul was found yesterday but has now been helped.

Donate with GoFundMe

Donate with PayPal

20-01-20 ANTIGUA

Please everyone help the dogs in Antigua.  Just because they are not here does not mean they need to be written off. If this island's dog lovers had a boost so they can keep going and improve the work they're doing a lot could change. I was very careful and monitored who was doing what when out there to be sure that this was the way forwards. Please, together we could make a real difference and then the other islands may follow suit. I really need you to get behind me, please PLEASE HELP.

17-01-20 Our Play Yards Need Help

Some of  the dogs here have their very first experience of running outside here at Many Tears. We have play yards they can feel free in and explore with their kennel friends.
We would like our play yards to be more interesting and stimulating for them so are looking to add some extra items to them.
We are hoping for them to have benches to jump on and off, wendy houses to explore and 3-4 foot plastic pipe tunnels to run through. 
Iif any one has any of these or could ask a drainage company for off cuts please let me know.
Thank you


This is Darkari's before and after pictures and videos. This little girl arrived extremely sick and thin as she was suffering from Megaesophagus. She was lucky enough to be adopted by a wonderful couple and I cannot express how pleased I am to see her looking so well and happy



20-12-19 A Sad Update

It’s 11pm and I have to bring the sad news that darling Kitty has just passed away. Losing a dog here at the rescue hits us all so hard. It always seems so very unfair. Kitty was comfortable and we have showered her with gentle kisses and kind words since she arrived but knowing that now she will never have a home of her own, somehow it doesn’t seem enough. Tears of sadness and frustration flow amongst the staff, we all care so very much but again sometimes it just doesn’t seem enough.

Kitty will never be forgotten here and tomorrow we will continue to care for the dogs as usual. We  have so many dogs here waiting for their homes. For Kitty we will shall do everything we can to find them loving forever homes. Please help us. We need funds to help make ends meet. We need volunteers to give us a hand, we need fosterers who can offer a warm bed to a dog that needs one. If you can help in any way please do. Run free Kitty.

20-12-19 KITTY

12-12-19 12K OF CHRISTMAS

Please consider signing up to do the 12k's of Christmas with us. I have already started to walk my 12k with five of my dogs.
You can do it all at once or in stages and I'm sure your dogs will enjoy completing it with you. It will help all of our dogs here at Many Tears too as we are so desperate for funds at the moment.



I have at last finished the book I have been writing for so very long. It’s about how Many Tears was born. I have no idea who to send it to, but am hoping someone reading this may have a connection to a publisher. I am praying if published it will fund our coming year, as I don’t know how we will get through the year it if not.
Please, for the dogs sakes help me.... For together we could save them all!!!!

07-11-19 KOLA & KEDGE

06-11-19 WHEN THE CAT'S AWAY....

You know what they say
When the cat's away the mice will play
Well Bill's away!!!!

02-11-19 TALLULAH

Little Tallulah came into the rescue pregnant.  She is a teeny little shih tzu and has today delivered 4 beautiful pups via c-section.


Pumpkin and Precious are two very special pups in needs of loving homes.  Pumpkin was born without any eyes and Precious has trouble walking.  They will be arriving back at Many Tears this evening and will be on the website within the next couple of days.  If you want to help a pup in need of that bit of extra care, love and support then here's your chance but please wait until they are on the website before you apply.



Thank you to every one who has helped us get so many dogs to great homes
I feel so blessed every time I load the foster van that you share our care
The responsibility for our dogs  lives to be happy is huge
Thank you for helping me
Sylvia x

22-10-19 DARLING BOB

Darling Bob desperately needs a home. Please watch his video



Being a beagle is tough at Many Tears. No one really looks at us and the competition is keen as we in Kennel 5 are just three of many many beagles here. We are all special and all need a home. So please please consider a beagle to share you ups your downs, your love, kisses, hugs and especially your cookies with.


Perhaps this is the most depressing  blog I have ever written.
Some months ago we were given a beautiful Golden Retriever pup who we named Orio. She was unable to hold her urine in and so she need a complicated operation. After having a lot of blood tests and antibiotics she finally had very expensive surgery. This does not appear to have worked and yesterday she became very poorly.
She is now at Langford Referrals, a specialist vet, to try to give her a chance of survival. This will cost many thousands of pounds.
With so many dogs flooding through our doors, plus the planning problems with the local Council and so many other issues, the list goes on and on and I am at my wits end.
How can you put a price on a life?  Let alone a life that is in your care?
I know many will say I could save so many more dogs with all those thousands of pounds being spent for Orio. But this Retriever is not a number... She is a life.
Please help however you can. We are now running on fresh air!!!
If a lottery winner reads this please please help

EDIT: Orio has made it through the night at Langford Referrals. She has had tests and the findings of these are in the email below. Orio needs two further surgeries. They are complicated and will be expensive. We need to fundraise for these and ha ve been told the very minimum cost will be at least £4,500 but could run to £9,500 and upwards to give little Orio the surgery she needs to save her and give her a chance at a normal life. Please, please help us.
Here is a link to Orios Fundraising page - we sill set up a PayPal link tomorrow.
Please share her page far and wide

09-10-19 I need help from someone who can help with a Road Speed Survey please

As most of you  who follow the ups and downs of Many Tears  know, when our vet surgery started falling apart again last year I decided to try to get permission to build a new permanent surgery  rather than just buy another portacabin. Boy did I open a can of worms....
 We have been working with Rebecca and her team at the IAD company on the designs and initial pre-planning application and they have been wonderful, donating all their time and services for the dogs, but when a few specific planning issues arose they recommended we consult with some planning experts. 

Our initial consult went OK but now we are at the stage where I would need to commit to spending  thousands of pounds of rescue funds just for a survey on the road outside the rescue and  the gathering of information to decide on a solution for the field next door where our staff park their cars. 

We cannot even think about the Vet surgery now until I first sort out the staff  parking. 
It turns out that we have to apply for "change of use" planning permission to let our staff park their cars on a bit of hard standing that was already present on a field that the rescue owns. 
We have not changed anything on the land and the farmer that owned the land before the rescue used that same hardstanding for his tractors and agricultural equipment, but it seems we cannot let staff park their cars there to make room for the public without spending thousands on surveys and advice and possibly  tens of thousands of pounds on putting in a new entrance to the field and improving that hardstanding so that it can become a formal car park that is compliant with all the rules and regulations governing carparks in the UK.
 Needless to say I am beside myself. 
 I don’t want to make a public car park. I don’t want to charge for parking. I just want to let the staff park their cars on an existing piece of hardstanding that has always been there.

 If there are dog loving planning consultants  or consulting engineers that can carry out a  road speed survey – please help us.  

I am not asking for people to write to the council or the media about this  or to stir  things up at all. I am just asking for help and advice from those who have experience or expertise in this field .



Some volunteers come to help the dogs relax, but as you can see sometimes it’s the dogs that help the volunteer to relax!  Regular volunteer positions are available complete with training.   The positions include:

  • Meter greeters (meeting and greeting the public and showing them around)
  • Grooming (bathing, cleaning ears, clipping nails, possibly using clippers at later date)
  • Teaching dogs to walk ona harness and lead
  • Helping look after a section of kennels
  • Working in vets scrubbing kits and recovering dogs (full trading given and a vet and assistant also with you)
  • Gardener - looking after our garden of memorie, hedges and grass lawns
  • Handyman, mending fences kennel panels and whatever else is needed.

These are volunteer positions requiring regular commitments of hours and days. These positions are for over 25 year olds please and open to OAPs.

Child volunteer positions are mainly dog walking and require the child to be accompanied if under 16 and always to come with a parent or guardian for initial visit and acceptance.

To give the best care to our dogs your help is very much needed. Please email me at if you think you can help.

Thank you

A plea for Simmy. She needs someone before it's too late

Yesterday the vet spayed a delightful Bichon called Simmy, she is little and perfect BUT she had a huge tumour on her memory glands and down her leg to her vulva also. All was removed but the margins were small, and the vet feels her life will be short.

Before she dies I need her to know love happiness and a home.

 Please, if you are strong (because you will be sad too soon) then give her this, she will also need a doggy friend to cuddle with.

Read what Rudyard Kipling said all those years ago, and decide , can you help her.


The Power of the Dog

Rudyard Kipling - 1865-193

There is sorrow enough in the natural way
From men and women to fill our day;
And when we are certain of sorrow in store,
Why do we always arrange for more?
Brothers and Sisters, I bid you beware
Of giving your heart to a dog to tear.

Buy a pup and your money will buy
Love unflinching that cannot lie—
Perfect passion and worship fed
By a kick in the ribs or a pat on the head.
Nevertheless it is hardly fair
To risk your heart for a dog to tear.

When the fourteen years which Nature permits
Are closing in asthma, or tumour, or fits,
And the vet’s unspoken prescription runs
To lethal chambers or loaded guns,
Then you will find—it’s your own affair—
But… you’ve given your heart to a dog to tear.

When the body that lived at your single will,
With its whimper of welcome, is stilled (how still!).
When the spirit that answered your every mood
Is gone—wherever it goes—for good,
You will discover how much you care,
And will give your heart to a dog to tear.

We’ve sorrow enough in the natural way,
When it comes to burying Christian clay.
Our loves are not given, but only lent,
At compound interest of cent per cent.
Though it is not always the case, I believe,
That the longer we’ve kept ’em, the more do we grieve:
For, when debts are payable, right or wrong,
A short-time loan is as bad as a long—
So why in—Heaven (before we are there)
Should we give our hearts to a dog to tear?


Not that long ago this girl was untouchable but look at her now!



I am trying to be strong and do what’s right, but it seems EVERYTHING is going very wrong. So here iS a list of the ones that are proving to weigh so heavily on my heart.

  1. We needed a new vet building so decided to put in planning for a more permanent structure. By doing this the council have seen our parking and decided to question this and we are in for a big lot of worry trying for permission for this, to the point the council suggested re location, and there are not the funds for that at all.
  2. This month vet bills are over £20,000 above budget and now a poor bishon needing huge surgery has come in. Either we pay thousands or we amputate her little leg. A TERRIBLE CHOICE and one which makes me cry.
  3. The future of Many Tears worries me daily also

I could go on and on....  how the dogs are wonderful, however the emotional strain and some of the people are not.

I share this in hopes someone can help somehow. Even if only with kind words, for I need them today.


For everyone that has been following Dakari's story she is now called Daphne and her adopters have sent us this lovely video. She's gained two pounds and is managing to eat and keep her food down. She's doing amazingly well thanks to her wonderful adopters.


Thank you to everyone who helped ensure safty for the little cat in Spain we were asked to help. The cat is now sorted.


Really was one of a litter of new born pups that a vet had as the mum was run over. The vets nurse wanted to hand raise them, but after one night decided she could not. Our superb team of supporters managed to get the pups from Wales to Kent . Leah my daughter hand raised them and Really, who is one she kept has just helped to win a bronze medal for the UK in Valencia. Watch her video to see how well she did!

 We are proud of her and her journey. Thank you to all who helped her live, but especially Leah.

25-08-19 URGENT PLEA

Does any one know of a cat rescue or a kind soul in Valencia Spain who will help?
Our world agility team is out there and have found a poor stray cat they want to help
Please call Sylvia ASAP if you can help at the rescue 01269-843084


To find out more about Vux

To find out more about Tina

22-08-19 Our AMAZING visiting volunteer vet




Our dear Dakari went to her new home today. She will be missed but we are delighted she will have such wonderful carers and canine friends.



Here are Linton and Loxley on their way to their foster home where they will be taken to see a specialist to find out what can be done.


At last we know what is wrong with Dakari.  We would like to say a huge thank you to a vet called Louise Harvey who suspected this very unusual complaint and asked us to send of bloods for Dakari and see. Now we know the extent of what is happening with her and know how to treat her. Her problems are severe but she is a darling and we will perservere.

Medical Conditions, Pet Services
What is myasthenia gravis?

Myasthenia gravis is a disease in which there is a malfunction in the transmission of signals between the nerves and muscles. Dogs with myasthenia gravis exhibit extreme weakness and excessive fatigue. Some breeds are predisposed to an inherited/congenital form of this disease, including Jack Russell Terriers, English Springer Spaniels, Smooth Fox Terriers, and Smooth-haired Miniature Dachshunds. Most cases are acquired, not inherited.

Acquired myasthenia gravis is, like other immune-mediated diseases, a complex condition requiring that multiple factors come into play, including environmental, infectious, and hormonal influences. The Newfoundland, Great Dane, Golden Retriever, Labrador Retriever, Akita, and Scottish Terrier are predisposed to acquired myasthenia gravis. Some dogs who acquire myasthenia gravis have a tumor mass in the chest cavity called a thymoma.

Puppies with congenital myasthenia gravis are typically diagnosed at 6-8 weeks of age. Acquired myasthenia gravis tends to be diagnosed in dogs 1-4 years of age, or in dogs at 9-13 years of age.

What are the signs of myasthenia gravis?
Many dogs with acquired myasthenia gravis develop megaesophagus, which is a dilation of the esophagus that holds food rather than allowing food to pass into the stomach. These dogs then have their food return up through their mouths without the retching and abdominal muscle contraction associated with vomiting. They may exhibit difficulty swallowing, a decreased ability to blink, and/or acute collapse.

Other signs of myasthenia gravis include:

  • Voice changes
  • Exercise-related weakness and/or collapse
  • Progressive weakness
  • Inability to close the eyes, even when sleeping
  • Excessive drooling
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Cramping with mild exercise

Elevated blood levels of antibodies against acetylcholine receptors provide an important diagnostic confirmation and monitoring test.

Is myasthenia gravis treatable?
Some dogs diagnosed with myasthenia gravis require treatment in the hospital until their medication dose is stabilized. These dogs are treated with a class of medication that inhibits a nervous system enzyme called acetylcholinesterase. Anti-acetylcholinesterase medications will be required for the rest of the dog’s life. Because of their compromised ability to swallow, some dogs will actually inhale food, liquid, or vomit, resulting in aspiration pneumonia. Aspiration pneumonia is extremely serious and often requires aggressive intensive care including oxygen therapy, antibiotics, IV fluid therapy, and supportive care. If the dog is unable to eat or drink without regurgitation, a feeding tube may be needed until the dog’s medication doses are stabilized.

"Ancillary treatment of myasthenia gravis is as important as determining
appropriate medication doses."

Ancillary treatment of myasthenia gravis is as important as determining appropriate medication doses. In cases where there is a thymoma, it must be removed surgically. Food and water dishes should be elevated, and these dogs often do best with smaller, more frequent meals of a high-quality, high-calorie food. There is no single “best” nutritional formulation for dogs with myasthenia gravis. It is important to assess what works best for the individual dog.

Most dogs with myasthenia gravis will limit their own activity based on the severity of their muscle weakness.

What medications are recommended for dogs with myasthenia gravis?
Acetylcholine is a chemical that transmits messages between nerves and muscles at the neuromuscular junction. Because dogs with myasthenia gravis have an excess of the enzyme acetylcholinesterase, which breaks down acetylcholine, drugs that inhibit that enzyme prolong the action of acetylcholine. Pyridostigmine is the drug of choice.

Corticosteroids, azathioprine, or mycophenolate may also be used for their ability to suppress the immune system.

How are dogs with myasthenia gravis monitored?
Improved muscle strength is an obvious barometer of response to therapy. In addition, chest x-rays are evaluated every 4-6 weeks for resolution of megaesophagus. Finally, acetylcholine receptor antibody levels are evaluated every 8-12 weeks, and should decrease into the normal range with remission.

What is the prognosis for dogs with myasthenia gravis?
For dogs who do not experience severe aspiration pneumonia or weakness of the throat and difficulty swallowing, the prognosis is good for complete recovery within 6-8 months. For dogs with a thymoma, the prognosis is guarded unless the mass is completely removed and control of clinical signs is achieved.

Although myasthenia gravis is treatable, most pets require months of special feeding and medication. Anti-acetylcholinesterase medication and immunosuppressive therapy will likely be required for the life of the dog. If the dog achieves remission, life quality is generally excellent.

Contributors: Robin Downing, DVM, DAAPM, DACVSMR, CVPP

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16-08-19 WOLF TUCKER

Wolf Tucker is a raw food company, run fromt he South of England and they have asked us to let you know they are offering 10% off raw dog food and bones today. So if you are interested please pop over to their website by clicking HERE

15-08-19 MIDNIGHT


15-08-19 COCKAPOOS





Here we have a video of some of our latest dogs on their journey to Many Tears.

Here at the rescue we also have some wonderful puppies who will be available for adoption very soon....
And lastly but by no means the least... meet beautiful Billy!!


11-08-19 GRACE


Please look at the little video I have made for Quids In - a beautiful puppy who is here at Many Tears. She has had so many people walk past her and not even glance at her. She is a truly wonderful little puppy! It is not her fault she is not fluffy, or doesnt have a curly coat or look like a little teddy bear. She is pretty too with her short coat, wagging tail and brilliant personality. Please consider this friendly little girl


This years Many Tears Dog Show and Open Day was another huge success. Although some expenses will need to be deducted we took a wonderful £7,177.43 on the day and are so grateful to everyone who helped us with this, especially at these difficult times with so many dogs needing costly specialist care.

My thanks to the supporters who helped us organise the event who never want to be named but who worked so hard to make it a success, and to all the stall holders and volunteers (some travelling a long way to be with us) who donated their time to run superb stalls. These are

Sarah, Jane and Maria - Cakes
Caroline, Gail, Jacky, Jess and April - Sandwiches and hand crafted dog merchandise
Wendy, Chelsea and Joyce - Make Me An Offer
Rosey & Ellie - Ice creams
Kirsty, Caroline, Maisie and Shelby - MT Merchandise
Susan, Stuart, Steph, Janice and Ros - Hot Food
Julie Forrester & friend - Box Tombola
Adrienne, Eloise, Nick and myself - Tombola
Claire, Louise and Tony Barret - Mugs & Candles
Roger & Clair  - Cymru Pet Supplies
Chantel - Books
Jane - Dog Bows and other items
Crystabel Photography
Abigail, Elke, Cathy, Kelly and Kim - Booking In Dog Classes
Rhys, Luke and Amelie - Scurry
Linda and Graham - Hand Crafted Items
Kate - Fused Glass Jewellery
Bob - Temptation Alley
Coral - Face Painting
Sue and Ros - Wooden Items
Paula - Fused Glass Items
Oonagh - Dog Beds and Plants

I would also like to sincerely thank the businesses who helped us including:
Bar and Catering Supplies of Manselton, Swansea who kindly provided the fuel to ensure that barbecue was kept running on full throughout the day
Rees Sounds for the donation of a great tannoy for the day.
Emerald Vets for sponsoring the trophies this year
Tussie Mussie Flowers, Haverfordwest who donated beautiful bouquets for our guest judges.

My gratitude to our judges this year who were Welsh rugby star Ross Moriarty, actor Liam Fox and Jojo Entwistle who had the very difficult challenge of judging our fun dog show and found it immensely difficult to pick amongst all the beautiful dogs in their classes. Liam and Jojo also acted as our commentators and DJs and did a fantastic job at announcing classes, making show announcements, providing general entertainment and acting as DJs playing great music which was so well received by al.  They chose great songs for musical sits was a huge success enjoyed by all and the decision between the final two dogs was a very close run thing.

Thanks also to the team of car park attendants from Admiral Group who did a marvellous job and got everyone parked quickly which was invaluable. My thanks also goes to my staff who came and ran stalls on their days off and to everyone who entered the dogs in the classes and took part in the scurry and temptation alley which gave the dogs a chance to let of steam and Caerphilly and District Agility Team who once again put on wonderful agility demonstrations which were very entertaining to watch and also gave people the chance for their dogs to have a go at agility.

Finally thank you to all our visitors who came to have a wonderful fun day out and support the rescue, many of whom brought their dogs - it was truly wonderful to see them groomed, glowing with health and happy with their proud owners - at the end of the day, it's what its all about!

A big THANK YOU to every one of you.
Sylvia xx

01-08-19 DAKARI

31-07-19 DAKARI

We finally have confirmation that poor Dakari has Megaesophagus.  We are doing everything we can to help her.







28-07-19 MT DOG SHOW

We are working hard to pull our annual dog show together. We have been really lucky that Welsh rugby star Ross Moriarty is going to judge some classes. There will be an opportunity to be meet and be photographed with him also. We are hoping many will come and support and see the work we are doing. Hope to see you all there.

22-07-19 DAKARI

Dakari had a 45 minute reiki treatment yesterday.  She was scared at first but after 5 min she fell asleep on the lady's lap.  She is eating this morning and but there is still a long way to go.



As you can see we are battling the rain at Ardingly. Please do come down and help us, support us, chat to us and help us make our stall the success we really need it to be! We are at Ardingly Showground RH17 6TH this weekend.

12-07-19 Dakari's progress


Please take a moment to see how beautiful Dakari is. We have all fallen for this beautiful, gentle soul


11-07-19 DAKARI


09-07-19 MEET LYN

08-07-19 DAKARI

This was Dakari last night, as you can see progress is being made in small steps and we are hoping to introduce her to a new friend to keep her company later today.


07-07-19 DAKARI

06-07-19 DAKARI

A day later and Dakari is on a drip but is eating a little. She loves her little tedDy dog that someone has so kindly sent her. Please continue you thoughts and prayers for this little beauty.

05-07-19 DAKARI

Dakari is still a very poorly dog. Please keep her in your thoughts or prayers.

01-07-19 DAKARI

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