Sylvia's Diary

Sylvia writes a diary entry as and when she has time or if she needs to get something off her chest. We hope that you enjoy reading about the ups and downs of rescue life.








10-06-19 THANK YOU

This is a huge thank you to Emma and Isla, Bliss and wonderful Joyce, super strong and cheerful Rhys and wonderful Chelsea who all made up the team at Newbury and enabled us to raise £3,836.91.  It’s been a long hard hard slog scrimping and saving all we can to have things to sell at the show. Thank You also Thames Agility for giving us a free stand and all the wonderful agility people who love and train their fantastic dogs (many of which are Many Tears dogs)  so well.
I could not do this without you all.
Sylvia x

04-06-19 MIDNIGHT


Midnight has come such a long way!

04-06-19 PRUDENCE

Please watch Prudences video and see how special this little spaniel girl is. She arrived with us in considerable pain and has been to the vets to have X-Rays done.

Prudence needs cruciate surgery ASAP to help her feel more comofrtable and enable her to move around without pain and have the life she deserves. This doesn't come cheap and even with a very generous and kind discount we need to raise approximately £2,700 for her. If you can help at all please, please do.

Our funds are so low but she desperately needs this. To donate please send us a cheque marked for Prudence or donate via her GoFundMe page.


Bob and Terry Bolding arrived today with a mass of hanging baskets to brighten this place and our moods.

Jenny, one of our staff members also brought in some planters.  Thank you it so makes a difference!

In the picture is also Louise, who worked till the late hours in the vets.
Thank you to everyone who helped us get through a tricky weekend and the two vets who drove from London to volunteer.


The dogs-cannot day thank you.... But I can
Sylvia x


This is what happens if you don't check your dog's claws.  Such a sweet and forgiving dog.

26-05-19 SANA

Sana was rescued from the streets of Romania. She is terrified of life, but never growls or bites, she just hides. She would have seen her friends being dragged and some clubbed to death. She is good with dogs and the staff have taught her to walk on a lead, but she needs a forever home with another dog. Please share her story and help her.


One of our staff lost a beloved dog this week , as she came to work feeling sad she met Ginge - a semi-feral cat that hangs out at the barn here, and it brought a big smile to her face.




Animals have a way of lifting our spirits. Look how far Midnight has come, from an almost write- off  of a dog this. We are so proud of her progress, however outside she is still very trying and extremely mistrustful still.


24-05-19 THIS IS ANDY

Andy was rescued from Ireland at about 15 weeks old . She was too scared to walk and sounded like a bottle of water slopping as I carried her. She was starving and clearly very unwell.
We took her to a vets who X-rayed her and told us she had a Grade 5 out of 5 heart murmur and megaesophagus .  A specialist then saw her and said there was nothing that could be done for her This video is of her today about 8 years on!!!!!
We are blessed to have her share our lives.

21-05-19 A SAD GOODBYE

We had to let Chloe go today.  Her body was shuting down and the vet felt it was a kindness to help her on her way.  Thank you all for your help in trying to save her.


This was Chloe last night

and this is the dear girl today. I am totally broken. All the hours sitting with her getting to know her and letting her steal my heart, and I fear we are now losing her.

This is Chloe at about  7:30pm - I will check on her throughout the night.


18-05-19 CHLOE

I woke up this morning having got up 4 times in the night to check on the dogs that are on drips and these next few days are critical. I need green tripe, if anyone is visiting or wants to donate something very valuable to ill dogs this is what’s needed. We will be out first thing trying to source a little. It could keep Cloe going for much longer. If you met her you’d fight for her life too.

18-05-19 A SAD DAY



This litter of cross breed pups arrived today and have not had the best start in life.  All need committed and loving homes where they will be socialised and trained.


An amazing opportunity is opening up in June and we’re looking for the perfect candidate that will fall in love with this role.

Position - Equine Manager

Description - You will be responsible for the care of 7 rescue equines and 1 donkey. This includes offering a variety of mentally and physically stimulating exercise, a solid daily routine and happy life. You will be responsible for worming program, feeding, orders, social media, farrier and dentist etc along with yard duties. Ideally we are looking for someone who will be able to continue our equine program, running groups and stable management lessons for adults and children, giving confidence and making sure the partakers have a happy experience at the rescue. The groups coming include home schooled children, those who are lonely, who have disabilities, and those from children’s homes, and many others.

Requirements - We are looking for someone with a good friendly happy nature and one who understands our challenging welsh weather! You must be a kind, confident and experienced rider, able to lunge and enthusiastic to learn round penning skills and clicker training. You do not need qualifications, however we need someone with the knowledge and experience of a minimum of BHS Stage 3. You must have a kind, empathetic yet confident character and be reliable. You must have the desire to move the horse program forwards, do updates and blogs on our website, be physically fit and very reliable. Hours - Monday - Friday 8-4 and cover on weekends if needed. If you feel this role is made for you please email Sylvia at


These are just a few of the dogs waiting to be picked.  If you see one you are interested in please look for them on the Dogs Looking for Homes page and complete it's application form.


So this place is like a sponge, as I walk round from kennel to kennel, from one staff member to another I soak up their feelings.  Some I may imagine, some hit me. All stick with me.
The tears of a staff member as they cuddle a sad dog, the Yorkie hiding in the back of her kennel, the soulful boxer. The hopelessness of some their gazes.
People complain of rows with their neighbours, the people in the office etc etc. They let these little nothings consume them, however they are nothings. I wish they would come and use their energies on those crying out for help, often silently hiding in a corner. Sometimes these are canine, sometimes they are human. This video is a snippet of a daily walk around.




What a wonderful Saturday.
Coffee in the Cabin Day went so well today - not only raising an amazing £463.06 of funds to help us continue but is also great to see so many happy faces.
I was missing all the fun and friendship as I was vet nursing but then a busker called Adam Wed came to cheer us all up in the surgery! I video'd one of his songs and I hope you agree it was lovely for us and the dogs to have such a treat to hear Adamas talent.
I want to thank all the amazing supporters who made the day so successful
And thank Adam for making us all happy!

02-05-19 A VERY SAD DAY

Decision making where lives are involved sucks.  A dear little dacs who slipped a disc was called in yesterday afternoon.  We all jumped through hoops and Bob Boulding was amazing and drove her all the way to High Wickham to Hamilton Vets who specialise in cases like these and they were also truly amazing. 
However after the X-rays and an MIR scan I was called to say her chance of survival were less than 10% and death would be painful and terrible if that happened. 
I was given 15 minutes to decide  what I wanted to do and so I reluctantly made the decision to have her put to sleep.  This is such a hard decision to have to make and everyone here is just full of sadness for this poor girl.  Please light a candle and remember her.
It's been a really rubbish day.

01-05-19 Happy Birthday Bill

I am back from Ireland exhausted but pleased all are here and comfy (Bar me!) It’s Bill my husbands birthday but all I had time to get him was a tacky pen off the ferry.
I thought tonight could be relaxed but instead with two puppy pens in the sitting room and 7 little yippers...  I doubt it will be.

I got home to more worries. There is a poor ex breeding bitch Dachshund off her legs, unable to walk.
This probably means a spinal injury. The last two cost £8000 and only because the operations are capped at £4000 each by a lovely specialist vet.
Bob has agreed to do the emergency drive to high High Wickham,as time is crucial, and sadly I am too exhausted to drive any further.
Worry should have been my middle name.... I am an expert!!!

28-04-19 ROILET ROLLS!!!

Today I decided to try to run a weekly diary.  Some weeks I may write a few entries, others I will make myself write at least one entry. They will be both sad entries and happy ones. Some may be about the rescue, others just about life.
I am just a normal person from a normal loving family who has a huge love of dogs. I am like you I am sad and have my heart full of despair and often broken, but I have amazing times too. All of these I will try to put in writing. It may help you to understand the rescues work, it may help you to see others are like you - I hope so.
I am not running a blog to be noticed, congratulated or praised. I am doing it in hope that dogs may benefit from this. So hear goes.

It’s Sunday night, I am thinking if I do something constructive tonight I will have earn the right to relax. I worked from 5.30am till now 7pm, but only did one extra job, as just the usual running of the rescue takes up the day.
However once indoors I had a bath and firstly thought of the toilet roll problem (as in not having enough).  The reason I thought of this was my pup was practicing Labrador fame by pulling the toilet roll of the wall and tearing round with it till I climbed out of the bath to remove it. Just such a small problem, but someone has to buy it and it’s always Bill.  
No one ever says we are running out till it’s all gone.  Then our home is raided and if Brave , Frankley or Recon have got to it first all we have to offer is tatters and that’s what happened today.  I would smile but Bill has only just bought more, yet bath time with the dogs, (which is a regular occurrence) seems to more than often end up with torn up toilet paper.
Hopes and dreams are often born in the bath and today was one of those days that ideas just never stopped coming. I managed to write them down with a wet hand onto a scrap of paper with an eye brow pencil. I am not much into make up, however it’s extremely useful some times.
Tomorrow I am off to pick up dogs in Ireland. This takes loads of co-ordination and planning to try to make it easy and stress free for me and to make the journey affectively. I drive from Southern Ireland picking up passported dogs to the north, then home. I listen to talking books, and my co-driver helps me. We water, feed and exercise some on route, and pray the sea is kind the roads are clear and we can stay strong.
The tiny, sad or young are sometimes snuck up to our cabin and sleep snuggled under our chins. We joke we are going on a cruise, but we both know that truly it’s far from that. Getting dinner in the truckers lounge is probably very different from a cruise, although I doubt you would ever get kinder or friendlier staff in any place than the freight staff of Stenna Line, who try so hard to cater for me a vegan, without smiles and sniggers.
Ireland is friendly and beautiful and helping the dogs is a privilege not a burden. Toilet rolls will be bought, and life goes on. I will write more as the days pass. The great thing that happened today was 29 dogs went to foster homes. 29 dogs in loving educational homes. 29 sprung from or jail! Bloody brilliantl!!  I wish they did not spend their time here in jail, but  all we can offer till spayed or neutered is kennels and I always feel like that’s jail; despite the love and care we give.

24-04-19 Dog Show August 4th 2019

Our second show is coming up at the beginning of August.
We want it to be special, as the better name more publicity and further interest in the rescue will result in more dogs homed and more dogs lives saved. However we are struggling and desperately need able bodies to donate their time to helping at the show.
The types of jobs range from car park attendant to walking around selling refreshments, helping man stalls, being a ring steward, or coming with cakes etc. you have made to donate for the cake stall.

We cannot run like we do without a lot of amazing people supporting me. Could you, your friend, a partner, or son or daughter promise to help that day??
If so PLEASE let me know on

Sylvia x

Image may contain: text


Is anyone able to help me this year at the two agility shows we are lucky enough to have stalls at.  The dates are 8th and 9th of June at Thames Agility Show at Newbury Showground and the second show is on 20th and 21st July at Ardingly Showground.  We would set up the day before each show opens so that means 7th June at  the Thames Agility Show and 19th July at Ardingly.
These shows are a very important event for us as they help us fund some of the huge specialist operations to save some of our dogs lives.
Please only make the commitment if you can definitely help and email me at to let me know.
Thank you


These beautiful pups are only 5 months old.   They are having surgery on their eyes tomorrow as they have cherry eye.   They have little understanding of cuddles and kisses but are leaning. As they are Dogue de Bordeaux’s they will be big when fully grown. Please come and meet them - they need time, love and patience.



I'm so pleased to be able to share this wonderful video of Sia in her new home.  Such a lovely happy ending for a girl who has suffered so much and I wanted to share this with everyone, especially those who helped her on her way to happiness.


In celebration of living with your wonderful dog or dogs, please support Mandy’s dream of fundraising for us. She is an amazing supporter of Many Tears who also is struggling on her own, (bar her dogs of course) with MS. She so wanted to help us, so after a long thought decided to organise a national challenge that people everywhere of all abilities could join. However this cannot work without your support.   WE need your help…. For the love of dogs, please partake.
Thank you Sylvia.



This morning Bill and I woke up to this lovely email from Cheryl who holds several street collections for us each year and I just wanted to share it with you.

Email from Cheryl

We had 9 volunteers and 9 dogs turn out. I wish you could have felt the positive energy!  It was truly uplifting.
Thank you for giving Lorraine Hodson (she is an outstanding volunteer) two new shiney red collection  buckets!!!   When a professional photographer Tails Of Wales volunteered to shoot the collection they stood out like beacons amongst the dogs.  He took pics of the dogs tapping the cans with their paws, etc. Great exposure on social media.
We rallied to Sylvia's voice and raised £388 (unratified), all standing outside Verdis, making a visual splash.  We will do another 'emergency' collection on 5 April. We know you need lump sums really but every little helps.
Just wanted you to know there's an immense energy, love and gratitude out there for you, Sylvia and the MT dogs.
Go well.  Warm wishes
Cheryl, Gem, Dizzy & B'ati
Your MTAR 'street family'



It’s 4am I am on the ferry on the way home from Ireland. My cargo is over 70 ex-breeding or orphaned dogs that are in desperate need of their own homes. Some are in need of extensive grooming, some are in need of need of operations to remove tumours, others need dentals. Some are quiet and snuggled with their pals in their crate, some desperate for my attention, but all without exception are heart breakers and a huge responsibility to get them home safe.
The journey has taken us through strong winds , driving rain and long long delays.  My wonderful companions Kelly, Boo and the naughty Frankey have kept me going (as well as a good audio book).
As we travel via freight Boo and Franky will be rewarded with a sausage that freight drivers can choose for breakfast along with trucker breakfasts, compliment of Stenna.line. I am a vegan so pickings for me are slim, so sneaking a few sausages seems ok to me!
We will arrive late at Liverpool, and have to drive back. For us humans we worry for the dogs all the way. On arrival all the staff will hurriedly get the dogs of the van, comfort them, feed them and settle them. It all has to run smoothly for the dog's sakes and generally it does - all bar the weather.
So here I am unable to see the dogs, unable to sleep, waiting, hoping all is well and they are comfortable and asleep (unlike me).
The next challenges are to get home, get the dogs seen-by the vet, wormed, inoculated spayed/castrated, ears, eyes, teeth, hernias, lumps etc seen and addressed at some point too.  They need to be socialised as much as possible and homed. All this is a huge and costly endeavour, all possible because of 52 great staff, amazing volunteers, fosteres, adopters and donations. Please carry on supporting, we are like no other rescue, but with out you all we are nothing.

10-03-19 SKY

Yesterday we were asked by a vet to take in a German Shepherd who had been handed to them as a stray.  Her chip was not up-to-date but her name was given as Sky.  It is a legal requirement that any dog handed in as a stray has to go to the Dog Warden and so we were asked to hold her until Monday as they are closed over the weekend.  We posted about her on Facebook to see if anyone could help trace her and have recevied several calls from people who say they know about her and one person who says she is theirs as you will see at the end of the video.


07-03-19 A PROBLEM SHARED....

If you are a supporter of Many Tears you may have seen we are crowd funding for £10,000.    I felt I wanted to share my worries, they say a worry shared is a worry halved....  but I think that's probably a load of crap.

It is said "Money is the route to all evil" but actually greed is.  For money is what keeps us and everyone alive.  The cost of running this rescue is extreme and I think in some departments more extreme than any other rescue in the UK.  I want to explain the last statement.

As you all know we specialise in helping dogs from breeders that are no longer needed. Despite what some think, some of those I work with actually do want their dogs to have a chance of a home and trust Many Tears to prepare the dogs as best they can to help them find a foster home or forever home. This means giving the usual inoculations, wormers and flea or mange treatments if needed but then we do operations to neuter, clean and remove teeth, repair eyes, limbs and even hearts plus so so much more.

Some breeders do sell their dogs that are retired and those they cannot sell may be given to us along with huge medical bills.  Lately we are getting more and more of these poor dogs along with the huge financial veterinary bills that have to be spent to mend them.

We never refuse an ex breeding dog, any breed age, sex, or physical problem, and if the day came that this policy was changed I would step away from the rescue.

Some people think I just ask and thousands of pounds just pours in.  Sometimes breeders think I personally am a millionaire, as I turn up with good well equipped vans and take all no matter what they may need when others turn them down.  Some think the huge amount of dogs we home more than pays our bills and we must be making loads of extra money, however they are so wrong.

As far as I know, we have less staff caring for and home more dogs than most other rescues in the UK.  Our standards are high - all our dogs go out for exercise three times a day, all are fed loved and groomed.  They have clean washed bedding once or twice a day and they have heated kennels. Anyone wanting a dog is interviewed and home checked so well that this is the biggest criticism of the rescue as so many are turned down.  All of that takes up staff and volunteers time.

We currently have 52 staff, some full time some part time.  The wages are over £50,000 a month.  Over the years the government has made it even harder on us and any other small business.  Just when we finally recover from the last minimum wage increase, there is another around the corner. The pension scheme we had to start and then pay into for employees is going up again as well.    There is no longer any help with sick pay where there used to be.   All this bleeds us more and more, yes they are small changes on the surface but they add up and in return the government do not help.

The company we buy our veterinary supplies from cost us between £7,000-£12,000 a month.  We have skips to empty and vans to service, insure and fuel.  Then there are specialist vets bills to pay, often costing around 10 thousand a month along with water rates, electricity bills, council rates, and so much more.

After so many draining months it is now clear to me we are sinking.  Other rescues are happy to  offer to take some of our dogs as they think that will help us but they are not happy to refund the huge costs of picking up the dogs.  The Irish dogs cost us £8,650 in ferry fees a year and the passports around 21,000 pouns a year, plus fuel and running costs. Then there is the driver and co-drivers  fee although at present I do all driving free with a volunteer to save these costs. 

I know it is all about saving lives, but without funds we just cannot.  The big rescues (many homing less than us with more staff) have plenty of money.  We  sit on very little, choosing to always help all dogs in need we can. Maybe the big rescues are the clever ones but I ways felt donated money was for the dogs not for the bank.  This blog could run on and on, but the bottom line is we are slowly going broke so please help.


Last night whilst driving I thought of words a potential new employee said. She has been having a look at Many Tears to see if it is her calling, and she is ours. She was amazed at how many truly committed wonderful staff I had, she worked with many and without exception loved them all. I to feel this way and felt ashamed that though she had studied our website she had never read much on my blog about them.
The staff are the cogs in the wheel that keep it turning and tuned. Their love and enthusiasm rubs off on each of them, and I am sure they go to bed feeling tired and content knowing that they have done so much for the dogs. I will make sure they also know how much they are all appreciated.  Everyone who visits sees it, and I am eternally grateful these people stepped into Many Tears life.  This is such an amazing place, the vibes hit you if you stay a little to help.
Now the sad bit. You may or may not have read our horse carer and extraordinary lady Katie is leaving in about 5 months. She asked if she could train another to work for us, but I have no confidence ANYONE can step into her shoes. However the challenge is there. If you feel you could learn to do this, work ,be reliable, ride very well, know masses and run what Katie does please speak out. If I find no one the program will shut.
I have already said two of the equines can be homed, but am dragging my heels just in case a miracle happens. Horses love their routine, and the nightmare of what their life could be like away from this safety is very hard to live with.
The reality of Katie's news is also it would take months for a person to be trained and to gain confidence from so many people who come now to the program. This would mean double wages for months. so if this person is found, I would call on everyone to sponsor part of this extra expense. I would HATE For this program to end, but don’t feel confident there is any one like Katie out there. Please email me your CV at if you would like to apply for Katie's role or would like to come along to the resecue and see how our horse program works.


Little Annabella is being spayed as I write this. She has a large inguinal hernia which our vet needed to address immediately. In this hernia is part of her uterus and her intestines. This will have been so painful for her every day.


What a tough year it’s been. Bill, the staff and I have been truly stretched.
The plans for this year are not yet confirmed but at the moment just plans we have in the pipe line.
A wonderful dog loving firm came and drew up the plans for the buildings that are needed so badly. This includes a veterinary surgery,  as ours is in such disrepair that when I am in the surgery scrubbing kits or recovering dogs from their surgeries, I cringe every time the door is slammed as I  imagine the door frame falling out of the rotten exterior structure. I no longer clean down the outside, and would not dare was it with a pressure washer  at all as it is only just holding up.
 We paid the fee and plans for new structures have been submitted (I believe by the company who drew up the plans.) 

I want to be super ready to show that Many Tears is really needed in this area. We do a lot of educational work and work with many groups including Duke of Edinburgh and work experience pupils, veterinary students, and children’s groups and schools are often visiting learning and interacting with the dogs and horses as are so many others.

If you are someone who has benefited from MT please write a letter saying this and send it in with your name and address to me at Cwmlogin House, Cefneithin, Llanelli SA147HB  or email me at
I am keeping all testimonies sent and ones I have already collected in a file and will be presenting it to the Council. You really can help by giving just a few minutes of your time to let them know how Many Tears has helped you.

The money from the walk, and and the money donated for the surgery and buying the property has sat safely in the bank waiting for the day these actions are feasible. One amazing lady raised 5,000  for the surgery improvements  and others are willing to try and help as soon as we know the direction we can move in.

Dreams do come true, and after a rocky Christmas where I was ill for a month my mojo is back, and though Brexit terrifies me as the poor southern Irish dogs could be doomed, I am trying to think positively.

Your amazing support makes this place strong, and me .
Thank you x


These beautiful girls are finally here safe and sound. They have travelled far and waited so long to be truly loved as a member of a family. Thank you to all who have made it possible for them to come this far. Here they are :


10-02-19 MIDNIGHT

At last! 
At least inside Midnight trusts me outside when excited she would bite me but I will work on that.


Is it really necessary or even possible to watch tv at my house?  Pouring with rain outside I decided to treat myself to a movie with the family. Then I did not bother!


Sia and Carla are on the first part of their journey and spent their first night to ever sleep indoors. They are now travelling from Bosnia to us to help them find homes. Thank you everyone (especially War Paws) for helping them.


I have been ill for 16 days now. I tried not to stop but a week ago I was too ill to stand and spent 3 days in bed. The pressure of this place is beyond words. Staff are sick, hundreds of dogs are being called in and the place has parts falling to bits. We need a new manager and a live in staff member to take some of the strain off my shoulders. Then a letter like this comes in, and you realise your worries are nothing.

Of course we will help.....

Hi Sylvia,
Hope things are good - MUCH better! - with you than a few weeks back when things were so awful.

 I know at the end of November things were very bad indeed with the number of ex-breeders needing to come in. I don't know how things are seeming at the moment and if it's still completely overwhelming.

Things have been disastrous for us. Simona had a house fire that started in the roof just a few days before Xmas. By the time they realised it was burning (a piece of wood had lodged and set fire in a stove pipe into the roof) it had apparently been burning slowly in the roof for a couple of days, unable to get out as the roof on top was covered with a heavy layer of snow. So the first they knew was when the roof caved into the house and set everything on fire. Very very luckily indeed, her partner was home in the morning it happened, she rushed home from work and together with neighbours they ran in and out of the fire to pass all of the animals inside out of the windows. It's really really miraculous there was no loss of life as she had around 60 animals inside as the temperatures outside are way in the minuses and even in straw in the outside kennels, the unvaccinated very small pups, the sick and old can't make it.

 The roof was completely destroyed, the electrics, the water supply, the floors, ceilings, you name it, on top of almost all their possessions. They've been camping in the shell of the house with the animals, I ran an emergency appeal and we managed to raise enough to get a temporary roof to cover the house from the elements as snow was coming in and causing more damage. I'll keep going with that, it's going to be a long haul, she's very traumatised by it and things are just about as dire as you can imagine, most days she simply has to keep functioning for the animals.

 Anyway, I'm not telling you all this to make you feel even worse, I know you've got it bad there and you can only do what you can do - 'only' not meaning ONLY in this context as you do so bloody much, I know you stretch yourself to breaking and beyond. Really only to say I wouldn't be asking for anything at all if things hadn't reached a full-scale crisis here. I'm ONLY - and I know again, it's meaningless, you can or you can't, you know your breaking point and you might be beyond it anyway – asking if you might be able to help some tiny pups abandoned in a carrier bag on the gate.

Anyway, I can only tell it exactly how it actually is, something from a story book I know, I can't be breezy and pretend anything else even though I absolutely understand from your side how bad things have been and if you can't help, I know you can't and that's that. But as we're up shit creek, I at least have to try and see if you might be able to help in a couple of months.

I do understand the pressures, believe me, and wish I didn't have to add to them.

I've put some pics of the fire damage so you can see what I'm talking about and the pups.

Thanks even for reading and thanks for everything you do every day

Michelle x


We have received some mre photos of the beautiful Sia and Carla who have already been mentioned in my blog.
Sia and Carla are from a war torn country. They have spent so long waiting for love that they had just about given up. Even their rescuers had no hope and simply didn't know which way to turn for these 2 wonderful dogs they love very much but had missed out on being adopted time and time again for years.
War Paws launched an appeal, they fundraised tirelessly with the hope of seeing Sia and Carla happy and loved as the force that drove them on and gave them hope. They turned to us for help and even though we have so many dogs here waiting for homes we saw and recognised that desperate feeling of despair and the fading glimmer of hope. We agreed to take these beautiful girls in. We can't bear the thought of them spending another cold winter with no families to call their own.
These dogs will start their long journeys soon and once with us we would be so grateful if you could hare their stories. Tell your friends of these two dogs who come from a pace where they have seen and heard things that would affect us all. How they have waited for years to find a person who will make them feel safe and loved.
We do hope that all the fund raising and sharing their stories will find them their own Happy Endings and a new world of peace and love and that their rescuers who have worked their socks off to help them achieve this will finally be able to smile and see that their faith and their hope were not in vain. Everyone needs faith and hope and a reason to continue.


05-01-19 Mesmorised Midnight

Every night my house sounds like a herd of elephants have run up my stairs.
In reality it is  15 odd dogs rushing upstairs so as to get the best bed position. Midnight comes too, and here is a picture of her watching Luther, (which truly was too adult for her) yet she was memorized by.
 She continues to be the hardest dog I have ever worked with, but she's mine now, so no turning back. Her memories are with her for ever, and they haunt her.

Some take up more room than others. Here is Joe the lurcher with his long, long legs.



I now have an arrival date of 07 February for Sia and Carla. They will arrive in the UK on 5 Feb and spend 48 hours at the DEFRA approved kennels the transporter uses and then they will be brought down to you.
The dogs are being moved to Bosnia next Friday where they will remain until the transport picks them up to bring them to the UK. These two dogs were no hopers, their rescuers did not know the way to turn for their survival. Thank you for all who cared and to War Paws for making their arrival to us possible and give them a chance for a happy ending.


THANK YOU  to all who helped us continue through 2018.

Next year’s future is in our  hands,

It is for us to fight for,

I hope we can all stay focused, kind ,loving, well and happy.

Thank you again, for together we can achieve the impossible!

Sylvia. x


Everyone has been so kind as the worries here mounted up to unbearable and I explained about the vet surgery's state of repair externally. People want to help with portacabins and mobile homes being offered. However I don't want to fit one out with the many requirements needed for a vet surgery just to find five years later I have spent funds just to end up in the same boat.
There are many issues, but in the best scenario we would get planning permission to build a permanent structure and the office adjoining and an education room too. We would build in three stages as we raised the funds. When the surgery was ready we could move straight in, meaning only a day of spaying was lost, and it would work long term and not need replacing. This would need planning, and a fix of some kind to the existing surgery to get us by some more months.
The next scenario is getting another mobile unit and kitting it up of site and then moving it and getting rids of the old one. This is cheaper but the existing surgery is not in the best position but does have drains water etc already in place. It's a huge worry to know what to do for the best and I am trying hard to think this through carefully and not make mistakes.
Thank you every one for wanting to help. Both scenarios need funds, so please don't give up on me. I just need time to research and ask experts what is the best thing to do. I have spoken to the planning people at Carmarthen and they do feel that it is worth us putting in plans if we want to take that route, but that too has its problems as I would need commercial planner to draw plans up for that too.
This on top of the work load is enormous, so THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT
Sylvia x


We have had a vet surgery at Many Tears for several years now and the current building is now beyond repair. We are in urgent need of a replacement building and so this plea is to see if we can find anyone who would be able to donate either a new or secondhand portakabin or log cabin so we can continue to run with an on site vet. For us this is essential because so many of our dogs don't walk on leads and transporting them to a vet is very stressful for them. If you or if you know of anyone who might be able to help please contact Sylvia at as soon as possible.

10-12-18 SIA AND CARLA

Two weeks ago an email we received out of the blue regarding 2 ageing dogs in Macedonia broke the hearts of Sylvia and Louise (MT yard manager). With no room at the inn and no money to pay to put them into boarding Sylvia was left in a position where she had to say that we were unable to help these 2 lovely girls.  Lots of tears came, lots of guilt at having to say no to 2 dogs in need, we needed a miracle, a plan to try and help these dogs.
Fast forward to a sleepless night and with the coming of the dawn the following morning a plan had emerged and a miracle had come to help these dogs. Louise called Sylvia and told her about an organisation called War Paws that dedicates itself to helping animals that are suffering as a result of War and Civil Conflict. Technically Macedonia is not at war but there is civil unrest and some years ago Macedonia was caught up in a vicious war in the Balkans that would have resulted in unchecked dog populations breeding so therefore it was highly likely that Sia and Carla had come into this world as a result of that.
War Paws was able to step up and offer the much needed funds so that we can bring these dogs to the UK and put them into Bill's boarding kennels whilst we find them loving homes. War Paws has raised enough funding to not only cover the boarding for Sia and Carla but also their flights to the UK and medical care. In the very near future these 2 beautiful girls will be boarding the freedom flight to a life they could only ever dream of before, their dream will become reality and they will never ever feel the pangs of hunger or have to fight for food or a warm place to sleep again.
Now obviously we have no idea how long Sia and Carla will need to be in kennels but War Paws has budgeted for 2 months plus medical care and flights. There have also been some kind Many Tears supporters who have sent in donations for the girls so that will be added to their fund as well.
Now every dog is a deserving cause but Sia and Carla really got to us.......
Sia is around 5 years old and as a youngster was likely hit by a car and left paralysed at the side of the road. Fortunately she found her way to the care of a local rescuer but without proper medical care she was left for 3 months unable to get around properly then one day out of the blue she just stood up and started to walk. Although she is wobbly on her legs Sia is now able to get around with relative ease but with each day that passes she becomes more and more withdrawn.
Carla is around 7 years of age and has spent almost all of her life in the rescuers shelter, a life in a shelter is no life for a dog, although her rescuer does all she can for the dogs under her care that simple fact is that every dog deserves a home and Carla has been constantly overlooked. Her rescuer is now deeply worried that Carla has also become very withdrawn and shows little interest in anything and with the cruel winter approaching she feels that neither Sia or Carla will come out of it the other side to feel the warm spring sunshine on their faces.
This is a desperate situation and because of the kindness shown by people across the world Sia and Carla will have their entire world changed, in time they will forget their past life and its ordeals and will become part of loving families. At this time huge thanks goes out to all who have rallied for these dogs, and those who first took them in.

"Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever"

06-12-18 We Need Some Help ASAP

**Volunteers need today thurs till Sunday at the Rescue Centre in SA14 7HB**
We have had a huge number of dogs in this week and need sensible volunteers who are happy to take direction and help book in dogs. This involves taking photos, filling in paperwork and assessment of dogs and their characters, make notes so we can make a writeup for the website that reads well. We need positive, motivated people who will get on with the job and stay cheerful. If you can help either as a team of two or three or as a single person please let Sylvia know. If you have a camera (with photo size adjustable to medium) it helps, but not essential. Thank you. Please email Sylvia if you can help.


01-12-18 I hate to ask but we need more help

I truly HATE to ask for more help, but we are drowning in worries here. Today a dear Dachshund named Cookie needs urgent specialist surgery, on her spine as she is paralysed. This sosts thousands of pounds, and the second dog needing this surgery in less than a month.
This time we cannot get extra help from the surgeons to reduce the bill, so I must find the funds.

The two dogs that will die  ( from my previous blog) are playing on my mind too.... and everything seems so hopeless.

 Any help would really be amazing.

01-12-18 Please Help

This is one of many rescues who struggle. No Christmas presents for them. What should we do?? ( We being Many Tears Rescue, and all who care)

We are inundated with ex breeding dogs, I personally am so stretched, I am burning out. I have received a plea from a a great lady who does so much good in such difficult circumstances. This lady's plea has saddened me more about these two dogs she has that are desperate for help.
Our kennels are full or reserved for dogs I have commited to picking up.
Bill my husband cannot rent us any more of hs boarding kennels at the rescue rate of £4 a day, his usual rate is £19.50 a day for two large dogs with heating, and we don’t have any spare funds, in fact we are sinking fast.

 If you know of a rescue who will help the two dogs mentioned please let me know.
Or if anyone wanted to save these two by maybe several people donating a day’s boarding fee each, so we had at least a month’s boarding fees to give them the security they need, or anything you can all think of I would appreciate this.

 I am already sad, so this needs to have a happy ending. Please!!!!!

Here is the letter

Dear Sylvia

I am writing to you asking for help with two dogs from Macedonia which due to freezing cold and no space at the shelter are at risk of being put to sleep if I don't find a solution to save their lives. 

Please if you can at least have a look at these two girls they are real survivors and endured so much already I am dying to save them and having follow Many Tears for years I know you are a devoted and committed rescue I can trust and hence I am writing this email begging you for help.

The first one is called Sia and I don't know how old but she is about 5. She has been paralysed for 3 long months following a car accident and she made a recovery without any help or therapy, she just managed to stand up again on her own one day. Ever since she is fine. Attached are pictures of her being found and after not even a year at the shelter. The woman who runs the shelter loves her dearly but she says Sia is giving up, she is shutting down and she won't survive this winter. 



The second girl is Carla, approximately 7 years old girl that has been at the shelter forever and is also at the verge of her solitude. She has never been considered by any rescuer before, she doesn't generate any interest in anyone and noone ever believed she could find an adopter. Carla is shutting down. The women who runs the shelter begs me for help saying these two girls will not survive and she has absolutely no space at the shelter to keep them through the winter. 

I have spent many long weeks in Macedonia and Kosovo taking dogs off the streets in horrible conditions and I am doing what I can to change at least a few of these lives and bring them from hell into heaven which is having food and shelter for them. Please Sylvia is you can assist with these two cases this will change everything for them and I really don't know where else I could reach out to anymore.

Besides Sia and Carla I have 10+ healthy dogs I am looking for a solution for as well as I have been working lately on finding a rescue space for 5 paralysed dogs from Macedonia. Two of them have been offered a chance by Wolfs Legacy in Wales and I am now trying to raise funds for their transport which is insanely expensive. 

If you are able to accept Carla and Sia or at least one of them I would be able to bring them to your door step at the same time I will be transporting two paralysed pups to Wolfies as I am not able to run this transport more than once as it is a great expense for me which I simply can't afford.

Please Sylvia if there is only one small space left at your shelter or a fosterer available please consider one of these poor souls as I am only a person who tries to help them but none works on them from where they are and the chances for them being saved are none.

I hope to hear from you soon.
Thank you!

Magdalena Drozdowska



I just wanted to share a lovely email I recevied.  Debs and Pat have sponsored a kennel at Many Tears for a year rather than give each other a Christmas presents.  What a wonderful and kind thing to do.

Dear Sylvia and teams.
Mom and I usually buy each other Christmas presents each year... as most Mom n daughters do. However, this year we wanted to do something different. So we have pooled the present funds together and decided to sponsor a kennel for 12 months.
Last year we adopted Ollie (MY Morice-Westie), 7 weeks ago we came and adopted Kizzie (MT April-Cairn). You do such fantastic work. Without you, we wouldn’t have our fur babies which make our lives fabulous. We knit, we do direct debits, we attend open days, we speak about MT to all, soon will be wearing the sweatshirt.
Ollie, Kizzie and our other non rescue Summer play on the beach every day. Ollie and Kizzie grow in confidence every day. We are blessed to be part of their lives and the MT family. We can only guess how hard it is for you all.
Whilst I can look after patients I don’t think I could do what you all do and see; that takes something special. So until I send the Christmas card, please accept this Christmas present from us (I know it’s early, but life is mad and thought better early than late
Love Debs, Pat (Mom), Summer, Ollie and Kizzie


When times get rough, my God steps in. This week had the potential to break me. The worries about the work load, the staffs worries, the poor dogs and trying to fund this was almost too much. However Monday I was sent a present, a with a simple note saying something like keep up the good work. It made it clear I had likeminded supporters and friends.
On Wednesday some staff stayed over 3 hours late to help me book dogs in. On Thursday a paralysed darling Dachshund arrived. She needed urgent spinal surgery! Where would I find £10,000 pounds for this?? Then out of the blue Caroline the office manager suggested we tried Michael Hamilton from Hamilton Referrals. This super Supervet worked with Noel Fitzpatrick for some years, but now has his own referral verts. It was a long shot, but that God I told you about watched over Crum the Dacs and I.
Carmen, a long term friend of Many Tears, dropped what she was doing and drove Crum into the night to help her in order for her to get to Mr Hamilton. The amazing vet fitted her in first thing in the morning. Tonight (Friday) she is recovering from her emergency surgery. The wonderful vet nurses are monitoring and loving her. Mr Hamilton has reduced the £10,000 potential cost to us to £1,800.  A sum we can try to raise and hey, we got through yet one more desperate week.

If you would like to donate to Crums opertion and care please click HERE.

Thank you everyone for making all this happen.
THANK YOU Mr Hamilton, it's not just your time and your funds you have helped with.  you have helped so many of us have hope for a brighter future!!!

"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give." - Winston Churchill

16-11-18 MIDNIGHT

Every night Midnight comes to say goodnight.  Progress is slow but there is progress!


15-11-18 CRUM

Crum arrived here today and is a very special little dog in need of help.  We have been given a wonderful chance to do this for her by Hamilton Referrals and she is on her way there tonight.  Please share her story and help us get her the care she needs.


I would like to share a letter that my friend Kate has written to me. Her beloved dog has recently passed away and she is fundraising in honour of him. When we are sad it is so hard to find some good from our grief but Kate is determined to do just that. Please help if you can

Hi there
As you know this has been a very hard month because of Lucky crossing the Rainbow bridge to Doggy Heaven.

In order to keep active and try and make something positive out of a sad situation I have decided to do a long run in order to raise money for three of my favourite animal charities. I will be running from Brighton to London (46miles) over two days on December 8th and 9th. I am hoping to raise £3000, that's a £1000 for each charity.

Each one has had a part in Lucky's life and I would like to try and help give back (at your expense lol) The charities are:

London Vet Rehab - who helped Lucky live relatively pain free for the last 3 months of his life. They are looking to raise money to buy a van and set up a mobile clinic for people with animals that aren't able to travel any more due to illness or injury.

StreetVet - an amazing new charity that gives free vet care, food and bedding to all the homeless and their pets on the streets.

Many Tears Animal Rescue - run by my friend who works tirelessly to save dogs from terrible situations. She rescues and rehomes over two thousand dogs each year and is in desperate need of funding to keep her sanctuary going.

Thank you all so much, and please watch for updates on my training and also the route I will be taking. Everyone is welcome to come and join me for any part of the run. Here is the link. 
Thank you


It’s cold and miserable and may well get worse!!! I need donated wool for supporters to make hats and fingerless gloves.
I need people wanting to buy these either to keep themselves warm, or as a present to a loved one. Your donation for the hat or gloves or both will buy a heat bulb from Amazon, for just under £10. Your warmth for theirs!!!
The items have a small tear or two on them to represent the Many Tears name. Please support us as we have some lovely hats and gloves coming in.
If you want to buy or make some please email me at and state whether for a male or female. If you want to make some, I have the tear beads here. Thank you.
With the amount of dogs coming through and funds dwindling we are desperate for your support. Sylvia x

04-11-2018 MIDNIGHT

This is Midnight's fist walk off Many Tears land and free but her behaviour is unpredictable and unexplainable. 
She has had to move out of our back office in the day as she was getting so bad with the staff
She moved to the main office. however as she is settling she has starting barking and being bad to the staff there too
At night she comes up stairs every night and I sit and stroke her for hours
Some ways she’s improving
Other ways she is  terrible.
Desperately sad seeing her wet herself when asked to do something she has done with out real fear so many times before
And desperately sad to see her be so horrible even to me some days
Yet nights letting me pet her and yesterday even touching me like a nudge
Now over a year
And still so screwed up.


For those following Many's progress after his appearacne on This Morning we are delighted that Candice Brown (winner of The Great British Bake Off 2016) and her husband Liam Macaulay have adopted him.  They have adopted from us before and we know Many (now Albus) is going to have the best life and care possible.


As laws and rules for breeding dogs unfold we have become busier than ever. Many Tears has been here on this property for 14 years and some original buildings are now in a poor state of repair. It’s time to think forwards to revamping buildings and upgrading the property to meet the requirements that are needed.
My very first challenge is to find someone willing to draw up plans. Katy’s hay shed, that leans slightly and is small and in a poor state of repair is where she holds her meetings. These meetings are educational as well as fun. They encourage animal lovers to understand horses and also often themselves too. I want to replace this shed with a metal shed twice the size, insulate and line it too.
The dog side of the rescue will also use it for talking to school children, groups and students, and others about the responsible dog ownership, and the care of dogs.
it will be the first of 5 major improvement projects all requiring plans to be drawn up. I am asking for someone who does this professionally to give up time and do this for the love of animals. If you know someone and can help, please let me know at
Thank you.

22-10-18 LOOK AT THIS!

Look at this, it's so inspirational. We all need to support the amazing work Katy is doing with humans and horses!!! She deserves a medal


As a cold winter's predicted I was wonderdering if we could be donated wool would any knitters knit some fingerless gloves and matching hats?  Some plain and others very colourful.  To decorate them these get some old denim and cut with pinking sissors into a small square and set tear drop bead on these.  The stitch these on to each glove and the hat.  The tear bead would be a reference to our name - Many Tears and these can be bought really cheaply on Ebay.
If you would like to help with this please let me know at   We could use the money raised from these to help fund some of the very expensive operations many of our ex-breeding dogs need.
With your help we can achieve so much more so please help if you can by knitting, collecting wool or helping us sell these products.
Thank you

11-10-18 PLEASE HELP

When I tell you we are working flat out to keep Many Tears afloat I am not exaggerating. We are busier than ever.  So please if you can help by sending a donation it would help so much as we are in need of more staff and funds to do this. Plus so much more as winter comes.

Or you could donate time.
If you can give time and will not need constant supervision, are fit and willing and will do whatever needed please email me at  with a firm commitment of time you can spare. We are especially short of staff on Thursday Friday Saturday and Sun this week. We need to book in dogs that have arrived and look after them, take pictures and assess them.

If you are a vet reading this we are desperate for a vet and nurse to come and spay/neuter so if you can help please email me at

Without more help we will sink at these very busy times.
I write this from my heart, exhausted and worried.
Please help our dogs have a future
Please help,


I  thought those of you who have been following Midbight's story might like to see how she is doing.  Progress is slow but I can't give up on her,

28-09-18 Employment Opportunty for a Live-In Couple

Do you love dogs?  Do you and your partner want a life change?

We have a Live- In  job for a couple here at the Centre in Carmarthenshire.

One person would need to work five days a week with the dogs, the other person  to be more flexible, offering to help with general maintenance, driving, kennel hand work, and perhaps office assistance. One MUST have a relatively clean driving license.
Both must be happy energetic people who don’t enjoy moaning, but are happy to get stuck in and work hard.

Accommodation is for non-smokers only and two small dogs, or one large well behaved dog can come too. We are not on any bus or public transport route so you will need a vehicle.

This is a hands on passionate rescue unlike any in the country, the work is fast, varied, intense and unique.

You won’t get rich with huge wages, but you will get rich with fulfilment and knowledge. Our work is rewarding and we work with 100% passion.

If interested send me two essays - one from you and one from your partner telling me why this would be good for you, me and the dogs here in our care.

If you are from abroad, you need to be able to get a work permit and commit to a year or more. You will also need to be prepared to come for an interview at your own expense please.

Any applicants will need to be happy to  try out this position for three days voluntarily, so you can get a genuine feel for the position and of course we can learn more about you.

Our dogs here deserve the best, so if you can give them the best then apply ...but I need a couple who have been together long term and can communicate and work well as a team.

20-09-18 A plea for a special stethoscope

It is probably a ridiculous ask, but does anyone know of a Littmann 3200 Electronic 12 Track Stethoscope for sale second hand? Our surgery is quite noisy as our oxygen machines sound a little like traction engines, this makes it hard for the vet to hear the dogs hearts easily. Our wonderful vet bought herself one of these super stethoscopes. Sadly she and the stethoscope are off to Borneo to spay stray cats - which is great for those cats of course, so we need to get our own, but they are over £300


So if anyone knows of a second hand one for sale for a reasonable price please contact me. Thank you Sylvia

18-09-18 I love spending time with my dogs ...

I love spending time with my dogs whenever I can. I know you do the same and I want to thank you for loving them. Every dog deserves a loving home with good times together and I would like to share with you some of our walk together yesterday...


15-09-18 MIDNIGHT

Midnight continues to make very slow progress.  She is the hardest dog I've ever had and I am hoping there is a special someone out there who really understands her troubles but are prepared to take her on and help her.

08-09-18 Rain? What rain?!

Please don’t let the rain put you off coming to our show. We have worked SO hard to make this event fun for everyone, in order to help the funds we lost from the raffle. Please support this. If you however feel you don’t want to or can’t come please consider making a donation. We have been and are very full with dogs, and many require costly operations.

 Thank you,


Today I was invitated to appear on This Morning with 3 of our beagle pups looking for homes.  This is us all waiting in the dressing room.  The pups were all very well behaved and if you are interested in adopting any of our dogs where you can search for them on the Dogs Looking for Homes page.
You can see the full interview here



Please would any one do a few of these posters and send so I can put them up. I so want our dog show to be a success. If you can help by printing some and sending to our office please email at
Thank you x


I am so completely overwhelmed by Katy, our Equine Manager and one of her students, Lyn's gesture for Many Tears. Please keep an eye on her blog but I have copied her words and Lyns story below. Please read it and please support them :

10 years ago Lyn lost the vision in one of his eyes yet he remained positive and focused. Sadly two years ago during an attempt at corrective surgery, he was left completely and permanently blind in both eyes. This devastated his life, leaving him isolated and dependent on others. His confidence evaporated and depression started to take a hold. In early June Lyn started attending Many Tears for equine therapy and the results have been life changing already. I would like to share a letter with you that Lyn dictated to his visual impairment officer.  

Dear Many Tears 

I originally attended Many Tears to support me with equine therapy due to my low

mood and depression from losing my vision, i lost my vision in March 2016 where a

procedure to correct my sight was unsuccessful, at this point I lost complete sight

and cannot see anything.

I have always been an animal lover, and due to my sight loss, I feel comfortable with

being in the presence of animals, my rehabilitation officer for visual improvement

thought I would be a prime candidate to receive equine therapy due to my low mood.

I was referred to Many Tears and met the Staff with kindness and support to improve

my well being.

I have met a couple of horses and dogs whilst attending my weekly sessions, it has

been a wonderful experience, it has opened my heart up again to love animals, just

because I cannot see the world, I can still feel and love and give the unwanted

animals the love and protection they deserve. This has been a huge positive

resource to myself and others, who attend, I am now calmer and more open to

converse with others.

This service, equine therapy, it has not just benefitted me, but would also give other

disabled people the chance to love, to feel wanted and cared for, like I have


This has been a wonderful experience for me, the Staff, especially Katie, the equine

worker has helped me develop skills and a relationship with ponies, which I have

never had before. My confidence has grown and I don’t have so many low moods

from my attendance at Many Tears, I look forward to my weekly sessions so much

that I cannot sleep the night before due to excitement.

This service is so worthwhile, it would be devastating if Many Tears could not carry

on with all their brilliant work. Please support this service because to be honest, I am

not sure where I would be without it.

Mr Lyn Thomas


Lyn has a personality that will leap out and make you laugh and yet a calmness that makes all of our animals feel relaxed and at ease. Lyn has always been an animal lover but has never really interacted with horses before. In just a few weeks he has formed a close bond with Rooney and had learnt how to catch, groom, pick out feet and bath him. He uses ‘feel’ to groom and fuss the horses and has already picked up the skills of how to safely feel for mud all over the horses body and brush them clean.


Lyn feels so strongly about Many Tears that he has decided that he wants to raise some funds to try and secure the future of the equine program. In September Lyn is going to lead Rooney on a 5 mile trek! It's a challenging walk and I will be there to support him too. So far we have raised £308!! Our goal is to smash £1000 but could we go further? Please help us to make this happen. Every penny raised will make such a difference to the centre but also will remind Lyn of how he is still so capable of bringing real good to the world.

On Friday Lyn came to the centre today for a couple of hours for us to meet a journalist from ‘Llanelli online’. Lyn jokes that his life was thrown into darkness 2 years ago when he became completely blind but in truth he suffered a lot. His isolation and depression meant it was very hard to talk to others and yet during that afternoon he drew together every ounce of courage and spent 1 1/2 hours being filmed, having photos taken, demonstrating his skills and being interviewed. I can’t begin to imagine how he found the courage to do this but he did!! He spoke with such joy and enthusiasm. He spoke bravely about his mental health and I was and am very proud!

We are so grateful for the sponsorships that have come in so far... Please help, please support 

Keep an eye on facebook for extra photos!


Yet again I am asking for the help of ALL true dog lovers. The Channel Tunnel powers to be decided that they would no longer accept more than 10 dogs per van or 20 by special agreement and vans like mine carry 50 plus.
I only go abroad a few times a year to rescue dogs but dogs coming from Romania etc. are coming in regularly to rescues here. These poor dogs are in DESPERATE need of help but the rescues cannot afford to pay for two or three vans to come that usually one would be enough to carry all.  Not cramped but not a third empty either.
The rule makes no sense as if affordable three vans would need to be inspected not one. It just puts a huge strain on the rescues who fund the trips and MANY more dogs dying. So first of all if you  can find me the best address to write to or email to get attention and I will write and pass this on so all can follow suit with letters or emails. Please email me this at
Secondly even if the rescues paid a little extra for customs time it would be worth it, so suggest please suggest this in your letters.
I am not asking for help for me, but for the thousands of dogs that will suffer because of this rule. If you care please help. With enough public feeling maybe we can make a difference but thousands of letters or emails will be needed.
Thank you


Thank you to everyone who helped me at the Ardingly Show Ground and to the Agility Club for allowing us to have a stand. We raised £5,209.25p. The conditions were extremely hard to work with - over 34º to set up in and then strong wind.  Eventually we had to do a fire sale as one tent was nearly wrecked. Weleft a day early and today is torrential rain and winds. Thank you to everyone who helped.
Sylvia x


Thank you to everyone who helped me at the Ardingly Show Ground and to the Agility Club for allowing us to have a stand. We raised £5,209.25p. The conditions were extremely hard to work with - over 34º to set up in and then strong wind.  Eventually we had to do a fire sale as one tent was nearly wrecked. Weleft a day early and today is torrential rain and winds. Thank you to everyone who helped.
Sylvia x


You can tell it’s going to be a bad day when you are greeted by one of your trainers being thrashed around your face by your little dog in a morning greeting. Your bra is missing and only found when you realise Boo another of your dogs is tangled in it and now wearing it. The other trainer Is nowhere to be seen. You put the dogs in the office only to return to find Midnight's counter cruise knocked the armed tap on pushing the spout against the wall not in the sink and it’s full on. The room is flooded and the dog is still laughing at you.
After a hard day you call the dogs to bed and try to squeeze in the small space left for you, only to find the same little trainer carrier darling found the aloe smooth dry skin cream and chewed on it a little, but enough for cream to seep out through the tooth punctured holes and as you are wondering what the lump is under your back when edging down the bed find it there!. Yes yesterday was a bad day!!

01-02-18 OLLY

It is with great sadness I need to tell all who worked so hard to rescue Olly the boxer that sadly he lost his fight to live when he completely collapsed and was unable to recover despite being given days of being carried to help him. A huge thanks to Christabel for talking him on and giving him cuddles and love till the very end. For those responsible for passing him on without care and against our policies, and those who left him tied and alone, I won’t repeat what I wish you.


I’m very disappointed and shocked to say that we have discovered the Blue Cross has rehomed one of our dogs.  Despite us doing our best to ensure her safe return to Many Tears the Blue Cross has from the start steadfastly refused to consider this.  To say everyone at Many Tears is shocked by their attitude and behaviour is an understatement.   Nearly all rescues work together in cases like these and notify each other if a dog is surrendered to them.  In most cases the dog is returned to the rescue who originally took it in but occasionally there may be an instance where it is agreed the other rescue can take over the care and rehoming of the dog.  However, this is usually when the rescue have the same homing ethos in things like a No Kill Policy and carrying our Home Checks.  It is our understanding that the Blue Cross do not share Many Tears ethos and policies on either of these things.

Despite several email and telephone conversations the Blue Cross have refused to return our dog to us.  They stated that as the dog was not in their care they could not return her to us but that their rehoming team had found her a home!  They agreed they would carry out a home check but refused for this to be done by one of our own home checkers or follow our home check guidelines.  Of course, this may be a wonderful home and we hope it is but we have absolutely no information about where she is or who the adopters are.  This truly upsets me as she came to us from overseas and I promised the rescue there that Many Tears would find her a home and be her back up should anything go wrong with the adoption as is the case with any dogs we take in. The Blue Cross offers lifelong back-up to anyone rehoming a pet through them but they do not have a no kill policy.  I do wonder if this was one of their dogs if they would feel the same way we do right now or if they are happy for one of the dogs they have rescued to be passed on without consulting them.  We are committed to our dogs whilst they are in our care and once they have been rehomed.

The purpose of this post is to warn other rescues of the Blue Cross' attitude towards another rescue and also to stress to our adopters that Many Tears will always take a dog back or are happy to discuss other options and that is why out Adoption Agreements states that any adopter agrees to do this.  We are not big enough to take on a rescue like the Blue Cross so all we can do is alert others to their behaviour.  If you agree with the way Many Tears works in regard to taking dogs back please take a minute to email and mark it for the attention of the Director of Rehoming Services and express your disappointment and concerns of their actions.


Stop worrying, for I have enough worry for all of you so you can relax. WE have 77 dogs on our big van travelling in ones, twos or if under 5 kilos some in 3s. They are all saved from a kill shelter. Our amazing staff and supporter have driven to Portugal arranged the trip and collected them.
In Portugal our amazing rescuer had all the chips, inoculation, passports etc done and arranged holding places whilst awaiting the legal time to travel. The whole plan was put together by our manager, with loads of worry attached. Everything was double triple quadruple checked.
Five hours away from the Euro Tunnel the authorities decided to change their policies and told us though all paid with receipts they had decided to change their policy, and we could not go through with that many, in fact only 20.
Our office manager our yard manager and driver all called and managed to sweet talk the authorities, but not before we bit all our nails of paced about three miles back and forth, and all felt physically sick. Owain who works so hard in the office all day immediately offered to drive to France to pick up some, and the support from the staff has been amazing. So now we sit cross fingered awaiting 12 to see if they all got through. Prayers needed PLEASE. 


Do you know this dog?
He was found in Birmingham tied up to a skate park. 
We homed this dog over 5 years ago to an address in Tamworth Warwickshire on long street but we cannot contact his owner.
If you know this dog and the people who owned him, we would like to make contact   We always take our own dogs back.
We collected Olly from the pound and are so sad for him.   He can barley stand.  We don’t know if he had had a stroke or what. 
Please help us find out why he was left tied up and deserted.

07-06-2018 The perfect way to start the day...

The very best thing to lift your hear early in the morning!!


02-06-18 Midnight's Progress



30-05-18 ALL ON BOARD!!

The Romanian darlings are on board and travelling. We are delighted and proud to help them. They will be here soon for you all To come and love, help and even adopt.


I am in need of an inventive, artistic person to make some bill boards of dogs and their cases and why people should support many tears. The posters on this board need to be laminated so that they are weather proof. I need to do really well at the two shows this year as sadly I am not sure how well the raffle will do. Please if you can help, or simply make one poster that’s got info and cases or just sad dogs that need homes, and I will do what I can to put together. Thank you, I am bogged down with work and need a hand.


We are very proud when dogs from Many Tears win prizes. Although we know all won your hearts, here are a trio of agility winners.



Today has been a difficult one.  One of the office staff went into the back office and lent over to stroke my dogs and because Midnight didn't know them and lives in constant fear she bit them.  I cannot risk this happening again to either outside or office staff and neither can I bear the thought that it could one day end in her death. She has come so far but still has a really long way to go so I am hoping there is someone out there with an old caravan they would be able to donate to us which the staff could use as a tea room.  I do not want anything special and once it's here it will literally just sit outside and be somewhere the staff can make a cup of tea and eat their lunch.  If you can help I'd be so gratefu so please email me at


We are very lucky to have some very brave ladies sky diving for sponsorship for our dogs. I would love everyone who reads this to please sponsor these ladies a little.
I am worried as always about funds and our annual raffle may well be a flop this year the new data protection laws have prevented us sending tickets out unless you ask us to - and not many are. So please sponsor these brave ladies, or ask for raffle tickets to sell, or become a member of Many Tears.
The new newsletter is almost ready to send and has really good new undisclosed news which you will only see if you subscribe.  You could even do all 3 of the above and help us save lives!

Sponsor our Sky Diving Ladies

Find out how to Buy Raffle Tickets

Become a Member of Many Tears

If you work at a travel agents or have any connection with a company who could help me with a holiday we could offer as the top prize for one of our fund raisers, please email me at I would be so grateful for your help.

Thank you
Sylvia x


I thought you may like to see a typical walk I do with my dogs just 25 minutes from Many Tears. A place where dogs can be themselves with no real restrictions.
Our newsletter is about to come out but you will only get it if you subscribe. It's not filled with trivia and poems but with important news. If you want to know what's ahead of us and want to help us keep running please subscribe.  Without you we are nothing but together we can save so many.
Thank you

10-05-18 Midnight has a new best friend

Midnight has a new best friend!



Midnight has wonderful big innocent eyes, but don’t be fooled. In minutes here is a little of the damage she has done BLESS!!!! However I love her and in my dreams she runs free in the forest alongside my dogs. I wish this was not a dream. I will be patient..
I thought you’d like to know , no one stepped forwards having won the lottery, so I just could not commit to the sad situation I was trying to help. I did not say what it was as politics and rescue are not easy to live with, but now I will.
There were dogs already saved from pounds and a rescue in a different country were taking them. Suddenly after committing they backed out, leaving the rescuer with many dogs. However yesterday evening we were able to pick up our van that Bill and I have spent so long budgeting and planning for.  We like to have two on the road and our small van can no longer do long trips without worry. So we are now planning ourselves, along with supporters, to do these long haul trips saving the rescue many thousands of pounds. I know we cannot save them all, BUT we can try.


Well here’s the crazy blog. Maybe the stupidest blog I have ever done, but here goes.
Just maybe you’re a pop star, a lottery winner, a famous actor or a not so famous but very rich person. Just maybe your special best friend is a canine and he or she is lovingly and loyally staring up at you. Just Incase you are one of these you would have the faith needed to trust all of us here to do everything we can for the dogs of this world and we need £10 grand to help save some dogs!!!!!. Well there it is. If you can help call me I can keep a secret if your famous and need that,  I just want to help a situation I can make a difference for.

Now a more realist ask. We have two disabled dogs here who need a home, a fosterer who loves to blog and get their names out there, or a forever home. Either way they have escaped death…. (only just) been mended… (best a vet could). have had the strength and courage to recover, and now need the chance of a taste of true love. No adoption fee expected, though donation to help another would be great. If you will spread this about on your facebook MAYBE someone will step forward, or two different someones with a doggy companion for either. Their names are Brasov, and Chitibie.

20-04-18 Memberships

With so many logging on our site I thought we had a lot of support. But I was so sad to see that very few are members of Many Tears, with the membership of £20 for a family you get a good newsletter pamphlet  and small gift in June and an emailed newsletter in December. These letters have news and info that is exclusive - so never up to that point have  been disclosed to anyone but the members.
This membership helps us to continue. This membership is important to me to see that we are all working alongside me to try to move towards a world …. A perfect world, where all dogs would have a home.


PLEASE JOIN NOW. Please show your support.

 Thank you  Sylvia x

14-04-18 MIDNIGHT

Yesterday was horrible. Midnight bit a staff member………. She is very tricky and although in some situations and with me is doing well she has a very wild side. We here need to keep her safe and NEVER put her in a situation that endangers her, and it’s so tough…..


We have been asked to share this petition to help these animals who a starving. Although people are trying to help by leaving food unbelievably the Dutch government forbid this and actually remove it! The animal can see grass on the other side of the fence but are unable to reach it so please take a minute to sign the petition and try help save them.
Thank you



I have had a week of worrying about funds. I have turned sheds upside down and Bill and I with the help of a friend have listed many items on Ebay as funds are tight.
Yesterday Bill paid a bill online and saw someone had just withdrawn two sums amounting to over £3000 from the Many Tears bank account. He called the bank to be told someone in Aberdeen had cashed two cheques and withdrew Many Tears money. They seemed very unaware how upsetting this was and said we would need to sort this out on Tuesday when the branch is open and we could check it out in person.
The cheque numbers do not relate to any we use or have ever had and no cheques have been lost or stolen, so we think this must be a counterfeit cheque book that all Easter weekend someone could be using.
Bill asked for a hold or notice be placed on the account so no one else could walk into a branch and cash a cheque on our account  but was told that could not be done and that the only thing we could do was to go to a branch in person on Tuesday to have them investigate this.
I am worried sad and pissed with the bank's lack of help!!!!  We will fight to get this money back into the Many Tears account but does it make you think, how safe is your money in a bank especially when you ring them to report a fraud and they say they can’t do anything?????


This week I have had over 30 e mails telling me how terrible I am saving Romanian infectious dogs and now the same again about Portuguese dogs. They say I have got on the band waggon talking dogs free and selling them on. I thought I would air my side of this but to those who wrote I simply thanked them for their interest as I have been ill for now a month and literally ran out of steam for arm chair key board warriors.
Bill and I have worked in  shelters full of despair. We know the reality more than most of caring deeply and literally being cornered into murdering those canines you love. Believe me your will to go on diminishes very quickly. We also know how important money is.
I run Many Tears my way, it is not a big corporate institute and we do not have big wages and plush offices. We really run hand to mouth, BUT…  the dogs I take in from abroad are from really good reputable contacts. I pay for double inoculations, passports, rabies jabs, Leishman tests and heart worm snap tests. I pay for transport. I do my best to be fair to the rescues and to try to give the rescuers hope. I want to live in a world where all dog’s lives are treated equally, and every dog counts and although my actions won’t change the world, it’s a start.
So yes I do rescue dogs from abroad, SO WHAT? If I was called to help dogs suffering here I would help those too. Yes we are fussy with our homes, the dogs once here are our family and I, and every member of staff and every fosterer have a say where the dogs are homed, so sorry if your turned down for a dog, it does not reflect on your home and love, just that we feel it’s not a suitable match.

I found an article written about the Romanian dogs, so please read, then tell me the Romanians should look after their own dogs cause clearly on the whole they don’t, so then what?????

Sorry to sound frustrated, but whether from here there or everywhere a dog is a dog!!!!!

This is an extract from The Mailonline.  We cannot put all the pictures on for copyright reasons but you can read the full story HERE

EXCLUSIVE - Legs hacked off, shot through the head with a nail and so badly beaten their eyes pop out: The dogs who go through hell on the streets of Romania
Thousands of horrifically abused dogs rescued in Romania by UK charity Paws2Rescue volunteers have found dogs in truly horrifying conditions
One was beaten until his eyes popped out, another was shot in head by nail
Another dog had his legs hacked off and was left for dead before rescue 
Puppy was 'buried alive' in a freezer alongside other dead puppies
Sacks or boxes of unwanted puppies are hung to the fence of the shelters
Official dog-catchers are allegedly paid £44 per animal that they slaughter
By David Williams For Mailonline Published: 14:22, 7 June 2016

Thousands of dreadfully abused, tortured, injured and diseased dogs – many close to death – have been subjected to 'a life of hell' on the streets of Romania before being rescued by volunteers. In one case, all four legs of a dog had been partially and deliberately hacked off with an axe by a teenage boy.
Another young dog suffered a blood clot after official dog catchers fired a four-inch nail between his eyes.
This weekend a puppy was also discovered 'buried alive' in a deep freezer beside the bodies of other puppies.
Skeletal, blinded, and bleeding, the dogs are left to die or deliberately slaughtered according to the UK-registered Paws2Rescue charity, which says tortured or starving dogs are discovered every day. Even the dog shelters, where people assume the dogs should be kept safe, are little more than 'death factories', as dogs rounded up on the streets have just two weeks from capture until they are collected by slaughterers and then killed.

This tiny puppy was rescued from a public shelters in Odai suffering from a horrific skin complaint and left to languish without treatment.

Other volunteers working with British registered charity Paws2Rescue describe finding dogs killed with poison, kept with dead canines and one even tied to a train line so the legs were severed.
They highlight a disturbing catalogue of cases on their files, including:

  • A dog so badly beaten its eyes had literally popped out when rescue workers found it in a pool of its own blood.
  • A young dog tied to a tram line so that it two back legs were severed by the speeding tram.
  • A chain tied so tightly around a puppy's throat that it left a gaping, bleeding wound.
  • A dog that had its jaw hacked open with an axe so that it was hanging by the skin when rescued.
  • A dog catcher pole and wire embedded so tightly in a dog it broke its teeth trying to escape.
  • Dogs inhumanely poisoned at official shelters.
  • Dead dogs kept in with living animals.

'It is so shocking, nothing can quite prepare you for what we have seen,' said Alison Standbridge, a 46-year-old mother-of-two, who helped found the charity. 'We have seen quite appalling, harrowing cases of dogs that have been beaten and bloodied, slashed with weapons, stoned, driven down by cars and left to die and, sometimes, few people in Romania's towns and cities seem to care.
'Some of the dogs we find are no more than a bag of bones, their ribs pressing through what remains of their coats – it is pitiful…so cruel.'
The risk and insurance executive from Sutton, Surrey, who travels monthly to Romania, continued: 'Our aims are to rescue dogs from the streets, public shelters where they can be officially killed after 14 days and from shocking conditions while increasing the awareness of what is happening in Romania, a fellow member of the EU.'
Sacks or boxes of unwanted puppies are regularly hung to the fence of the shelters they operate with local partners in the Romanian capital Bucharest while others have been chained to the gates or just thrown over them into the compound.

More than 1,150 dogs have been rescued, treated and found new homes with families in Britain, France, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Canada and the United States with one becoming a prize winner and another put forward for Crufts, the world's largest dog show. Celebrities such as Ricky Gervais, actress Samantha Womack, Downton Abbey star Peter Egan and Saffron from Republica have all provided support with fund raising. All have been shocked by the extent of abuse of dogs in Romania where corruption and local politics contribute to the problems, according to the charity, whose volunteers have faced physical threats.

The EU allows each member country to set their own laws in management of strays. Romania’s current policy – dubbed ‘catch and kill’ – is based around the capture and euthanasia of stray dogs after 14 working days following incarceration. Officials say that the equivalent of millions of pounds have been spent on dealing with the problem of strays but critics claim it is inhumane, feeds corruption, conditions in the shelters are often ‘horrific’ and that dogs can die a ‘painful’ death.

‘Romania's dog shelters are nothing but death camps of the worst kind with no consideration given to the fact that dogs are “sentient beings” who feel pain, fear and distress,’ one organisation that reported on the treatment of dogs said. Perhaps the most shocking example of that abuse has been the case of a dog now called Corbu, found in March lying on grass in agony.  A 16-year-old boy is said to have attacked him with an axe, cutting off all four legs at different points. Some of the dogs we find are no more than a bag of bones, their ribs pressing through what remains of their coats – it is pitiful…so cruel. 'One was hanging off,' Alison said, 'He had been there for 24 hours by the time our rescuers arrived and took him to the vet. Locals had fed him with bread. 'He is now recovering with four uneven stumps healing well. He is a very gentle and loving male, around five years old. 'We hope that he may be adopted but we are making plans for his future life and he has been measured for a cart that will raise him off the floor and give him a chance of a normal life. Despite believing they know who was responsible, there has been no police investigation and the teenager continues to walk the streets.

Amazingly, some of those rescued that have lost legs are able to live comfortably with families who have adopted them, including Mandi, the dog whose back legs were severed in June 2015 when tied to a tram track. She now lives happily in the UK.

Rescue teams hope that a new home can be found too for Braxton, the young dog who is recovering from surgery and appears to have no lasting physical damage after a nail was fired between his eyes in the town of Moinesti.  Dog-catchers working for the local authority had shot him with a tranquiliser – between the eyes. One of the charity's rescue team found him in a public shelter – there are dozens across Romania but many are said to have appalling conditions – and drove him five hours to the vet in Bucharest. A MRI scan revealed a blood clot in his head, and he was booked in for surgery. However, the next day he had difficulty walking and appeared dizzy. He underwent an emergency operation that saw a four-inch nail removed.

To read the full story and see the pictures CLICK HERE


This is Midnight at her happiest - playing with my dogs.  She is making slow progress and it's lovely to see her play.


17-01-18 MT YouTube CHANNEL

Many Tears is really excited to announce the launch of it's own YouTube channel and our first video follows behind the scenes footage of Sylvia (the founder of Many Tears) as she goes on a road trip to Ireland to rescue dogs! We really hope you enjoy this and if you want to make sure you get notified of any new videos that we add to our channel please click the subscribe button and then the bell in the top right hand corner.

11-03-18 OLINDA DIAS

We are expecting over 60 dogs from Portugal around the 23rd of this month. The lady who has coordinated this is very ill and on a kidney machine. Below is a what Olinda has written to help her dogs reach us and I know both she and us are desperate for this rescue to be a success. If you want to help by either sending things before the 21st March for us to get to her for her dogs in Portugal or by sending us a donation to help with the huge cost of this organising this rescue please do.



There are dogs not only in the UK but all over the world needing our help.  We have just taken in our second lot of Romanian dogs and there are more to come.  The expenses of doing this is incredibly high but each day I am told about dogs living in terrible situations and so feel I have to help if and when I can. 

Chitzibie and Brasov have lived in a back yard in Bucharest their whole lives with nothing bar dinner to look forward too.   They are both disabled as you can see in their video and no one wanted to help them but then their luck changed and a wonderful lady saved them.  They have had a lot of medical treatment but there is nothing more that can be done for them other than finding them a loving forever home but no one has offered them this. I think Many Tears supporters would want us to help and if you are one of them please send a donation even if it's just a £1, to show your support. Thousands of people follow us on Facebook and Twitter and read our site daily and I hope they want to help those dogs that have been forgotten, not wanted and without hope.

Chitzibie is a male beagle cross. He's around 9 years old and when he was first picked up was paralysed.  He had x-rays which didn't reveal anything so neurological treatment was started and plans for an MRI scan if he didn't respond. However he responded very well and started walking, so it's assumed he was probably hit in the head and had a haematoma. He has made a great recovery and now just walks a little funny.

Brasov is a male bichon type. He was born with coxofemoral luxation on both sides, congenital hip and knee dysplasia, tarsal subluxation and cuadraceps muscle spasm in his right leg. He had femoral head resection surgery on both sides, ligament plasty in his left leg and the tarsal subluxation was fixed in the right leg.  Unsurprisingly he walks funny but is in no pain or discomfort.

The expenses of saving dogs from Portugal and Romanian is incredibly high and once all the dogs have arrived we are looking at in excess of £5,000.  So if you want Many Tears to continue to help the dogs that have witnessed terrible, things, lived in appalling conditions and in the case of Chitzibie and Brasov been forgotten and ignored please do make a donation.  No matter how small of large it will be very gratefully received and will absolutely change a dogs live for the better.

Thank you



Are you watching Crufts?? Elaine Bisyock won the Novice Cup jumping round with her Many Tears dog Vimes, fostered by our lovely Wendy Botto. Vimes and Elaine will be competing again in the medium height agility at 2pm today ..... please cheer for them!!
We have lots of fantastic dogs who have gone on to be very successful at their chosen sports so if you think you can be the next superstar at agility, obedience, cani x etc please consider a rescue dog to be by your side.


These are some of our dogs in transit from Romania. We are all so looking forward to meeting them, we hope you are too.


Saffy wants to say thank you as with the kind donations sent, her sponsor money has been met. Any extra I will put towards the next coming but need £2,000 before I can do this.


Today I decided to have Midnight in the back office. I am hoping this will help her settle more with humans about, and her days won't be so sad and long in a kennel. So day time shell be in the office, night as long as I am not picking dogs up shell be in my house. Sadly when away she will have to stay in kennels, as she's to tricky for Bill to sort. But this is a better happier life for her, so I am pleased.

Then I had this e-mail today to help Saffy, we are 1/5 of the way there. Brilliant !!!!
Dear Sylvia,
On reading your diary today, i will put in the post today £100 pound cheque towards the little dog called Saffy and her treatment for heartworm. I myself are quite involved with the Romainian Rescues, Help for Hope, what a sorry state those dogs they need the kindness of humaine people who will give them quality of life and caring. At Many Tears you do the best you can for all the dogs in your care and I and my husband are 100 percent behind you.
Love and Prayers.


Our second lot of Romanian dogs are preparing to come. The first group of this year came yesterday. I literally hardly slept. They are a really sad bunch, some mistrustful, others given up. I personally spent 4 ½ hours bathing just 4 of these dogs who were in a sorry state. Then a staff member helped me with one more. We are not half way to bathing these, but the ones we have done are clearly feeling much better. Two had thousands of fleas, others had more like 100s. And there I was thinking the fleas would not be alive in this very cold weather. My heart goes out to these poor dogs. They are really worth visiting and sitting with.
We agreed with another lady who helps Romanian dogs to take 10 others. This lady sends us info and pictures and tells us all we need to know, however today she asked if we still wanted to take one of the dogs as it failed its heart worm snap test. At this point we feel the dogs are part of our family, and can’t bear to leave them so…… After reading all she had to write I can see that homing Saffy would be hard as she will for a year or so and need medication. So I just wondered... Is there someone out there willing to sponsor her?
It would cost around £500 for medication wormers and snap tests.  Perhaps your office would get together, or maybe you will have a lottery win? Whatever let’s not leave this sweetie because she is as she is so unfortunate. The following is what was written about her to us. 

Ref Saffy - she had her snap test tonight and has tested positive for dirofilaria/heartworm. I have no idea what you know about this or not, so I'll put what I think is the relevant info here and then please let me know what you think.
Heartworm is not infectious/contagious and really has no chance here to be passed to another dog. The requirements for heartworm to be transferred is an environment rarely if ever we have here and certainly is totally impossible right now in given the weather!
Heartworm is passed on through mosquitoes BUT in order for it to work, the environmental temperatures must be up in the 70s for at least 14 days for larvae inside the mosquito to become infective larvae, that is an absolute condition which is why it doesn't happen here. A positive snap test shows the presence of a fertile female residing in the heart.
There are as many protocols of treatment as articles on the subject you could find. The protocol we've landed on is a combination of doxyciline antibiotics for the first 21 days followed by a single dose of ivermectin monthly. The doxyciline attacks a substance/parasite called wohlbachia which resides in the female and gives her fertility. The ivermectin zaps the blood stream of any possibility of hosting babies (microfilaria) produced by her. There is no treatment which actually kills the fertile females (aside from a fast kill method/immiticide) which is radical, expensive and potentially dangerous for the dog as worms leave the heart en masse and can clog the valves as they exit. So the general thinking is the combination treatment of the doxy and the ivermectin (which can be simply replaced by monthly milbemax after the first month).
The idea really is that the monthly wormer disables the environment in which any babies could possibly proliferate (it takes them 6 months to become adults and migrate to the heart anyway, so no chance while the blood is constantly being zapped by monthly worm treatment) while the doxy attacks fertility and has a weakening effect on the adult fertile female.
The lifespan of an adult worm is a moot point, the longest period being suggested by the American H/W Society who reckon 2-3yrs so the idea is that by the end of that, although you've not been able to do anything to definitively kill the adult fertile females (though some may die anyway from being weakened and attacked by the doxy) - by the end of 2-3yrs they'll have died a natural death anyway.
Sorry for the long explanations, you may well know all this having been in the States anyway!
Some rescues accept dogs with a positive heartworm test and some don't. It obviously means finding adopters willing to give the monthly wormer for sure and retest every few months (with further positive tests, it's recommended every few months to do another 21 days doxy). That's it, but obviously can present another barrier to adoption so entirely your call.

So here is the darlings picture.

Would you help please?? Our funds are critical with two heart operations in the pipe line for desperate dogs and one liver shunt op for a pup who cannot survive without it  and cataracts ops for blind dogs we are looking well over £15,000 in specialist bills already and we are doing our very best to try and fundraise. Please please help us if you can and thank you to those that support us.


 Though I don't feel like I am making much progress, this short video made through my windows - (with lots of  dog gob stains and nose art!) shows why she just loves the evenings and coming in with the others.
 Summary for Midnight : still wild, but happier every day.



I have just found out that why Midnight is so bad.  She was caught with one or more poles by one or more dogcatchers at just 12 weeks old.  She was totally wild, no one put in the time when she was young enough to change her.   If I had had this video I would have known that it would be close to impossible to make her normal but I have only just been sent this.


I am delighted to say after a blood transfusion from my own dog Truly Scrumptious (usually called Truly Unruly but she has regained her real name having been a true star and donating her blood) Josie has done a huge turn around and is looking very happy. However this could be short lived so we are still praying. Thank you all for caring.
Midnight is still having little lessons being stroked with the end of a litter picker upper. The first day after doing this I stroked her with my hand for the first time. Then the second day we went a step back and I could not do that. It's all about reading her body language and ending on the tiniest try on her behalf and that takes time and concentration.
The  video shows just how scared she still is.  The closer I get to stroke her the more worried she is.
It’s heart breaking  but sadly I am having to push her out of her comfort zone a little every day.   The positive side is she is interacting a little more with me every day.
It’s a little soul destroying but we will keep working together. Me because I want to, her because one day she will too.



This is Josey.  She is a very sick 6 year old cocker spaniel in need of your prayers. 


Yesterday was a BIG BIG day for our girl. I talked to numerous dog behaviourists and not one said the same thing but all agreed that her confidence growing and never being checked would cause problems and  before someone got properly bitten somehow I needed to get through to her what’s acceptable and what’s not.
She’s been with us a good few months now and still won’t let me touch her, running and avoiding me if I approach. She snatched food but now is actually taking it better rather than a snatching it. She will take it from me head on now so there are good things but the sneaking up to bite was not one of them. So here goes, I will tell you what I did…….  and get ready for the “dog trainers” and behaviourists of this world to bombard me with criticism.
I was told the aim to get her on a lead was imperative as I cannot control her behaviour or correct when she is free and running past me or worst up behind for a bite. I decided to go in to her kennel , shut her door so she could not get away from me and gently stroke her with the end of a rubbish picker. I wanted to use this, as I may have to use  this to put a lead on one day if I had to.
Now remember this dog is not like the dogs most  others have worked with, she is the most scared worried unfocussed dog I have ever seen (and I am old). I have only seen wolves in captivity that are similar.
I stood still and held the grabber towards her. She literally attacked it to the point I had to put a basket in front of my legs to save me getting bitten. She has learnt to bite to deter people and this has to stop. So I stood showed no fear and she bit and bit and bit the grabber on and on but I did not back off. I continued to hold it out but low so it should not have felt like a threat… but it did to her anyway I guess.. ¾ of an hour past - she, intermittently biting and shaking the instrument but I did not stop. Then she sat and I passed the  instrument over her, I rubbed her and withdrew. I did this again and again. she slowly eased down a little and as a reward I let her out to play with a human and  my dogs which she loved. She then came indoors - she had a new look in her eyes, did not bark at Bill or run up behind him. Maybe she was tired or maybe she was learning, it's early days.
This morning I went to do this all over again. She watched me carefully, then went and bit the rubbish picker maybe 5 times but then sat and let me stroke her with it.
I expect in Romania she was poled so I understand that what I am doing is scary but I have to break through with her before she bites a person and I think by her expression and attitude this morning that it was the right action for this particular dog.
I think of her day and night making plans to help her so ALL my actions are because I care, even if they are not text book. In fact last night at 3 a mule was brought to us, whose owner died. She has been a working mule all her life and now nothing. So she was disturbed and worried so I told her about  Midnight and together (she munching on sweet hay and me watching)  we contemplated our predicaments and I then went to bed with both our Mule and Midnight on my mind, and a ½ dozen dogs lying across me.


Although very subtle Midnight is changing.  I am not really sure if this is for the best or not. She is finding her feet, more trustful (but only by a nano percent) but only to me not to Bill my husband.
She sleeps in the room the videos are taken in, you will see the doors scratched to beyond repair and there is very little in there. This is because when shut away with another dog for the night she wrecks the place. If we leave her wandering she wrecks the place more and Bill has drawn a line to leaving her to come to bed with me if she fancied, though I doubt she would.
When Bill walks by her now, although he gives no eye contact and ignores her, she will often charge at him and nearly bite at him. With more confidence I think she will bite him. I have told him to keep an eye out, but not stare at her, and turn towards her if she charges, or walk away from her facing her, this seems to be working. But everyone who has a long suffering husband forced to live your dream knows it’s tricky on many accounts.
I actually feel she is now associating me with better things and things are very slowly improving, I just need to keep telling myself this as I scoop her room in the mornings and clean up her shredded duvets. I cannot bare to give her a bit of carpet to sleep on, and even if I did she'd shred that too. However after the morning clean up and I work all day, with her like a criminal locked in a kennel where she is safe and then the evening comes.... and there she is wagging desperate to come in, see the others and get up to as much mischief as she can and that makes all of the upset damage and worry to keep a happy home (and husband) worth it.


Living with Midnight is anything but easy. I start work at around 5.30 but with her here I start at 5. Every morning apart from not being in the least house trained she manages to get something and wreck it. She also now does not want to return to her kennel in the morning but cannot cope with the places my own dogs go and cannot stay in the house alone.
The positive side is she LOVES coming in, and LOVES treat time.  She watches me, wags, and takes treats every time now. I am so hoping someone out there would be committed and take her on but I doubt it. I will keep on trying to help her.

09-02-18 Pain, Biterness and Sorrow

It has been two days of hell
Here is a taste of pain sadness bitterness and worry .
It started Wednesday morning with a staff member off and me having so much work, no time to do it plus and an extra duty to cover. So I vet nurse assisted, did my work and watched a poor little dog fight for her life. No vet could see what was her problem was despite so many tests. We did ultra sounds and X-rays and  blood tests. They only told us so much, but not the answer as to why our girl was feeling so poorly.  By 12am that night she took her last breath. She never knew the happiness of a home of her own, she had no chance to run on the beach, to  lie beside a log fire,or be the apple of her humans eye. That was why I felt so bitter.

 The pain was meeting Feathers, a dear Yorkie, who has a leg too painful to
stand on, a back bone protruding and hardly any fur. She is seeing a specialist today for a further £600 of X-rays, as the first set have not helped to decide how to help her. I feel deep pain for this sad lady.

The sorrow was meeting a bulldog, so badly bred she cannot hardly walk, yet SO grateful for love. I am ashamed to be part of the human race. 

Another pup came in needing heart investigation fast, or shee could literally drop dead. There is a chance that we can fix this for her and give her a full life but it comes at a financial cost.

The worry funding all of this, the plans made in my head to move forwards, now just feel like silly dreams.


Midnight is progressing, it's so so slow that only someone who really knows her would see a difference, but never the less there is a change. This video shows her playing a little. She now takes treats and today wagged when I went to get her.
For someone with a very secure home, very little expectations another dog or two and all the time in the world she could eventually make you very proud. My home with so many canines is really too busy, but it's better than in a kennel night and day. She is not house trained and as yet but I really have given her very little direction, I just want her to be relaxed around me. A loud word or a direst stare are all terrifying for her. I won't give up on her, but hope someone out there could and would want to take her on for her happy ever after home. I truly think it will be years till you really see a more normal dog, and perhaps never a completely normal dog, but it WILL be worth it whatever.


Well before the staff came today but after Bill and I had fed and pilled dogs, we shot out with our dogs to the miles of sands not so far from here.

We had so much on our minds but we did not use our time doing anything but enjoying ourselves and our dog's joys as they galloped in the wind. The tiny ran with the blind, the ones with medical conditions and the old all ran and it was amazing!!!!


  This evening Midnight watched Bill for some time, then when he groomed his dogs and sat chatting to them she investigated a tiny bit further. When I said good night to her I put one of my dogs in a crate and with only her and the crated dog I played a game.
I need to explain why it was important to crate one of my dogs.  The other dogs interfere but without any dogs she goes to pieces so one of mine was crated in the room with us to help her. Although she had no bond with any of my dogs she gets her confidence from them being around, after all dogs are pack animals.
Anyway back to the game which is take a treat whist I get into ridiculous positions. Tonight she got quite good at this and the game ended with me bending over and offering treats between wide spread legs (her approaching from behind me) as she still cannot take treats if I look at her. Slowly I moved my hand so the treat offered meant she had to come right under me, at least half her body length. We ended on that success and I placed a big pigs ear in her basket, and of course the crated dog got one too.
Now in bed I am still smiling, such tiny steps, but I feel like I am flying!


Tiny tiny steps
Tonight I lay in my pink pyjamas trying to tempt Midnight to take a treat and eventually she did!!!!  So maybe tonight I can get some sleep with one success under my belt.



Sometimes I blog so you the supporters or interested parties can see the reality of dog rescue, but sometimes like now I blog to try in some small way to relieve the pain I feel.
To me one of the very worst things is when we get an ex-breeding dog in that we cannot save. A dog who has never known any of the pleasures my own dogs know, has never even walked or rolled in the grass, let alone curled up by a fire.
As I write my own dogs are sprawled on my bed, the youngest is plating with a chihuahua who is off to foster tomorrow but who rode back from Southern Ireland with me in my van and shared the front seat with my own two dogs and I just could not put him in kennels.
Today a westie came in with a huge belly, it was so large we knew something was wrong. My own vet was away and other vets we know were busy, so the poor girl was rushed to Emerald Vets where a very special vet helps us all he can. Of course out of hours emergency’s are dear, but so was my westie.
Very sadly after scans and X-ray she had to be opened up. She had a burst leaking pyometra which was leaking pus into her insides and a tumour so large to remove or even see all of it the vet would have had to break her pelvis. She was slowly dying. I had no choice bar let the vet put her to sleep.
This makes me sad, no not just sad - furious, as she knew nothing I could have offered her. It feels so unjust and unfair. Sadly writing that has not made me feel better but it has given you more of an insight into rescue.
On another note Midnight, a truly wild Romanian dog who ended up with us as another rescue could make no progress, has come to live with me from 5pm to 5am. It’s the best I can do, as I am working in the day and she is so wild and unsocialised that she cannot cope in the offices with my dogs. We have had all kinds of dog experts try to help us, some criticise us, some even come to see her but sadly 8 weeks on and nothing helped. She was living her life like a zoo animal caged, miserable and terrified.
Yesterday in sheer desperation I coerced her from the play yard down the corridor into my own dog yard and with the help of my dogs into my home. I then ignored her. She followed the others from room to room and eventually curled in a basket. Tonight super sad, sobbing a bit whist my nose was running like a tap (I have a bad cold) I produced the nighty night treats for the family (the family of dogs) and Stan the huge Russian Black Terrier sat dutifully, as did the others and I handed out the treats - and there was Midnight in the line. I looked the other way and put my hand towards her and she snatched the treat. I did not say a word and after the others had all had their first round we did it all over again. It’s a minute step but at least it was something.
Tomorrow is another day. Please God make it a better one.


What a week - staff illness has caused others to have to work extra hard. Dogs literally pouring in has also added to the work load. The trip we took picking up dogs earlier in the week had the driver take many extra hours as he came to snow and sleet and my trip to Ireland also was an adventure I would have rather done without.
Firstly the flooding in Ireland was extensive. In Ireland they are very good at putting a diversion sign at the beginning of a problem. So you turn and drive in the direction the arrow says, for miles and miles and miles and miles, all the time the sat navs voice is saying turn around when possible. Eventually I turned around went back and thought just maybe in the big van I could sneak safely through it. Once there I could see I definitely could not. I then had to back 2 miles up a narrow lane as I could not turn.
Once aboard the ferry the captain warned us of a bad trip. I wanted to see the dogs and help them, but to be honest it was so rough I doubt I would have been able to walk down the stairs without having an accident and it was not aloud.. Then once there the captain could not dock, and when finally in the right position the rope was thrown out and got caught, they could not free this, so the captain had to move off again break the rope and start all over again!  I got down to my dogs, and all looked fine, none had suffered sea sickness and all non spill water bowls had not spilt.
Once home we all unloaded and I felt especially grateful I we were home safe. Now is the bigger job of trying to home all these dogs to good forever homes. Whilst driving I tried to make plans for the rescues future and thought I had comer to some decisions but now I am so tired and feeling ill I cannot see I have the strength to carry them all out. Hopefully I will get over this bug and be stronger soon.


My goodness this has been a tough week. Huge sums of money pledged for life saving operations for dogs like Logan, worries that have deepened my frown lines to Gordon Ramsey tram lines over my brow,  tears enough to make the levels of the salt sea significantly rise (well actually that’s a real exaggeration)!
Dogs have come into the centre whose likelihood of getting a home is very very small. Dogs have come in so sad. People have been forced to give up dogs they love and Many Tears future hangs in the balance. I feel we are in the situation like what comes first, the chicken or the egg. I am not sure what to do and I so need guidance. Like the quiz show where you can phone a friend, I think I will need too.
Thank you everyone for your support, for all the lives you helped us save and will help us save, without you all I would be lost and so would many many lives.
Sylvia x

01-01-18 IT'S THE NEW YEAR!

It’s the NEW YEAR!!!!!! Some will wake with a sore head, and veg the day away. Some like you and I may be busy planning a great productive new year.

Last year we sprinted and limped through. Just like a roller coaster ride of ups and downs. Huge batches of dogs arrived and then all had to be processed in, vet checked, neutering/spaying, assessing. Loads of very tough going. Staff gave up nights and worked all through booking dogs in and smiled the next day. Nowhere does anyone have staff like mine. Crazy amazing people I am so proud to work with.

Our horse program helped many. Some learning about horses, some learning about themselves and their strengths and self-worth. Katie the horses carer and teacher is an amazing lady, one if you have the privilege to work with (and you all can) you will NEVER forget.

We homed many dogs but sadly lost one where she jumped our 6 foot fencing. We still are looking for her. We are trying to persuade Bill to buy us an infra-red search light (over £1,500) but hoping a second hand one may come up and be cheaper. That’s the thing about Many Tears, we don’t give up.

We got caught up somehow with a kill pound in Romania and a rescue that tries to get some out if they have space and the representatives over here. This has caused many sleepless nights and a lot of pain and soul searching on my behalf. We have already committed to helping van load of Portuguese dogs this year and now we seem to be helping a lot of Romanian dogs too. I have to make sure there is always space for local desperate dogs, the ex-breeding dogs, the Irish ex breeder’s and strays and so many others. The Romanian dogs undoubtedly go through the worst and see man as what they can be in the worst light ever. It's hard convincing them that this is not the norm and we here love and respect them. They are so damaged but in a different way than others and hard to home.

In the next few weeks another bunch are coming. The reps this side are smart, they read people well and are passionate about saving lives. They send pictures and tell me when I ask what will happen if I don’t take the dogs that they will die. They show me and the deeds done and I am left with the worry how to make it work. They are an amazing group and they get results but I must stay strong this year to cope, so there’s my first New Year’s Resolution.

Here is the picture of Trust as they dragged her from her capture wagon. She was one of the lucky ones believe it or not, as some did not even make it that far…. And she saw it all. Then she went to the pound facilities.

Next was ”THANK YOU“ I named her because she looked so grateful at the chance of life. How could I say no?


Next is Peter Pan, I called him this a I guessed he wished he had never grown up, never left the comfort of love from his mum, never watched her head being caved in as he sat frozen beside her. As he showed no aggression he was captured with ease and his frozen fear saved his short life.

He is nothing amazing to look at, just another yellow street dogs with demons dancing in his dreams. Peter, has a future because of you all.


Now Tremor, “Tremor” (who I don’t know the sex of) though I do know is just a youngster. How this dog survived is a miracle. Very scared and unable to look at you this dog has suffered distemper and this terrible disease rarely lived through has left this baby with the shakes.
Of course straight away I hear some of you thinking, why save a dog like that? I say why not? Are not ALL lives precious? Of course you and I are not the same people. I will digress a minute.
When vet nursing the other day an ex breeder came in. Her dark ears looking like snow had fallen on them, they were covered in white specks. On future inspection this was a sea of lice crawling biting draining this girl. Her gums were pale, anemia had settled in. She came as was not breeding well, amazing to think one tiny louse with its friends could achieve that. Anyway as a learning device after spraying her with front line one louse was selected and put on a microscope. He or she was very clear and staff came in and out to see and learn. I watched the louse for over ½ an hour slowly dying. He or she eventually lay on its back waving its poor dying legs in the air saying goodbye to this world. At this point you are either think me crazy or doubled in laughter trying to imagine me crying for a louse. But here’s the thing, if we don’t care about a louse, do we care about a bee, a mouse, a hedgehog, a badger, a fox, a dog, a horse, a human…?
So back to Tremor, yes this dear dog to has a chance because of you all.

Back to the Romanian babies. This one is”lost”, the worst scenario in rescues, a black short coat dog. They are not only often not noticed, but nearly always just walked by.

Lost is called this as someone actually went to claim him, then let him out and he ran off. He was caught again and as the catcher was so pissed off he apparently received a few blows for his efforts. What can I say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The next is Tamar, I called her this as the picture (which is all I have) shows someone trying to get her to come near with a treat - which is a lump of bread!! I was thinking they were trying to tame her.

There is also one other, who has waited at the rescue a very long time. The British ladies saved the funds for her passport and asked if she can come too - I said yes (no further details yet).


So there they are, and just as I decided to take no more till these and the original one get homed I receive more pictures of more in the pound misery. Don’t worry you can look, I said yes, and IF they survive the pound and the pounds diseases cruelty ect they will come next month.
A terrified juvenile. Nearly drowned but instead dragged on a pole into a van to take his chances with the others caught terrified and bleeding that day
Let down so badly when a women said she wanted to adopt but then chose another having left the dog waiting for her return.
Mellow and Motto
Only just able to stand. Skeletal and with no fight for life left (these may not survive). See the food put down as pound shut, no employees no visitor’s, completely shut over Christmas)
Curly Sue
Found living under a derelict car. Dragged out screaming on a pole and swung into the dog catchers van
"If Only”
Spirit broken when approached staff of the pound was kicked in the teeth. Now just sits with only dreams of demons to keep company.
Having had food thrown through the bars by kind person to try to help her survive she gobbled all up was sick and gobbled that up too. Desperate times for desperate dogs.
Called this because my hearts full of despair. WHY do they have to go through this?
Said to be the ugliest thinnest no hoper in the pound that day. I figured Ugg boots are supposed to represent warmth and comfort (although fake ones with fake fur are all I would contemplate wearing) so I called this poor old dog Uggy., Caught with ease as he had collapsed after many days of rain and penned in a yard with no food or shelter. He may not survive, but if he does we can show him love, warmth comfort and a full belly every day…. The rest will be up to you all

.Well that was yesterday. So what did I do the rest of the last year. Well walked a bit, cried a bit more and tried to help a friend write a book to raise funds for Many Tears. This has been painful and funny and very tiring. After a long days work for both her and I we will do a phone conference call (in fact many) her taking notes and me reminiscing, sometimes painful opening still healing wounds sometimes funny. This is my hopes for the coming years, I hope to get this book finished and for it to fund some of the very expensive things Many Tears takes on each year.

My dream… Here goes, That everyone was kind thoughtful and not greedy and thoughtless.

Happy New Year, I wish you peace of mind good health and a loving heart.
Sylvia xit's the


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