Sylvia's Diary

Sylvia writes a diary entry as and when she has time or if she needs to get something off her chest. We hope that you enjoy reading about the ups and downs of rescue life.








20-01-20 ANTIGUA

Please everyone help the dogs in Antigua.  Just because they are not here does not mean they need to be written off. If this island's dog lovers had a boost so they can keep going and improve the work they're doing a lot could change. I was very careful and monitored who was doing what when out there to be sure that this was the way forwards. Please, together we could make a real difference and then the other islands may follow suit. I really need you to get behind me, please PLEASE HELP.

17-01-20 Our Play Yards Need Help

Some of  the dogs here have their very first experience of running outside here at Many Tears. We have play yards they can feel free in and explore with their kennel friends.
We would like our play yards to be more interesting and stimulating for them so are looking to add some extra items to them.
We are hoping for them to have benches to jump on and off, wendy houses to explore and 3-4 foot plastic pipe tunnels to run through. 
Iif any one has any of these or could ask a drainage company for off cuts please let me know.
Thank you


This is Darkari's before and after pictures and videos. This little girl arrived extremely sick and thin as she was suffering from Megaesophagus. She was lucky enough to be adopted by a wonderful couple and I cannot express how pleased I am to see her looking so well and happy



20-12-19 A Sad Update

It’s 11pm and I have to bring the sad news that darling Kitty has just passed away. Losing a dog here at the rescue hits us all so hard. It always seems so very unfair. Kitty was comfortable and we have showered her with gentle kisses and kind words since she arrived but knowing that now she will never have a home of her own, somehow it doesn’t seem enough. Tears of sadness and frustration flow amongst the staff, we all care so very much but again sometimes it just doesn’t seem enough.

Kitty will never be forgotten here and tomorrow we will continue to care for the dogs as usual. We  have so many dogs here waiting for their homes. For Kitty we will shall do everything we can to find them loving forever homes. Please help us. We need funds to help make ends meet. We need volunteers to give us a hand, we need fosterers who can offer a warm bed to a dog that needs one. If you can help in any way please do. Run free Kitty.

20-12-19 KITTY

12-12-19 12K OF CHRISTMAS

Please consider signing up to do the 12k's of Christmas with us. I have already started to walk my 12k with five of my dogs.
You can do it all at once or in stages and I'm sure your dogs will enjoy completing it with you. It will help all of our dogs here at Many Tears too as we are so desperate for funds at the moment.



I have at last finished the book I have been writing for so very long. It’s about how Many Tears was born. I have no idea who to send it to, but am hoping someone reading this may have a connection to a publisher. I am praying if published it will fund our coming year, as I don’t know how we will get through the year it if not.
Please, for the dogs sakes help me.... For together we could save them all!!!!

07-11-19 KOLA & KEDGE

06-11-19 WHEN THE CAT'S AWAY....

You know what they say
When the cat's away the mice will play
Well Bill's away!!!!

02-11-19 TALLULAH

Little Tallulah came into the rescue pregnant.  She is a teeny little shih tzu and has today delivered 4 beautiful pups via c-section.


Pumpkin and Precious are two very special pups in needs of loving homes.  Pumpkin was born without any eyes and Precious has trouble walking.  They will be arriving back at Many Tears this evening and will be on the website within the next couple of days.  If you want to help a pup in need of that bit of extra care, love and support then here's your chance but please wait until they are on the website before you apply.



Thank you to every one who has helped us get so many dogs to great homes
I feel so blessed every time I load the foster van that you share our care
The responsibility for our dogs  lives to be happy is huge
Thank you for helping me
Sylvia x

22-10-19 DARLING BOB

Darling Bob desperately needs a home. Please watch his video



Being a beagle is tough at Many Tears. No one really looks at us and the competition is keen as we in Kennel 5 are just three of many many beagles here. We are all special and all need a home. So please please consider a beagle to share you ups your downs, your love, kisses, hugs and especially your cookies with.


Perhaps this is the most depressing  blog I have ever written.
Some months ago we were given a beautiful Golden Retriever pup who we named Orio. She was unable to hold her urine in and so she need a complicated operation. After having a lot of blood tests and antibiotics she finally had very expensive surgery. This does not appear to have worked and yesterday she became very poorly.
She is now at Langford Referrals, a specialist vet, to try to give her a chance of survival. This will cost many thousands of pounds.
With so many dogs flooding through our doors, plus the planning problems with the local Council and so many other issues, the list goes on and on and I am at my wits end.
How can you put a price on a life?  Let alone a life that is in your care?
I know many will say I could save so many more dogs with all those thousands of pounds being spent for Orio. But this Retriever is not a number... She is a life.
Please help however you can. We are now running on fresh air!!!
If a lottery winner reads this please please help

EDIT: Orio has made it through the night at Langford Referrals. She has had tests and the findings of these are in the email below. Orio needs two further surgeries. They are complicated and will be expensive. We need to fundraise for these and ha ve been told the very minimum cost will be at least £4,500 but could run to £9,500 and upwards to give little Orio the surgery she needs to save her and give her a chance at a normal life. Please, please help us.
Here is a link to Orios Fundraising page - we sill set up a PayPal link tomorrow.
Please share her page far and wide

09-10-19 I need help from someone who can help with a Road Speed Survey please

As most of you  who follow the ups and downs of Many Tears  know, when our vet surgery started falling apart again last year I decided to try to get permission to build a new permanent surgery  rather than just buy another portacabin. Boy did I open a can of worms....
 We have been working with Rebecca and her team at the IAD company on the designs and initial pre-planning application and they have been wonderful, donating all their time and services for the dogs, but when a few specific planning issues arose they recommended we consult with some planning experts. 

Our initial consult went OK but now we are at the stage where I would need to commit to spending  thousands of pounds of rescue funds just for a survey on the road outside the rescue and  the gathering of information to decide on a solution for the field next door where our staff park their cars. 

We cannot even think about the Vet surgery now until I first sort out the staff  parking. 
It turns out that we have to apply for "change of use" planning permission to let our staff park their cars on a bit of hard standing that was already present on a field that the rescue owns. 
We have not changed anything on the land and the farmer that owned the land before the rescue used that same hardstanding for his tractors and agricultural equipment, but it seems we cannot let staff park their cars there to make room for the public without spending thousands on surveys and advice and possibly  tens of thousands of pounds on putting in a new entrance to the field and improving that hardstanding so that it can become a formal car park that is compliant with all the rules and regulations governing carparks in the UK.
 Needless to say I am beside myself. 
 I don’t want to make a public car park. I don’t want to charge for parking. I just want to let the staff park their cars on an existing piece of hardstanding that has always been there.

 If there are dog loving planning consultants  or consulting engineers that can carry out a  road speed survey – please help us.  

I am not asking for people to write to the council or the media about this  or to stir  things up at all. I am just asking for help and advice from those who have experience or expertise in this field .



Some volunteers come to help the dogs relax, but as you can see sometimes it’s the dogs that help the volunteer to relax!  Regular volunteer positions are available complete with training.   The positions include:

  • Meter greeters (meeting and greeting the public and showing them around)
  • Grooming (bathing, cleaning ears, clipping nails, possibly using clippers at later date)
  • Teaching dogs to walk ona harness and lead
  • Helping look after a section of kennels
  • Working in vets scrubbing kits and recovering dogs (full trading given and a vet and assistant also with you)
  • Gardener - looking after our garden of memorie, hedges and grass lawns
  • Handyman, mending fences kennel panels and whatever else is needed.

These are volunteer positions requiring regular commitments of hours and days. These positions are for over 25 year olds please and open to OAPs.

Child volunteer positions are mainly dog walking and require the child to be accompanied if under 16 and always to come with a parent or guardian for initial visit and acceptance.

To give the best care to our dogs your help is very much needed. Please email me at if you think you can help.

Thank you

A plea for Simmy. She needs someone before it's too late

Yesterday the vet spayed a delightful Bichon called Simmy, she is little and perfect BUT she had a huge tumour on her memory glands and down her leg to her vulva also. All was removed but the margins were small, and the vet feels her life will be short.

Before she dies I need her to know love happiness and a home.

 Please, if you are strong (because you will be sad too soon) then give her this, she will also need a doggy friend to cuddle with.

Read what Rudyard Kipling said all those years ago, and decide , can you help her.


The Power of the Dog

Rudyard Kipling - 1865-193

There is sorrow enough in the natural way
From men and women to fill our day;
And when we are certain of sorrow in store,
Why do we always arrange for more?
Brothers and Sisters, I bid you beware
Of giving your heart to a dog to tear.

Buy a pup and your money will buy
Love unflinching that cannot lie—
Perfect passion and worship fed
By a kick in the ribs or a pat on the head.
Nevertheless it is hardly fair
To risk your heart for a dog to tear.

When the fourteen years which Nature permits
Are closing in asthma, or tumour, or fits,
And the vet’s unspoken prescription runs
To lethal chambers or loaded guns,
Then you will find—it’s your own affair—
But… you’ve given your heart to a dog to tear.

When the body that lived at your single will,
With its whimper of welcome, is stilled (how still!).
When the spirit that answered your every mood
Is gone—wherever it goes—for good,
You will discover how much you care,
And will give your heart to a dog to tear.

We’ve sorrow enough in the natural way,
When it comes to burying Christian clay.
Our loves are not given, but only lent,
At compound interest of cent per cent.
Though it is not always the case, I believe,
That the longer we’ve kept ’em, the more do we grieve:
For, when debts are payable, right or wrong,
A short-time loan is as bad as a long—
So why in—Heaven (before we are there)
Should we give our hearts to a dog to tear?


Not that long ago this girl was untouchable but look at her now!



I am trying to be strong and do what’s right, but it seems EVERYTHING is going very wrong. So here iS a list of the ones that are proving to weigh so heavily on my heart.

  1. We needed a new vet building so decided to put in planning for a more permanent structure. By doing this the council have seen our parking and decided to question this and we are in for a big lot of worry trying for permission for this, to the point the council suggested re location, and there are not the funds for that at all.
  2. This month vet bills are over £20,000 above budget and now a poor bishon needing huge surgery has come in. Either we pay thousands or we amputate her little leg. A TERRIBLE CHOICE and one which makes me cry.
  3. The future of Many Tears worries me daily also

I could go on and on....  how the dogs are wonderful, however the emotional strain and some of the people are not.

I share this in hopes someone can help somehow. Even if only with kind words, for I need them today.


For everyone that has been following Dakari's story she is now called Daphne and her adopters have sent us this lovely video. She's gained two pounds and is managing to eat and keep her food down. She's doing amazingly well thanks to her wonderful adopters.


Thank you to everyone who helped ensure safty for the little cat in Spain we were asked to help. The cat is now sorted.


Really was one of a litter of new born pups that a vet had as the mum was run over. The vets nurse wanted to hand raise them, but after one night decided she could not. Our superb team of supporters managed to get the pups from Wales to Kent . Leah my daughter hand raised them and Really, who is one she kept has just helped to win a bronze medal for the UK in Valencia. Watch her video to see how well she did!

 We are proud of her and her journey. Thank you to all who helped her live, but especially Leah.

25-08-19 URGENT PLEA

Does any one know of a cat rescue or a kind soul in Valencia Spain who will help?
Our world agility team is out there and have found a poor stray cat they want to help
Please call Sylvia ASAP if you can help at the rescue 01269-843084


To find out more about Vux

To find out more about Tina

22-08-19 Our AMAZING visiting volunteer vet




Our dear Dakari went to her new home today. She will be missed but we are delighted she will have such wonderful carers and canine friends.



Here are Linton and Loxley on their way to their foster home where they will be taken to see a specialist to find out what can be done.


At last we know what is wrong with Dakari.  We would like to say a huge thank you to a vet called Louise Harvey who suspected this very unusual complaint and asked us to send of bloods for Dakari and see. Now we know the extent of what is happening with her and know how to treat her. Her problems are severe but she is a darling and we will perservere.

Medical Conditions, Pet Services
What is myasthenia gravis?

Myasthenia gravis is a disease in which there is a malfunction in the transmission of signals between the nerves and muscles. Dogs with myasthenia gravis exhibit extreme weakness and excessive fatigue. Some breeds are predisposed to an inherited/congenital form of this disease, including Jack Russell Terriers, English Springer Spaniels, Smooth Fox Terriers, and Smooth-haired Miniature Dachshunds. Most cases are acquired, not inherited.

Acquired myasthenia gravis is, like other immune-mediated diseases, a complex condition requiring that multiple factors come into play, including environmental, infectious, and hormonal influences. The Newfoundland, Great Dane, Golden Retriever, Labrador Retriever, Akita, and Scottish Terrier are predisposed to acquired myasthenia gravis. Some dogs who acquire myasthenia gravis have a tumor mass in the chest cavity called a thymoma.

Puppies with congenital myasthenia gravis are typically diagnosed at 6-8 weeks of age. Acquired myasthenia gravis tends to be diagnosed in dogs 1-4 years of age, or in dogs at 9-13 years of age.

What are the signs of myasthenia gravis?
Many dogs with acquired myasthenia gravis develop megaesophagus, which is a dilation of the esophagus that holds food rather than allowing food to pass into the stomach. These dogs then have their food return up through their mouths without the retching and abdominal muscle contraction associated with vomiting. They may exhibit difficulty swallowing, a decreased ability to blink, and/or acute collapse.

Other signs of myasthenia gravis include:

  • Voice changes
  • Exercise-related weakness and/or collapse
  • Progressive weakness
  • Inability to close the eyes, even when sleeping
  • Excessive drooling
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Cramping with mild exercise

Elevated blood levels of antibodies against acetylcholine receptors provide an important diagnostic confirmation and monitoring test.

Is myasthenia gravis treatable?
Some dogs diagnosed with myasthenia gravis require treatment in the hospital until their medication dose is stabilized. These dogs are treated with a class of medication that inhibits a nervous system enzyme called acetylcholinesterase. Anti-acetylcholinesterase medications will be required for the rest of the dog’s life. Because of their compromised ability to swallow, some dogs will actually inhale food, liquid, or vomit, resulting in aspiration pneumonia. Aspiration pneumonia is extremely serious and often requires aggressive intensive care including oxygen therapy, antibiotics, IV fluid therapy, and supportive care. If the dog is unable to eat or drink without regurgitation, a feeding tube may be needed until the dog’s medication doses are stabilized.

"Ancillary treatment of myasthenia gravis is as important as determining
appropriate medication doses."

Ancillary treatment of myasthenia gravis is as important as determining appropriate medication doses. In cases where there is a thymoma, it must be removed surgically. Food and water dishes should be elevated, and these dogs often do best with smaller, more frequent meals of a high-quality, high-calorie food. There is no single “best” nutritional formulation for dogs with myasthenia gravis. It is important to assess what works best for the individual dog.

Most dogs with myasthenia gravis will limit their own activity based on the severity of their muscle weakness.

What medications are recommended for dogs with myasthenia gravis?
Acetylcholine is a chemical that transmits messages between nerves and muscles at the neuromuscular junction. Because dogs with myasthenia gravis have an excess of the enzyme acetylcholinesterase, which breaks down acetylcholine, drugs that inhibit that enzyme prolong the action of acetylcholine. Pyridostigmine is the drug of choice.

Corticosteroids, azathioprine, or mycophenolate may also be used for their ability to suppress the immune system.

How are dogs with myasthenia gravis monitored?
Improved muscle strength is an obvious barometer of response to therapy. In addition, chest x-rays are evaluated every 4-6 weeks for resolution of megaesophagus. Finally, acetylcholine receptor antibody levels are evaluated every 8-12 weeks, and should decrease into the normal range with remission.

What is the prognosis for dogs with myasthenia gravis?
For dogs who do not experience severe aspiration pneumonia or weakness of the throat and difficulty swallowing, the prognosis is good for complete recovery within 6-8 months. For dogs with a thymoma, the prognosis is guarded unless the mass is completely removed and control of clinical signs is achieved.

Although myasthenia gravis is treatable, most pets require months of special feeding and medication. Anti-acetylcholinesterase medication and immunosuppressive therapy will likely be required for the life of the dog. If the dog achieves remission, life quality is generally excellent.

Contributors: Robin Downing, DVM, DAAPM, DACVSMR, CVPP

© Copyright 2015 LifeLearn Inc. Used and/or modified with permission under license.

16-08-19 WOLF TUCKER

Wolf Tucker is a raw food company, run fromt he South of England and they have asked us to let you know they are offering 10% off raw dog food and bones today. So if you are interested please pop over to their website by clicking HERE

15-08-19 MIDNIGHT


15-08-19 COCKAPOOS





Here we have a video of some of our latest dogs on their journey to Many Tears.

Here at the rescue we also have some wonderful puppies who will be available for adoption very soon....
And lastly but by no means the least... meet beautiful Billy!!


11-08-19 GRACE


Please look at the little video I have made for Quids In - a beautiful puppy who is here at Many Tears. She has had so many people walk past her and not even glance at her. She is a truly wonderful little puppy! It is not her fault she is not fluffy, or doesnt have a curly coat or look like a little teddy bear. She is pretty too with her short coat, wagging tail and brilliant personality. Please consider this friendly little girl


This years Many Tears Dog Show and Open Day was another huge success. Although some expenses will need to be deducted we took a wonderful £7,177.43 on the day and are so grateful to everyone who helped us with this, especially at these difficult times with so many dogs needing costly specialist care.

My thanks to the supporters who helped us organise the event who never want to be named but who worked so hard to make it a success, and to all the stall holders and volunteers (some travelling a long way to be with us) who donated their time to run superb stalls. These are

Sarah, Jane and Maria - Cakes
Caroline, Gail, Jacky, Jess and April - Sandwiches and hand crafted dog merchandise
Wendy, Chelsea and Joyce - Make Me An Offer
Rosey & Ellie - Ice creams
Kirsty, Caroline, Maisie and Shelby - MT Merchandise
Susan, Stuart, Steph, Janice and Ros - Hot Food
Julie Forrester & friend - Box Tombola
Adrienne, Eloise, Nick and myself - Tombola
Claire, Louise and Tony Barret - Mugs & Candles
Roger & Clair  - Cymru Pet Supplies
Chantel - Books
Jane - Dog Bows and other items
Crystabel Photography
Abigail, Elke, Cathy, Kelly and Kim - Booking In Dog Classes
Rhys, Luke and Amelie - Scurry
Linda and Graham - Hand Crafted Items
Kate - Fused Glass Jewellery
Bob - Temptation Alley
Coral - Face Painting
Sue and Ros - Wooden Items
Paula - Fused Glass Items
Oonagh - Dog Beds and Plants

I would also like to sincerely thank the businesses who helped us including:
Bar and Catering Supplies of Manselton, Swansea who kindly provided the fuel to ensure that barbecue was kept running on full throughout the day
Rees Sounds for the donation of a great tannoy for the day.
Emerald Vets for sponsoring the trophies this year
Tussie Mussie Flowers, Haverfordwest who donated beautiful bouquets for our guest judges.

My gratitude to our judges this year who were Welsh rugby star Ross Moriarty, actor Liam Fox and Jojo Entwistle who had the very difficult challenge of judging our fun dog show and found it immensely difficult to pick amongst all the beautiful dogs in their classes. Liam and Jojo also acted as our commentators and DJs and did a fantastic job at announcing classes, making show announcements, providing general entertainment and acting as DJs playing great music which was so well received by al.  They chose great songs for musical sits was a huge success enjoyed by all and the decision between the final two dogs was a very close run thing.

Thanks also to the team of car park attendants from Admiral Group who did a marvellous job and got everyone parked quickly which was invaluable. My thanks also goes to my staff who came and ran stalls on their days off and to everyone who entered the dogs in the classes and took part in the scurry and temptation alley which gave the dogs a chance to let of steam and Caerphilly and District Agility Team who once again put on wonderful agility demonstrations which were very entertaining to watch and also gave people the chance for their dogs to have a go at agility.

Finally thank you to all our visitors who came to have a wonderful fun day out and support the rescue, many of whom brought their dogs - it was truly wonderful to see them groomed, glowing with health and happy with their proud owners - at the end of the day, it's what its all about!

A big THANK YOU to every one of you.
Sylvia xx

01-08-19 DAKARI

31-07-19 DAKARI

We finally have confirmation that poor Dakari has Megaesophagus.  We are doing everything we can to help her.







28-07-19 MT DOG SHOW

We are working hard to pull our annual dog show together. We have been really lucky that Welsh rugby star Ross Moriarty is going to judge some classes. There will be an opportunity to be meet and be photographed with him also. We are hoping many will come and support and see the work we are doing. Hope to see you all there.

22-07-19 DAKARI

Dakari had a 45 minute reiki treatment yesterday.  She was scared at first but after 5 min she fell asleep on the lady's lap.  She is eating this morning and but there is still a long way to go.



As you can see we are battling the rain at Ardingly. Please do come down and help us, support us, chat to us and help us make our stall the success we really need it to be! We are at Ardingly Showground RH17 6TH this weekend.

12-07-19 Dakari's progress


Please take a moment to see how beautiful Dakari is. We have all fallen for this beautiful, gentle soul


11-07-19 DAKARI


09-07-19 MEET LYN

08-07-19 DAKARI

This was Dakari last night, as you can see progress is being made in small steps and we are hoping to introduce her to a new friend to keep her company later today.


07-07-19 DAKARI

06-07-19 DAKARI

A day later and Dakari is on a drip but is eating a little. She loves her little tedDy dog that someone has so kindly sent her. Please continue you thoughts and prayers for this little beauty.

05-07-19 DAKARI

Dakari is still a very poorly dog. Please keep her in your thoughts or prayers.

01-07-19 DAKARI

28-06-19 COLLIES!

It's very hard to work with these beautiful, wonderful little distractions!!


Yesterday having had a very long journey collecting dogs from all over Ireland, 29 of which were passported from the South, I decided to take the early boat home. This however, meant a longer drive on the other end for us from port to the rescue but still brought me home earlier meaning the dogs were on the van for less time.
My co-driver and writer Kelly was, as always magnificent, and despite when loading dogs getting covered in shot anal glands and much more, she remained happy, helpful and smiling throughout, despite the fact that the pair of us stank!
On arrival home at 2am this morning, a HUGE amount of staff turned up voluntarily to help unload these new arrivals and settle them in to their new kennels.  I have never run a rescue with more dedicated dog lovers than these guys. They all help me stay strong and you all help me go on saving lives.
THANK YOU you're all amazing.!!!!!


10-06-19 THANK YOU

This is a huge thank you to Emma and Isla, Bliss and wonderful Joyce, super strong and cheerful Rhys and wonderful Chelsea who all made up the team at Newbury and enabled us to raise £3,836.91.  It’s been a long hard hard slog scrimping and saving all we can to have things to sell at the show. Thank You also Thames Agility for giving us a free stand and all the wonderful agility people who love and train their fantastic dogs (many of which are Many Tears dogs)  so well.
I could not do this without you all.
Sylvia x

04-06-19 MIDNIGHT


Midnight has come such a long way!

04-06-19 PRUDENCE

Please watch Prudences video and see how special this little spaniel girl is. She arrived with us in considerable pain and has been to the vets to have X-Rays done.

Prudence needs cruciate surgery ASAP to help her feel more comofrtable and enable her to move around without pain and have the life she deserves. This doesn't come cheap and even with a very generous and kind discount we need to raise approximately £2,700 for her. If you can help at all please, please do.

Our funds are so low but she desperately needs this. To donate please send us a cheque marked for Prudence or donate via her GoFundMe page.


Bob and Terry Bolding arrived today with a mass of hanging baskets to brighten this place and our moods.

Jenny, one of our staff members also brought in some planters.  Thank you it so makes a difference!

In the picture is also Louise, who worked till the late hours in the vets.
Thank you to everyone who helped us get through a tricky weekend and the two vets who drove from London to volunteer.


The dogs-cannot day thank you.... But I can
Sylvia x


This is what happens if you don't check your dog's claws.  Such a sweet and forgiving dog.

26-05-19 SANA

Sana was rescued from the streets of Romania. She is terrified of life, but never growls or bites, she just hides. She would have seen her friends being dragged and some clubbed to death. She is good with dogs and the staff have taught her to walk on a lead, but she needs a forever home with another dog. Please share her story and help her.


One of our staff lost a beloved dog this week , as she came to work feeling sad she met Ginge - a semi-feral cat that hangs out at the barn here, and it brought a big smile to her face.




Animals have a way of lifting our spirits. Look how far Midnight has come, from an almost write- off  of a dog this. We are so proud of her progress, however outside she is still very trying and extremely mistrustful still.


24-05-19 THIS IS ANDY

Andy was rescued from Ireland at about 15 weeks old . She was too scared to walk and sounded like a bottle of water slopping as I carried her. She was starving and clearly very unwell.
We took her to a vets who X-rayed her and told us she had a Grade 5 out of 5 heart murmur and megaesophagus .  A specialist then saw her and said there was nothing that could be done for her This video is of her today about 8 years on!!!!!
We are blessed to have her share our lives.

21-05-19 A SAD GOODBYE

We had to let Chloe go today.  Her body was shuting down and the vet felt it was a kindness to help her on her way.  Thank you all for your help in trying to save her.


This was Chloe last night

and this is the dear girl today. I am totally broken. All the hours sitting with her getting to know her and letting her steal my heart, and I fear we are now losing her.

This is Chloe at about  7:30pm - I will check on her throughout the night.


18-05-19 CHLOE

I woke up this morning having got up 4 times in the night to check on the dogs that are on drips and these next few days are critical. I need green tripe, if anyone is visiting or wants to donate something very valuable to ill dogs this is what’s needed. We will be out first thing trying to source a little. It could keep Cloe going for much longer. If you met her you’d fight for her life too.

18-05-19 A SAD DAY



This litter of cross breed pups arrived today and have not had the best start in life.  All need committed and loving homes where they will be socialised and trained.


An amazing opportunity is opening up in June and we’re looking for the perfect candidate that will fall in love with this role.

Position - Equine Manager

Description - You will be responsible for the care of 7 rescue equines and 1 donkey. This includes offering a variety of mentally and physically stimulating exercise, a solid daily routine and happy life. You will be responsible for worming program, feeding, orders, social media, farrier and dentist etc along with yard duties. Ideally we are looking for someone who will be able to continue our equine program, running groups and stable management lessons for adults and children, giving confidence and making sure the partakers have a happy experience at the rescue. The groups coming include home schooled children, those who are lonely, who have disabilities, and those from children’s homes, and many others.

Requirements - We are looking for someone with a good friendly happy nature and one who understands our challenging welsh weather! You must be a kind, confident and experienced rider, able to lunge and enthusiastic to learn round penning skills and clicker training. You do not need qualifications, however we need someone with the knowledge and experience of a minimum of BHS Stage 3. You must have a kind, empathetic yet confident character and be reliable. You must have the desire to move the horse program forwards, do updates and blogs on our website, be physically fit and very reliable. Hours - Monday - Friday 8-4 and cover on weekends if needed. If you feel this role is made for you please email Sylvia at


These are just a few of the dogs waiting to be picked.  If you see one you are interested in please look for them on the Dogs Looking for Homes page and complete it's application form.


So this place is like a sponge, as I walk round from kennel to kennel, from one staff member to another I soak up their feelings.  Some I may imagine, some hit me. All stick with me.
The tears of a staff member as they cuddle a sad dog, the Yorkie hiding in the back of her kennel, the soulful boxer. The hopelessness of some their gazes.
People complain of rows with their neighbours, the people in the office etc etc. They let these little nothings consume them, however they are nothings. I wish they would come and use their energies on those crying out for help, often silently hiding in a corner. Sometimes these are canine, sometimes they are human. This video is a snippet of a daily walk around.




What a wonderful Saturday.
Coffee in the Cabin Day went so well today - not only raising an amazing £463.06 of funds to help us continue but is also great to see so many happy faces.
I was missing all the fun and friendship as I was vet nursing but then a busker called Adam Wed came to cheer us all up in the surgery! I video'd one of his songs and I hope you agree it was lovely for us and the dogs to have such a treat to hear Adamas talent.
I want to thank all the amazing supporters who made the day so successful
And thank Adam for making us all happy!

02-05-19 A VERY SAD DAY

Decision making where lives are involved sucks.  A dear little dacs who slipped a disc was called in yesterday afternoon.  We all jumped through hoops and Bob Boulding was amazing and drove her all the way to High Wickham to Hamilton Vets who specialise in cases like these and they were also truly amazing. 
However after the X-rays and an MIR scan I was called to say her chance of survival were less than 10% and death would be painful and terrible if that happened. 
I was given 15 minutes to decide  what I wanted to do and so I reluctantly made the decision to have her put to sleep.  This is such a hard decision to have to make and everyone here is just full of sadness for this poor girl.  Please light a candle and remember her.
It's been a really rubbish day.

01-05-19 Happy Birthday Bill

I am back from Ireland exhausted but pleased all are here and comfy (Bar me!) It’s Bill my husbands birthday but all I had time to get him was a tacky pen off the ferry.
I thought tonight could be relaxed but instead with two puppy pens in the sitting room and 7 little yippers...  I doubt it will be.

I got home to more worries. There is a poor ex breeding bitch Dachshund off her legs, unable to walk.
This probably means a spinal injury. The last two cost £8000 and only because the operations are capped at £4000 each by a lovely specialist vet.
Bob has agreed to do the emergency drive to high High Wickham,as time is crucial, and sadly I am too exhausted to drive any further.
Worry should have been my middle name.... I am an expert!!!

28-04-19 ROILET ROLLS!!!

Today I decided to try to run a weekly diary.  Some weeks I may write a few entries, others I will make myself write at least one entry. They will be both sad entries and happy ones. Some may be about the rescue, others just about life.
I am just a normal person from a normal loving family who has a huge love of dogs. I am like you I am sad and have my heart full of despair and often broken, but I have amazing times too. All of these I will try to put in writing. It may help you to understand the rescues work, it may help you to see others are like you - I hope so.
I am not running a blog to be noticed, congratulated or praised. I am doing it in hope that dogs may benefit from this. So hear goes.

It’s Sunday night, I am thinking if I do something constructive tonight I will have earn the right to relax. I worked from 5.30am till now 7pm, but only did one extra job, as just the usual running of the rescue takes up the day.
However once indoors I had a bath and firstly thought of the toilet roll problem (as in not having enough).  The reason I thought of this was my pup was practicing Labrador fame by pulling the toilet roll of the wall and tearing round with it till I climbed out of the bath to remove it. Just such a small problem, but someone has to buy it and it’s always Bill.  
No one ever says we are running out till it’s all gone.  Then our home is raided and if Brave , Frankley or Recon have got to it first all we have to offer is tatters and that’s what happened today.  I would smile but Bill has only just bought more, yet bath time with the dogs, (which is a regular occurrence) seems to more than often end up with torn up toilet paper.
Hopes and dreams are often born in the bath and today was one of those days that ideas just never stopped coming. I managed to write them down with a wet hand onto a scrap of paper with an eye brow pencil. I am not much into make up, however it’s extremely useful some times.
Tomorrow I am off to pick up dogs in Ireland. This takes loads of co-ordination and planning to try to make it easy and stress free for me and to make the journey affectively. I drive from Southern Ireland picking up passported dogs to the north, then home. I listen to talking books, and my co-driver helps me. We water, feed and exercise some on route, and pray the sea is kind the roads are clear and we can stay strong.
The tiny, sad or young are sometimes snuck up to our cabin and sleep snuggled under our chins. We joke we are going on a cruise, but we both know that truly it’s far from that. Getting dinner in the truckers lounge is probably very different from a cruise, although I doubt you would ever get kinder or friendlier staff in any place than the freight staff of Stenna Line, who try so hard to cater for me a vegan, without smiles and sniggers.
Ireland is friendly and beautiful and helping the dogs is a privilege not a burden. Toilet rolls will be bought, and life goes on. I will write more as the days pass. The great thing that happened today was 29 dogs went to foster homes. 29 dogs in loving educational homes. 29 sprung from or jail! Bloody brilliantl!!  I wish they did not spend their time here in jail, but  all we can offer till spayed or neutered is kennels and I always feel like that’s jail; despite the love and care we give.

24-04-19 Dog Show August 4th 2019

Our second show is coming up at the beginning of August.
We want it to be special, as the better name more publicity and further interest in the rescue will result in more dogs homed and more dogs lives saved. However we are struggling and desperately need able bodies to donate their time to helping at the show.
The types of jobs range from car park attendant to walking around selling refreshments, helping man stalls, being a ring steward, or coming with cakes etc. you have made to donate for the cake stall.

We cannot run like we do without a lot of amazing people supporting me. Could you, your friend, a partner, or son or daughter promise to help that day??
If so PLEASE let me know on

Sylvia x

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Is anyone able to help me this year at the two agility shows we are lucky enough to have stalls at.  The dates are 8th and 9th of June at Thames Agility Show at Newbury Showground and the second show is on 20th and 21st July at Ardingly Showground.  We would set up the day before each show opens so that means 7th June at  the Thames Agility Show and 19th July at Ardingly.
These shows are a very important event for us as they help us fund some of the huge specialist operations to save some of our dogs lives.
Please only make the commitment if you can definitely help and email me at to let me know.
Thank you


These beautiful pups are only 5 months old.   They are having surgery on their eyes tomorrow as they have cherry eye.   They have little understanding of cuddles and kisses but are leaning. As they are Dogue de Bordeaux’s they will be big when fully grown. Please come and meet them - they need time, love and patience.



I'm so pleased to be able to share this wonderful video of Sia in her new home.  Such a lovely happy ending for a girl who has suffered so much and I wanted to share this with everyone, especially those who helped her on her way to happiness.


In celebration of living with your wonderful dog or dogs, please support Mandy’s dream of fundraising for us. She is an amazing supporter of Many Tears who also is struggling on her own, (bar her dogs of course) with MS. She so wanted to help us, so after a long thought decided to organise a national challenge that people everywhere of all abilities could join. However this cannot work without your support.   WE need your help…. For the love of dogs, please partake.
Thank you Sylvia.



This morning Bill and I woke up to this lovely email from Cheryl who holds several street collections for us each year and I just wanted to share it with you.

Email from Cheryl

We had 9 volunteers and 9 dogs turn out. I wish you could have felt the positive energy!  It was truly uplifting.
Thank you for giving Lorraine Hodson (she is an outstanding volunteer) two new shiney red collection  buckets!!!   When a professional photographer Tails Of Wales volunteered to shoot the collection they stood out like beacons amongst the dogs.  He took pics of the dogs tapping the cans with their paws, etc. Great exposure on social media.
We rallied to Sylvia's voice and raised £388 (unratified), all standing outside Verdis, making a visual splash.  We will do another 'emergency' collection on 5 April. We know you need lump sums really but every little helps.
Just wanted you to know there's an immense energy, love and gratitude out there for you, Sylvia and the MT dogs.
Go well.  Warm wishes
Cheryl, Gem, Dizzy & B'ati
Your MTAR 'street family'



It’s 4am I am on the ferry on the way home from Ireland. My cargo is over 70 ex-breeding or orphaned dogs that are in desperate need of their own homes. Some are in need of extensive grooming, some are in need of need of operations to remove tumours, others need dentals. Some are quiet and snuggled with their pals in their crate, some desperate for my attention, but all without exception are heart breakers and a huge responsibility to get them home safe.
The journey has taken us through strong winds , driving rain and long long delays.  My wonderful companions Kelly, Boo and the naughty Frankey have kept me going (as well as a good audio book).
As we travel via freight Boo and Franky will be rewarded with a sausage that freight drivers can choose for breakfast along with trucker breakfasts, compliment of Stenna.line. I am a vegan so pickings for me are slim, so sneaking a few sausages seems ok to me!
We will arrive late at Liverpool, and have to drive back. For us humans we worry for the dogs all the way. On arrival all the staff will hurriedly get the dogs of the van, comfort them, feed them and settle them. It all has to run smoothly for the dog's sakes and generally it does - all bar the weather.
So here I am unable to see the dogs, unable to sleep, waiting, hoping all is well and they are comfortable and asleep (unlike me).
The next challenges are to get home, get the dogs seen-by the vet, wormed, inoculated spayed/castrated, ears, eyes, teeth, hernias, lumps etc seen and addressed at some point too.  They need to be socialised as much as possible and homed. All this is a huge and costly endeavour, all possible because of 52 great staff, amazing volunteers, fosteres, adopters and donations. Please carry on supporting, we are like no other rescue, but with out you all we are nothing.

10-03-19 SKY

Yesterday we were asked by a vet to take in a German Shepherd who had been handed to them as a stray.  Her chip was not up-to-date but her name was given as Sky.  It is a legal requirement that any dog handed in as a stray has to go to the Dog Warden and so we were asked to hold her until Monday as they are closed over the weekend.  We posted about her on Facebook to see if anyone could help trace her and have recevied several calls from people who say they know about her and one person who says she is theirs as you will see at the end of the video.


07-03-19 A PROBLEM SHARED....

If you are a supporter of Many Tears you may have seen we are crowd funding for £10,000.    I felt I wanted to share my worries, they say a worry shared is a worry halved....  but I think that's probably a load of crap.

It is said "Money is the route to all evil" but actually greed is.  For money is what keeps us and everyone alive.  The cost of running this rescue is extreme and I think in some departments more extreme than any other rescue in the UK.  I want to explain the last statement.

As you all know we specialise in helping dogs from breeders that are no longer needed. Despite what some think, some of those I work with actually do want their dogs to have a chance of a home and trust Many Tears to prepare the dogs as best they can to help them find a foster home or forever home. This means giving the usual inoculations, wormers and flea or mange treatments if needed but then we do operations to neuter, clean and remove teeth, repair eyes, limbs and even hearts plus so so much more.

Some breeders do sell their dogs that are retired and those they cannot sell may be given to us along with huge medical bills.  Lately we are getting more and more of these poor dogs along with the huge financial veterinary bills that have to be spent to mend them.

We never refuse an ex breeding dog, any breed age, sex, or physical problem, and if the day came that this policy was changed I would step away from the rescue.

Some people think I just ask and thousands of pounds just pours in.  Sometimes breeders think I personally am a millionaire, as I turn up with good well equipped vans and take all no matter what they may need when others turn them down.  Some think the huge amount of dogs we home more than pays our bills and we must be making loads of extra money, however they are so wrong.

As far as I know, we have less staff caring for and home more dogs than most other rescues in the UK.  Our standards are high - all our dogs go out for exercise three times a day, all are fed loved and groomed.  They have clean washed bedding once or twice a day and they have heated kennels. Anyone wanting a dog is interviewed and home checked so well that this is the biggest criticism of the rescue as so many are turned down.  All of that takes up staff and volunteers time.

We currently have 52 staff, some full time some part time.  The wages are over £50,000 a month.  Over the years the government has made it even harder on us and any other small business.  Just when we finally recover from the last minimum wage increase, there is another around the corner. The pension scheme we had to start and then pay into for employees is going up again as well.    There is no longer any help with sick pay where there used to be.   All this bleeds us more and more, yes they are small changes on the surface but they add up and in return the government do not help.

The company we buy our veterinary supplies from cost us between £7,000-£12,000 a month.  We have skips to empty and vans to service, insure and fuel.  Then there are specialist vets bills to pay, often costing around 10 thousand a month along with water rates, electricity bills, council rates, and so much more.

After so many draining months it is now clear to me we are sinking.  Other rescues are happy to  offer to take some of our dogs as they think that will help us but they are not happy to refund the huge costs of picking up the dogs.  The Irish dogs cost us £8,650 in ferry fees a year and the passports around 21,000 pouns a year, plus fuel and running costs. Then there is the driver and co-drivers  fee although at present I do all driving free with a volunteer to save these costs. 

I know it is all about saving lives, but without funds we just cannot.  The big rescues (many homing less than us with more staff) have plenty of money.  We  sit on very little, choosing to always help all dogs in need we can. Maybe the big rescues are the clever ones but I ways felt donated money was for the dogs not for the bank.  This blog could run on and on, but the bottom line is we are slowly going broke so please help.


Last night whilst driving I thought of words a potential new employee said. She has been having a look at Many Tears to see if it is her calling, and she is ours. She was amazed at how many truly committed wonderful staff I had, she worked with many and without exception loved them all. I to feel this way and felt ashamed that though she had studied our website she had never read much on my blog about them.
The staff are the cogs in the wheel that keep it turning and tuned. Their love and enthusiasm rubs off on each of them, and I am sure they go to bed feeling tired and content knowing that they have done so much for the dogs. I will make sure they also know how much they are all appreciated.  Everyone who visits sees it, and I am eternally grateful these people stepped into Many Tears life.  This is such an amazing place, the vibes hit you if you stay a little to help.
Now the sad bit. You may or may not have read our horse carer and extraordinary lady Katie is leaving in about 5 months. She asked if she could train another to work for us, but I have no confidence ANYONE can step into her shoes. However the challenge is there. If you feel you could learn to do this, work ,be reliable, ride very well, know masses and run what Katie does please speak out. If I find no one the program will shut.
I have already said two of the equines can be homed, but am dragging my heels just in case a miracle happens. Horses love their routine, and the nightmare of what their life could be like away from this safety is very hard to live with.
The reality of Katie's news is also it would take months for a person to be trained and to gain confidence from so many people who come now to the program. This would mean double wages for months. so if this person is found, I would call on everyone to sponsor part of this extra expense. I would HATE For this program to end, but don’t feel confident there is any one like Katie out there. Please email me your CV at if you would like to apply for Katie's role or would like to come along to the resecue and see how our horse program works.


Little Annabella is being spayed as I write this. She has a large inguinal hernia which our vet needed to address immediately. In this hernia is part of her uterus and her intestines. This will have been so painful for her every day.


What a tough year it’s been. Bill, the staff and I have been truly stretched.
The plans for this year are not yet confirmed but at the moment just plans we have in the pipe line.
A wonderful dog loving firm came and drew up the plans for the buildings that are needed so badly. This includes a veterinary surgery,  as ours is in such disrepair that when I am in the surgery scrubbing kits or recovering dogs from their surgeries, I cringe every time the door is slammed as I  imagine the door frame falling out of the rotten exterior structure. I no longer clean down the outside, and would not dare was it with a pressure washer  at all as it is only just holding up.
 We paid the fee and plans for new structures have been submitted (I believe by the company who drew up the plans.) 

I want to be super ready to show that Many Tears is really needed in this area. We do a lot of educational work and work with many groups including Duke of Edinburgh and work experience pupils, veterinary students, and children’s groups and schools are often visiting learning and interacting with the dogs and horses as are so many others.

If you are someone who has benefited from MT please write a letter saying this and send it in with your name and address to me at Cwmlogin House, Cefneithin, Llanelli SA147HB  or email me at
I am keeping all testimonies sent and ones I have already collected in a file and will be presenting it to the Council. You really can help by giving just a few minutes of your time to let them know how Many Tears has helped you.

The money from the walk, and and the money donated for the surgery and buying the property has sat safely in the bank waiting for the day these actions are feasible. One amazing lady raised 5,000  for the surgery improvements  and others are willing to try and help as soon as we know the direction we can move in.

Dreams do come true, and after a rocky Christmas where I was ill for a month my mojo is back, and though Brexit terrifies me as the poor southern Irish dogs could be doomed, I am trying to think positively.

Your amazing support makes this place strong, and me .
Thank you x


These beautiful girls are finally here safe and sound. They have travelled far and waited so long to be truly loved as a member of a family. Thank you to all who have made it possible for them to come this far. Here they are :


10-02-19 MIDNIGHT

At last! 
At least inside Midnight trusts me outside when excited she would bite me but I will work on that.


Is it really necessary or even possible to watch tv at my house?  Pouring with rain outside I decided to treat myself to a movie with the family. Then I did not bother!


Sia and Carla are on the first part of their journey and spent their first night to ever sleep indoors. They are now travelling from Bosnia to us to help them find homes. Thank you everyone (especially War Paws) for helping them.


I have been ill for 16 days now. I tried not to stop but a week ago I was too ill to stand and spent 3 days in bed. The pressure of this place is beyond words. Staff are sick, hundreds of dogs are being called in and the place has parts falling to bits. We need a new manager and a live in staff member to take some of the strain off my shoulders. Then a letter like this comes in, and you realise your worries are nothing.

Of course we will help.....

Hi Sylvia,
Hope things are good - MUCH better! - with you than a few weeks back when things were so awful.

 I know at the end of November things were very bad indeed with the number of ex-breeders needing to come in. I don't know how things are seeming at the moment and if it's still completely overwhelming.

Things have been disastrous for us. Simona had a house fire that started in the roof just a few days before Xmas. By the time they realised it was burning (a piece of wood had lodged and set fire in a stove pipe into the roof) it had apparently been burning slowly in the roof for a couple of days, unable to get out as the roof on top was covered with a heavy layer of snow. So the first they knew was when the roof caved into the house and set everything on fire. Very very luckily indeed, her partner was home in the morning it happened, she rushed home from work and together with neighbours they ran in and out of the fire to pass all of the animals inside out of the windows. It's really really miraculous there was no loss of life as she had around 60 animals inside as the temperatures outside are way in the minuses and even in straw in the outside kennels, the unvaccinated very small pups, the sick and old can't make it.

 The roof was completely destroyed, the electrics, the water supply, the floors, ceilings, you name it, on top of almost all their possessions. They've been camping in the shell of the house with the animals, I ran an emergency appeal and we managed to raise enough to get a temporary roof to cover the house from the elements as snow was coming in and causing more damage. I'll keep going with that, it's going to be a long haul, she's very traumatised by it and things are just about as dire as you can imagine, most days she simply has to keep functioning for the animals.

 Anyway, I'm not telling you all this to make you feel even worse, I know you've got it bad there and you can only do what you can do - 'only' not meaning ONLY in this context as you do so bloody much, I know you stretch yourself to breaking and beyond. Really only to say I wouldn't be asking for anything at all if things hadn't reached a full-scale crisis here. I'm ONLY - and I know again, it's meaningless, you can or you can't, you know your breaking point and you might be beyond it anyway – asking if you might be able to help some tiny pups abandoned in a carrier bag on the gate.

Anyway, I can only tell it exactly how it actually is, something from a story book I know, I can't be breezy and pretend anything else even though I absolutely understand from your side how bad things have been and if you can't help, I know you can't and that's that. But as we're up shit creek, I at least have to try and see if you might be able to help in a couple of months.

I do understand the pressures, believe me, and wish I didn't have to add to them.

I've put some pics of the fire damage so you can see what I'm talking about and the pups.

Thanks even for reading and thanks for everything you do every day

Michelle x


We have received some mre photos of the beautiful Sia and Carla who have already been mentioned in my blog.
Sia and Carla are from a war torn country. They have spent so long waiting for love that they had just about given up. Even their rescuers had no hope and simply didn't know which way to turn for these 2 wonderful dogs they love very much but had missed out on being adopted time and time again for years.
War Paws launched an appeal, they fundraised tirelessly with the hope of seeing Sia and Carla happy and loved as the force that drove them on and gave them hope. They turned to us for help and even though we have so many dogs here waiting for homes we saw and recognised that desperate feeling of despair and the fading glimmer of hope. We agreed to take these beautiful girls in. We can't bear the thought of them spending another cold winter with no families to call their own.
These dogs will start their long journeys soon and once with us we would be so grateful if you could hare their stories. Tell your friends of these two dogs who come from a pace where they have seen and heard things that would affect us all. How they have waited for years to find a person who will make them feel safe and loved.
We do hope that all the fund raising and sharing their stories will find them their own Happy Endings and a new world of peace and love and that their rescuers who have worked their socks off to help them achieve this will finally be able to smile and see that their faith and their hope were not in vain. Everyone needs faith and hope and a reason to continue.


05-01-19 Mesmorised Midnight

Every night my house sounds like a herd of elephants have run up my stairs.
In reality it is  15 odd dogs rushing upstairs so as to get the best bed position. Midnight comes too, and here is a picture of her watching Luther, (which truly was too adult for her) yet she was memorized by.
 She continues to be the hardest dog I have ever worked with, but she's mine now, so no turning back. Her memories are with her for ever, and they haunt her.

Some take up more room than others. Here is Joe the lurcher with his long, long legs.



I now have an arrival date of 07 February for Sia and Carla. They will arrive in the UK on 5 Feb and spend 48 hours at the DEFRA approved kennels the transporter uses and then they will be brought down to you.
The dogs are being moved to Bosnia next Friday where they will remain until the transport picks them up to bring them to the UK. These two dogs were no hopers, their rescuers did not know the way to turn for their survival. Thank you for all who cared and to War Paws for making their arrival to us possible and give them a chance for a happy ending.


THANK YOU  to all who helped us continue through 2018.

Next year’s future is in our  hands,

It is for us to fight for,

I hope we can all stay focused, kind ,loving, well and happy.

Thank you again, for together we can achieve the impossible!

Sylvia. x


We have had a vet surgery at Many Tears for several years now and the current building is now beyond repair. We are in urgent need of a replacement building and so this plea is to see if we can find anyone who would be able to donate either a new or secondhand portakabin or log cabin so we can continue to run with an on site vet. For us this is essential because so many of our dogs don't walk on leads and transporting them to a vet is very stressful for them. If you or if you know of anyone who might be able to help please contact Sylvia at as soon as possible.

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