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We have over 60 kennels at Many Tears and a simple and easy way to help us is to sponsor one of them. For as little as £1 a day you can sponsor a kennel in memory of a loved one, or perhaps to celebrate a birthday or anniversary. Whatever the reason we would love you to sponsor a kennel and help our dogs s who are waiting for their forever homes to find them.
Sponsorship can be done in multiples of a week up to a whole year! Sponsors names will appear on the website for the duration of their sponsorship. If you would like to sponsor a kennel please select the number of weeks you want to sponsor, click the Pay Now button and select the time period you wish to sponsor. Once you have done this please email support@manytearsrescue.org with the kennel number you would like to sponsor, togethere with your message (max 60 characters).

Time Period

Sponsored till 9/05/21
by Jan McDonald
In memory of
Harry the Yorkie xx

Sponsored til 17/11/20
In honour of the
Wedding Guests of
Mr and Mrs Chegwin on
17 April 2020

Sponsored til 19/04/21
Heartfelt thanks to MT for saving us and SO many more!
Lola, Maisie, Tilly, Freya,
George & Dora. All now part
of the Newman family!

Sponsored till 23/09/21
by The Many Tears
Awarness Auction page

Sponsored til 07/01/21
Love from Bev and Mike Muir and furbabies Bonnie, Tara, Monty, Tia and Misty.

Sponsored til 10/11/20
In loving memory of Douglas beloved spaniel of Shirley Anne Crossman

Sponsored till 02/11/21
by Jan McDonald
In memory of
Henry the Yorkie xx

Sponsored til 29/10/20
Happy Anniversary Fatboy
37 Years of love laugh and tears with a special daughter in the mix. Rainy xx

Sponsored til 06/01/21
Thank you for all you do
From Sam (Wrigley) & Lilly (Barbra) Hampton

Sponsored til 26/11/20
For Our Beautiful Beryl - In Our Hearts Forever xx

Sponsored til 29/12/20
In memory of Bentley

Sponsored til 27/11/20
In memory for our Billy
by Andrew McCormack

Sponsored til 07/01/21
by Amber, Coco and Belle.
Thank you for all the work you do and hoping all find loving homes xxx

Sponsored til 13/12/20
This westie is our wonderful Harry (was Ouzo) who we adopted from MTAR. He is really enjoying his new life with us.

Sponsored til 25/12/20
For Prudence - our big, humble, clever, daft girl. So glad you came along.

Sponsored til 25/11/20
For Meg and Suzie, our beautiful Cocker Spaniels, who started their journey at Many Tears and became part of our family in September 2019.
They have ever so gently placed their paws on our hearts, and are truly special girls.
Keep up your dedication Many Tears, you are wonderful.
The Hickman Family,

Sponsored til 11/11/20
we loved them so much

Sponsored til 24/02/21
by Shelagh Middlehurst
in memory of Freya, a lurcher,
but also an Angel.
Always loved and missed xxx




Sponsored til 23/04/21
In Memory of John Ingram, a gentleman who had a great love for rescue animals

Sponsored til 28/10/20
by Lorraine Burns

Sponsored til 29/04/21
In memory of 2 of our beautiful MT girls, Willow and Daisy who crossed over Rainbow Bridge together on 21/4/20.. RIP
From Olwyn and Travor Barker

Sponsored til 26/03/21
Merry Xmas MT
Deb, Pat,
Summer, Ollie & Kizzy

Sponsored til 08/01/21
by John Pereira
For my princess Rhigan, who blessed my life for all of hers.

Sponsored til 16/10/21
In memory of Bertie
our lovely westie
Mike Batchelor

Sponsored til 01/03/20
With thanks for Patsy, from Martyn and Jean

Sponsored til 26/06/21
in Memory of our old boy Wallace,
and with love from Popsie (MT Lily) and Brodie Thompson XX

Sponsored til 17/11/21
by Filey Beach Westie Walkers
From money raised at their Bi-annual walks which this year were done virtually.

Sponsored til 17/11/21
by Filey Beach Westie Walkers
From money raised at their Bi-annual walks which this year were done virtually.
Sponsored til 17/11/21
by Filey Beach Westie Walkers
From money raised at their Bi-annual walks which this year were done virtually.

Sponsored til 17/11/21
by Filey Beach Westie Walkers
From money raised at their Bi-annual walks which this year were done virtually.


Sponsored til 07/01/21
In memory of
beautiful Bracken.
You left a huge hole in our
hearts and home xx
Jackie and Dave Sadler


Sponsored til 02/12/20
With Love from
Winston, Neeve, Isla and Brodie
the Westies xxx



Sponsored til 18/11/20
by Susi Harris

Sponsored til 27/12/20
In loving memory of our baby girl Violet, aged 18, in our hearts forever

Sponsored til 17/03/21
with money raised from Weagle adoptions sharing the Weagle love


AVAILABLESponsored til 10/04/21
Bri happy 70th birthday love
from your past and present
doggy family xx







Sponsored until 19/03/20
by Bethan & Richard Rees

Sponsored til 23/11/20
in the memory of our much
loved Westie, Radley. Miss you every day


Sponsored til 04/12/20
In memory of our beloved Wilma (MT) we miss you every single minute of the day and have you forever in our hearts, love Mummy, Daddy and all your family xxx


Sponsored til 16/11/20
Freya (Formerly MT Bethan), and her big fur brother Harvey send their love and hope that others soon find a loving forever home XXXX

Sponsored til 25/12/20
Big thanks to Many Tears for all their love and support to the many dogs.
Love Gill, Scamp and Misty (MT Nifty)

Sponsored till 28/12/20
with funds raised at the Abracadabra Christmas events in Nottingham




Sponsored til 16/11/20
To Mandy
Happy 60th Birthday
Love from Shannon xxx

Sponsored til 22/12/20
Many Tears Awareness
Auction Page

Love Vivien and Sash

Sponsored till 13/12/20
by Pat Newman
for her birthday

Sponsored til 30/08/21
In loving memory of the most wonderful little girl, Daisy-Mae (Quixote) who left a massive hole in our hearts, June 2020.
Love you always Flopsy Daisy, run free in heaven darling xxxxx


Sponsored 03/12/20
by Susie Murray
who adopted 2 beautiful MT girls Chloe (MT Rimski) and Flossie (MT Rosie)

Sponsored til 05/11/20
by Juliet Matthews
With love from Charlie and Daisy a MT Westie.

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