Rainbow Bridge

#Just this side of Heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge. When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together. There is plenty of food, water and sunshine and our friends are warm and comfortable.
All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor; those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by. The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing: they each miss someone very special, someone who was left behind.
They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. His bright eyes are intent; his eager body begins to quiver. Suddenly, he breaks from the group, flying over the green grass, faster and faster. You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into those trusting eyes, so long gone from your life, but never absent from your heart. Then you cross the Rainbow Bridge together.


BEN - June 2019

I had this very special boy for just 2 years he was my best friend will miss you so much.
Jane Sully

TODDY - October 2019

Not really my sort of dog”. The words I whispered to my husband when first introduced to Toddy. I have never been so wrong about anything in my life. We met foster mum, Marilyn Watchorn in a park near her home with our newfie Lizzie and the first words she said to him were “grrr”.

I first noticed him on MT site as his name had been Stash. We had recently lost our dear little dog called Slash. When I read his details, he sounded ideal, but when we met him walking on the end of his lead upright on his two back legs, I wasn’t so sure.

Toddy, as we called him had been rescued by MTAR from Ireland. He came home with us underweight, with physical scars and he clung to me like a limpet. He would hang around my neck and I had to do most things one handed. At the beginning, nightmares would wake him up.

Scared of life, I became his rock and he mine. We all loved him in no time at all. He was never any trouble. Got on with everyone and everything. He made it plain that he didn’t like to be parted from me, his mum. That suited me fine, and we were rarely apart.

2018 was the start of bad news for us. In January, Toddy was diagnosed with diabetes. 6 weeks later Lizzie was diagnosed with a low grade lymphoma. It was my nightmare. Both of my “ducklings” were ill. Then began mine and Toddys weekly vet trips-every Monday we were there, trying to get him stabilised on his insulin. He made no fuss about me having to give him twice daily jabs. We always left the vets and headed straight to Pets at Home for a new toy. No more food treats were allowed sadly.

In the meantime, adventures were there to be had. We had wonderful days out. Nearly every day we would walk round the forests, stopping at the rivers for Lizzie to swim. They were the best of pals. At the beginning of 2019, Lizzie started to slow down and walks had to be split. Liz would sit with her dad, while Toddy and I had adventures to meet up and come home happily together. Toddy liked nothing better than going to see the steam trains too.

Sadly, my Lizzie lost her sight and after a weekend of not being well, we had to make the decision for her to fly OTRB on May 6th.  We were all devastated, even though she was nearly 14, she was so missed. 

In August, we adopted Sarah (MT Dallas) as a new pal for us and Toddy (her story is on Happy Endings sections under September 2019) and a quiet friendship developed between her and Toddy. Lots of cuddles between them. Tragically, two weeks after we adopted Sarah, Toddy lost the last of his sight. Although blind, he managed very well although we were heartbroken. We were referred to a vet eye specialist, but decided it wasn't right for Toddy.

During this time, a newfie called Quazer appeared available on MT, and I knew Toddy especially would love a newfie in his life again. I was hoping she may be a bit of a guide dog for him, though he didn’t really need one! We wanted 3 dogs so that one would not be left alone if their pal went OTRB again too.

We had to wait quite a few weeks for Nana, as we renamed her as she has a heart condition which complicated her adoption. My darling boy Toddy was taken ill once again with pancreatitis, which he had had before as a complication of diabetes and had previously made a full recovery after a night at the vets.

On Friday 27th September we picked up Nana from Jenna, her foster mum and picked Toddy up from the vets the same day. We all got home and at last I had my dream-3 dogs. We had one good day together. Toddy nuzzled into Nanas fur and his tail wagged. On Sunday Toddy became ill again and went back into the vets on Monday to be put on a drip. This time he didn't recover and i was called to the vets to let him fly OTRB, to go play with his beloved LIzzie on the 2/10/19

I had my 3 dogs for the weekend, that was all.

The girls are wonderful, but he was my everything. Constant companion, best friend, gentle man. The most intelligent and beautiful boy in all ways.

One of the last things I said to him was “you are my sort of dog”

We miss him terribly and always will. Without MT we wouldn’t have our little family at all and I wouldn’t have ever known my beautiful boy. And so, we have decided that all the diabetic “paraphanalia” which we had for Toddy and which is so expensive, will be sold reasonably to folks on UK diabetic dogs FB page to help them out too, and all proceeds will go to MTAR in Toddys memory.

I often used to say to him that I wished I’d had him since he had been a pup as he would have had more confidence, but I couldn’t have made him any better than he was. He was perfect in every way. He taught us so much, and will never be forgotten. Night night Toddy xx we will always love you. Mum and Dad (Kim and Tanya Bridges) xx

ALFIE - August 2019

Dear Sylvia and all at Many Tears
Sadly I have to let you know that our adorable little Alfie left us on 10th July this year, after a long illness, bravely borne. We collected Alfie from yourselves at the end of July 2006- he was one of "Nelly's pups" Nelly being an ex breeding dog you rescued who looked like a border terrier. Alfie had gone to a foster lady for a week whilst we arranged to collect him, as we had to arrange to make the drive from our home in Derbyshire. I clearly remember seeing this little fluffy puppy for the first time, and falling in love instantly- he was absolutely adorable and he remained that way throughout his entire life.
He soon changed from his puppy black and tan coat to paler, and looked a little bit like a larger yorkie/westie/shitz tzu- people were always trying to work it out. Regardless, he was the best and most beautiful dog in the world to us, as Sylvia said at the time he looked like a "Disney dog"- I see what you meant.
Alfie had a lovely life here, everyone adored him. It breaks my heart that I will never get to cuddle him or walk him again. I still hear him, see him, talk to him. "His " park is literally opposite our house, we walked there twice a day every day for 13 years and it reminds me of him. We are hoping to have a plaque on a bench there, in memory of our scruffy little mutt dog from Wales.
As the older children have moved out, Alfie and I have spent increasing amounts of time together, although his walks have had to get shorter, he still enjoyed them, and we even ended up getting him a pushchair so he could still get his sights and smells every day. He was like a little prince in there. He went on many holidays and adventures with us, most recently back to Wales last summer, where he loved running on the beach at Barafundle bay.
Our lives have been enriched so very much by his presence and despite the heartbreak, he was the best addition ever to our family and gave us so many happy times. I'm not sure we will ever be ready for another dog but if we are, we will be looking for one from Many Tears undoubtedly.
Thank you so very much for all you do.
Rosie Andy Georgia Jack and Will Elliott, Derbyshire.

POPPY - August 2019

Sadly, after a heart condition that got progressively worse, our little dog crossed Rainbow Bridge yesterday. Poppy had been our loving companion for nearly 12 years and had brought so much joy into our lives. We adopted her from Many Tears in February 2008 and she has been our constant companion ever since. Even in illness she made sure that she was always nearby when the treat packets came out. She was on medication for nearly a year and always seem to know when her next tablets were due and duly walked into the kitchen to receive them. She liked nothing better than a tummy rub and would roll over onto her back in anticipation. Sadly, in the last few weeks, her health gradually worsened and it became obvious that her time with us was drawing to a close. Even so nothing can prepare you for the terrible heartbreak when you finally have to say goodbye. Thank you Many Tears for allowing Poppy to adopt us.

Buster - July 2019

About seven years ago, we adopted a five year old Blenheim Cavalier through your goodselves. Two weeks ago, I am sorry to say that  Buster died while we were on holiday with him in France.
In a very short space of time after his arrival in our family, he turned my wife and my  daughter, who were cat people, into cat and dog people.
He was the best mate I ever had, and has helped me through some very difficult times,  including the death of my wife, and a serious illness for me.
He was a great traveller, and was on his second pet passport when  he died. He made eighteen journies to France and back, and always insisted, when he realised we were packing to go away, that his crate must be packed first, so that he could get in it, go to sleep, and wait for us to pack everything else around him.
He was the last of us who made my wife laugh shortly before her passing. She wanted sausages for supper, and Buster, who had taken to  staying with her for most of the day, accompanied the sausages to her bedroom. I had a baby video alarm in her bedroom so that I could make sure she was OK if I was in the kitchen. About ten minutes after I took up the sausages, I heard her gurgling with laughter, and looked at the small screen to see her cutting little bits of sausage to throw to Buster at the bottom of the bed, who did some great goalkeeping tricks to catch these flying morsels, and making my wife laugh with joy.
There is so much more I could tell you about Buster, but really all I wanted to say is thank you for letting us share those seven years with him. I miss him enormously, and sometimes I am sure I can see him out of the corner of my eye, but more than the sadness, much more, are the memories I have of a smashing dog who made himself one of the family, greeted everyone with enthusiasm, and even had a band named after him.
I lead Buster`s Band, we play charity gigs, and every practice would see him come to the centre of the group, settle down, and stay there  all the time we played.
Once again, thank you for letting us have care of him. If I decide  to have another dog, I will ask you about adopting another of your  rescue Cavaliers, meanwhile, keep up the good work. I am glad that my daughter and I were able to make a gift to you in memory of my late wife some years ago. She would surely have approved our action. 
Best wishes, 
Andrew King.

BUSTER - July 2019

About seven years ago, we adopted a five year old Blenheim Cavalier through your goodselves. Two weeks ago, I am sorry to say that Buster died while we were on holiday with him in France. In a very short space of time after his arrival in our family, he turned my wife and my daughter, who were cat people, into cat and dog people. He was the best mate I ever had, and has helped me through some very difficult times, including the death of my wife, and a serious illness for me.
He was a great traveller, and was on his second pet passport when he died. He made eighteen journies to France and back, and always insisted, when he realised we were packing to go away, that his crate must be packed first, so that he could get in it, go to sleep, and wait for us to pack everything else around him.
He was the last of us who made my wife laugh shortly before her passing. She wanted sausages for supper, and Buster, who had taken to staying with her for most of the day, accompanied the sausages to her bedroom. I had a baby video alarm in her bedroom so that I could make sure she was OK if I was in the kitchen. About ten minutes after I took up the sausages, I heard her gurgling with laughter, and looked at the small screen to see her cutting little bits of sausage to throw to Buster at the bottom of the bed, who did some great goalkeeping tricks to catch these flying morsels, and making my wife laugh with joy.
There is so much more I could tell you about Buster, but really all I wanted to say is thank you for letting us share those seven years with him. I miss him enormously, and sometimes I am sure I can see him out of the corner of my eye, but more than the sadness, much more, are the memories I have of a smashing dog who made himself one of the family, greeted everyone with enthusiasm, and even had a band named after him. I lead Buster`s Band, we play charity gigs, and every practice would see him come to the centre of the group, settle down, and stay there all the time we played. Once again, thank you for letting us have care of him. If I decide to have another dog, I will ask you about adopting another of your rescue Cavaliers, meanwhile, keep up the good work. I am glad that my daughter and I were able to make a gift to you in memory of my late wife some years ago. She would surely have approved our action.
Best wishes, Andrew King.


Matthew Patrick Banks (Matty was Shanghai) went over Rainbow Bridge on 7th June. A great dog who had a very lucky life. Born about 2007 in Ireland and rescued by Many Tears Rescue from death row in the pound in 2009. We adopted him in September 2009 and he had a nasty cancer removed by our wonderful vet in Kent after he had been with us for only a few months. He survived, and went on to help me through a horrendous time in my life.
10 YEARS LATER, now living the dream in the Cumbrian countryside, another illness was too much for him. He fought to stay with us, but we had to make the heartbreaking decision to call out our vet. We will love and miss him always. Just a homeless crossbreed but with the biggest heart.
Sleep well lovely boy. Thank you so much Many Tears for saving him for us. You save people as well as dogs. Keep up your amazing work. xx
Love from Heather, Nigel and our other 2 Many Tears Rescue dogs, Rosie the collie cross (was Vikki, adopted in 2009) and Holly the cocker spaniel (was Linzi adopted in 2016). Also Ben the Labrador.xx and Sammy our lab cross from Macedonia xx

RAGS April 2019

Rags arrived in my life in 2008, wearing her little knitted jumper. She was extremely scared but learnt to enjoy life with her friends Afie and Bella's help. Sadly Rags was pts earlier this month following a very short illness. She experienced love, kind hands, freedom of running in the fields and a warm cosy bed (mine)

ANNIE - April 19

Annie passed away on the 25th of March 2019  she has been a much loved member of the Penn family since 11th of August 2013, she arrived  and Karmen and Chelsea fell in love with their little friend right away.
She was such a sweet and happy little Westie, always ready to come most days to her Grandma Mills and spend her day at doggie play school, lazing around sleeping, or running with her friends, Charlie, Poppy  and Ruby, and  lately old Toby who she looked after, all are rescued by MT and ex breeding dogs.
Annie loved the fields and the beach and to run like the wind.
We are going to miss this little Annie. Called that because took her a while to realise that she actually had a name.  
Always will be remembered, and greatly missed.
Karmen, Chelsea, Tania Penny and Grandma Mills.

MILO - Jan 2019

Sadly, on the 25th January 2019 we had to say goodbye to our beautiful chocolate Labrador Milo (previously Pier). We adopted Milo in November 2012 and collected him from his foster home in Exmouth. We didn’t know anything about his previous life other than he was rescued by Many Tears from Ireland.
From day one of him joining our family he was the most loving dog. He lived for his food, as all labs do, and loved going out for long walks in the countryside. He enjoyed spending time with his cousin Harvey (a parsons terrier), also adopted from Many Tears and never showed any signs of complaint when Harvey stole his bean bag. He’d normally get his own back by stealing some of Harvey’s food.
Over the recent Christmas period, Milo started to lose control of his back legs. As this loss of control was so quick the vet thought he may have slipped a disc. He had an MRI scan in the New Year which revealed that Milo had an inoperable tumour (liposarcoma) which was affecting his spine and his ability to walk. The neurology vet said he must have been in a lot of pain even with the strong painkillers prescribed by our own vet. He had always been the happiest dog you’d ever come across and would never complain so we had no idea that he was in so much pain. His condition deteriorated quite quickly and even with stronger medication it wasn’t able to relieve his pain. Knowing this, on 25th January we had to make the heart-breaking decision to say goodbye to our beautiful Milo.
We miss him so much, he was our most beautiful boy. We miss him all the time but are finding some comfort in knowing we got to spend 6 amazing years with him.
The Ward Family

OSCAR - Jan 2019

Good afternoon Sylvia
I am sure you will remember Oscar, we adopted him 5 years ago tomorrow. Sadly I am writing to let you know that his kidneys failed him and the very sad decision was made to put him to sleep last night. He wasn't in pain but over the course of a week he went from being his normal happy self to being a very sad boy. The blood tests revealed our worst fears so we had to make the toughest decision ever.
When we adopted him we understood your concerns over his behaviour due to his previous life but over the years he progressed so much and became a beautiful, loyal friend and pet.
Janine and I are so sad that our darling big boy has passed away but we would like to thank you for giving him and us 5 years of happiness. I wish you'd have been able to see him before he went as you wouldn't believe the transformation that care, time, effort and patience had brought out the true Ozzie.
He loved tennis balls to the end but on Sunday at the beach he just couldn't raise himself to go for more than a paddle! I am attaching a couple of photos to jog your memory and show you how happy he was.
Kind regards
John McOmie

NASH - Jan 2019

My family and I adopted ‘Nash’ an ex-breeding dog, in November 2013. Nash brought so much love and learning into our home! He resource guarded me from the early days. Our family and Nash was on ‘Dogs, Their Secret Lives,’ the telly program with Mark Evans, DVM, because of his reactivity. Luckily, I studied with Turid Rugaas and became a dog trainer in 2015. The simple use of the ‘hand signal’ helped Nash to stop resource guarding and biting my husband!!   We were also in the Sunday Times article on dogs and play because Nash wouldn’t even look at a tennis ball – a fact I am glad about as he would rather sniff and explore - better for dogs anyway.
We adopted Nash with the knowledge that his teeth were in a poor state. We helped him through two dental surgeries under the expert care of Dr. Martin Brice at Emerson Green Vets in Bristol.
Nash also had a congenital heart murmur. He was getting weaker and weaker throughout the late months of 2017 and ended up on heart medication for his congestive heart disease. He died in my arms on Easter Monday 2018. God bless him, we miss him every day. I would love to rescue another ex-breeding dog soon and urge anyone with love and patience to do the same.

KELLY - November 2018

I had to sadly 'let go' of my beautiful Kelly far too soon on 12th November after he'd fought so hard to recover from a really nasty illness which proved too much for his body to cope with.  I will always remember his total commitment to his love of passive hunting, he just loved to chase the rabbits, squirrels and pesky partridges.  Away you go now babe, chase the furries and featheries unhindered by your long suffering 'moms' attempts to haul you back.


ROSIE - November 2018

On 10th October I said goodbye to my beautiful collie Rosie. After years together she turned out to be one of the best collies I have owned. The start of our journey wasn't easy but we turned a lot of corners very quickly. She had a heart full of love and a personality so big my home is really empty. Rosie is not only missed by me but also by my other rescue dog. Run free pain free. Xx

Lesley Dyer

AMBER - October 2018

On Sunday I said goodbye to my lovely Amber (Many Tears name Damson) as she crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  She's been with me for 7 years and was a gentle affectionate little dog who never caused me any trouble whatsoever.  Although she has been frail for some years she always
enjoyed going out in the buggy. 
Her condition deteriorated rapidly on Sunday to the point that I had to call the emergency vet to give her peace.  She left us as she had always lived - quietly and without any fuss.

I will miss her very much, Rex and Poppy still keep looking for her,
Rex  in particular was very caring and gentle with her, washing her face and cuddling up to her.



LITTLE MOUSE - October 2018

Little Mouse, adopted 30/9/2006. Cover girl for a 2012 whippet calender and Miss July.
Sadly lost, her heart was strong but her kidneys had failed. We were lucky to have had her in our home.

MARLEY - August 2018

Dear Many Tears

Where do we start. Our beautiful little man, Marley, sadly, passed away at 2.25pm,Thursday 23rd August 2018 aged 12. To be honest, we can’t quite believe we are having to write this to you.


His illness was very aggressive and we are not quite sure exactly what was the cause. From Monday 20th evening to 2.25pm Thursday 23rd August. He went from being fit with a health check pass the week before,  to losing him so quickly. Still in shock and we are heart broken. Diagnosed with anything from IHMD to a tumour or ulcer via Vets and Referral Hospital but he went so quickly. We could have found out what the cause was but what’s the point, nothing will bring our darling back.


Marley (was Andy) came to us in 2010 ,a 4 year old ex stud dog as company for our Springer Libby. Such a character from day one.  He grew more in personality and literally everyone (human or animal) loved him, sometimes, too much. He went to work with Alan and everybody would make such a fuss of him!!. He was in a way submissive but not scared and embraced all he came in contact with . We lost Libbs 7 months  later so adopted Doogie (was Ian) , a Cocker Spaniel aged 8 years from MT in 2011. Marley was such a wonderful role model, not having long with Libby, he stepped up to the mark and showed Doogie that life could be great. They were together 5 years until we lost Doogie in May 17. Marley was lost and started pinning so we adopted Peanut (was Salty), a nine month old Cocker Spaniel from MT in June 17. Again Marley  helped Peanut into home life and in turn became a pup again himself through play and Company. They had just over a year together.


Marley  was such a  adorable, sweet, funny dog,  who never upset anyone. He ended up with various names such as Charlie Chaplin, (as he was very comical), Marley Man (as he was soo chilled) and Marleykins (just because) plus a few endearing other names. When we got him, we soon found he couldn’t bark properly, he sung instead.  He would put his heart and soul into a sound like “Helloo” through the smallest gap in his lips, his little front feet would nearly lift off the floor with the passion he put in. You could get him to sing at any time. This was his party  piece. He didn’t want much out of life, just us, home, food, toys and cuddles. However, he had the need to wake us up each day around 5am . Whether this was anxiety of just because he could, we’re not sure. It would started with him sniffing under our bedroom door, then, when getting no response, started having a scratch leaning on the door which shook everything. When we came out, he would greet us with a waggiest tail and holding a toy in his mouth, looking at us with his big eyes.  You couldn’t tell him off.


Marley did swim even though he wasn’t a natural. But when he got his “bits” wet, he ran around like a thing possessed with such a happy look on this face. We also sadly lost my mother a few weeks ago and was with us when we adopted Marley. They became very close, sometimes it felt he loved Mum more than us. He would go up to  her to have his back/bum scratched, which he loved and would go head over heels and then have it done all over again. Mum was always happy to oblige his demands.


It breaks our heart that our little Marley man has gone from us. But he is with Mum, Libbs and Doogie now, being spoilt rotten with bacon and treats.


Everyone deserves a Marley in their life. We are so proud we found ours,  he is truly irreplaceable and we are devastated. Our little shining star is even brighter now and will remain in our hearts until we meet again at Rainbow Bridge.


Thank you Many Tears for all you do and for giving us our perfect little Marley man.


All our love forever and a day.


Mum, Dad and Peanut


 (Amanda & Alan Evans)"

MIKEY August 2018

It is with regret that our rescue dog Mikey who we adopted in 2011 has passed onto the other side after a short illness. Where do we start? from the day we had him he settled in with our other 2 dogs which soon became 3 and for 7 years was a major part of all our lives. He was a very loyal, mischievous and very loving dog. He took to the grandchildren like duck to water and they will sorely miss him, especially pinching their food when they weren’t looking, ha ha a monkey he was. His big loving eyes looked into ours right up to the last moment. We hope wherever he is now were sure he`s pain free and had a wonderful 7 years whilst he was with us, which he never had prior to being rescued by MTAR. Mikey you will always be in our thoughts and the void will never be filled but only time will fill the void you`ve left. My shadow has gone, missing you already fella.

JACK - August 2018

I just would like to let you know that a German Shepherd dog i adopted from you in 2006, went to the Rainbow bridge on 28 june 2018. He was 12½ years old. He was 5 months when i adopted him, he went into your centre with 2 x sisters, they were called,Glaze, Glow and Gleam. They had not had a good start in life, however Jack then went on to have a great life, loads of walking, training, trips here there and everywhere. He was a very loyal dog, he is missed very much.
Regards, Helen Francis x

Peanut - August 2018

It is with a very heavy heart that I write to let you both know that we lost our sweet beautiful Peanut in the early hours of this morning. Only on Wednesday she was in the vets for her booster shots, the vet checked her small heart murmur and gave her the all clear. But this morning I awoke to very small howls which I originally took for a bad dream. I tried to comfort her through the dream and realised quite quickly that she was in fact catatonic. Her gums had absolutely no colour at all. She did seem to be in a great deal of discomfort so I took her to our vets. A very kind and soft vet named Rowena was on duty and she was just great. She came to the same decision very quickly that Peanut was dying. She was bleeding internally most likely a burst valve or artery. She had only just begun the first sedation when Peanut passed very peacefully. We all loved her very very much and she will be missed a great deal. My son, Avi, was particularly fond of her, they were very special friends.
Thank you for finding her for us and keeping her safe until we came along. She was a clever, sweet, soft ball of mischief. She was so good with our free range chickens, rabbits and guinea pigs despite what we assume was a fairly rough start. Her son Bay-Lee and her were particularly close. To this day she would still wash his face and snuggle up to him. She will forever be in our hearts as will our gratitude to you and Many Tears. 
Best wishes 
Sarah and family x

Hope - August 2018


Please include my darling little Cavalier Hope. aka Sprinkle, in your Rainbow Bridge. I adopted her along with Holly aka Sparkle, 6yrs ago.
Holly as already crossed the bridge and today Hope began her journey. She has been the most outstanding caring dog anyone could wish for.
They came together, and Hope never left petrified Holly's side.
She cared for her, cleaning her and showing all about toileting outside. I took in a rescue Staffie with a brain tumour, and once again Hope became the carer. She even lay with him at the end. 

1 year ago I adopted a very scared Yorkie from you. We called him Harry. He was petrified of people. Hope took over. Coaxing him, staying with him. Then 8months ago I adopted another Yorkie from you we called Poppy.
Hope was in her element. She showed them both how to relax. To trust, and to be loved.
Of all of the many dogs I have adopted, losing Hope has broken my heart.
Stay forever young. Love you forever.
Mom, Harry and Poppy xxx

PINKY - June 2018

18th June 2018, Pinky left us for Rainbow Bridge, we had her for two glorious years after collecting her from her fosterer, Adrienne  who had taught her well.
This photo is when we had had her for only five days, she won ‘Best Rescue’ in our local dog show.
She became a happy little lady, always wagging her tail and always eager for food, she enjoyed her walks with her sister, Betsy and her other MT friends.
We found out she had a grade 2 heart murmur, but it didn’t initially cause her any problems.  The last few weeks she had become lethargic and didn’t want to walk (always eager for food though).  She had developed a pancreatic insulanoma which meant her blood sugar levels were depleted, sadly her health deteriorated and she finally lost her battle.
We will miss her so much.
                                                   Until we meet again, darling Pinky

Carol & Gary Collins and of course Betsy xxx

STAR - June 2018

Dear All,
It is with sadness that I am informing you of the death of our much loved Star, aged 7, whom we adopted from you in August 2011. Last weekend he became poorly and was found on Monday to have an inoperable bowel tumour and we were advised that it was kindest not to wake him up. We are all heartbroken.
After a rough start in life we collected him from his fosterer, Joyce, in August 2011. He was skin and bone and had separation anxiety. With a constant routine and the help of his friend Medley – our now 9 year old MTAR collie/lab he settled well into family life and was a fabulous and lovable dog. His recall was never great mostly because of his ability to find balls everywhere – often darting off into hedges and woods and coming out with a tennis ball!
He was very affectionate and was very gentle with everybody he met, especially with nervous children. Thank you for entrusting his care to us – it was a privilege to have him for almost 7 years.
With Best wishes Karen, Tim, Rachel and Lucy Clarke – and Medley

POPPY - April 2018

This was my last photo of darling Poppy on her sofa, on the day we had to say goodbye nearly 2 years ago. We knew for a while she had breast cancer and it had started to give her pain. Poppy never complained though.
When we adopted Poppy in 2009, Sylvia said at the time that Poppy had been taken from the pound on the day she was meant to be put down. She was so starved and neglected they couldn't put her in the kennels but kept her with them in the office area. They were looking for a caring home for her quickly. Instead of the black Labrador / cross she should have been, here was a very thin, brown, foxy looking dog with deformed ears of approximately 4 years old.
We got her home late that day from Wales and I didn't want her to feel alone so I wrapped her in a blanket ( she smelt so bad!) and she slept by my side all night without moving. From that time onwards she never left my side. Eventually, she was able to be bathed, and slowly she transformed into a beautiful black girl.
Later on that year we fosterered and then adopted pregnant Willow ( from MT ) Willow eventually allowed Poppy to help with her pups which she loved! After all 11 is a lot to care for! She washed the puppies regularly and helped them learn their social skills and soon earned the new name of Aunty Pops! They all loved her and I never worried about her being with them as she was so gentle and caring always.
Darling Pops, what a beautiful heart you had. Treated so cruelly by some humans and yet in return, she gave me unconditional love, total obedience and loyalty . A very precious girl who will always be in my heart .
I miss you still so much. Xx
Cynthia Goulbourn

WILLOW - April 2018

I have been trying to write this for 18 months to tell you that my darling Willow has passed away after battling a brain tumour.
She had been rescued by Many Tears and came to me a sad, untrusting, broken girl and pregnant! She gave birth to 11 puppies on the 1/1/2010 the first arriving as the fireworks were going off.  She never knew how famous she was! News spread fast around the community about this beautiful dog from Many Tears, that had been rescued from a breeder and had had 11 puppies. We were able to spread the word far and wide about Many Tears and how many beautiful dogs there are that need a home in rescue centres. Now we know so many dogs locally that have come from Many Tears, it's wonderful.
We were able to re home 2 of her puppies within our family and she adored them. As they grew and played she reverted to being a puppy with them. A puppyhood she had probably never experienced. On walks they would dig together, hunt mice and chase squirrels , run down the garden because they were just so sure a fox had just passed by! Then exhausted and happy at night she would go to sleep touching her big boys paws, time and time again. 
One of my most treasured memories is the day when I saw her mouth had gone from always being turned down to having turned up and smiling. My dog, my lovely Willow , was feeling safe, happy and loved at last. 

KIRRY - March 2018

I want to say a HUGE thank you to Many Tears for letting me have my beloved little westie, Kirry. Unfortunately she passed over the Rainbow Bridge yesterday after 11 beautiful years of unmatched love, loyalty and friendship.
I never imagined that when I took her home from Wales all that time ago, I was taking home the beautiful doggie she was to her dying day. She was a timid, shy and extremely nervous dog when we first met her as she was an ex-breeding dog. This meant that she had never experienced life inside of a home, or any love from a family.  When we got her home after a long journey back to Twickenham, she was very confused as to what to do.
The most rewarding thing about Kirry was watching her personality developing during the coming days, weeks and watching this happen was the most amazing feeling, seeing this beautiful soul emerge. It turns out that not only was she the kindest of animals, but she was so gentle with anyone, including my Grandchildren. She also has a really quirky way about her which made us laugh almost every day.
Kirry was a companion when I was on my own and came everywhere with me in the car. She enjoyed her camping holidays in Cornwall, (although she hated water!!) and always managed to find a zip she could escape from so that she could have a sniff around. She never wandered off though too far and when going for a walk, she was always hot on my heels. I never needed to put her on a lead. She was part of our family and we all loved her more than words can say.
Kirry was extremely ill towards the end with stomach cancer, but she never let us know as she was a brave, strong little dog. She never showed her pain!! My house and my heart feel so very empty now she has gone and we are all going to miss her so much, but I thank Many Tears for allowing me to give a special dog like Kirry the love, family and life that she deserved.
Regards Jane Kerr

CASPER - February 2018

It is with very great sadness that I must tell you that Casper our gentle giant had to be put to sleep on Sunday 25th February. He had become unwell on the previous Monday, rallied on the Thursday 22nd. We thought he was going to rally Unfortunately he did not and the kindest thing was to say goodbye. Nobody really knew what was the matter.

He was four years old when we adopted him and he was a beautiful dog very gentle and very loving.  We  had him for just under 4years I was hoping to have at least a few more years with him by my side He enjoyed the companionship of the other dogs we had and now leaves Harvey by himself at present.

 He enjoyed life, loved the beach, loved cuddles, loved walking over the fields and meeting all his friends, he was a real rock for me over the last 18mths whilst my husband was very ill. He came into his own about the same time and we all loved him to bits, very handsome, chunky dog.  R.I.P. Casper, very much missed always. ( the tri colour)

Thank you so much for letting us adopt him a beautiful dog

Best Wishes

Joy & Brian Rolfe

HEIDI - February 2018

Heidi (Shay at Many Tears) passed away on Friday 2nd Feb.  We adopted  her in May 2016 and she was an 8 yr old ex-breeding dog.  She has brought us so much love and joy for the past 20 months and I’m utterly heartbroken that she has gone.  Unfortunately she developed Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis  on Wednesday and the vet thinks it got the better of her partly due to her heart condition.
I just want to say thank you to everyone at Many Tears for rescuing and fostering her and bringing her into my life.  She was a happy, loved and spoiled dog for the last 20 months.
Louise Bennett

EBONY - January 2018

Hello Many Tears,
Unfortunately Ebony passed away at home on Sunday 14th Jan after being quite ill. She lived to a good age of 12 and 3 months which is good for a Doberman. I'm devastated as she was my first ever “own” dog but I want to thank MT for letting me rescue her when she was 6 months old as Ebony has brought so much happiness to my life. MT keep doing what you are doing, you guys are amazing!!!
RIP Ebony, my baby girl and best friend. 2005 to 2018.
Steve Kenny

DAISY MAY - January 2018

It is with great sadness I let you know that our darling Daisy May (formerly Otter) left us on the 3rd of January for her journey to the rainbow bridge. We adopted her in September 2015 knowing she had a heart murmur which we were told did not require medication. Sadly her heart deteriorated fairly quickly.

During the short time of 2 years she was with us she gave us more pleasure than we could have wished for. She was so tiny but was very feisty and very vocal. Afraid of nothing, she settled in with us very quickly and was practically house trained with the help of her 3 sisters within a week. She was a bright and happy little dog and I am so grateful for being able to give her all the love and comfort she so deserved. She loved everyone and everyone loved her.
For the last 6 months of Daisy May's life she was still able to join in walks with the others by travelling in her bright pink pet pushchair. She would sit there like a little princess and was allowed to walk the last few yards home. She always waited at the bottom of the stairs at bedtime so that I could carry her up and not put her under any unnecessary stress.
Despite all the medication and several sessions on oxygen we decided it was unfair to let her struggle so we had to make the very difficult decision to let her go.
She was only a very little dog but she has left a very large footprint in our hearts. We shall never forget her. Sweet dreams baby Daisy.
Val Prince and Family.
Pictured here with her 3 adopted sisters she is 2nd from the right.

SELALE - January 2018

This is Selale's Story.
January 2013: After losing our 3 year old Weimaraner Ollie last year to Leukemia, we needed a dog to fill the void left by his departure. My wife, Lesley, was searching the internet one night and discovered Many Tears. At 1.30 am she shouted me through to the living room and excitedly showed me Selale. I was faced with this stunningly beautiful dog with the saddest of stories about the first 18 months of her life in Turkey. By this point Lesley was already smitten and to be perfectly honest, I didn't take much persuasion to fall for this beautiful creature.
Soon after, I contacted Many Tears and got in touch with Selale's foster Mum, Jane. I had a lengthy telephone converstation with Jane and this only confirmed that this was the dog for us.
An application form was completed, as was a home visit and arrangements were made for all the family, Lesley, our 2 sons, our other dog and myself, to travel to South Wales to meet Selale.
The weekend we had arranged to travel, the last weekend in January, brought with it some
terrible weather. It had snowed heavily across the whole country and on the Friday some of the
motorways, including the M6 we would be using, had been closed as a result. Undeterred, we
checked the travel news on the Saturday and found that the M6 had been reopened and off we
500 miles and an overnight stay later we arrived at Many Tears on the Sunday, excited and
apprehensive. As we drove along the road and approached the rescue centre, we could not
believe our eyes when we saw Jane walking Selale towards us. Selale was even more beautiful
than in her pictures and we could not wait to meet her. We spent some time with her in a closed
compound and it was clear that she was very timid and would need a lot of time and effort spent
on her, but this was a challenge we were willing to accept. Selale was to become our new dog.
Paperwork completed, we loaded up the car and made the 500 mile trip back home.
I had taken 2 weeks off my work so that someone would be in the house with her to help her
settle in. Initially she would not come near me, her aversion to men in particular was all too
evident, and she spent most of her time lying on my youngest son Ethan's carpet, only emerging
to see what was going on then immediately returning to her sanctuary. I would put food out for
her then leave the room to allow her space to feed.
On the Tuesday night I had to go out for a few hours and during this time Lesley and my oldest
son Conor worked out that in a bid to gain Selale's confidence they would give her a bath. They
gently and carefully bathed her and Lesley spent ages drying her, brushing her and petting her.
When I returned Lesley had worked a minor miracle. This timid and stressed dog had suddenly
become obviously more relaxed and had started to realise that we were not going to hurt her as
was used to back in Turkey.
Over the months and years we all worked extremely hard at gaining her trust and developing a
loving relationship with her. And Selale became the most loving, loyal, dependable, cheeky and
comical dog we could ever have hoped for. All members of the family would develop fantastic
friendships with her. She would, however, always remain wary of strangers and would become
highly stressed travelling in the car and even more so when visiting the vets.
Devastatingly, in the second half of 2017 we were hit with the bombshell that Selale had
developed cancer. It was discovered that she had a very large cancerous mass in her
intestines. After several stressful visits to the vets and the animal hospital, we were given the
option of subjecting her to major surgery that may or may not remove all the cancer, probably
needing a second operation and then numerous chemotherapy treatments only to possibly give
her an extra couple of months. This is all assuming she made it through the first op.
Knowing how traumatic all these visits and treatments would be, and the less than favourable
prognosis, we decided to take her home and care for her in a stress free environment, surrounded by the people that love her. 4 glorious months, and another Christmas, later, we had to make the terrible decision to say good bye to our beautiful Turkish angel. The house feels so empty without her and it will take a very long time to get over the loss.
Thank you so much to Many Tears for saving this girl and allowing us to share our lives with
such a wonderful companion.
Sweet dreams Selale. We wll never forget you.
Ronnie Fraser

TILLY - December 2018

Tilly came to us in August 2016 after being used for breeding for 8 years. She was a lively and beautiful dog, who still had so much spirit after enduring so much heartache for the first 8 years of her life.
Tilly was the best friend of our Cavalier, Damsel, and the two were inseparable. Tilly died suddenly in my arms on Boxing Day, and she has left such a big gap in our lives. This is testament to the huge character she had for such a little dog.
We will miss her so much xxx


RUBY - December 2017

We visited Many Tears for the day back in December 2009 to help out and walk dogs for the day. I went into one of the pens that held several dogs and felt a dog pressing up against my leg. I looked down and saw a very skinny Rottie called Anna. Sylvia said she was a special girl, always smiling and she will right. We went out for a walk and my heart was lost. We came back the day after Boxing Day to collect her and renamed her Ruby. What joy she bought into our lives. A beautiful girl who gave us almost 8 years of happiness. Stoic, brave and loving to the very end. I feel so very lucky to have had her. I will miss you so much Ruby. Run free at rainbow bridge

ANNIE & MILLIE - July 2017

ANNIE (WAS BRITANY) ADOPTED 17 MAY 2014 DIED 9 JULY 2017 AGED BETWEEN 10 AND 11. Annie was the sweetest Cavalier you would ever be likely to meet. We adopted her on 17th May 2014 she having been fostered with Tony Denness. She was said to be between 7 and 8 when she came to us. She was very reserved and after only a day or two with us decided that where she wanted to be was in the big bed by the radiator, in the kitchen. She needed a bolt hole - somewhere she could feel safe and in control of her surroundings. She did spend time in all parts of the house and garden but her special place was her bed in the kitchen. She was also the most serene dog we have ever had. The pictures show her in her favourite bed and on the sofa at her house in France.
Her 3 canine companions at the time were Millie, a black working cocker spaniel, who we got when she was just 13 weeks old and who became the great mentor dog, Bonnie, a blue roan show cocker who was our first Many Tears Dog and who was fostered by Shona and Mark Beaver and Lottie an extremely elderly shih-tzu aged 17 at the time and who took on a whole new lease of life after Annie arrived. Very sadly Lottie died on 28 April 2015 aged 18 1/2 and Bonnie on 12th July 2016 aged 12. The 3 spaniels were such good friends and really enjoyed being with each other as well as, of course, with their mum and dad! Lottie, being a shih-tzu more or less graciously allowed them to share some of her space!
Annie was diagnosed with heart problems only a year or so after she came to us. Having had cavaliers before, we were aware of their vulnerability to heart problems and had experienced it with both of our previous cavvies. Before long she was prescribed diuretics and vetmedin and this seemed to work very well for her. She enjoyed her walks and her food (she WAS a cavalier!) and, most importantly, her bed! She loved going to France, although she only managed to do this twice as we couldn’t go while Lottie was so old and frail. She also enjoyed being loved by everybody as she was a big favourite of friends and relatives when they came to the house.
Following the sad loss of Bonnie, at the end of August 2016 another MT dog, Mimi, another shih-tzu then aged nearly 4 came to live with us having been fostered by Anne and Rob Taylor. Mimi certainly rousted up the household! She particularly loved Annie and they became great friends. Sadly, at the beginning of October 2016, Annie went into heart failure and began retaining fluid in alarming amounts. Various combinations of diuretics failed to stem this and our vets decided that all that could be offered was to drain her from time to time which they said they would only do as long as Annie would tolerate it. This she did quite happily and she came back from each session in high spirits and with great energy. We knew this was a short term fix but she responded well and had a good quality of life for several months so it was worth doing.
Of course, this could not go on forever and on 9th July we finally had to say goodbye and her ashes now sit on the dresser just above her favourite bed where she can see all that goes on. The fact that we received a card from our vets signed by everyone in the practice shows just how much she was loved as, of course, she became very well known to everyone there. We are devastated that we only had her for just over 3 years and it has taken all this time for us to be able to write this for Rainbow Bridge.

MILLIE - 4 JULY 2005 - 22 JULY 2017
Millie was not a Many Tears dog as we got her as a 13 week old puppy. We take the liberty of adding her to this tribute to Annie because our grief was all the greater as she passed away only a few days after we lost Annie. Millie also had a great effect on our MT girls, especially Bonnie and Annie as she was a natural mentor and helped them understand life in our house. Even after a long time here, if Bonnie or Annie were in an unfamiliar situation, all they did was to see what Millie did and then follow her example and they found that she was always right!
Millie was very ill in July 2016 and again in October. (2016 and 2017 have been pretty horrible years for us). On both occasions she went to the Animal Health Trust in Newmarket where she was eventually diagnosed with thrombo cytopaenia which is a disease of the immune system. The vets there said that she would make a full recovery which she very spectacularly did, as the pheasants around here would be quick to testify!
However only a few days after losing Annie, Millie became suddenly very ill again and was admitted as an emergency once again to the AHT. This time there was to be no happy ending. She had lymphoma with secondaries in the liver and spleen and died on 22nd July. She was a great example of the mentor dog that MT is always keen to see in a new home for rescue dogs and we hope she can take her place on Rainbow Bridge with her friends Bonnie and Annie. She really deserves to be there.
The first picture is the one we sent to Shona just before we adopted Bonnie so she could see what a mad house Bonnie was coming to! The second is the 3 spaniels sprawled on their French sofa. We miss them so very much.

ANNIE - October 2017

We adopted Annie (Rabbit) from MTAR on December 6th 2008. My daughter and I drove from Oxford to collect her. I was shocked to see how small and sad and smelly she was. It nearly broke my heart. She was diagnosed with a "substantial" heart murmur by my vet which was upsetting as she was only about 3-4 years old. Despite this she lived almost 9 years of pretty healthy life. I hope we gave her a happy life, she never did learn to play or trust strangers but she loved her freedom, food and walks and never wanted for anything. Annie was helped on her way to rainbow bridge this morning (14/10/17) as she was in heart failure and was struggling. I am glad she had a long peaceful retirement with us. Sleep well sweet girl xxx Love you xxx

GRACIE - October 2017

We adopted Gracie from MT in 2009, when she was 5, as a companion for our yellow Labrador Woody. She had endless energy, took no notice of anybody, barked continually in the back of the car and was a bin raider and counter surfer (stealing and munching her way through a pile of raw burgers and sausages ready to put on the bbq on one memorable occasion and having no after effects whatsoever!). For some time she responded to the name Ratbag! However, over time she calmed down and had the sweetest temperament and we never ever heard her growl over anything. She even made it onto the MT calendar last year! Her most important role over the last 4 years has been teaching our 2 MT ex-breeding Cockers Lottie (was Jelly) and Freckle (was Oreo) how to be normal dogs and she has been such a kind, gentle girl in showing them the ropes. They have learned all the important doggy things to do – eating cow pats, rolling in dead animals and fox poo, finding and eat cat poo in the garden, picking blackberries, cleaning the kitchen floor and being conveniently deaf, but also learning how to play, chase a ball, swim, be happy and have fun. They wouldn’t be the lovely well-adjusted girls they are if it wasn’t for Gracie. She had suffered from worsening arthritis over the last few years and, although she had been on tablets for a long time, over the past two weeks had not wanted to eat unless her food was softened – the vet wondered if she had got arthritis in her jaw as he could find nothing wrong with her teeth or mouth. She was finding it increasingly difficult to get around as her legs just wouldn’t work properly and so after much deliberation we made the heart-breaking decision for her to take her final trip to the vet. She had got to the grand age of 13½ which we thought she would never reach. We are very sad but know we made the right decision. We have been waiting for the Cocker girls to miss her but they seem to have accepted that she isn’t here. I suppose this is the last thing that Gracie has done for them – shown that they can cope without her and that she did a grand job. We miss you sweet girl.
David, Sue, Lottie and Freckle Howell-Griffith

HOLLY - August 2017

Hello. I did contact you in August to tell you of the passing of my dear sweet Holly, adopted from MT 6yrs ago along with her kennel mate Hope. With her health failing I adopted little Harry only 2 weeks before. From the terrified abused little Cavalier, she turned into the sweetest, kindest little girl. Loving nothing more than a cuddle, or squeezing up close to her pal Hope, an older Cavvi adopted at same time. I miss her terribly. She has been my friend for 6yrs. Never nasty, putting up with the various treatments she had to endure. When her legs began to fail, I bought a dog buggy for her. She loved it !!! Sitting there looking so beautiful and regal, enjoying walks along the river with Hope trotting along beside her. Even at the end her lovely nature shone through. Please include her in the Rainbow Bridge. Thankyou Dreane Williams

NORA JONES - September 2017

Norah Jones adopted 2010
It is with great sadness that we had to say Good Bye to our lovelly girl. She was the most loyal grateful and loving girl we have ever had. When we adopted her she was 4yrs and some months we were told. It was the coldest evening - when she (my first and last) foster dog arrived and she was very sad. You guessed she became our adopted girl because we couldn't bare to part with her. We have had 8 wonderful years, lots of holidays and happy times ,she was always loving happy pottering about , she loved her walks and our two standard poodles were her loved big brothers.Sadly she developed 4 massive inoperable tumors . Anyone who thinks of adopting a Pug Cross should know she was wonderful, full of character fun ,loyalty and joy.
Good girl Nora you did us proud.

CAMMI (WAS CAMMOMILE) - September 2017

Sadly on Monday 18th 2017 we said goodbye to our Cammi. A beautiful, nervous, quirky girl who loved her family so so much and was loved equally in return. She had Lymphoma and fought to the bitter end, giving us five more months than expected, we love you Cammi Wammi, run free beautiful girl 💔


BASIL - July 2017

Hello everyone,
I am so sad to let you know that my wonderful Westie, Basil, (formerly 'Lichon') passed away on 7th July. He was 15 years old.
We were so lucky to have him. He came to us seven years ago, aged 8.  He was an ex stud dog, in a terrible condition, but went to a wonderful fosterer, who over six months got him healthy and rehabilitated. He had been rehomed previously, and returned, because he was fighting with the resident dog.  When I asked for him, I was told that he could go as an only dog, but that he was a naughty boy!  Nothing could have been further from the truth!  When we met him, we realised that he wasn't a naughty boy at all, and his fosterer told us that if he hadn't found a home by Xmas (it was November) she was going to keep him.  I shall be forever grateful to her for letting us have him, because I know she loved him, and it was very hard for her, but she refused our offer of withdrawing from the deal, and insisted we could have him.
Basil was our third Westie, the two previous ones from puppies, but somehow he has been the best, although we have loved them all, of course.  He settled in immediately, and we soon realised we had got ourselves a fantastic dog.  He loved everybody, and everyone who met him loved him back.  He was great with other dogs, ate his food like a little pig, and had a kind, gentle temperament..... still a typical Westie, which was wonderful, but with a very laid back attitude, and the ability to take anything in his stride!  Nothing phased him!  His nickname with the other regular dog walkers he met was 'laid back Basil!!!!'
He spent many happy hours chasing pheasants and pigeons out of the garden, and loved his daily walk round the village and surrounding countryside.  He came with us in our touring caravan for his holidays, going to all sorts of new and exciting places, making friends everywhere.  He never failed to attract admirers, and had his photo taken countless times. He was kept groomed and trimmed as a 'proper westie' and was absolutely beautiful, and soooooo cute.... and he knew it! You only had to look at him and he made you smile. Even until just before his death, he looked like a youngster, and no one could believe how old he was.  The photo here was taken last year, just around his 14th birthday.
We went to a wedding last October, up to his homeland in western Scotland.  He was the guest of honour, in his best tartan bow tie, and he had a great time, almost (but not quite, of course) upstaging the bride!
Unavoidably, time took its toll.  He developed a cough, diagnosed as an irritated trachea.
Since last winter he gradually declined, didn't want to do as much and started to look a little frail and older.  His cough wasn't any worse, but  we had to face the fact that he probably had Westie Lung  Disease.  We did everything we could for him, and he still enjoyed his life, right up to the end, and he didn't seem to realise that he was ill. I knew that I would not let him suffer, and when the dreaded day came, when I knew he had had enough, (and his deterioration was very rapid), the decision was as easy as it ever can be. The vet came to the house, and he passed away quietly and quickly, surrounded by love and care.  Of course we were overcome with emotion, and the vet was in tears too, because she had loved him as well.
He is now at rest in the garden with his two predecessors, and we are heartbroken and still weep every day, and will do for a long time yet.
Goodbye my wonderful, beautiful, special boy. Thank you for seven fabulous years.
Best wishes,
Alan and Susan Chadwick.

LUCIE - July 2017

Dear Many Tears
Just to let you know that we lost our beloved Lucie on Monday 3rd July who we adopted from you June 2012. She became very unwell in December and we have battled with her to pull her through, and she was so sweet and kept her dignity, before her own body was just destroying itself. Both us and the vet did everything, but we just not get her to recover.
The pain is so great, we are just heart broken. But we gave her 5 fantastic years of love, happiness and everything she wanted. Her favourite was playing on the beach and swimming in the sea. We will miss her terribly, and so will her 2 Many Tears Friends, Barney Rubble who we got from you about 6 years ago and Cherry (Bakewell) who we got Feb 2016. ~
We would like you to put Lucie on your Rainbow Bridge list, as we know that she is there waiting for us, so we can be together again.
RIP my sweet Lucie, miss and love you lots X
Best wishes Margaret Nesbitt

JAFFA - July 2017

Sad news today my lovely little Yorkie Jaffa was put to sleep.We adopted him on 22nd May 2009 and he has been the nicest dog we've ever known.He suffered for a long time with pulmonary fibrosis and started fitting on Saturday and he's had 3 fits in the last 3 days.We suspected it was a brain tumour and couldn't let him suffer any more. There will never be another like him and thank you for saving him and letting us love him. Patricia and Ian Rae.

BELLA - July 2017

I adopted Bella from you in December 2008. She was the best dog you ever did meet, took everything in her stride, loved life, loved sunbathing, loved eating, loved sleeping on the sofa, loved her brother & sister (Suki the Akita & Mario the GSD also Many Tears dog) and had more cuddles & love than you can imagine.
Unfortunately we had to say a devastating goodbye to Bella aged 13 on Thursday, her little body couldn't take much more.
I loved this dog more than life itself & I thank you for my time with her. You do such good work.
I know many Many Tears pooches living their lives having a wonderful life, I hope this for the many more you have in kennels.
Thank you again
Nikki Roberts


WICKER - July 2017

I write this for Wicker, a small westie who came to Many Tears from a breeder. She had never known love and was fearful of humans. She touched the hearts of all the staff. When spayed it was apparent she had internal problems, and after being opened twice and a week of intensive care, yesterday we decided to end any further suffering as we could no longer win to save her life. This little dog was a lost soul, one who had known no happiness, one who was just learning to trust, one who deserved more. Wicker, you have taken a piece of our hearts, we are so sorry we could not help you to live a normal happy life.

LOTTIE - June 2017

Lottie (formerly Diamond) came to us at Easter in 2013 as a poor unkempt weak little girl who showed clear signs of the neglect she’d experienced. She settled in very quickly and in no time had gained the affection of everyone we knew (including non-dog lovers!) as they recognized immediately upon meeting her what a gentle soul she was.
She had learnt to be self-sufficient and totally ignored everyone and everything except us, who she quickly trusted, presumably because we’d given her a home. She LOVED her food, of course and this was the main focus throughout her time with us. She would greet us every morning with cuddles and turbo-charged tail-stump, letting out little sighs of comfort.
She never really understood the concept of walking (why would she when she’d never been for one!) but being determined to follow us wherever we went necessitated a lot of walking, including an annual trip to the Lake `District with some pretty high peaks being scaled.
At the end of 2014, she developed symptoms of disorientation, which investigation in the following spring resulted in her eardrums being perforated by the referral vet, which rendered her deaf and they didn’t even find the problem!
In May 2015 she nearly died (after a dose of meloxicam) and the young vet at the out-of-hours service kept her going through the night and very cleverly diagnosed hepatic encephalopathy, which fitted her previous symptoms perfectly. Her liver couldn’t process proteins or toxins and the next morning they recommended she be put to sleep, being in end-stage liver failure. When I went to sit with her a few hours later while awaiting the dreaded deed, I got a chewstick out of my pocket, which she pounced on, as if to say, ‘This is such a rubbish caff - I’ve been here 10 hours and they’ve given me nothing to eat!’ She got up, walked around, went outside to wee and the vet said she couldn’t go ahead with the euthanasia in the circumstances and everyone who’d seen her all day couldn’t believe their eyes! We said of course we’d take her home and nurse her.
That was over TWO YEARS AGO! Had she left us then she would have been denied the best time of her life as the following year she blossomed on her protein-free diet and regular small meals (being fed 5 times a day was paradise!) It took over our life as it became increasingly difficult to take her away with us or leave her with someone else but everyone said she was ‘living on love’ and we believe that. Although she slowed down onwards the end and gave us a number of false alarms when she wouldn’t eat for a week and then suddenly start again, we knew when the right time had come to say goodbye to her (15.06.2017).
It seemed she would go on forever but in the end her little body couldn’t satisfy her enduring spirit which will be with us for ever! She WAS an amazing little dog who made an impression on everyone she met and succeeded in defying all the worst prognoses.
In December 2016, we rescued another spaniel (Georgie) and although Lottie didn’t really acknowledge her, she showed her the way, kept her calm whenever we went out and let her sleep beside her in her bed. On Lottie’s last day, Georgie lay alongside her in her bed as if to comfort her. We miss her dearly. 

BUSTER - June 2017

It is with a really heartbroken heart I wanted to let you know that Buster (Orson when we adopted him from Many Tears) has passed to rainbow bridge on Tuesday night.
We adopted Buster when he was 10 weeks old back in January 2008, when him, his brothers and sisters plus parents were given to many tears. Buster had a tough life from a health view, having ringworm when he was born, then developing epilepsy when he was 18 months old. This did not stop him being the most stubborn headed, defiant dog we had ever met (& our friends and family), with the biggest most loving personality you could have ever wanted.
Buster has given us years of love, happiness, fun and joy and we were so blessed to have him in our lives.
Buster became ill 3 weeks ago, and we discovered last Friday he had a large tumour which was effecting his gut and nothing could be done. After spending the weekend with him we knew it was time to say goodbye. I lay with him on the floor, cuddling him and giving him as much love as he always had until the end.
Thank you Many Tears for rescuing our boy and allowing us to have him as a huge part of our family and hearts forever.
Best wishes Cara

ANGEL - May 2017

Angel was an ex breeding dog who we re-homed when she was three years of age. She was nervous and didn't trust any humans, however, as soon as my mother found her they were inseparable. Angel clinged to my mother and wouldn't let her go, and she never let go till the day the angels reclaimed her. We never knew true friendship until we met you.
Angel was a beautiful dog with a beautiful heart, with our love making her stronger every day. She eventually began to trust again, with walks on the beach being her favorite activity along with barking at the cat from Coronation Street.
She was truly the best companion any one could ask for, with her devoted stare and constant undying love. I'm so glad that her last ten years was filled with laughter, happiness and love which every pet deserves. Her memory will be with us always as she left a deep paw print on all of our hearts.
We love you Angel, may you rest in peace and I can't wait for us to meet again. You truly were our most favorite hello, and our hardest goodbye. Although we filled your life with love and devotion, nothing compares to what you gave to us. Sleep tight my little Angel

ROSS - June 2017

Hi to everyone there at Many tears Rescue. 
Just thought I'd drop you a note, sorry it's  taken till now to let you know about old Ross boss. My heart is still in pieces.
He came to us just before Christmas 2014, in foster with Marilyn Watchhorn. It didn't take  long   to realise just how scared and reactive he was. He commanded respect of us all and ruled our other dog Dillon with an iron fist! Just when he was starting to settle and drop his gaurd, he managed to pick up sarcoptic mange...weeks of hell we all endured, the bathing seemed never ending, but we cured him thankfully.
Time passed, it became apparent Ross was, without a doubt been abused at some point, he would sit in the kitchen, head hung low obviously waiting for somthing bad to happen. He hated people who were drinking, he hated people stepping over him, in particular my hubby. He bore the brunt of Ross's 'love' bites. No matter we stuck by this stinky old man, at times he could have stopped a charging rhino at 100m with the stench!......yeast problems.....He loved to ride in the car, going places and just sniffing the counrty side, loved going away in the caravan and the beaches, but he never got his belly wet if he could help it. So many people would stop us to give him a scratch and loved to hear his tale of woe, and of course we would promote many tears as often as possible.  Come Christmas 2016 Ross finally turned a corner, what an incredibly funny little dog he was, his personality started to shine. In April 2017 we took him to the vets for dental work, we also thought he had a tooth abcess. Within an hour the dreaded phone call came, my vet wanted to put Ross down, he had a very aggresive tumour running from just below his nose cavity down his throat and had weeks left. Needless to say he came home for that very short month. Ross was pts 26/4/2017 cuddled within my arms, his breathing was very poor and his kidneys were starting to fail and he was no longer eating. Ross will have his forever home with us just like we promised. His ashes will finally be laid to rest in the garden. He has taught us so much, so much so that when the time comes, we will without a doubt rehome another rescue dog. It is only now that we have realised how close Ross and Dillon were, Dillon has since become a very unruly dog, clearly Ross kept him check for us. 
In our hearts forever my stinky Ross boss ❤

TOBY - June 2017

Hello Many Tears,
I wanted to inform you and especially Mathew whom fostered Toby - that he tragically had to be put to sleep recently, owing to a suspected brain tumour.  We were both with him and he died peacefully. 
He shared our lives for 3 years and was content and very much loved.  He was particularly my boy and I miss him hugely but he will always be in our hearts.
I enclose a few photos and wish you all at Many Tears the very best.
Kind regards,
Debs Seymour

LILY - June 2017

We adopted Lily from Many Tears in April 2012 when she was aged almost 8 years old.
It breaks my heart to tell you that our lovely Lily is no more.
She started having fits over 2 weeks ago which were very distressing to watch. We had to take her with us everywhere we went just in case....
Mid-week these increased to several over the space of 36 hours and culminated in her having a stroke which left her ga-ga and occasionally blind. She walked round and round the grounds, the house and even the room bumping into things and not knowing where she was or what she was looking for. Her appetite was waning and she seemed dehydrated in the very warm conditions. 
We took her to the vets this morning who agreed that she had had a stroke, probably had a brain tumour and her heart was misfiring dramatically.
We agreed with heavy hearts to let her go and held her through her final moments.
She was the most placid and lovely dog one could ever wish for and she fully enjoyed her remaining life with our other rescue dogs. There is a big hole in our lives. 
Andy Main & Anne Main

DOOGIE- May 2017

With deepest regret and sadness, we said goodbye to our beautiful gentle sweet Doogie (was Ian) at 2.15pm, 8th May 2017.
We had the absolute pleasure of having Doogie in our lives from July 2011 until Rainbow Bridge called. He came to us aged 7 years, an abused ex breeding Cocker Spaniel, clipped due to sores & matting, underweight and scared of the outside world.  He overcame most hurdles from having to carry him on walks as he was afraid, to him walking along side us and after a time, going off investigating with his MT adopted brother Marley. They both came on all UK holidays  and went to work each day with their dad. He as with Marley had so many fusses and cuddles with anyone who came to the shop and I think they both have made up for all the cuddles missed until they came to Many Tears.
He didn’t want much from life, a ball to play with, a bed, being fed with a treat here and there, plus a game of chase around the house. He loved his ears and tummy being rubbed and the result was a mad five minutes which was so wonderful to see. He didn’t have a bad bone and the only way you knew he wasn’t happy to start with was a little grumble sound (not a growl). This “grumble” turned into a sigh of happiness and it was a warming noise you heard around the house that he was feeling content and finally happy. A noise we miss every day.
The photo on the beach was him in Whitby in March , full of life and playing ball. At Easter, the vet thought he had a cold bug, but before the first May bank holiday he wasn’t any better and running a high temperature. Tests  concluded it was an aggressive round cell liver tumour. We decided not to operate or have Chemo as he had been through enough in his life and there were no guarantees  he would survive due to his age. Steroid injections that last 48 hours would be the next step and in some cases, gave quality of life for years, but after having his first injection on the Saturday he seemed to be nearly back to his old self for a short while, to early Sunday  where he went downhill so quickly and evident we were losing him.  Can’t believe we has gone.
Our handsome, gentle boy gained a lot of nicknames from Mr Whoo Whoo, Womble (due to his very thick, multi grey coat) to Mr Sandman, as he loved me singing this to him (badly, but he never judged…). But overall he was our world and we miss him so much.
Thank you to all at Many Tears for giving this special boy to us and all you do for others. To Julie and Ian for fostering him until we came along.

For Doogie
“If we had our lives again, we would have found you sooner so we could have loved you longer”
Always in our hearts until we meet again at Rainbow bridge.
Please send a dream.
Yours forever and a day.
Mum, Dad, Nan and Marley

28-04-17 PANSY

Dear Sylvia
It's with a heavy heart that I have had to so goodbye to my little sweetheart Pansy.  She chose who she was going home with when we went in to one of your kennels with a pack of Cavs.  A gentle soul who's only wanted to be loved.We had her from you in 2008.  During her time with us she developed epilepsy.  Had a rectal cancer scare and a heart murmur.  She was finally taken from us in February having being found to have aggressive Lymphoma.
It still hurts now when I think of her so my only solice is in the fact that she had a loving home and that she is no longer in pain. A true angel.
Thank you for introducing us. 
RIP Pansy poo

KELT - April 2017

Dear Sylvia,
It is with a heavy heart that I have to tell you that our cherished Bichon Kelt who we adopted as a 5yr old from you on 6th December 2012 collapsed and died in the early hours of Easter Sunday morning 16th April 2017. He had become poorly last summer with recurring diarrhoea; after specimens, blood tests, scans & biopsies the diagnosis was protein losing enteropathy (PLE) but underlying cause not found he was treated with steroids & low fat diet. In the last two weeks he deteriorated, he'd had 2 little faints and was referred to a specialist veterinary clinic had more blood tests and abdominal scan. where apart from a diagnosis of Inflammatory Bowel Disease his calcium levels were extremely low. The specialist however was optimistic he increased his steroids, recommended a different diet & supplied daily doses of Vit D we were due to return a week later. Sadly just 4 days later Kelt collapsed & slipped away peacefully. We are so glad to have had this nervous little soul in our lives, in the five years we had him he learnt to trust us and all our friends who loved him too, he had Toby another Bichon rescue as a constant companion. Toby crossed the Rainbow Bridge in July 2016 I am certain they are both now happy to be reunited. We miss him so much and will never forget him.
Madelaine Simpson

ARCHIE - March 2017

It's with great sadness that I write to tell you that our beloved cocker Archie who we adopted from you in October 2012, died on 27/3/17. He was ill for 2 days with what we now know was massive liver failure and although he showed no signs of being in pain, there was nothing the vet could do for him. We were heartbroken but knew we had to let him go peacefully.

I want to thank everyone at Many Tears and his wonderful foster Mum Diana for giving Archie a chance at life, and for allowing us to fill that life with love and happiness which he repaid a million times over.

We miss him so much but he'll always be with us
Goodnight my little man
Linda & Eddie Edwards

LUCY - March 2017

Today my beautiful Lucy who I rescued from you in 2010, took her last journey. We had a week to plan and do things together. She's now with her boys. My heart is broken she was such a delight never more than a centimetre from my side, always wagging and happy. My beautiful girl. Xxxx
We love you princess.
Love always mummy, daddy Dan daddy Paul and Lily. Xxxx

BEAU - March 2017

We adopted Beau (then Moran) from you in December 2007.
She was an x breeding bitch and we brought her home to live with my two male black labs.
She was an amazing dog who gave us so much. She was so very special.
She was put to sleep on Sat 18/03 after after being diagnosed with lymphoma.
Thank you for trusting her to us and thank you for all the amazing work you do.
I've included a picture and a poem.
Kind regards
Denise Meredith
              My Girl
When we found you, you were so scared.
But we got you home, Becks and Ruud took you under their mature wings.
They taught you that it was ok to trust.
We changed your name to show people how beautiful you were.
You grew into the most endearing, caring, quiet, loyal girl.
Always there with a waggy tail no matter what the hour.
In all we shared 9 amazing years together and to watch you grow filled me with pride.
You were taken from us too quickly.
I miss shoving my hands into you thick, soft fur.
I miss putting my arms around your strong neck and pulling you in for a cuddle.
I miss looking into your big, brown loving eyes.
I cry when I see the empty space on the mat where you used to sleep.
And I have a pain in my heart because I miss you so very much.
But you are no longer in discomfort and you no longer have to hide the pain.
With your soul mate Ruud, sleep well.
And thank you from the bottom of my heart my gorgeous girl ...Princess Beau.



Dear Sylvia and Bill

Sadly our Parson Jack Russell called Ben had to be put to sleep last evening the 16th February.

We adopted him from you in October 2008 and, before we moved away, he often stayed with you in kennels.

Bill may remember that he barked almost constantly in kennels and ended up very hoarse. (Ben that is; not Bill)

We believe that he was 15 years old this year and in recent months his back legs were troubling him. Nevertheless there were times when, spotting another dog across the field, he would race away to greet them.

He loved his home life here with Poppy, a dog also adopted from you.
He was very definitely a ladies man and followed my wife everywhere; only transferring his affections if one of our daughters visited.
Always on the scrounge, he loved his food and any treats that we offered.
We had been expecting this for some time now but, the sudden onset of his final symptoms left him unable to walk at all and, he was clearly very distressed.
Suddenly the house seems very empty even though we still have our lovely Poppy girl.
Thank you Sylvia and Bill for allowing us to share part of our lives with Ben.
They say that time heals……. I really do hope so.




BREEZE - January 2017

Dear Sylvia, Bill and Staff at Many Tears, 
It is with deep sadness that I am writing to tell you that we had to say goodbye to our 'Gorgeous Girl' Breeze on 13th January. Breeze came to us from Many Tears on 31st August 2006 and  'lived her dream' with her Mummy and Daddy for just over ten years. She was as an ex breeding bitch and as with all the dogs that come from these hellholes, she was terrified of everything. It was only in the last couple of years that she realised that she could enjoy her food instead of eating it without it touching the sides of her mouth. Over the years her confidence grew and she came to love everyone even strangers as much as they loved her. She never learnt to play with toys but she did enjoy a game of chase where we would chase each other up and down the living room. We walked three miles everyday and the main objective of a walk for her was to find as much discarded food as possible - nose always to the ground and never wanting to socialise with other dogs. She loved being in the car but never wanted to get out when we arrived at our destination. Sadly Breeze lost her sight four years ago and never quite got to grips with the the layout of our home so was constantly walking into everything however she still loved her food and her Mummy and Daddy. Last October Breeze suffered a stroke from which our vet wasn't sure if she would recover. She was given steroids and made a good recovery apart from sometimes forgetting that she needed to go outside for toilets. Over the last eighteen months she developed a non cancerous tumour on the right hand side of her rump that grew to the size larger than a grapefruit. Nothing could be done because of her age and our vet and ourselves were worried about it. After researching tumours, I found that turmeric can some times help reduce tumours however sadly this was not the case for Breeze, she did love her little treat of turmeric sprinkled over fish every morning and evening and it left her with 'blond highlights' around her mouth and the tips of her ears that made her look quite  'glamorous'! We noticed that she had a area on her neck that seemed to be bothering her and thought that it was another wart that she had scratched and had bled as the fur around the area was matted. We left her with the vet to investigate and it was found to be an abscess, the vet drained the abscess which had left an open wound and she was given an Elizabethan collar to wear. Breeze was quite distressed and whimpering, we'd never known her to cry or make a fuss during all the previous procedures that she had, had done and it was always commented on by the vet what a good girl and how brave she was. The vet then mentioned the quality of life referring to the tumour and her age as he had noticed like we had that tumour was bothering her when trying to sit. He said that were two pressures points on the cyst and that it could burst at anytime which would cause great distress to both Breeze and us and she would have to be rushed in to be euthanised should that happen. He told us to think about it and return in two days for him to check on the abscess. We put her in the car and seeing her lying there whimpering, we couldn't bear to prolong her agony so we took her back into the vet only to be told by him that we were totally making the right decision because that was the decision that he would have helped us make had we taken her home and returned two days later. Breeze is now resting in our garden in a beautiful coffin. She may have had the worst start to her little life but she certainly had the best while with us and at the end of it. She was our world and we are heartbroken. 
We will be receiving a refund from Breeze's Petplan insurance that we are going to make up to £500 to sponsor Sylvia on her amazing walk to help make 'The Impossible Dream' come true in memory of Breeze and to thank Sylvia, Bill and Staff at Many Tears for bringing this lovely little lady into our lives to create treasured memories that we will cherish in our hearts forever.
Sylvia and Dave - Belvedere, Kent.


I just thought it prudent to inform you that we sadly lost Max just before Christmas. It was detected that he had a heart murmur which was quite pronounced when the vet picked it up. After a period of time on medication he started to collapse and struggle to get oxygen around his system (the onset of heart failure).
As we always do with our animals, rescue them like you to relieve them of suffering. We always vowed that he wouldn’t suffer so had to make the very difficult decision to let him go.
We would just like to say thank you for letting us rescue Max and giving us the chance to enjoy him for the 6 years we had him. He went to work with me, Scouts, Days out, Nanny and grampies, Seaside, just about anywhere. He was well loved and very much a very lucky boy, he will be sorely missed but with us forever as he is buried in our garden.
Thank you again for the chance to have Max and after a period of time we will get another dog as the house is empty without him.
Kind Regards
Andy, Nicky and Josh Stagg

TOBY - January 2017

We are sadly mourning the loss of our beloved Cavvie, Toby (previously known as Jason while in foster at Many Tears), who we adopted from you 5 years ago.  Toby was an ex stud dog and was terribly afraid of people when he came to Many Tears and had no idea about walking on a lead.  One of your lovely foster carers, Jo, looked after him wonderfully for 6 months until the right home could be found.  Unusually for an ex breeder, Toby took no comfort from being in the company of other dogs, so it was agreed he could come to us as an only dog.
The first few weeks with Toby were quite traumatic for both Toby and us.  Somehow he escaped from our very secure back garden on the first day and he refused to eat or drink anything until day 4 - such was the fear he had for strangers.  However, with much love and patience, he blossomed into the most wonderful companion for us and our 3 cats, returning our love in abundance and finally learning to trust some, if not all humans.  Whenever we had visitors, he would always look to me for re-assurance, then relax when I told him that everything was ok.
He was the most beautiful, gentle little soul and the sadness we feel at his passing, after several months battling cancer, is beyond words.  He passed peacefully at home in his cosy bed with his head resting in my hands.
We want to thank you for the incredible work you do day in, day out, for thousands of dogs just like Toby.  Without you, Toby wouldn't have had a safe haven to go to, we wouldn't have known the joy of having him in our lives and our beautiful, loyal, furry friends would have no-one to turn to in their time of need.  Please could you also extend a special thank you to Jo, for the love and care she showed Toby in those first few months and the invaluable support she gave us.
Attached are 2 of the many lovely photos we have of our little Tobes.  The first one shows Toby with one of his sister's, Cookie and the 2nd is of Toby in his all time favourite place, snoring away on his sofa!
Sweet dreams little Tobes, we will always love you more than you could know.
All our love, Mummy, daddy, Cookie, Truffle and Black cat xxxxx

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