Our horse courses and regular visits from groups and individuals have really developed over time and shown clearly that being around the animals and in a supportive environment has been massively beneficial to those that visit. Beneficial from both an educational point of view - learning about horse behaviour, care and stable management - but also and probably more importantly from an emotional point of view. Many of the people who come to visit regularly have told us how their confidence or wellbeing has improved and we are so glad to be able to help.

Katy, our equine manager, has identified a real need in our community to bring people together and form a supportive network for those who need it. In an age where mental health issues, loneliness, bulling, loss and other such socal issues are still not talked about comfortably; Katy and all of us here at Many Tears would like to break the taboo and allow people to come together.
We are currently running 2 regular groups: Only Friends And Horses which meets weekly on a Thursday 12:30 - 2:30 at the rescue and is a chance to get together, spend time with the group, with the horses and have a hot cuppa and biscuits. To talk, to laugh, to have a something to look forward to. The group is friendly and all are welcome.

We also have a Home Education Group for children and young people who are taught at home to come together on a Friday at 12:30 - 2:20 and have fun, make new friends, to relax and spend time with the horses learning and enjoying themselves.

The groups are free to attend and for more information you can email Katy at manytearsequestrian@gmail.com
If you have any suggestions or ideas for other groups or anything you would like to be involved with please email Katy. These groups are invaluable and are making a difference to people. We want to give them our full support but this does take time, effort and resources. If you are experienced with horses and can spare a few hours a week to help with our horses to allow Katy to prepare and run her group sessions please do get in touch. Or if you would like to sponsor sessions which can help us to provide refreshments, things to do such as crafts then please also get in touch with Katy at manytearsequestrian@gmail.com. She would love to hear from you.

Most importantly, if you feel you would benefit from joining a group, or spending some time with us please do get in touch with Katy at the email address above. These groups are made with you mind and even if it seems daunting at first we can help you take the first step in joining us. There are short videos on our Equestrian Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/ManyTearsAnimalRescueEquestrianCentre/ which can show you more about the groups we offer here at Many Tears.

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