Melody ^


Melody ^ Status: Available

ID: 27594

Name: Melody ^

Breed: Lurcher Cross

Age: 1 Year

Gender: Female

Adoption Fee: See below

Location: At Many Tears in
Llanelli, Carmarthenshire

If you are interested in adopting a dog that does not say it can be homed with a cat and wish us to cat test please let us know and we will be happy to do this.

26-03-20 - Melody is a gorgeous Lurcher Cross who has come to us from a breeder to find her forever home. When Melody arrived, she was heavily pregnant and soon gave birth to 8 healthy puppies. Now, her puppies are almost ready for their forever homes and so is she. Melody is a very sweet and loving girl, who is incredibly people focused and walks very well on the lead. She could live with other dogs, but ni the right circumstances, with people who were around a lot, we would consider homing her as an only dog. Melody has never lived in a home before, so her new owners would need to be understanding as she adjusted to home life and started to learn all about house training. Melody is such a little poppet who will make the most lovely companion!

03-04-20 UPDATE
Melody has been with us for some time now and is finally ready to find herself a loving home she deserves. As mentioned, she arrived to us at MT ready to give birth and so was not available for adoption right away. She was also underweight so we have been working hard on her with this by increasing her meals and now she is looking in better shape. Trying to get her to eat has not been a problem as Melody loves her food and does get quite excited when it's dinner time! Melody has socialised very well with other dogs and she gets on well with different breeds and sizes. Initially she was reactive toward meeting large male dogs while out walking early on with us but I believe this has improved since then. We will check on this though before considering a home with a male dog to see if it's suitable for her or not.
Melody's perfect home would be one with at least another dog to help show her the ropes and hopefully become a play mate for her. We would consider homing her as an only dog in the right environment, one with an active person or family that can offer her plenty of exercise and stimulation as she will need it. She loves going out for walks and although she can be quite strong on the lead at the start, once she goes out for regular and longer walks this is not a problem. She is very smart and listens to direction well.
Most of all (well apart from her food of course!) Melody loves the company of people and she is very affectionate towards all those she meets. Without a doubt Melody is bound to bring a huge smile to her new family when they see her and will be there for them through the good times as well as the bad.
✔️ Can be an only dog
✔️ Active home needed
✔️ Walks on a lead
✔️ Sweet temperament
✔️ People orientated

13-04-20 UPDATE

A girl I have so much love for! A girl who I have endless amounts of respect and admiration for! A girl who I have so much fun with, whose fun loving nature and energy rubs off on me. A girl who teaches me too!... I'd like you all to meet... MELODY!
Melody arrived at Many Tears pregnant. She has been the most wonderful, patient, loving, caring, easy-going Doggy Mummy you could ever meet... And she has bought up the most chilled out puppies ever! Melody has finished nursing her babies, and she now has her freedom back...! and boy is she making the most of it - showing us all the other side of Melody!
Melody is a confident, happy, lively, energetic lady who is full of energy, adventure, and fun! She is so ready to experience everything life has to offer her, and wants to live life to the full!
She loves exercise! She loves jumping about - and she can jump really high! She loves running around the sandschool, and playing... She loves fetch... As you can see from the videos she is super smart and learns very quickly indeed... She has gone from grabbing toys out of my hand ... To waiting for me to throw them before running after them ... To not knowing what im asking her to do ... To learning English perfectly ... For example "sit", "wait", "drop it" etc ... Making playtime much more fair for little me
She loves her food and is gaining much needed weight ... She is on a raw diet and has 4 feeds a day. She has also stopped diving 4 feet off the ground at the food bowl I'm holding above my head, and instead sits and waits for me to place her bowl on the floor before diving in and devouring it's contents
Melody loves going for walks, and walks brilliantly. A little more training and I'd love to see what she's like out on the bike.
Melody has her quiet and calm moments too... She enjoys laying down with one of her much loved toys, having a little chew... as well as enjoying a little quiet fuss and face massage while gazing into your eyes! She is beautiful!
So anyway... If you're an active, adventurous, smart lady/gentleman...and would like an equally active, adventurous, smart companion... and You have enough time to invest & train this INCREDIBLE lady... Then Melody would be perfect for you. She could easily be an only dog, or she could be homed with another active doggy friend...
This girl is going to go far in life with the right adopted mum / dad... I am thoroughly enjoying working with this girl and whoever adopts her is going to have such a fantastic life with her by their side

07-05-20 UPDATE

We are hopeful Melody's happy ending is not too far away as she is an amazing girl who just asks for an active home to be the free spirit at heart she really is. Since coming to us in March, Melody has done well with everything she has gone through so far and is patiently waiting for the next chapter in her life which should be the best one ahead.
Melody's two main loves in life are her food and toys (especially tennis balls). I honestly don't know which is number one on her list because she shows so much enthusiasm for both! As mentioned in the previous update, Melody has started to learn to be much better behaved when it's time to eat. Depending on the kennel she's in, she has learnt to be patient and follow a routine. When she was with me, she would go straight in the back and wait there as she knew that's where her food bowl went while Bali ate outside.
Play time is a very important part in Melody's every day here and she will keep herself busy left to her own devices in a secure environment for a short time, however, she much prefers to have a human companion to make it much more challenging and fun.
Melody will need an adult only home or one with older children as she still needs someone to continue with her training. She is so much better now and as seen in the earlier video update, she will wait patiently to chase a second toy once she has another one in play. Where she will still need some ongoing training though is when she's overly excited and might try to get to the only toy at the same time you do. She is basically a stealth ninja with a turbo jet engine so you just need to be careful when trying to grab her balls!! Excuse the metaphor.
Melody is a very smart girl and listens well to commands though so she won't take too long to figure out she can't always have the ball. All she needs is the right person to give her the guidance and active lifestyle she needs to keep her busy and challenge her mind with new experiences and adventures.

13-05-20 UPDATE

Melody is a girl that is close to everyone’s hearts here at Many Tears. We all adore her and it’s beginning to upset us that she’s still here and nobody seems to want her. If everyone could see what we see in her, I can guarantee she’d already be in a home by now. Because she had puppies at such a young age, I think Melody is now just trying to be a puppy herself. She’s so fun, playful and energetic and just a joy to be around really. I absolutely love playing with her in the sand school and watching her let loose!
Melody could be re-homed as an only dog, or with another dog larger than a cocker spaniel or the same size. She is very good with other dogs and always seems to show motherly instincts towards them. She also plays and acts at the same level as whoever she is kennelled with. What I mean by this is that if she’s kennelled with a very playful dog, she’ll be very bouncy and playful with them .. whereas if she’s kennelled with a quieter dog, she will tone herself down to meet the needs of that dog. It’s very, very sweet.
Because of her size, we would only allow her to go with children who are 15 years and older. This is just because she’s very lively, bouncy and strong. Her main handler(s) would also have to be strong, and know how to correct her on the lead. We are currently training her to walk with a halti to be able to control her better. It will take a bit of time, but she is a good listener and quite a fast learner. If this training gets carried on in her home, I think she’ll thrive.
Melody is one of a kind, and even though we’ll all miss her when she’s gone, we are desperate for her to find her forever home. So please read up on her, and please apply if you think you’d be a good match for her!

16-05-20 UPDATE

This girl needs a special home!! She is so so friendly, absolutely adores people, loves playing with toys and going for a dip in our paddling pools.
Melody isn’t perfect she needs someone who is willing to work with her and help her learn manners as sometimes she can jump up on people and she is very tall and powerful.
She is VERY strong on the lead and we have recently been trying to get her used to walking on a halti to be able to have better control over her.
She is very food orientated which helps with training as she will do anything for a treat or her food but if allowed would steal food off a counter.
I feel very sorry for Melody because although her height and strength makes her hard work she is honestly just a massive puppy at heart and she does have a heart of gold she has no intention of being “naughty” but just needs consistency and someone to remind her what’s right and wrong.
Melody will need a VERY active home where she isn’t left alone for very long. She is an extremely clever girl and needs physical and mental stimulation to keep her mind occupied.
We would like to rehome melody either as an only dog or with a large confident and active male dog as she plays quite rough. This poor dog needs someone to call her owner that will love her craziness and her quirks and will then see the more affectionate side of her as well once she’s burned off some of her energy.
Melody is only 1 year old still and after having her own pups which have all gone to their own forever homes she definitely deserves to find hers

18-05-20 UPDATE
Melody is looking for a forever home where her physical and mental needs are met. She needs an active home as she has so much energy to burn. She loves to play fetch and could run and run until she dropped! She can also jump really high so her forever home would need 6ft fencing at the very least. Her forever parents will need to be happy in continuing and keeping up with, as well as furthering Melodys training. So for example basic manners like, making sure she sits and waits and doesn't try and snatch a ball / toy / food from your hands. I personally feel Melody is easy to train... Melody is not able to live with any small furries of any kind. She can be an only dog, or be homed with a confident, playful dog who won't let Melody over power him!

25-05-20 UPDATE

Melody is such an amazing dog, she just loves life and gets so very excited when food is on offer. An experienced handler in a dog savvy home is a must, with the right handling, stimulation and exercise she will be a dream dog. Melody gets on especially well with male dogs of similar size to herself, she plays hard so any prospective companion must be able to match her enthusiasm. This is a video of her out for a walk with a member of staff, everything intrigues her and for once she was calm. Not only are high fences essential, but they will need to be sturdy and a garden will need to be size appropriate for her to fully extend her body as she runs and plays.

  • Experienced handler
  • Secure garden with sturdy fencing of height minimum 6ft.
  • Older children as she may knock little ones over with her enthusiasm
  • Any resident dog must be of appropriate size and energy to match her enthusiasm and exercise requirement  

28-05-20 UPDATE

I met Melody for the first time today and she is such a playful girl. She loves playing fetch but doesn’t always let go of the ball. She's a bit like a puppy sometimes but as she's so big she can be a bit much jumping all over you, so she will need a home without young children as she would push them over. She will need training and patience during her training. She likes her food but would need training on this too as she eats really fast and anything. In the right family with the right training, she will get there as she is a very clever girl. She will also need socialising as sometimes she reacts with certain people, like today she started barking at a man who was wearing all his motorcycle gear. I think it’s mainly men, but most she doesn’t react at all to. She also reacts with some dogs especially if they are reactive too so she will need time to adapt to her new home if they have dogs. She would make a great only dog.  

31-05-20 UPDATE

Melodys story is a very sad one indeed. As you can see from the video she is a very loving, sweet dog but she can be very over the top with her affection so can be a handful. We think paired with a bigger, playful male dog that would help burn off some of her energy. Melody cannot be homed with cats or small furries but does get along fine with horses.

PLEASE NOTE: We nearly always home dogs who have come from breeders where there is ALREADY A RESIDENT DOG living in the house. They have usually never lived in a house before and are only used to canine company. They usually get their confidence and learn faster with another dog to copy from. This also helps with house training and learning how to walk on a lead. They will make lovely pets but do need a lot of love, time and patience. If the ex breeding dog you are interested in can be an only dog it will say so in its write up. Please read our information on ADOPTING EX-BREEDING DOGS before you apply.

 If your application is successful you will be home checked and you, all members of your family and any dog(s) who will be living with the dog MUST come to meet the dog you want to adopt. All our dogs are micro-chipped, have had at least their first inoculation* and are spayed/neutered unless there is a medical reason for not doing so. You must have a safe means of transporting the dog home in a crate or if this is not possible please discuss with Many Tears or the Fosterer when your application is being processed.

* Many Tears uses Vanguard to vaccinate their dogs.  However, this can sometimes be difficult to source at local vets so if you are adopting a dog or puppy that has only had one vaccination please be aware your vets may require you to start the course from the beginning.

Please read our adoption procedures before applying and then complete the adoption form.





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