Isabella Status: Available

ID: 26688

Name: Isabella

Breed: Shih Tzu

Age: 6 Years

Gender: Female

Adoption Fee: See below

Location: In Foster in
Carmarthen, Carmarthenshire

If you are interested in adopting a dog that does not say it can be homed with a cat and wish us to cat test please let us know and we will be happy to do this.

07-11-2019 - Isabella is a very scared girl who has come to us from a breeder. She does not like to be picked up and she can be easily startled. Isabella will need an experienced home that has at least one onther kind resident dog to be her friend and show her new skills like house training. Her new home will need to be a calm quiet environment t without children o help her her confidence with people.

26-11-19 UPDATE
This poor little baby, I'd hate to think what she has gone through for her to be this shut down and scared. That being said she has given me a little bit of trust which is amazing.
When someone used to go into the kennel she would hide and lunge at people but now she just sits there quietly not making a sound but watching your every move. Eventually I hope she will let me stroke her to show her how kind a human can be but I will have to let that come with time.
I feel so so bad for this little soul it nearly breaks me. Everyday she lets me get a little closer and I'm so glad she is giving me a chance.  She gets on well with her kennel friend and cuddles up to her at night but also hides behind her when she doesn't feel safe.
I will try my hardest to let her know that I would never hurt her and just want to be her friend but living in a home I think she would really have a head start. Having room to hide if she needs to but also time to adjust to this whole new life for her. I really hope we can find a special quiet home for our little girl, someone who can show her the love and attention she needs to finally let her be herself and happy.

06-02-20 UPDATE

My Queen. I so wish some one special and experienced in extremely scared/fear "aggressive" dogs would come along and adopt my number 1 girlie. She is so very special, and certainly seems to be all for just one person. I am so very privileged she has put her trust in me, her kennel mum.
Isabella became quite depressed when her best friend Glue went into foster but this only lasted a few days, and she did bounce back to her usual self!  She has two new girl friends - a pom and another shih tzu who she sometimes plays with!
I can't imagine how Isabella was treated in the past - and I don't want to - to become so distrusting in everyone, and so so SO terrified of every new thing.  I wish I'd filmed her from the start to show you what she was like in the beginning and show you how far she's come but this with just one person - not so much with everyone in general. Isabella has a very long road to recovery.
I have been carrying Isabella around the centre to get her used to new sights and surroundings etc and I was chatting about her to another member of staff . I'm one of those people who quite often uses my hands t talk and when i moved my right hand, she suddenly panicked and tried to run away.  She realised she couldn't because she was on a harness and lead as well as a slip lead - safety is extremely important with this little lady. Anyway, she immediately rolled on her back and just lay there trembling.  Both Chloe and I were horrified - a glimpse into what she's quite possibly experienced in the past? It was awful... she really thought I was going to hurt her.
Isabella knows me very well but just brushing her fur makes her tremble with fear - this was also difficult to see as she lets me fuss her. This proves our point that every new thing to Isabella is very scary.
We have been brushing Isabella's fur daily to get her used to that feeling, get her used to the grooming room etc, and leading up to us bathing her. I bathed her today and I was so proud - she was amazingly brave. She did not like the hair dryer though. It seems as though Isabella can be brave with her kennel mummy, but her bravery has a time limit. For example - she is scared and very flighty during harness and lead training but she goes into full blown panic mode after a few minutes and today she started to panick after a certain time being bathed and groomed. We call it a day then.
Some of you have probably seen the videos I've taken of her - happy, waggy, licky/kissy - that's when she's comfortable with who she's with, and in safe surroundings she knows well but she is a very scared, worried, flighty girl when she's out of her comfort zone. I haven't worked with a dog quite like this for a long time, and none of my videos do her fear justice - because believe you, you would be very irresponsible if you were filming her say out on a harness and lead or some thing.
Isabella is looking for an adult only home, with another kind resident dog, with a family who has experience of very scared, distrusting, worried dogs who haven't experienced anything in life. Care and Safety in regards to basically everything is crucial for this little lady. She is looking for a quiet home, in a quiet area... can you help?

24-02-20 UPDATE

Isabella's confidence is slowly but surely growing. She has now started to interact with a couple of other members of staff in a more positive and happy way.  Care is still taken to handle her by these other staff members though, especially those who she doesn't know very well. Her kennel mummy who she trusts a great deal has been taking her to the grooming room every few days to have a little brush & bath. Bless her, she trembled every time, her eyes so big and  scared, looking around the room at everything in it so worriedly but, all this, lead to Steve - another vey experienced staff member giving her a full groom! So little Isabella has had all her hair shaved off ready for the Spring! She was very brave, but did try to bolt any time she wasn't held by Steve. This is a pattern with Isabella - when she is unsure or scared - she will bolt - in any situation.
Isabella now wears a little coat to keep her warm! She models it very well, although she isn't quite sure why she has this thing on her, bless her! Isabellas harness and lead training has come to a bit of a stand still due to the wet Welsh weather, but she's been getting used to wearing a harness in the kennel environment.
Isabella will need an adult only home with owners who have experience of frightened, flighty doggies. Dogs who really haven't much trust in humans and haven't seen much of the World and are very scared in new situations and surroundings. When you have earnt Isabella's full trust, she is a very happy, fun, waggy, loving, licky, kissy girl. My little pocket rocket! But a lot of care is still needed even by people she knows well when in new situations and surroundings e.g. training her on a harness and lead, or carrying her about. You really do have to earn her trust!
Whoever adopts this little lady will need to have plenty of experience, as well as plenty of time, patience and understanding. A lot of care will be needed in showing Isabella the World and everything in it. I would love to see little Isabella in a home soon, but it must be the right one.

10-03-20 UPDATE

Isabellas most recent achievement is that of being relatively calm, when out and about on a harness and lead, in front of the rescue centre. She was with her kennel mum who she trusts completely, and this was the very first time Isabella did not tremble in absolute fear, and did not panic the second she was placed on the pavement or grass... This was the first time, she did not have fear in her eyes...
Instead, Isabella remained quite calm, and regularly looked up to her kennel mum for reassurance. A short while later, a fellow staff member bought out Fifi - one of Sylvia's shihtzus for Isabella to have some doggy company and moral support. Having another dog around helped Isabella to feel a little more comfortable. She sat infront of her kennel mum, and looked around at the goings on with a fairly calm and interested demeanour... However she did panic when people, or other dogs came within a few feet of her.... This is where it is so important that the person whose holding Isabellas harness and lead, has already gained a great deal of Isabella's trust, because she could so easily freak out and react when she becomes frightened if she is with someone she doesn't know and therefore doesn't trust as much...
Isabella has been taken out and about on a harness and lead for a number of weeks now... Not every day though - because she has found the ordeal quite stressful and very scary. If I'm honest, it seemed to leave her sad and upset... almost a little traumatized afterwards... So this was the first time Isabella seemed a little more comfy and interested in what we were doing, and what we were seeing... This was the first time she didn't go into full blown panic mode... We sat and took in the surroundings for about 15 minutes. Although it might not seem like a big deal - the fact she didn't tremble on this outing - is a huge step in the right direction for our little lady! When she was back in her kennel, she was happy and waggy, which was really great to see! A step in the right direction for sure.
Isabella has always loved playing with toys! Her favourites are little teddy bears! She has also just started to love playing with other dogs! She has a few shihtzu friends, and she and another girl love to play wrestle! Boy do they go for it! ... And it is fun to watch!
Isabellas future adopters and forever family will need to have had experience of very frightened ex breeders, who have been very badly treated and seen nothing of the World. They will need to have plenty of patience and understanding, and safety is of utmost importance... If I was to foster or adopt Isabella, i would create a little routine in her day so she will hopefully become as comfortable in a home environment with people she doesn't know, as quickly as is possible for a girl like her. A routine will instill trust and confidence in Isabella, and this will in turn help Isabella's progress. Given plenty of time, patience and understanding, Isabella will blossom into the bubbly, fun, affectionate, licky little lady who is always so happy to see people she knows really well! She throws her whole body in the air - she is overjoyed to see her favourite people! And she adores a facial massage! However, she remains very frightened of staff she doesn't know, and will keep her distance, and will not allow them to handle her. Staff she sort of knows, continue to use a towel wrapped around their hands if they need to handle her.
It would be brilliant if one of our experienced fosterers could take Isabella into their home... I currently have a foster dog, but Isabella is next on my list. Safety with handling and transporting Isabella is extremely important. Also being aware that in time, she will become very easy for her family to handle, but she will revert back to how she was a few months ago with people she doesn't know. An adult only home is a must. It would be so great for Isabella to start her next chapter in life. This girl is very special.

19-04-20 UPDATE

This update is from a different perspective and a different point of view, as I'm not Isabella's kennel mummy. I've only worked with her a handful of times, but I can see how she holds such a large part of her kennel mummy's heart!
Isabella is a very special little girl and is a definite favourite here among staff members. There's just something about her, and I can't quite put my finger on what it is. Maybe it's her adorable little face and the fact her tongue always hangs out, or maybe it's just because I've seen her blossom from being a terrified and completely shut down dog, to one who now trusts us and actually gets excited to see us.
Like I said before, I've only worked with Isabella directly a handful of times. The first few times she was very scared of me and wouldn't come near me, however it's now a completely different story. She'll now happily accept a fuss from me and she loves to give me loads of little kisses. I'm very proud of her and it's so lovely to see that she's starting to enjoy my company and not be afraid of it.
Isabella has been in kennels since November. She's our longest stayer and it really is heart breaking. Imagine spending over 5 months of your life in a kennel, and that's not even mentioning what her life was like before she came to us. So if you've got a kind resident dog and have experience with very nervous dogs, please consider our little girl. It really is time for her to find her forever home and her forever family!

16-05-20 UPDATE

Isabella has been on my section, and has been my project dog, for a good few months. I have been waiting to foster her for a little while... and as soon as my previous foster dog was adopted and began settling, I decided to take Isabella into my home because she had been in kennels for 5 months at that point... Making her our longest stayer. Ideally, we wanted another experienced fosterer to take her, because Isabella and myself have bonded, and I have a very different relationship with her to everybody else... Ideally we would still like her to go to another fosterer, to see what she's like with someone she doesn't know at all, but with someone who has plenty of experience of very scared, reactive dogs. With the current situation though, we are unable to get dogs into foster homes.
Anyway, I transported Isabella home in a doggy carry case. I walk to work and I began transporting her to work with me in this carry case, until she became more used to this new routine, and even more used to me handling her for longer periods of time. I then began carrying her in my arms... with a perfectly fitted harness and lead attached, as well as a slip lead for safety. Baring in mind I live in a rural area, and hardly no cars pass me, and we've only ever passed one person on our walks to work... I was still nervous that she would panic and try her very best to run away from me if she became scared. However, she has been brave - seemingly enjoying seeing the sights of the countryside, watching her best doggy friend walk to work, apart from when she saw cows - they frightened her a little. The majority of ex breeders have learnt to walk on a harness and lead by now, but sadly Isabella has not just yet ... She is still learning - the big wide World is still overwhelming for her, bless her.
The first half hour in my home saw little Izzy seemingly looking for escape routes. She walked the perimeters of my garden, and when I encouraged all the dogs indoors for the evening, she sat by the door for a little while. Having said this, surprisingly, Isabella has taken to life in a (very quiet) home rather well! She didn't try and hide like a lot of ex breeders do initially, but instead stuck by and followed my dogs pretty much everywhere, joining in with pretty much everything! She spent her first few days in the dog beds on the floor, then she decided sofas are nicer! She isn't bothered by the washing machine, or other such noises, but was a little freaked out by the TV to begin with.
She is house-trained, she knows to run into the utility room to wait for her breakfast or dinner to be served up - so she can eat in peace and so my greedy beagles don't try and push her out the way - although Isabella will tell them to back off herself! She loves her food - her eyes brighten, her tail wags, and she is excited at dinner times and will do a little happy shuffle! She did not know what to do with a frozen Kong the first time she had one, but got stuck right in on her second one!
Isabella loves being able to go outside in the garden, and come in when she pleases. She loves to lay in the sun and feel it's warm rays on her body! She does take some interest in the toys in the house, but much prefers taking shells out from a plant pot on the patio and playing with those! She bats them about before bringing them inside! It's very cute and different!
Isabella will happily approach me for a fuss and loves a fuss! She will even climb my lap for one and will even push in front of my other dogs for one! But if I need to pick her up she will still run away with her tail between her legs and will often have a little widdle because she is still a little nervous bless her. This applies both in my home and garden, and in work.
Isabella does not like visitors to the home. She is a little vocal and warns them away. No friends or relatives have been able to handle her just yet. So this is one of our next hurdles to overcome. It's obviously a little difficult with what's currently going on in the World and with social distancing...
Isabella does not like being groomed and will try her very best to run away bless her. She is so very frightened that she will attack scissors and clippers... So this is another thing for her to overcome.
Isabella will need to be homed with at least one other confident resident dog who will help Isabella feel safer in yet another new and scary environment. I feel Isabella would love and prefer a playful doggy friend who will happily join in in wrestling with her! She gets on well with my dogs, apart from the fact she is a little mean towards a same size male bichon who is older and more vulnerable as he's a little poorly at the moment - not that us humans would notice. She is very shihtzu like with my other dogs - beagles and shihtzu types, but absolutely adores my large male cross breed! My young large male cross breed is very playful with her and the two of them spend a lot of time wrestling and chasing each other around! This is the kind of dog Izzy needs I think!
Isabella also needs an adult only home where her new owners have had experience of very frightened dogs who can be difficult to handle to begin with, as well as when she becomes scared. Isabellas new parents will need plenty of understanding, patience, time and love for this little lady. They will need to be prepared to earn and work for her trust, and believe me when I say, it is so worth it!
Isabella is a typical shihtzu through and through! She is feisty, fun, funny, comical, playful, boisterous, active, adventurous, and affectionate when she knows you. She may be small but she has the biggest personality and attitude ever!!! She just needs to realise that no more harm is going to come to her, and that she can trust the humans that are in her life now.
As I have previously stated, safety is paramount... A fitted harness and lead, a slip lead, and her new garden will need to be 100% secure. Setting a routine will help settle her quicker and make her feel more comfortable quicker, and therefore give her a little more confidence quicker.
Isabella's new owners will need to be aware that new things - new situations and surroundings terrify her, and she does feel the need to protect herself and do anything she can to run away bless her. Her new owners should never become complacent either. That is very important.
Isabella is a funny mix! She is kind of confident in herself, but has literally no confidence in humans or in the outside World. Hopefully one day she will learn to trust more people a little more... And if and when she does, my gosh she will be a Force!
This poor little girl has clearly been mistreated very badly in the past, and hasn't seen any of the World at all bless her. She so deserves the very best life now.
This week I will be writing much smaller progress updates on Isabella - little things she's faced and how she's dealt with them.

13-06-20 UPDATE

This week we had a pretty major breakthrough with Isabella... She has just started to walk on a harness and lead! It has taken her much longer to learn this life changing skill, but that is because she has proven to be a more sensitive / scared / trickier to handle ex breeder. At the moment, her tail is down when she walks, and we only walk on quiet country roads or on paths in secure fields, but this has made me very happy and will make Isabella happy in time. She loves a good sniff though!
In the home environment Isabella thrives. She is a happy, confident girl who tries to run the house! It seems Isabella has started to prefer and get on better with larger dogs. Her best friend is my large collie sized male cross breed. They snuggle and play wrestle and it is wonderful to see. She does prove quite bossy towards my other dogs though, including my beagles which are bigger than her...
Because Isabella can be a little mean to one of my dogs in particular, I have started to crate her at night and she is absolutely fine with this, bless her. I myself am not a huge fan of crates, but I can obviously see the benefits of them. I'd rather not crate Isabella, and I wouldn't if she wasn't mean to one of my dogs, but to keep everyone happy, this is what I have started to do. She seems very comfortable in one - she goes to sleep straight away and in the morning she is standing up wagging her tail waiting to run out and do the zoomies, jumping from sofa to sofa, running outside then back in, before diving on me to give me kisses! She is such a fun, happy little lady! (Please note she does not get crated through the day - if I need to pop out she will come with me and travel in the car)
Isabella is now extremely comfortable with me - she has known me very well for many months now. The only thing I cannot do is trim her eyes. She recently had a visit to our vets because her ears were causing some discomfort (she is now on surolan and cleanaural for a few days) She was as good as gold having her ears checked, but when we tried trimming her fringe, she wasn't having any of it and tried attacking the scissors. Whoever adopts Isabella will need to find a groomer who is able to groom difficult dogs.
Isabella is still very wary and untrusting of other people and this is a real work in progress, which will be ongoing. When she sees my boyfriend coming along, she will puff her whole body out and looks very confident and will warn him away, but if he approaches her to try and win her around, she will run away with her tail between her legs. She still gives my work colleagues who are staff members at Many Tears the eye. She is still a very worried, scared little girl, but feisty too...
Isabella is an extremely special girl... Everyone who knows her says so! She's a real 1 in a million. She's a funny mix of a character... A bit of a contradiction of herself... She is confident in herself and in me, bossy, outgoing, fun, happy in the home environment and in situations she is familiar with... But terrified of the World and of strangers - to the point of being very reactive and flighty - much more so than the average scared ex breeder.
It is lovely to see Isabella so confident - to see her hold her body with such great confidence and strut her stuff / shihtzu waffle around with her eyes wide and happy and sparkly... But heartbreaking and so so sad to see her when she reverts back to being a scared girl who is so worried about what she thinks people are going to do to her... To see such sadness and pity spread across her face and fill her eyes... She can be polar opposites of herself...
Isabella is very intelligent though. And very very funny and comical... The way she runs into the utility / doggy breakfast room at dinner times, to rolling around in her bed or on my laps and making funny happy gurgling sounds... She also knows her name very well and this will help her new owners bond with her easier. She has a nick name too - Izzy-Bizzy.
Isabella loves play wrestling with my male cross breed, and now with me! She loves food, my pot of shells from the sea, the sofa, garden, zoomies... At the moment she dislikes other people and the World she isn't comfortable in...
Isabella will need an experienced home, with owners who have plenty of time, patience and understanding... In time Isabella will become your very best friend. A dog who really will make a huge impression on you and on your life. She's a unique little lady that's for sure!

04-07-20 UPDATE
Isabella has been in foster with me for just over a month. Now that Lockdown is easing I'd like to get her out and about in the real World a little more... No where too busy though - just for a little visit to the country park and to the beach etc to see how she copes. Because she is so very scared of people, I'm sure she will appreciate the 2metre distancing rules... But my main concern and aim is to encourage Isabella to get used to other people and to trust other people, even just a little. She is still terrified and reactive towards anyone but myself, even with people she knows. It's worrying, and sad for her. All I want is for her to allow other people to be able to handle her relatively easily... It's going to take some work, but that hard work will pay off in time, even if it takes a long time.
Isabellas future forever family and adopters will need to have had plenty of experience with very scared dogs, and have plenty of time, patience and understanding, determination and lots of love for this little lady... and belief that in time, even if it takes a long time, and following my guidance, she will become a very fun, happy, loving girl, with a real character, just as she has with me. Baring in mind she has known me for about 6 months.
Her future forever family will need to be very aware that she is going to be a project dog. That she is more than likely going to revert back to being a very scared girl when she leaves my home for her forever home. I will be here to offer my support, help and guidance, but her family will need to have plenty of experience.
One day in the future, Isabella will put her complete trust in her new family, as she has with me, but her new family must not be fooled by this... She'll still more than likely be completely different around other people... Visitors to the home, people on walks etc... So it's very important not to become complacent and to always keep her safe.
At the moment I'm thinking Isabella would be better off being homed with a larger, non reactive dog, as she is proving a little dominant towards my smaller dogs.
In the next couple of days, I am going to get some videos put up on here of her with myself and with other people, so you can see what she is like.

23-07-20 UPDATE

Today I asked my manager and another staff member to socialise Isabella and to then try and pick her up. They both used a towel for their safety and for Isabellas comfort. She was clearly worried, but she is making progress with other people... For those of you who haven't followed Isabellas progress, a few months ago she would react very badly... whereas now she tries to run away. She also messes herself because she is still that scared... And to make the point - this is progress! I had to give Isabella a bath afterwards, bless her heart... We will be socialising her again with other staff members to try and get her used to and more comfortable with other people handling her. We will also do this when I am not around because she really does rely on me for confidence, reassurance and to feel safe ... which is completely understandable as I have been her main carer for months.
Isabellas future family must be aware that she will revert back to being a very scared, reactive little lady when she leaves me for her forever home. They need to be aware that it will take quite some time - possibly months of work - to gain her full trust, and they will need to gain her full trust before moving onto the next milestone... For example taking her out on a walk on a harness and lead... Baring in mind she has been living in the countryside so is used to nice, quiet walks with pretty much no one about... And this will more than likely take months... So they will need all the dedication, love and time Isabella needs.
It breaks my heart to see Isabella like this with other people... But in time and following my guidance, I know she will get there.
Now that Isabella has found someone she trusts completely, it is very clear that she loves having someone she trusts completely around her! She wants to be loved, cuddled, stroked... She wants someone to play wrestle with!... This is her latest discovery and hobby - play wrestling with her foster mum!!... Isabella wants to be someone's special princess! I really do hope her special someone comes along soon... And Isabella really is one in a million! A complex character, but very unique too!

17-08-20 UPDATE

Isabella is still looking for a very special forever home. She needs ...
1. an adult only home who have had plenty of experience with very fearful ex breeding dogs who have no trust in humans and who are still continuing to learn about everything in life.
2. She would be happiest and best behaved being homed with a larger, non reactive dog who'll enjoy having a wrestle and play with her once she settles! She loves a good wrestle with my larger male dog and loves to chase him around the garden!
Isabella is due a groom soon - because she does not like being handled and is scared of scissors and clippers, she is very tricky to groom, so not many people step forward and offer to do it, but she will be getting shaved very soon by the same experienced member of staff who shaved her before, alongside myself who she trusts, although she still won't even allow me to groom her properly. She does seem to be a one person girl, but does on occasion accept treats from other people she knows nowadays - but that's as far as she'd like those friendships to develop at the moment! She's also receiving some treatment for her ears. But other than this, Isabella continues to learn about different things ... The World around her, how best to interact with other dogs, etc. She continues to enjoy life ... She has been thoroughly enjoying having a splash around in water in this hot weather ... In the doggy pool and bowls dotted around the garden! She is a fun and funny little lady who in time has a lot of love to give her future forever Mum. But her future adopters will need to be aware that she will more than likely regress to her old, very frightened, flighty, reactive self again before she develops into the one person, loving, funny, loyal little lady she is today.

22-09-20 UPDATE

Isabellas most recent achievement is allowing my partner to stroke her for a little while! This is always on her own terms though... Sometimes she allows him, but other times she will not allow him! This is typical of Isabellas behaviour! Isabella will still need a home and family who have had experience of very scared dogs, ideally a family who have adopted from many tears in the past, or who've had experience of ex breeders, as this will give her new family a very basic understanding of how to start work with Isabella, as she is a more complex character than most ex breeders I have worked with. Having said this, once this little lady who has the biggest personality and attitude, trusts you, she is the most loyal, loving, playful, fun little lady! She would be an absolute joy to have by your side, so long as she has a bigger dog beside her too!

03-11-20 UPDATE

Isabella has received a fair few applications, but unfortunately none are perfectly suitable. Because she is a complex little character, I have made a little list of what her perfect forever family and home would look like, in the hope that her forever family find her very soon. I'm so desperate, and so hoping little Isabella will be in her forever home before Christmas...
IDEALLY Isabella would be :

  • Homed with maybe just one larger non reactive, relaxed but very playful male dog who loves to wrestle...

This is because Isabella can be extremely boisterous, she loves nothing more than a really good wrestling match with my large male Romanian street dog. Isabella will tear up my garden chasing after him! They'll also play bitey-face and pull eachother across the living room! They are very rough with one another, but have lots and lots of fun! It's wonderful to see them both enjoying themselves so much.
I think Isabella would be best suited in a home where she doesn't feel the need to fight for attention ... So a home where there is just 1 or 2 dogs is best. I will not be homing Isabella with any vulnerable or gentle dogs due to her boisterous nature, as well as the fact she is dominant towards my other dogs with very different personalities and nature's to my Romanian boy...

  • A home whose owners have had experience of very scared and affected ex breeding dogs.

The Isabella I know (I've known her for a very long time now) is full of herself! Confident in herself and very confident in the home environment! She really does think my home is hers, and more hers, than my dogs, bless her! She is basically at the centre of my home. She loves to sit on my lap on the sofa, she'll sit by my feet when I'm cooking, she runs around battering toys around the house, wrestles with Salsa, etc etc ...
So it is very sad to see her when she's in a situation where she is scared. She looks and acts like a totally different dog - like the Isabella who first arrived at the centre... and I feel very sorry for her then. Her tail is down between her legs, her body is low to the ground, her eyes widen and are fully of worry and fear... Her confidence totally disintegrates... She can be very tricky to handle by people she doesn't know very well. She will run away from everyone. She is a flight risk for other people. As previously mentioned, she sometimes allows my partner to stroke her, but it is on her terms!!! Sometimes she asks for fuss, other times she allows him to fuss her, but other times she will not let him and tells him so! He still is unable to pick her up. Isabella does take treats gently from some people though.
Another thing to consider would be finding a groomer who is willing to groom one of the most difficult dogs we at Many Tears have ever had to groom. I have spoken with two of the most experienced staff who are very good groomers, and they said they would help groom her in the future if necessary, to avoid her having to be sedated by a vet. We are working on this and trying to get her more comfortable and less reactive, just by brushing her etc on a regular basis.
Isabella is going to be a project dog, but once comfortable with her new Mummy, she will become your right hand man, or girl shall we say! She is a very loving, very loyal, wonderful little lady who'll have a massive, massive impact on her new family. She will steal your heart and be at the centre of your life! She is extremely fun to have around ... a HUGE character and force of nature! ... And she will thrive in the right home, in time!

03-01-21 UPDATE

I was so hoping Isabella would find her perfect forever family by Christmas. Unfortunately that was not the case, but she had a good one nevertheless. Because she can be "naughty" ... i.e. a trouble maker when it comes to other dogs, my boyfriend and fellow staff members joked that Isabella was on Santa's naughty list and wouldn't be receiving any presents this year! How rude! Isabella was actually very well behaved and took a back seat when it came to opening presents. She watched the other dogs take their presents out of their sack and play with them, before joining in and getting her entire self into the sack afterwards! It was a typical Isabella move ... Isabella is very funny when she's not being "naughty".
She also enjoyed watching the setting up of the outside Christmas tree, as well as her Christmas Day walk along the beach with her favourite foster brother - a bigger male cross breed who is infact similar in nature and ways to her! (They both have a bit of an attitude, are a little short tempered, are quite particular, are very fun, etc)

Isabella may be small and cute, but she likes and tries to be the boss of most dogs, and is feisty with it. I have worked with and fostered many shihtzus, but Isabella has got to be the "naughtiest". She's just particular about who she wants around her is all!

I think Isabellas perfect home would look something like this :

  • Adult only home
  • Experience with ex breeders and dogs who are difficult to handle
  • One larger male dog
  • Plenty of attention

Because Isabella has been waiting for a very long time to find her perfect forever home, I will consider applications that don't perfectly match the criteria she needs, based on having a good chat with any hopeful applicants.
Isabella is more than likely going to be very confused when she is first adopted. She will more than likely revert back to her old self and be extremely tricky to handle - she will tell people who she doesn't want handling her to leave her be.
With regards to her forever dog friend. I feel she would prefer to be homed with a larger male dog.

14-02-21 UPDATE

Little Isabella was sedated in the vets today so that Chelsea could groom her safely, and so that Izzy would be as least upset/stressed as possible. Please bare in mind we see thousands of dogs through our doors - lots of them will bite - but they're no problem for the likes of Chelsea and Jenny who are great at grooming as well as handling difficult dogs. However, there are 1/2 dogs who unfortunately professional groomers will not see because of their fear/aggression ... Understandable because grooming is their livelihood. So those dogs have to go to the Vets for their groom... Izzy is currently very sadly one of those 1/2, bless her ... So we will be continuing our counter conditioning with her, in the hope that she may become a little comfier with having a groom from a professional groomer rather than having to go to a vets in the future.
Izzy is now looking, and should be feeling great, but is currently still in a huge pwdy/sulk! She's a bit of a tomboy, and it does seem as though she prefers to be a little hairy!
I'm so hoping this little lady will have a perfect application in for her soon ... She's been waiting so long. She's a bit of a naughty little one, but so much fun when she trusts you, has so much love and affection for those she trusts, and so she deserves the best life and I know the perfect home is out there for her.
I will be writing a bullet point update next, because it does seem everyone is just so taken by her cute innocent looks ... That they just cannot imagine that this little cutie-pie has a very, uh ... "strong" personality and character! She has a fabulous personality!... So long as she's around the right humans and dogs! Ideally, Izzy wants a big, playful male dog!
If anyone is looking to adopt a dog from anywhere - it is SO important to read the updates of the dog in question to see if they'd actually be suitable for you!  

16-03-21 UPDATE

Here are some Fun Facts about Isabella ...

  • Isabella will need a family who have a lot of experience with very frightened ex breeders - those who are at the top end of frightened, as well as a family who have experience with dogs with some behavioural issues (e.g. resource guarding/extremely difficult to groom etc) 
  • Ideally Isabella needs to be homed with a confident, larger male playful dog. She does not seem to get on with smaller/vulnerable dogs, and doesn't seem to cope very well within a pack of dogs.
  • Isabella may well prove to be a challenge, but it will be an extremely rewarding one! Isabella is a very special girl - one in a million.
  • To begin with, Isabella will likely be extremely nervous, a flight risk, very difficult to handle. However when she settles and realises she can trust her new family, she will become very loving, loyal and affectionate ... She loves nothing more than standing on her hind legs resting her front paws on your lap and she asks for fuss confidently! She loves a good face and head massage, as well as a bum scratch... She just generally loves having lots of attention, and loves being the centre of attention, once she trusts you! 
  • Isabella is very playful. She loves to wrestle with her close human friends, as well as her best friend who is a bigger male cross breed. They are quite rough - This is something Isabella loves - play wrestling and bitey face! She also loves to chase after her foster brother and the two of them zoom around the garden! She does very well to keep up!
  • Isabella takes treats out of your hand very gently.
  • Isabella is crate trained.
  • Isabella loves to sunbathe.
  • Isabella loves playing in water. 
  • Isabella loves toys.
  • Isabella loves fetch.
  • Isabella is, shall we say, "bossy" towards smaller dogs, so she does need a bigger dog, but we would consider a small male if he has the personality to match Isabella's

PLEASE NOTE: We nearly always home dogs who have come from breeders where there is ALREADY A RESIDENT DOG living in the house. They have usually never lived in a house before and are only used to canine company. They usually get their confidence and learn faster with another dog to copy from. This also helps with house training and learning how to walk on a lead. They will make lovely pets but do need a lot of love, time and patience. If the ex breeding dog you are interested in can be an only dog it will say so in its write up. Please read our information on ADOPTING EX-BREEDING DOGS before you apply.

 If your application is successful you will be home checked and you, all members of your family and any dog(s) who will be living with the dog MUST come to meet the dog you want to adopt. All our dogs are micro-chipped, have had at least their first inoculation* and are spayed/neutered unless there is a medical reason for not doing so. You must have a safe means of transporting the dog home in a crate or if this is not possible please discuss with Many Tears or the Fosterer when your application is being processed.
* Many Tears uses Vanguard to vaccinate their dogs.  However, this can sometimes be difficult to source at local vets so if you are adopting a dog or puppy that has only had one vaccination please be aware your vets may require you to start the course from the beginning.

Please read our adoption procedures before applying and then complete the adoption form.





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