Indo Status: Available

ID: 25269

Name: Indo

Breed: Shih Tzu

Age: 5 Years

Gender: Male

Adoption Fee: See the adoption details below

Location: In Foster in
Helston, Cornwall

If you are interested in adopting a dog that does not say it can be homed with a cat and wish us to cat test please let us know and we will be happy to do this.

15.05.19 Indo has come to us from a breeder and arrived here a little confused.  He wants to be friends with humans like the other dogs but gets worried when you approach him and freezes up. It will take a little time and somone special to help him learn to trust. Indo will need to go to a home with at least one other dog t o help build up his confidence and this will also help him with lead walking and house training etc.

17-06-19 UPDATE
Indo is doing very well here at Many Tears. He has only been here for 1 month and in that time he's proven himself to be a very good boy! He gets on perfectly well with all dogs, and has shared his kennel with other males as well as females. He shares his beds, food and toys perfectly too. He has already discovered that toys are fun, and his current favourite is one of those crinkly newspaper toys!
Indo has just started his harness and lead training. He likes to have a good nose at his surroundings and will take a few steps, especially if there is another dog out with him. On one of his outings he met a cat and he was happy for Ginger (one of our resident cats) to be around him! So, he has passed his cat test!
I think Indo will become quite an adventurous lad because he even climbed a few rocks on one of his first times out and about! Indo spends every day at the front of his kennel nosing at the goings on of the centre and waiting in great anticipation for something exciting to happen in his day. Outside in the sandschool he loves to play chase, and loves to chase after my very fast foster dog! Indo will approach people and give our hands lots of licks and kisses, he will also take treats from us. He still avoids being picked up, but he does settle in our arms. I hope a fosterer steps forward for this boy soon, or even better his forever family!

28-06-19 UPDATE

Hello everybody! Indo here in foster in Helston Cornwall . FM calls me Indie (like Indiana Jones... apparently ... who ever that is ! )
I’ve been here just a week and it’s ok . I can explore all round, which I often do, checking things out and picking up any treasures that I find ! I especially like plastic cartons and toys that squeak or rattle.
I’ve had a first trim by FM’s scissors and a bath ... which I thought I wouldn’t like ... but it was actually lovely. I ended up keeping very still for a massage and the rub down afterwards. Now I look like a teddy bear and ... feel like one too, apparently! Not sure about the image aspect but I’m certainly a lot lighter and don’t take so long to dry off !
Food is good here and I’ll now come for a treat and take it from FM’s hand. I’m keeping the house clean and only ever go outside.
At present I’m enjoying quiet times at night with my foster friend in a crate at the side of FM’s bed. I sleep all night without disturbing anyone cause I get really tired being busy all day and I’m clean in the crate too! FM gives me hugs. I’m not sure about that at the moment but I come when she calls and I love going round the fields with her and the other dogs and we all get on together.
During the day, I’m in and out of the house all the time but when it starts to get near bedtime I have to be persuaded that it’s not a good idea to stay outside!
I let FM pick me up and we have those snuggles but I sometimes grumble a bit just to let her know that I’m not really a softie! She tells me I’m a very special little man, very handsome and good fun to have around.
I hope whoever chooses me as their special boy has at least one other little friend for me to pal up with, likes the outside doors open during the day, has a good garden for me to play in, is there for me most of the time and goes exciting walks.

11-08-19 UPDATE

Indo has been here a few weeks now and made a lot of progress but he’s not keen on human contact although he likes to be with me and involved in whatever I’m doing but this has taken a long long time. I can clip him, bath him and pick him up without any resistance and he enjoys a game of tug with a squeaky toy. He eats well, has excellent recall from way down our fields, sleeps in the living room all night and is totally clean in the house.
Indo is about 7kg and the size of a miniature poodle. Unfortunately at present, he’s struggling to cope with strangers combined with the restraint of leads and harness. He needs a large secure garden and preferably a multi dog household of confident friends. In time he will settle in his new home but he needs space to exercise and have some thing to do in the meantime or he makes his own entertainment! Anything plastic or electrically wired seems to be particularly attractive.

11-09-19 UPDATE

Indo has made a lot of progress in the time he’s been here. He knows his name , has excellent recall in our fields and home, clean in the house, sleeps soundly in the living room with our dogs, is easy to trim, groom and bath. Likes to play tig with our dogs and loves squeaky toys and anything plastic that makes a crunching noise!
Unfortunately Indo still struggles with doors being closed and being shut in; he can dart out very quickly. He still has to be cornered to be handled but once in my arms, he settles quickly. Lead and harness walking is still a work in progress.
Indo missed his little foster friend when she was adopted some weeks ago and although my dogs are friendly with him, he misses the special friendship the two of them had doing everything together and snuggling up in bed at night. Indo is therefore looking for an loving home with another confident, energetic friend probably larger ShihTzu or cross or Westie but must be female.
He will need a large secure garden  esp whilst he gains confidence in his new surroundings and gives him enough stimulation and exercise until he settles again.
He is a little love but contact with me is always on his terms and in the presence of at least one of my smaller dogs.

29-09-19 UPDATE

This very special little boy can now walk happily on a long line and is enjoying walks in the woods with the resident dogs. He waits patiently by the car to be put in his crate and travels quietly for the whole journey. The key to progress with Indo is trust . He has taken a long time to weigh me up but has now decided I’m ‘safe’!  He enjoys hugs and a towel dry on the knee when he’s got wet and keeps very still whilst I brush him.
Indo needs a home with someone who is prepared to let him settle and learn to trust; who will give him time and space. He will then become a faithful little friend and a close companion. He will need another little friendly female dog that will let him hug up at night time and show him all the fun times ahead. Indo is best with a regular routine and a quiet speaking environment where he can relax. Then he will become happy and confident enough to play his little games with his toys.

PLEASE NOTE: We nearly always home dogs who have come from breeders where there is ALREADY A RESIDENT DOG living in the house. They have usually never lived in a house before and are only used to canine company. They usually get their confidence and learn faster with another dog to copy from. This also helps with house training and learning how to walk on a lead. They will make lovely pets but do need a lot of love, time and patience. If the ex breeding dog you are interested in can be an only dog it will say so in its write up. Please read our information on ADOPTING EX-BREEDING DOGS before you apply.

The adoption fee for an adult dog (6 months and over) is £220 and for a puppy is £250, However if the dog has a passport you will be given this when you adopt and we ask for a further £20 to help us buy a passport for another dog. You will find a break down of what the adoption fee covers under our Adoption Procedures (see link below) If your application is successful you will be home checked and you, all members of your family and any dog(s) who will be living with the dog MUST come to meet the dog you want to adopt. All our dogs are micro-chipped, have had at least their first inoculation and are spayed/neutered unless there is a medical reason for not doing so. You must have a safe means of transporting the dog home in a crate or if this is not possible please discuss with Many Tears or the Fosterer when your application is being processed.

Please read our adoption procedures before applying and then complete the adoption form.





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