Mako^ Status: Available

ID: 25209

Name: Mako^

Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross

Age: 3 Years

Gender: Female

Adoption Fee: A minimum donation of £100

Location: At Many Tears in
Llanelli, Carmarthenshire

If you are interested in adopting a dog that does not say it can be homed with a cat and wish us to cat test please let us know and we will be happy to do this.

12-08-2019 Mako was returned as was naughty when seeing other  dogs.  She had a super home but they camped a lot and could not make it work.  She is so very very sweet with people but not with cats and other dogs.  We walk her on a slip lead and halti and she is behaving well.  If you love staffs crosses understand them and want to help her please come and meet her.  She is by donation and absolutely loves people and could be homed with sensible teenage children.

25-08-19 UPDATE

Mako is proving to be so loving to all the staff here, she loves when you can go in to her kennel and give her lots of cuddles. She has improved with her first reaction to seeing other dogs and will walk by far more calmly then when she first came in. We are working with her daily to help her feel more relaxed in herself which I do think is working and helping her.
She absolutely loves running around the sandschool and being around people. There has got to be someone who wants a loving only dog... is that you?

03-09-19 UPDATE

Mako is a very special girl looking for an even for special home. She loves people however will need to go to a home as an only dog with no other animals! She will need a home where any children are older (13+) or no children at all.
Mako is a very loyal girl and does enjoy a fuss. Mako has been in kennels for months with no interest and she is starting to give up hope!! Today I have given Mako the freedom of a secure field and it was if her life had been turned upside down. All of a sudden she was free to run, play and roll in the mud like a dog should. Mako seemed so happy to play her tail wouldn’t stop and the look in her eyes when we were back at her kennel broke my heart it was like she knew playtime was over and she had to go back to sitting in her kennel being overlooked by everybody.

23-10-19 UPDATE
Mako is such a wonderful girl when it comes to people and children. She just dotes on humans so much. When Mako came to us she was fine with other dogs. She was adopted out as an only dog and even thought her adopters did everything they could Mako felt the need to protect her owners and started to react while on her lead. This put her new owners in a position where they didn't feel like they were the best match for Mako as they didn't have the experience of dogs like her. If he had known this before homing Mako that we would have done everything we could to have prevented this from happening.
I've been working quite a lot with Mako and I can walk her past the other dogs perfectly. She is a very active girl and loves nothing more than to run.
Mako is a very obedient girl and oves jumping when I had a few treats, I wondered if she would be interested in doing agility and boy was I right! This dog was born to please!
She will sit and lay down for a treat and will also give a high 5. Mako walks perfect on a halti and depending who is handling mako she will walk with and pass other dog with no problem.
Mako has had no applications, is this because she's not a Cav or Cockapoo? Because I know she has the heart of one.

11-11-19 UPDATE
Mako has been in kennels for a while now, it seems that no one even bothers to give her a second look. Yet she is one of my absolute favourite dogs to work with, we've done a lot of work with her dog reactivity and it is so rare that she even bothers giving a dog nearby a second thought, except for when we let them meet and her tail wags.
We still use a muzzle as a precaution but please don't let that make her look unappealing. She has a heart of gold and all she wants is love. She is happy, fun, loving, comical, clever and so bloody wonderful. Yes, she will need continued socialisation and training, but what dog doesn't? She is the essence of love, love for life and love for people. Please watch this video showing just a small part of this gorgeous girls personality. Someone is going to be incredibly lucky to have this girl love them for the rest of her life, they just need to look her way and notice her first.

19-11-19 UPDATE
As I am writing this I am sitting in the kennel with Mako, she is joyfully grabbing all her toys and bringing them to me, trying to entice me to play with her. Every now and then she'll jump on me for a snuggle and her whole body can't help but wag.. that is until she really relaxes in to a state of calm that I am incredibly envious of.
Mako isn't like the scared bichons we get in, she's not like the fluffy cockerpoos or pretty little Pomeranians. But Mako is just as beautiful, just as deserving, just as loyal. She is wonderful, a dog that will love you with her whole heart for the rest of her days, that is, aslong as you give her a chance to.
Please look in to her eyes and see the dog that Mako is, not the breed that gets a bad reputation because of bad owners.
She's here, waiting, waiting for someone to look beyond people's perceptions and to just see her, for who she is.


Although MAKO^ is by donation rather than the full adoption fee, we ask for a minimum donation of £100 to help cover the costs that have been incurred. All our dogs are micro-chipped, have had at least their first inoculation and are spayed/neutered unless there is a medical reason for not doing so. If your application is successful you will be home checked and you, all members of your family and any dog(s) who will be living with the dog MUST come to meet the dog you want to adopt. You must have a safe means of transporting the dog home in a crate or if this is not possible please discuss with Many Tears or the Fosterer when your application is being processed.

Please read our adoption procedures before applying and then complete the adoption form.





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