Mac Status: Available

ID: 23172

Name: Mac

Breed: Collie

Age: 3 Years

Gender: Male

Adoption Fee: See the adoption details below

Location: In Foster in
Maiden Bradley, Wiltshire

If you are interested in adopting a dog that does not say it can be homed with a cat and wish us to cat test please let us know and we will be happy to do this.

19-9-18 Mac is a 3 year old Collie, who has come to us to find his forever home. Mac walks well on the lead, but is nervous of us at the moment. Mac prefers women to men, so will need kind and gentle owners. Mac will benefit from a Collie experienced home, who can work to gain his confidence and give him an active home. Mac has never lived in a home before, so will not be house trained, and he will need another dog to live with. 

09-10-18 UPDATE

Mac has come a long way since he first arrived here at the centre and has made great progress. He's still nervous of sudden and loud noise or movements but is a lot more sure of himself. He walks on the lead well and gets on great with all his kennel friends. He will need an active home as he has lots of energy and routinely runs about the play yard! In the right home he will be an amazing member of the family and an amazing friend for life.

22-11-18 UPDATE

Mac is so desperate for his forever home with his forever people. He is very timid and takes a while to trust you but once he does he is so loving. This boy needs to be put of kennels and in a home where he is doted upon.

17-02-19 UPDATE
Mac is a very handsome tri-coloured collie, and has settled down in his foster home and really appreciates the comforts of home.
He’s learnt the routines here and understands how things work, which has eased a lot of his nervous anxiety and helped him to relax. He knows that training means treats and fun, and he loves to play with his foster siblings, especially the 45 kilo Inuit.
He's great on the lead and loves to go out walking, enjoys cuddling up with the family in the evenings, is house trained, sleeps quietly through the night with the other dogs, and will need at least one other dog in his forever family.
Although still quite jumpy he is getting over his fears and anxieties one step at a time, and now that he knows he can trust us he is beginning to be interested in strangers and the world about him. As long as we are nearby he usually investigates new humans with curiosity and interest.
It’s now time for him to find his forever family, so that he can learn to trust you too, and fit in with your ways. He’ll probably be nervous at first and we’ll show you how we deal with this, how we make him feel safe but also challenge him. He accepts the challenge every time and really seems to enjoy facing up to his fears and overcoming them. For example he was terrified when he first encountered a TV - but now he watches it, or ignores it depending on what’s on (I’m not going to give away his taste in programmes, that’s an adventure for you to undertake with him!). Dustbin day is another challenge that he accepted and overcame, and now he can walk past those beastly bins standing on his pavement with barely a shudder. Men up ladders no longer scare him either, but he’d rather not walk underneath just yet. Who can blame him?
He is very striking and does attract attention and admiration when out and about, but he is camera-shy! I’m no expert photographer at the best of times and for some reason as soon as he catches sight of a camera his tail and ears go down and he runs for cover. Maybe it reminds him of some horror of the past? So to admire his true beauty you’ll need to see him in the flesh. I can promise you he is more than worth a trip to SW Wiltshire.

PLEASE NOTE: We nearly always home dogs who have come from breeders where there is ALREADY A RESIDENT DOG living in the house. They have usually never lived in a house before and are only used to canine company. They usually get their confidence and learn faster with another dog to copy from. This also helps with house training and learning how to walk on a lead. They will make lovely pets but do need a lot of love, time and patience. If the ex breeding dog you are interested in can be an only dog it will say so in its write up. Please read our information on ADOPTING EX-BREEDING DOGS before you apply.

The adoption fee for an adult dog (6 months and over) is £220 and for a puppy is £250, However if the dog has a passport you will be given this when you adopt and we ask for a further £20 to help us buy a passport for another dog. You will find a break down of what the adoption fee covers under our Adoption Procedures (see link below) If your application is successful you will be home checked and you, all members of your family and any dog(s) who will be living with the dog MUST come to meet the dog you want to adopt. All our dogs are micro-chipped, have had at least their first inoculation and are spayed/neutered unless there is a medical reason for not doing so. You must have a safe means of transporting the dog home in a crate or if this is not possible please discuss with Many Tears or the Fosterer when your application is being processed.

Please read our adoption procedures before applying and then complete the adoption form.





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