Perky Status: Available

ID: 17552

Name: Perky

Breed: Bichon Frise

Age: 11 Years

Gender: Male

Adoption Fee: A minimum donation of £100

Location: In Foster in
Carmarthen, Carmarthenshire

If you are interested in adopting a dog that does not say it can be homed with a cat and wish us to cat test please let us know and we will be happy to do this.

03-11-2016 Perky is a male Bichon who has been given to us by his breeder to find a forever home. He is a very nervous little boy who doesn't yet understand kind human touch and will try to run away from us. At the moment he is not used to being handled but we will spend time to help him get used to human contact. Perky needs an adult only home as he would find children too scary at the moment, with people who are experienced with frightened dogs. He is going to need a lot of time, love and patience to help him get used to living in a home. He will find it very strange and frightening to live in a home so will need a kind resident dog or dogs to help him get used to the sights and sounds of home life. He will not be house trained and will have no idea about walking on a lead. He will need patient owners who will help him to come round in his own time.  He is by donation only becuase of his age.

18-12-16 UPDATE
Everyone here, and who meets him, loves Perky! He is an adorable little soul, who has come a long way since his arrival at Many Tears. He is a happy little bundle of joy who will run up to say hello to people he knows well, and some strangers too! He is always smiling away and showing us his gummy smile, and despite not having many teeth, he really enjoy his food - it just takes him that little bit longer bless him, and also LOVES treats!
When he sees us coming, Perky will look right up at us with his loving chocolate button eyes! He loves attention, and runs up to us playfully, jumping about, wagging his tail and barking on the odd occasion. He sounds like a frog when he barks! Last week, we all had a huge shock when a member of staff found Perky choking. He rushed him to the Vets who found and removed a polyp from Perky's larynx. Despite choking, and finding it difficult to breathe, Perky was still jumping around smiling and wagging his tail!
Perky really is an incredible and happy little chappy. Whoever is lucky enough to adopt him will be so glad they chose him.
So...Perky is very lucky to be alive. In kennels, he is quiet and loves sharing his bed with his kennel friends. He loves a big thick fresh duvet to roll around in! He is nosey and inquisitive, and likes to stand next to his friends at the front of their kennel to watch the goings on of the centre, with his head tilted to one side! Out in the play yard, Perky will bound around with his friends and wants to play with us too! He's a funny boy and will come running up to us, bark like a frog and jump up, and run away again, wanting us to interact with him! He is ever so cute!
Perky really is a fantastic, remarkable lad, who is just loving life right now and appreciating being rescued. Oh boy -  what it would be like for him to find a foster or forever home before Christmas!! Perky would just be forever grateful and would probably fall in love with you completely. If I was in the position to adopt another dog, I'd snap Perkykins up without hesitation! If you like the look and sound of this little boy, please fill in an online application, because I'm sure once more people start to read and hear more about him, they are going to jump at the chance for this boy to be in their lives! Perky would need to be homed with another more confident resident dog who will provide him with the doggy company he needs and loves to become fully happy in life, as well as to learn new things such as walking on a harness and lead and housetraining. What are you waiting for???!!! 

31-01-17 UPDATE
Perky has been living with me for a few weeks now and he is an absolute joy to have around! He is utterly adorable and a complete cutie pie!
He likes his routine and wakes up at around 7am most mornings, joining in with the other dogs getting excited at my appearance downstairs! He loves his food and wags his little tail like crazy when breakfast and dinner are served. He shares extremely well and doesn't ever try and pinch the other dogs dinners! He is actually always last to finish - probably because he is a gentleman as well as the fact he hardly has any teeth! But he manages just fine and also enjoys the very occasional bone! In the house, Perky likes cuddling up to his smaller female foster sister. Perky loves all dogs but feels much more comfortable being around smaller dogs, and much happier around small female dogs.
Perky is famous for his love and adoration for his females - he shows nothing but respect towards them too and I am very proud of him for this, especially as he was used as a stud dog for many years. You will always see Perky cuddled up to, or hanging out with one of his ladies in the play yard. Perky comes to work with me during the day, and gets on so well with other dogs and is so well behaved that he is able to hang out in the office with other foster dogs as well as Sylvias own. Twice I have been radio'd to come and comfort Perky when one of his female best friends get taken away from him to be adopted - he cries a little and gets a little worried about where they are going! Perky is an incredibly sweet, and gentle boy, with nothing but love and compassion for his fellow canine companions. Perky is very intrigued and curious by all sorts of things in his life. He likes to watch me put my make up on and cook in the house! Unless he is distracted by his foster sisters and toys!  When it comes to toys, Perky is hilarious! He shares them really well and is just amazed and gets very excited by squeaky ones! He likes to watch his foster sisters play with them...he will be wagging his tail the whole time then suddenly bark and jump on one! It really is funny watching Perky play! He has everyone in stitches! Perky loves trotting around the garden! He has a very proud and confident stance, although he himself isn't that confident, and is a right little busy body! He is quite comical and entertaining to watch in the garden. He would love a nice garden in his forever home to busy himself in and keep him entertained and occupied! Perky now walks on a harness and lead with other dogs around. He thoroughly enjoys going for walks. When it is time to lift him up and put him in the car, or time to take his harness off, Perky will try his best to avoid being picked up and it can be quite difficult to do so. He is still a little worried what we are going to do to him bless him. Perky will enjoy the occasional fuss though and a good bum scratch when in the house and on the sofa with his doggy friends around. Perky would need to be homed with another more confident resident dog who will provide him with the doggy company he needs and loves to become fully happy in life, as well as to learn new things.

29-05-17 UPDATE
After a few months of being in foster with me, Perky has further settled into a home environment. He has his routine, as stated in my previous update, and continues to enjoy home comforts. He loves a comfy bed, but his favourite kind of bed is a bean bag and he has asked me to ask his forever family to buy one for him! He will take a good run up to it, catapult himself into the air - holding his body very rigidly - it's hilarious - and once landed, relaxes into it. Once in a deep sleep, you can often find him lying on his back, face and paws up in the air looking extremely relaxed and comfortable. If he wakes up he will have a really good roll around and rub his entire body all over said bean bag/settee, and he is the happiest dog alive! Perky continues to show interest in what us humans do around the house - which is quite comical - and nowadays especially when someone is preparing food! You will often find him standing somewhere to the side of you and if you turn around and look at him he'll wag his tail and do a little side step shuffle and make a few "grumbles" of excitement at the possibility of having a piece of cheese/carrot/chicken/salmon! He may also, on occasion, give off a few cute little barks, while throwing his head back. His ears flap back too and everyone who sees his ears do this find him even more ridiculously cute! Despite not having many teeth, he will have the occasional bone and kong.
Perky loves being able to come in and out of the garden when he likes. He trots around always looking like a show dog. He is finding this recent heat wave a struggle, so will take himself off inside into the cool house and every now and then, will check that me and his doggy friends are still there, bless him, wanting us to join him inside! He loves feeling the grass under his tiny paws - and his forever family must have a grassy area for him to run across - again when he feels grass under his paws he gets very excited and runs around lookin like the happiest dog alive! Perky loves his walks and likes a walk twice a day - lasting up to an hour tops. Despite his estimated age, Perky keeps up with my beagle! And really does need his exercise. To be honest, Perky would walk till he dropped!
Again Perks trots around looking like a show dog! When he visits a new place, he can sometimes seem unsure. For example, on his first visit to the beach, his tail was between his legs, and he kept looking up to me for reassurance and wanted to remain right next to his doggy friends. On his second visit to the beach however, he was pulling on the lead, desperately wanting to run around, so we did! He also didn't mind going into the very shallow water, he basically loved it! He jumped and skipped about, his tail up and wagging and he looked so happy. He thoroughly enjoyed himself and it made me so happy and proud.
Perky is much more used to being handled these days, however he will still sometimes be tricky to pick up and put a harness on/put into a crate in the car. So his new owners will need to be able to manage him if he decides to avoid being picked up and starts throwing himself around. He is a clever boy though, and if walked through a country park, will try his best to avoid dirty puddles! He does need a regular grooming session, especially being a bichon. He is great in the bath, is excellent at being groomed by an experienced groomer, but does avoid me if he thinks he is going to be groomed by me and buries his face into a cushion to avoid me cleaning his face bless him! 
Perky loves and needs his doggy friends around, and it's now obvious that Perky feels 100% comfortable around female dogs, but not at all comfy around males. He shuts down and takes himself away if there are large males around, and he doesn't seem to have much time for male puppies! Females he loves though! When I first fostered Perky, he seemed to go backwards in his behaviour - he seemed a little more sad, a little more wary of us humans - this is because he was so used to living in a kennel environment - he was completely institutionalized. So his new owners would need to be aware that this may happen when he first comes to their home, but given time, he will settle down, especially if they have at least one lovely calm relaxed confident female dog who he can follow around and cuddle up to.

I have fallen for Perky. I think he's adorable. And he is looking for his perfect home now, where his forever family can offer him the time he really needs. Oh yeah, he also knows his name now too! We think he knew his name when he was in kennels - and he responds immediately! He is a real cutie, an innocent soul, who has only learnt about the real World since being fostered. He is more than ready to find his forever family now, so he can really relax in what will be his forever life.

26-08-17 UPDATE
Just recently, Perky was picked up from my home and whisked off by a friend and groomer, to have a makeover! He travelled well, and was brilliantly behaved during the session, and when he arrived back home he seemed super happy to be back, as well as super excited to show off his new 'do! He looked absolutely ecstatic, and had a big gummy smile spread across his face!
He has recently been feeling a bit under the weather, and this pamper session was really needed and deserved, and helped make him feel a bit better. Perky loves to be spoilt and likes to feel fresh and keeps himself very clean, bless him. 
Perkys hilarious fascination with the local farm animals continues! He likes to watch and make a few grumbles towards the sheep from the comfort of his seat on the sofa, and when out and about cannot resist pulling me towards any fields that have cows in! He loves to say hello to them, and will happily stand and watch them for ages if you let him!  Perky thoroughly enjoys his walks which average on 40 mins to 1 hour at a time. When it is time to put his harness on, sometimes he will make it really easy for me and stand there right by the front gate for me to dress him, but other times, he gets so excited he just can't contain himself, and will burst into a mad dash about the garden for a few moments! As soon as he is dressed, and as soon as the front gate is opened, Perky will burst into a run! - He is just so excited for his walk/adventure, and will potter along nicely, his ears bouncing up and down. Every now and again, he will look back, and sometimes walk back to me, and then off again, checking his girls are ok! He is always walked on a long lead. Perky also likes it very much if I have treats on me to give him during the walk, and will occasionally stop right infront of me and look up at me with those big innocent eyes of his!
He loves living in the countryside very much and this is his favourite place to explore. Perky loves his food and still stands next to me while I cook and will quite happily take treats from mine and my friends hands! Perky spends the rest of his time in the day watching the goings on from his seat on the sofa, snuggled up to his doggy friends on the sofa, sleeping, or, having a nosey in the garden, occasionally joining in with playing with some toys! He likes the odd back rub too and doesn't mind a belly rub while he rolls on his back !  Perky is a really lovely lad, a sweet and gentle soul, who is very cute and comical in his ways, and also extremely funny, who would bring so much joy to almost any family if given the chance. He really is a darling boy who will steal all your love in your heart in time.

11-01-18 UPDATE
Perky is a beautiful boy both inside and out and has been in foster with me for a year now. He is still waiting for his forever family to find him and give him the perfect life he dreams of and which he so deserves. He had a lovely Christmas and received lots of presents but his favourite thing about Christmas was me being around home more so that he could go on a few more walks which he loves - he even went off lead in a large confined field a number of times! He loved the experience and jumped and ran around like a little bouncey lamb! He followed the other dogs perfectly. When it was time to to attach his lead back onto his harness he did seem to become a little worried about it and did seem to want to avoid that happening and became a little frightened and did try and run off! It was easily managed with experience and two people being present. Perky also loved the delicious smells of different foods being on offer at Christmas time! He was always by my feet when I was preparing food and would give a little expectant and hopeful wag when I looked down at him! He's adorable! He enjoyed Christmas dinner, salmon, homemade biscuits, cheese, and carrots amongst other scrummy things! The last couple of months have seen Perky enjoy snuggling up to his human friends as well as his doggy friends! He's lovely to cuddle! His fur is so velvety. He is in need of a groom now though. Perky is advanced with me as he knows me well - but he will probably set back a little with his new family. He still has the occasional wee in the house too. Perky is looking for a family with at least one other small young female doggy friend who he can cuddle up to and who'll provide him with the reassurance and friendship he needs to settle in quicker and become a happy boy. A secure and flat garden is ideal as he finds steps a like awkward and he is a little clumsy on them! And a grassy area to run about on! He loves grass! But he loves a sofa even more!

28-04-18 UPDATE
Perky has recently had a professional groom and boy does he look good! He was apparently brilliantly behaved and is booked in to see his groomer every 8 weeks to keep his coat in tip-top condition.  He thoroughly enjoyed the recent snow fall we had! And spent his time having loads of fun - more fun than I've ever see him have - chasing and then pouncing on snow balls thrown for him! It was lovely seeing him enjoy himself so much! Now that Spring has sprung, my patio doors are always open, and the majority of my dogs are spending most of their time outside in the garden - all except Perky, who spends half his time with the dogs outside, but half his time inside in the comfort and on a settee - popping out every now and again to check his friends haven't left him and are still outside, bless him! He can find the sun pretty tough going. He becomes hot quickly and will pant. He's a clever boy though, and will take himself off inside if it gets too much for him. Perky loves his walks - and also loves bursting into a run in secure fields. His love for food also continues - he still hasn't mastered how to "sit" yet though! When I cook, or when he hears his pack of treats come out, Perky really perks up and comes to life! He promptly dives off the sofa and you can hear you can hear the pitter-patter of his feet and he trots over! He also enjoys food toys like kongs. Perky loves his friends, especially his little female friends, who he becomes attached to and extremely close to. He enjoys cuddling up with them, as well as going on walks with them and running about with them at the beach or somewhere nice.
Perky is still not 100% comfortable when you stroke him, but doesn't mind if you stroke his belly when he rolls around on his back on the sofa, pleased as punch he is still in a loving home environment!

20-08-18 UPDATE
My precious little Perky has been in foster with me for a year and a half now. So as you can imagine he is very settled and I am extremely fond and very attached to him, but he needs someone who is around home more, especially as he is starting to get a little older now. He almost found his perfect forever home recently - with a lady who is retired, who loves walking, and has a few bichons who are spoilt rotten and whose every needs are met. However, sadly, the adoption could not go ahead due to the lady's personal circumstances - which was very sad for us all.
Perky continues to be a pleasure to have around. He will greet me first thing in the morning with a very waggy bum, barking whilst throwing his head back until I get to him to give him morning strokes while he rolls around on his back feeling happy! He is a quiet boy, unless he is saying hello to you in the morning, or if you are preparing his breakfast or dinner - then he gets very excited, or if he sees a bird or other creature in the garden - then he gives a quieter bark now and again! However, if I am chopping up veg, he will just stand right under me, looking right up at me, completely quiet, wagging his tail expectantly! He is very cute and comical.
Perky has struggled a little during this years hot Welsh Summer so has preferred to be inside or in the shade with a fan on him. He would never be able to be walked during the hot weather - as no dog should - but he also finds walking at dusk a little scary - he slows down and whimpers a little! I don't think he can see well in this light. But in cool weather and normal day light, Perky LOVES going on walks and adventures and follows his favourite little female canine around - thoroughly enjoying their little adventures together!
It's on walks out and about when Perkys young, fit, adventurous, fun self shines through. He does go off lead in some safe areas, and as long as he stays with his favourite female friend (who has great recall), then he is safe and will stay close by with his "pack" as such. However if he is parted from her, then Perky can become a little lost and will turn back on himself and start to trot off - he is often in his own little world and could therefore so easily get lost bless him...SO...he must be kept an eye on at all times. I keep calling over to him but if I run over to him he will run off - so it is essentail I keep him close at all times. He has also started to not run away so much and be so difficult to catch when putting a harness and lead on but he won't come up to you to be dressed!
Perky is a very loyal, very doting gentleman towards his little canine lady friends and will need at least one in his forever home! He has no idea about personal space and will clamber on his female doggy friends and snuggle into them on the sofa or on his big bean bag which he loves! He is much more comfortable with fuss and strokes these days, but still dips his head in shyness... He doesn't mind you stroking his belly when he's rolling around on his back. Perky never really asks for fuss, but doesn't mind it so much these days. His love for you is shown in the way he looks at you and in the way he watches you all the time! And he will come and sleep on my lap now which is just lovely!
The sonner Perky is settled into his forever home the better, as new situations and surroundings and changes to his routine stress and upset this little lad, as well as make him cry and feel confused. He is a sensitive boy bless him who is quite innocent and unaware and very much in his own little world... As long as he has a little female friend... plenty of fresh vegetable treats as well as his two meaty dinners a day, and given plenty of understanding and patience, Perky will become your little treasure and his funny personality and character will shine through. I think he's absolutely adorable.

18-11-18 UPDATE
Just recently Perky had one of his regular grooming sessions at Central Bark in the Gower, Swansea, by a lady called Chloe and her sister. Don’t you think he looks fantastic?! He also recently received several packages through the post from a lovely, very kind lady who has been a supporter of Many Tears for many years. It was all very exciting! He loved the extra attention and treats and loved opening the packages with me! He was gifted a Senior Kong, a Lick Matt, a toy Sheep, and lots of healthy, nutritious treats! Perky felt very special indeed! The present that took his fancy first was the Sheep Kong! He would like to say a HUGE Thankyou to the lady who sent him these – it made him very happy and his foster Mum was taken by surprise at the thoughtfulness of these gifts. Perky is happy the weather is changing and cooling down - that Autumn is here for a little while, and is looking forward to cosy nights in on the sofa!

27-04-19 UPDATE
Perky has been recovering from having all bar 2 of his teeth removed about a month ago. He will in future need the remaining 2 taken out as well, but they are not ready to come out just yet. His diet has been changed to a much softer diet - his biscuits are always soaked these days, and he doesn't have dental chews or any hard foods like that anymore. It takes him longer to eat his meals, but he is persistent in cleaning every last bit of food from his bowl despite proving more tricky!, and he still enjoys his carrots etc - they just take him longer to eat. Going under general anaesthetic really knocked Perky for six and it has left him much quieter than he usually is. I was worried, but he's doing better now. The Vet also confirmed that Perky has the beginning of cataracts in both eyes, so future adopters must be made aware that Perky may or may not lose his sight, and may or may not be a suitable candidate for eye surgery due to his age. Here is a picture of Perky making a little appearance in the shade during the recent hot spell we had here in Wales. He wanted to sit inside where it was cooler, but because all the other dogs were sunbathing, he eventually gave in and came to sit in the shade with us, bless him.

31-07-19 UPDATE

Perky is an early bird, who wakes his foster family up around 5.45am every morning! He will start to "sing" until I am up and walking about as well, he will then proceed to bark and throw his head back - he is very happy the rest of us are awake and up and as well as himself! He joins the other dogs outside briefly, before heading back inside and waiting patiently/slightly impatiently sometimes - standing on his hind legs, wagging his tail, seemingly smiling - his whole focus and gaze on the food being prepared! He can't wait for his breakfast! He spends ages licking his bowl and doesn't like it if I try to take his bowl away before he's finished making his bowl spotless for me - he presses his face into his bowl making it very awkward for me to pick up! He will then pop outside to do his business, before running back in to make his bed on the sofa!
.....Perky likes a walk in the morning, but loves a walk in the afternoon or evening. Maybe he likes his body to warm up first! Once his lead is attached and I open the gate he shoots out! Perky does go off lead in some safe areas, and as long as he stays with his favourite female friend (who has great recall), then he is safe and will stay close by with his "pack" as such. However if he is parted from her, then Perky can become a little lost and will turn back on himself and start to trot off - he is often in his own little world and could therefore so easily get lost bless him...SO...he must be kept an eye on at all times. I keep calling over to him but if I run over to him he will run off - so it is essential I keep him close at all times. Attaching the lead back to his harness can be a little tricky but manageable. Perky loves running around off lead at the beach too. He travels well in the car but does "sing/cry" a little - he's a sensitive boy!
.....Perky does not like the hot weather we are having though, and prefers to stay indoors in the air-conditioned room, but he does pop out to the garden now and again. Perky has been suffering with a lot of ear wax recently so is currently back and for to the Vets at the moment. He is on another course of Cleanaural and because he is an older gentleman he needs his ears plucking on a regular basis. He's not keen on having this done bless him, but we are starting to try and get him more used to this. He's over due an appointment with his groomer due to him not liking his ears being touched, but his next appointment is up and coming. He will also probably need the remaining 2 teeth in his mouth to be removed some time in the future.
.....Perky will need to be homed with another dog - small females are his favourite! Ones who will bring out the life in him a little more! - Also ones who don't mind his neediness, and ones who don't mind him laying on them in bed but also don't mind him getting a tad grumpy if they lay on him! He's a funny boy! Perky has been in foster with me for a very long time now...The sooner Perky is settled into his forever home the better, as new situations and surroundings and changes to his routine stress and upset this little lad, as well as make him cry and feel confused.
He is a sensitive boy bless him who is quite innocent and unaware and very much in his own little world... As long as he has a little female friend... some fresh vegetable treats as well as his two meals a day, and given plenty of understanding and patience, Perky will become your little treasure and his funny personality and character will shine through.

PLEASE NOTE: We nearly always home dogs who have come from breeders where there is ALREADY A RESIDENT DOG living in the house. They have usually never lived in a house before and are only used to canine company. They usually get their confidence and learn faster with another dog to copy from. This also helps with house training and learning how to walk on a lead. They will make lovely pets but do need a lot of love, time and patience. If the ex breeding dog you are interested in can be an only dog it will say so in its write up. Please read our information on ADOPTING EX-BREEDING DOGS before you apply.


Although PERKY is by donation rather than the full adoption fee, we ask for a minimum donation of £100 to help cover our costs. All our dogs are micro-chipped, have had at least their first inoculation* and are spayed/neutered unless there is a medical reason for not doing so. If your application is successful you will be home checked and you, all members of your family and any dog(s) who will be living with the dog MUST come to meet the dog you want to adopt. You must have a safe means of transporting the dog home in a crate or if this is not possible please discuss with Many Tears or the Fosterer when your application is being processed.
* Many Tears uses Vanguard to vaccinate their dogs.  However, this can sometimes be difficult to source at local vets so if you are adopting a dog or puppy that has only had one vaccination please be aware your vets may require you to start the course from the beginning.

Please read our adoption procedures before applying and then complete the adoption form.





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