Roo (was Robyn)


Roo (was Robyn) Status: Available

ID: 17294

Name: Roo (was Robyn)

Breed: Shih Tzu Cross

Age: 8 Years

Gender: Female

Adoption Fee: See the adoption details below

Location: In Foster in
Carmarthen, Carmarthenshire

If you are interested in adopting a dog that does not say it can be homed with a cat and wish us to cat test please let us know and we will be happy to do this.

02-06-2017 Roo is a 6 year old Shih Tzu cross who originally came to us from a breeder. She was adopted 6 months ago but heartbreakingly her adoring owner passed away unexpectedly and Roo has found herself back here. She is house trained but accidents will be expected when arriving in a new home. She loves her walks and used to enjoy caravan holidays with her mum. She is used to sleeping in the bedroom in her own bed and would love that in her new home. Beautiful Roo is only 6 months into being a pet dog and is still nervous in new situations so her new owners will need to understand this, but with time, love and patience Roo will settle back into home life and hopefully be as adored by her new owner as she was by her first.

17-06-17 UPDATE
Roo is now in foster and doing very well. She is a very quiet girl who you hardly notice is in the house. She enjoys nothing more than chilling out in her comfy bed in her little favourite hideaway spot under a tall plant and stairs, or, daydreaming out the window on the back of the sofa, or, on the floor infront of the patio doors. If it is a nice dry day, she likes to be outside in the sunshine watching the goings on of the countryside! She is completely house clean, shares her food well - doesn't react if one of the other dogs tries pinching her dindins either, although I obviously don't let them. She is very lady like and will sit there nice and patient and eats her meals nice and slowly - unlike some of the others! Roo loves her food, and because of her previous Mum being an excellent cook, is used to being treated with delicious snacks. If she hears the crackling of a packet she will come running! It's quite funny and cute. Roo is easy to bath and seems to really enjoy being brushed. She seems like she would happily sit there for hours being pampered, looking up at you with those beautiful, sparkly eyes which are just so full of love, and those eyelashes - well! Roo is an exceptionally pretty girl! She does not like the hair dryer being put on though and will run away. Out and about Roo walks perfectly on the lead. She loves having a little explore, stopping occasionally to have a good smell. Roo does get a bit worried when strangers walk by, so this is something to be aware of. New people, no matter what situation she is in, do scare her. So I am socialising her with new people, and new dogs. She meets all new dogs well if they do not invade her personal space too much. Roo quickly became aware that I was her new guardian, and has become quite attached and follows me around in work. Roo is a very loyal lady. Roo loves spending time in the garden. She likes to lie down and watch everything. She will occasionally join in with the other dogs playing - chasing after balls thrown, or more usually, settling down with a toy and playing with it by herself. Her current favourites are a big soft rubber bone and a tortoise, and she just loves playing with them. She doesn't like it when another dog tries to take her toys away from her though. She's had enough taken away from her in her life so this is understandable, but she is not allowed to tell the other dogs off for trying. Roo also likes to have a drink and dip in the paddling pool! Roo is starting to show signs of happiness - the main times are when she sees you first thing in the morning, or when she gets home after a long day. She will run around, wag her tail, looking so proud and happy, will copy the others and jump up to rest her paws on your legs, and roll around on her back in complete joy. She is a sweetheart. She's looking for her next forever family to find her now. Her new owners need to want her 100%, & put 100% into her. They'll need to have had experience in ex - breeders, be completely understanding of her situation and the emotional turmoil she is going through right now, & have plenty of time and patience. At present we would like Roo to be homed with a calm, non reactive, same size or slightly bigger understanding resident dog who will become her new role model and best friend. If you like the look and sound of Roo, and think you have the ideal home for her, then please fill in an application form.

26-08-17 UPDATE
Roo has further settled into life in her foster home and is doing very well, and making everyone who knows her extremely proud. She is proving to be a very loving, very loyal, very cute, animated bundle! She spends her days chilling out relaxing in one of the beds dotted about the house, but most of the time in the one that's right next to the patio doors so she can watch the goings on of outside. If Roo can't be outside, then she wants to be able to see the outside! Roo loves the outside World, and likes nothing more than chilling out in the garden. She loves to be on the look out, and any noise or disturbance and she will alert you! She is quite funny and her inner confidence seems to shine then! Her favourite look out/relaxing spots are on top of the picnic bench or on the sun loungers! But if a friend - even someone she knows comes into the garden - she will run away and either run to me for safety or to her bed under the stairs. We are trying to get her more comfortable with other people, but she will still not take treats from the hands of anyone other than me - her guardian, and looks at other people with quite a wide eyed worried expression on her face. Only recently has she found the confidence to jump up on the sofa next to me and stay there if a friend is also sharing the same sofa. Roo still does not trust other people very much. On walks she is wary of people approaching, and they will stop her in her tracks. Over the past few months, Roo has proven to be a flight risk, partly because of this, so she now wears a harness and lead, as well as a bell. She enjoys going for walks with her foster brother and sisters, and walks at a slow pace and can get out of breath quite easily. She loves to stop occasionally, having a good sniff of all sorts and has just recently started to become a little more adventurous! ... Wanting to explore gaps in hedges/climb banks etc! Roo will also occasionally burst into a brief run if her foster brother does so! Roo has recently had a professional groom. She behaved perfectly and did not mind having the majority of her coat shaved off, as it was quite matted. It took quite a while but she did not mind at all. She looks beyond spectacular now - and everyone is in awe of her 1 1/2 inch long eyelashes! She is a beautiful looking lady! Roo still loves playing with toys! And still loves her food and treats - she gets so animated at breakfast and dinner time - it's hilarious seeing how excited she gets! She has been known to get so excited that she jumps up onto a table to get closer to the bowl in your hands! When she sees me coming home after work, Roo becomes so excited and happy, her mouth drops open, she jumps up and down and cant wait to see me. She stands against the patio doors and beats them with her two front paws! She will run straight out and jump about in complete joy before jumping on and resting her two front paws against my chest...she gives the best cuddles too and has clearly missed me. Roo spends the majority of her week at home, but comes to work with me 2 days a week to be socialised with other dogs. Before coming into foster with me, and when she first arrived, she seemed to be a bit bossy at times and also not overly fond of very excitable/noisey dogs - she is still not, or - similar sized/smaller female dogs who were similar in character to her (those showing typical shih tzu characteristics!) Her regular and ongoing socialising lessons, seem to be working and helping her understand she does not need to see these type of dogs as threats to her, and she is not allowed to be bossy! At night time, as soon as I start to walk up the stairs to bed, Roo moves so fast out of her bed to join me and will spend the night curled up in a ball at the bottom of the bed by my feet. Being able to sleep on my bed is important to Roo and she would like to be able to do this in her forever home, as she did in her first forever home. Roo is gorgeous. She is loving, loyal, playful, comical, animated - a typical shih Tzu. She is looking for someone who will be able to understand and work with her. Her life has been a bit of a rollercoaster of a ride, through no fault of her own. We would like her new Mummy and family to have had experience in ex - breeders, be completely understanding of her situation and the emotional turmoil she has been through, and someone with plenty of time and patience. I can honestly say, if you are willing to put the time and energy into her, you will be SO SO SO glad if you did! She is a wonderful girl! So, if you like the look and sound of her, and think you have the ideal home for her, then please fill in an application form. 26-10-17 UPDATE

I have in my past updates on Roo, briefly touched on her "issues" such as her fear of everyone (other than me - her foster Mum), her massive fear and consequent flightiness when out and coming into contact with people, her slight grumpiness with other dogs when settling in and her need for a home experienced in dealing with scared ex-breeders. But I've wanted to sound positive and happy and have concentrated on Roo's positives and more on what she is like when she is settled in a home and with the person looking after her. Unfortunately these means most of the people who've applied, haven't really understood her "issues" or needs. So I am going to try and make these more clear. I am kennel staff at Many Tears, I've worked with hundreds of scared dogs, have fostered many and Roo is one of the more scared and shut down and special ones so we need to find her the perfect family and home. It breaks my heart that my darling Roo is still in foster with me and hasn't yet found her perfect forever home and also that I am not in the position to keep her myself. It harder because I know when she does eventually move to her home with her forever family, she will have another massive shock to her system. She is going to be so so sad, unsettled and wonder what she is doing so wrong to be past on again and will have to go through what she finds the hardest thing in life - the ability to trust someone new and become comfortable around them and to become happy again. She finds it just so hard to trust new people and has been known to be a little grumpy towards dogs in the past but with the right knowledge and perseverance and love she and her new owners can get through this if they are 100% committed. Roo lives happily alongside 2 larger females as well as a smaller female and male dog but there was a time I was worried for the smaller female, as she is quite a feisty character and despite being very scared of humans, so is Roo deep down! Roo has lost some weight recently which will have improved her health but she still loves her food and gets super excited by it - sitting patiently as it's being made and then jumping up and down in great excitement as I carry the bowl over to her feeding spot! She looks very comical when she is this animated! Because of her weight loss, she can now move a little quicker out on walks and is able to keep up with her foster sister easier which has made Roo a lot happier! She also loves her toys, and enjoys throwing them about and playing with them and she loves being outside in the garden...chilling out, playing, and keeping watch! She is a good watch dog until a someone enters my property and then she will run away in fear. It is very important that Roo's new home has a lovely garden because this is what she has been used to and this is where she feels the safest and most confident. Out on walks Roo is fine until she sees people and then she panics and tries to run away. Strangers and groups of people absolutely petrify her and Roo would need to live in a calm, quiet home, in a very quiet neighbourhood. She would not cope at all well in a busy town/city. God forbid it ever happened, but when Roo does panic, and if she did somehow manage to get away from her new owner, they would need to be physically fit and have experience in scared ex-breeders to even have a chance of getting her back. She does not trust anyone other than her owner. Roo is a very special dog, who has been left scarred by her past life. She has one of the most saddest but beautiful souls and character and needs someone who has experience in scared ex-breeders and who is going to stick by her through thick and thin - particularly during her settling in period which will take a few months and could be a little tough. She has been in foster with me for 4 months and it was only 2 days ago she gave me a little wave for the very first time! It was so cute and lovely and she knew how thrilled I was because of how happy and excited it made me! She kept doing it then! It's her way of asking for fuss and belly rubs which she loves! Two days ago also marked the very first time she did not run away in fear when my boyfriend sat next to her. She thought about it, but she chose to jump on the top of the sofa and stay there but she was a little wary. Roo would certainly need her new owner to be a female. She will still refuse to take treats from anyone other than me and one female friend at the moment. Roo is definitely a long term project dog but she will come around and warm to her forever Mum in a matter of weeks and will be a normal dog around her home and garden but it could take months and maybe even longer for her to trust other humans.. If you are extremely patient, calm and feel you can offer Roo what she needs and are prepared to stick with her through the good and the bad in the beginning, then please fill in an application as we'd love to hear from you. Once she gets to know you, and you her, she will make the most loveliest and funniest and cutest of dogs. p.s. Roo would need a cat free home!

11-01-18 UPDATE

Beautiful Roo is still waiting for her forever family. She had a lovely Christmas and thoroughly enjoyed copying her doggy friends rip open their presents and has since loved playing with all her new toys! She also loved all the delicious food she had at Christmas time - from Sunday dinner, to salmon and cheese, and home made biscuits made by the lovely Steph Bacon who fosters for Many Tears and who followed Roos Mums recipes. Roo loved the biscuits very much. It seemed like she remembered having them before. Her Mum definitely knew how to make her happy.
Roos recent achievement is not running away when two of my closest friends who she has known for 6 months and who visit often, sit on the sofa next to her. She does look at them in shock and does move up, and doesn't look 100% relaxed, but at least she doesn't run away now. Progress is being made.
She has even let a novice like me groom her. She loves being groomed and how it feels once it's finished. She is much more comfier and happier when her hair is short, and her ears long like her Mum had them which is the prettier look for her
Roo now has a lead which advertises the fact she is nervous, and is waiting for a custom made harness for extra safety when out on walks. She much prefers walking when no one else is around. When it's just me, her, and her doggy friends. She can panic when other people are about and her istinct is to run away.
When Roo knows you well, she is a very affectionate and loving girl, who is so excited by your presence especially if you've popped out for a little while, and likes strokes, loves belly rubs, and will even give me kisses now.

28-04-18 UPDATE

Beautiful Roo-roo, what are we going to do? I was so hoping she would have found her forever family and home by now. Losing her first home was so sad and so traumatic for her. Now that Spring is here, Roo is loving being able to spend more time outside in the garden! She loves to sunbathe, loves to roll around on the sunloungers, and loves being able to nose at the goings on of the country side! She has a few peaky holes and lets me know if a friend arrives or if someone is coming to the house or if the neighbours have just arrived home! But nothing is quite like the greeting she gives me when I come home! She enjoys sniffing around outside, playing with her toys, and basically just relaxing outside in the Sun and fresh air! She is becoming a lot more comfortable around my boyfriend and best friends, allowing them to stroke her or clean her eyes and such. She dived on me the other day and lay on my chest and tummy which was lovely. She is still scared of strangers though, especially out on walks. She has found more confidence visiting the beach - and enjoys finding treasure such as sea shells and starfish which she will carry around in her mouth! However, it is at the Beach Roo proves to be extremely flighty, especially if people come our way, and her instinct is still to run away...
Roos love for food continues! She will jump up so high right before I serve up their plates of food! She often has a Sunday dinner with plenty of chicken in, but has also recently tried and quite enjoyed some Vegan cuisine too! I don't think she'll be very happy if her chicken and salmon and ham treats stop though! Roo loves food toys, particularly Kongs, which will keep her happy, quiet and occupied for ages! Roo is due a professional groom soon. I thought about taking her to a Doggy Salon to see what she thinks - but it will probably be best if I have a groomer come to the house incase she becomes frightened and tries to run away. Roo is looking for a quiet, calm, fun, loving home, where her house and garden are extremely secure. Safety really does come first for this little one. A home where her fears as mentioned before are considered fully, and a home where her new Mummy will spoil her rotten, and treat her like the Queen she is!

18-11-18 UPDATE
What more can I say about Roo? She has been in foster with me for just over a year now. A far longer time than I thought she would be. But I guess understandable, as she can be a very frightened and flighty lady, especially with new people and in new situations and surrounding.
Roo loves being outside and is happy the weathers is cooling down a little to go on some walks and adventures. She is the slowest of my pack bless her!
Roo's character and personality are still blossoming. For example, when I am sitting down at the dining table having my dinner, instead of looking up at me and watching me eat, Roo has just started to look at the floor – patiently waiting for any crumbs which drop to the floor! She is a very clever, very funny lady.
Roo has seen a few of my foster dogs leave for their forever homes and has taken part in a few leaving parties! Roo loves a party – she loves the extra food and fun – new toys and such! She does not however, like being dressed up, and looked up at me seriously unimpressed being put in a pumpkin costume for Halloween!
It is nearing Christmas, and I have started to stock up on presents for all the doggies. When I came out of the shower the other day – Roo had found one of the dogs Christmas presents. So I moved and hid them again. The following day, I was busy putting the bins out, when I cam back in, Roo had found my new hiding place, and another toy to beat up! Roo is going to be booked in for her Christmas haircut soon by the lovely Chloe from Central Bark Grooming Salon in the Gower, Swansea.

PLEASE NOTE: We nearly always home dogs who have come from breeders where there is ALREADY A RESIDENT DOG living in the house. They have usually never lived in a house before and are only used to canine company. They usually get their confidence and learn faster with another dog to copy from. This also helps with house training and learning how to walk on a lead. They will make lovely pets but do need a lot of love, time and patience. If the ex breeding dog you are interested in can be an only dog it will say so in its write up. Please read our information on ADOPTING EX-BREEDING DOGS before you apply.

The adoption fee for an adult dog (6 months and over) is £220 and for a puppy is £250, However if the dog has a passport you will be given this when you adopt and we ask for a further £20 to help us buy a passport for another dog. You will find a break down of what the adoption fee covers under our Adoption Procedures (see link below) If your application is successful you will be home checked and you, all members of your family and any dog(s) who will be living with the dog MUST come to meet the dog you want to adopt. All our dogs are micro-chipped, have had at least their first inoculation and are spayed/neutered unless there is a medical reason for not doing so. You must have a safe means of transporting the dog home in a crate or if this is not possible please discuss with Many Tears or the Fosterer when your application is being processed.

Please read our adoption procedures before applying and then complete the adoption form.





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