Hi Everyone,
It's Tillie the Terror Dachshund and Twiggy the ever Shirking Dachshund (Lily's Lotto's little helpers) We are now branching out and have gone into the busness of Philately (that to you and me is Stamp Collecting!). We are also collection old car tax discs and postcards and will be doing more with these at a later date so do please send us any you have!
When the stamps arrive (some are in carrier bags, others in envelopes, packets etc) we sniff out the tax discs and postcards first and then make sure that the stamps are 100% sorted before selling them on Ebay. All used stamps are accepted including foreign stamps. All money made from the stamps goes straight to Many Tears

The address to send any stamps, tax discs or postcards to is below but you can also take or send them to Many Tears.:
Lynn Burnell
Ty Cilymaenllwyd
SA34 0XA

Here are some tips for trimming your stamps:

Stamps should be trimmed leaving 13mm (½ an inch) around the stamp. It does not have to be neat because they are sold by weight if there to too much paper around then they are getting more paper than stamp. If they are cut to close and it goes into the perforation around the edge they are not worth anything.

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