Rainbow Bridge

......Just this side of Heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge. When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together. There is plenty of food, water and sunshine and our friends are warm and comfortable.
......All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor; those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by. The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing: they each miss someone very special, someone who was left behind.
......They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. His bright eyes are intent; his eager body begins to quiver. Suddenly, he breaks from the group, flying over the green grass, faster and faster. You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into those trusting eyes, so long gone from your life, but never absent from your heart. Then you cross the Rainbow Bridge together.

28-04-17 PANSY

Dear Sylvia
It's with a heavy heart that I have had to so goodbye to my little sweetheart Pansy.  She chose who she was going home with when we went in to one of your kennels with a pack of Cavs.  A gentle soul who's only wanted to be loved.We had her from you in 2008.  During her time with us she developed epilepsy.  Had a rectal cancer scare and a heart murmur.  She was finally taken from us in February having being found to have aggressive Lymphoma.
It still hurts now when I think of her so my only solice is in the fact that she had a loving home and that she is no longer in pain. A true angel.
Thank you for introducing us. 
RIP Pansy poo

KELT - April 2017

Dear Sylvia,
It is with a heavy heart that I have to tell you that our cherished Bichon Kelt who we adopted as a 5yr old from you on 6th December 2012 collapsed and died in the early hours of Easter Sunday morning 16th April 2017. He had become poorly last summer with recurring diarrhoea; after specimens, blood tests, scans & biopsies the diagnosis was protein losing enteropathy (PLE) but underlying cause not found he was treated with steroids & low fat diet. In the last two weeks he deteriorated, he'd had 2 little faints and was referred to a specialist veterinary clinic had more blood tests and abdominal scan. where apart from a diagnosis of Inflammatory Bowel Disease his calcium levels were extremely low. The specialist however was optimistic he increased his steroids, recommended a different diet & supplied daily doses of Vit D we were due to return a week later. Sadly just 4 days later Kelt collapsed & slipped away peacefully. We are so glad to have had this nervous little soul in our lives, in the five years we had him he learnt to trust us and all our friends who loved him too, he had Toby another Bichon rescue as a constant companion. Toby crossed the Rainbow Bridge in July 2016 I am certain they are both now happy to be reunited. We miss him so much and will never forget him.
Madelaine Simpson

ARCHIE - March 2017

It's with great sadness that I write to tell you that our beloved cocker Archie who we adopted from you in October 2012, died on 27/3/17. He was ill for 2 days with what we now know was massive liver failure and although he showed no signs of being in pain, there was nothing the vet could do for him. We were heartbroken but knew we had to let him go peacefully.

I want to thank everyone at Many Tears and his wonderful foster Mum Diana for giving Archie a chance at life, and for allowing us to fill that life with love and happiness which he repaid a million times over.

We miss him so much but he'll always be with us
Goodnight my little man
Linda & Eddie Edwards

LUCY - March 2017

Today my beautiful Lucy who I rescued from you in 2010, took her last journey. We had a week to plan and do things together. She's now with her boys. My heart is broken she was such a delight never more than a centimetre from my side, always wagging and happy. My beautiful girl. Xxxx
We love you princess.
Love always mummy, daddy Dan daddy Paul and Lily. Xxxx

BEAU - March 2017

We adopted Beau (then Moran) from you in December 2007.
She was an x breeding bitch and we brought her home to live with my two male black labs.
She was an amazing dog who gave us so much. She was so very special.
She was put to sleep on Sat 18/03 after after being diagnosed with lymphoma.
Thank you for trusting her to us and thank you for all the amazing work you do.
I've included a picture and a poem.
Kind regards
Denise Meredith
              My Girl
When we found you, you were so scared.
But we got you home, Becks and Ruud took you under their mature wings.
They taught you that it was ok to trust.
We changed your name to show people how beautiful you were.
You grew into the most endearing, caring, quiet, loyal girl.
Always there with a waggy tail no matter what the hour.
In all we shared 9 amazing years together and to watch you grow filled me with pride.
You were taken from us too quickly.
I miss shoving my hands into you thick, soft fur.
I miss putting my arms around your strong neck and pulling you in for a cuddle.
I miss looking into your big, brown loving eyes.
I cry when I see the empty space on the mat where you used to sleep.
And I have a pain in my heart because I miss you so very much.
But you are no longer in discomfort and you no longer have to hide the pain.
With your soul mate Ruud, sleep well.
And thank you from the bottom of my heart my gorgeous girl ...Princess Beau.



Dear Sylvia and Bill

Sadly our Parson Jack Russell called Ben had to be put to sleep last evening the 16th February.

We adopted him from you in October 2008 and, before we moved away, he often stayed with you in kennels.

Bill may remember that he barked almost constantly in kennels and ended up very hoarse. (Ben that is; not Bill)

We believe that he was 15 years old this year and in recent months his back legs were troubling him. Nevertheless there were times when, spotting another dog across the field, he would race away to greet them.

He loved his home life here with Poppy, a dog also adopted from you.
He was very definitely a ladies man and followed my wife everywhere; only transferring his affections if one of our daughters visited.
Always on the scrounge, he loved his food and any treats that we offered.
We had been expecting this for some time now but, the sudden onset of his final symptoms left him unable to walk at all and, he was clearly very distressed.
Suddenly the house seems very empty even though we still have our lovely Poppy girl.
Thank you Sylvia and Bill for allowing us to share part of our lives with Ben.
They say that time heals……. I really do hope so.




BREEZE - January 2017

Dear Sylvia, Bill and Staff at Many Tears, 
It is with deep sadness that I am writing to tell you that we had to say goodbye to our 'Gorgeous Girl' Breeze on 13th January. Breeze came to us from Many Tears on 31st August 2006 and  'lived her dream' with her Mummy and Daddy for just over ten years. She was as an ex breeding bitch and as with all the dogs that come from these hellholes, she was terrified of everything. It was only in the last couple of years that she realised that she could enjoy her food instead of eating it without it touching the sides of her mouth. Over the years her confidence grew and she came to love everyone even strangers as much as they loved her. She never learnt to play with toys but she did enjoy a game of chase where we would chase each other up and down the living room. We walked three miles everyday and the main objective of a walk for her was to find as much discarded food as possible - nose always to the ground and never wanting to socialise with other dogs. She loved being in the car but never wanted to get out when we arrived at our destination. Sadly Breeze lost her sight four years ago and never quite got to grips with the the layout of our home so was constantly walking into everything however she still loved her food and her Mummy and Daddy. Last October Breeze suffered a stroke from which our vet wasn't sure if she would recover. She was given steroids and made a good recovery apart from sometimes forgetting that she needed to go outside for toilets. Over the last eighteen months she developed a non cancerous tumour on the right hand side of her rump that grew to the size larger than a grapefruit. Nothing could be done because of her age and our vet and ourselves were worried about it. After researching tumours, I found that turmeric can some times help reduce tumours however sadly this was not the case for Breeze, she did love her little treat of turmeric sprinkled over fish every morning and evening and it left her with 'blond highlights' around her mouth and the tips of her ears that made her look quite  'glamorous'! We noticed that she had a area on her neck that seemed to be bothering her and thought that it was another wart that she had scratched and had bled as the fur around the area was matted. We left her with the vet to investigate and it was found to be an abscess, the vet drained the abscess which had left an open wound and she was given an Elizabethan collar to wear. Breeze was quite distressed and whimpering, we'd never known her to cry or make a fuss during all the previous procedures that she had, had done and it was always commented on by the vet what a good girl and how brave she was. The vet then mentioned the quality of life referring to the tumour and her age as he had noticed like we had that tumour was bothering her when trying to sit. He said that were two pressures points on the cyst and that it could burst at anytime which would cause great distress to both Breeze and us and she would have to be rushed in to be euthanised should that happen. He told us to think about it and return in two days for him to check on the abscess. We put her in the car and seeing her lying there whimpering, we couldn't bear to prolong her agony so we took her back into the vet only to be told by him that we were totally making the right decision because that was the decision that he would have helped us make had we taken her home and returned two days later. Breeze is now resting in our garden in a beautiful coffin. She may have had the worst start to her little life but she certainly had the best while with us and at the end of it. She was our world and we are heartbroken. 
We will be receiving a refund from Breeze's Petplan insurance that we are going to make up to £500 to sponsor Sylvia on her amazing walk to help make 'The Impossible Dream' come true in memory of Breeze and to thank Sylvia, Bill and Staff at Many Tears for bringing this lovely little lady into our lives to create treasured memories that we will cherish in our hearts forever.
Sylvia and Dave - Belvedere, Kent.


I just thought it prudent to inform you that we sadly lost Max just before Christmas. It was detected that he had a heart murmur which was quite pronounced when the vet picked it up. After a period of time on medication he started to collapse and struggle to get oxygen around his system (the onset of heart failure).
As we always do with our animals, rescue them like you to relieve them of suffering. We always vowed that he wouldn’t suffer so had to make the very difficult decision to let him go.
We would just like to say thank you for letting us rescue Max and giving us the chance to enjoy him for the 6 years we had him. He went to work with me, Scouts, Days out, Nanny and grampies, Seaside, just about anywhere. He was well loved and very much a very lucky boy, he will be sorely missed but with us forever as he is buried in our garden.
Thank you again for the chance to have Max and after a period of time we will get another dog as the house is empty without him.
Kind Regards
Andy, Nicky and Josh Stagg

TOBY - January 2017

We are sadly mourning the loss of our beloved Cavvie, Toby (previously known as Jason while in foster at Many Tears), who we adopted from you 5 years ago.  Toby was an ex stud dog and was terribly afraid of people when he came to Many Tears and had no idea about walking on a lead.  One of your lovely foster carers, Jo, looked after him wonderfully for 6 months until the right home could be found.  Unusually for an ex breeder, Toby took no comfort from being in the company of other dogs, so it was agreed he could come to us as an only dog.
The first few weeks with Toby were quite traumatic for both Toby and us.  Somehow he escaped from our very secure back garden on the first day and he refused to eat or drink anything until day 4 - such was the fear he had for strangers.  However, with much love and patience, he blossomed into the most wonderful companion for us and our 3 cats, returning our love in abundance and finally learning to trust some, if not all humans.  Whenever we had visitors, he would always look to me for re-assurance, then relax when I told him that everything was ok.
He was the most beautiful, gentle little soul and the sadness we feel at his passing, after several months battling cancer, is beyond words.  He passed peacefully at home in his cosy bed with his head resting in my hands.
We want to thank you for the incredible work you do day in, day out, for thousands of dogs just like Toby.  Without you, Toby wouldn't have had a safe haven to go to, we wouldn't have known the joy of having him in our lives and our beautiful, loyal, furry friends would have no-one to turn to in their time of need.  Please could you also extend a special thank you to Jo, for the love and care she showed Toby in those first few months and the invaluable support she gave us.
Attached are 2 of the many lovely photos we have of our little Tobes.  The first one shows Toby with one of his sister's, Cookie and the 2nd is of Toby in his all time favourite place, snoring away on his sofa!
Sweet dreams little Tobes, we will always love you more than you could know.
All our love, Mummy, daddy, Cookie, Truffle and Black cat xxxxx

INKIE - December 2016

I attach a photo of Inkie (in front) with Molly taken in September last year after a lovely walk in the sunshine.  This is one of my happiest memories of Inkie as sadly she had to be put to sleep on 19th December.  She had had a mammary tumour removed last summer and appeared to recover very well but never quite regained her former health and slept a great deal of the time.  She came to life on her walks though and on her last day came running back to the car full of life just as normal.  During the evening she suffered several fits and by the time we took her to the emergency vets in Bath there was nothing to be done.
She came to us from her foster home, a very traumatised little dog with a grade 3 heart murmur and we did not expect to have her as long as the 5½ years she enjoyed.  She blossomed into a happy and loving little dog with the guidance of our old collie, Billy, who showed her the ropes.  When he died two years ago we adopted Molly from Many Tears and they became very close and always kept close together when out in the fields or woods.
We miss her terribly and Molly still looks for her but it is good to realise that she had those happy carefree years after such a poor start and we keep that thought in mind when we feel sad.  We would in the near future very much like to adopt a companion for Molly as she is a gentle and friendly little Cavalier who would like a similar friend to cuddle up with.
Rosina and John Lee

RUBY- September 2016

I adopted a very scared, underweight and shut down ex- breeding cocker spaniel in August 2007, she was called Juby. My goodness I did not realise what I had taken on but with the help of my other dog Poppy and endless patience and love she improved beyond recognition. We renamed her Ruby and in all our years together she spent one night away from me, much to her disgust! Yes she had ongoing health issues and separation anxiety but I can honestly say adopting an ex breeding dog was one of the best things I have ever done. Sadly I had to let her go in September, the hardest thing to do but such a good girl, wagging her tail right to the end. Everyone we met commented on her being such a kind, gentle soul and in doing so we could tell anyone who would listen about Many Tears. Thank you for letting me adopt her and for doing such good work. One day when I am not so heart broken I will be back to do it all again. 
Julie Sutton 

LLEUCU - November 2016

So very saddened to be writing these words;  our lovely ex-breeding cavalier Lleucu (formerly Haribo/Penny) whom we adopted from you on 6th October 2011, passed away  in the early hours of Sunday 13th November 2016.
Lleucu was six when she came to us, having been so caringly fostered by Cheryl and Noel,  but was still a very nervous little being. She grew in confidence and although she never really grasped the concept  of play, she was a wonderful, loyal companion who so enjoyed her daily walks when she would socialise with her  friends, in the park or on the beach. She was diagnosed some years ago with mitral valve disease, for which she received medication,  but had enjoyed an active life up to a few weeks before she crossed Rainbow Bridge.
Thank you Sylvia and all at Many Tears for rescuing and  giving us the opportunity to adopt our precious little Lleucu.
We are so grateful for all the love and devotion you showed us, Little Girl, and will cherish the memory of the five wonderful years we had together, which passed far too quickly.
Until we meet again
Mummy, Peter, Bobby and Girls

TILLY - December 2016

With a heavy heart I write to tell you that Tilly (was Flake) my last remaining MT girl was put to sleep yesterday after lots of fits during the past two days. What a journey we have had over the last four years. To say she was terrified of life on the outside was an understatement and a homeopathic vet we visited in the early days said that she was the most abused dog he had seen in all his 25 years as a vet. We also tried the behaviourist who actually gave up after six weeks saying she just didn't know how to help. She just about coped while I had my other two girls but it took two full years for her to accept a lead for a road walk but once she got the hang of it she walked like a dream. She hated the car and often preferred to stay at home but it was her choice and she quickly learned which words meant a nice walk with no lead if we were going somewhere safe where she wouldn't meet humans. She hated white vans, men, hoodies and bobble hats even on the kindest of people. Poor Tilly never chased a ball, played with a toy or played with my other dogs except to mount the smaller one. She was completely passive and would cower and hide if another dog approached her, she never gently growled at boisterous puppies as my other two exbreeders did. After six years in kennels, either tied up and/or being beaten (she always flinched when you touched her flank) she never really coped outside. She was the sweetest, most loving little thing in the safety of our home but after my last dog died in August she seemed to go into a decline. I can now see that she was showing early signs of a brain problem for some time but these worsened until she was having one on top of another and it was decided that rather than prolong her sad little life with tablets it was kinder to let her go to sleep at nearly eleven. She is at peace now probably for the first time in her life (except when she was snoring to raise the rafters!) but she has left a huge hole in my life having been so dependent on me for so long. Sleep well my darling.
Thank you once again for looking after these lovely little dogs and making adoption possible. I will be back when I have recovered from losing all three in one year at ages 9,10 and 11.
With best wishes, Jean x

MARTHA - December 2016

It is so hard to write and to accept that my most beautiful of girls, Martha (originally Marsha) has left us. A dogue de Bordeaux cross, she was the most enormous presence in our home in every way. She had been at MTR for months, it seemed that nobody wanted to take a chance with this great big slobbery girl. But from the very second that she joined us she immediately bonded, cemented her place in our household and never put one of those (very big) feet wrong. She was an angel from day one. When we picked her up (weighing about a stone less than when she settled in at home with us) we stopped en route in Cardiff at my sister’s house. I had a cup of tea which I put down on the floor. Martha immediately drank it! She was always keen on food and drink(!) but had the most impeccable manners. She was the most gentle dog there ever was, my children who were born three years later learned to stand by pulling themselves up on her big orange body. They are seven now and have spent many happy hours cuddled up to Martha, they really miss her. For me, I can’t really believe that she has gone.
She was always to be found lying in front of a fire, or where we were in the house. She came on many many holidays and adventures with us. She never showed the slightest touch of aggression (even when my poor old grandma fell on top of her with all her body weight!!!! She just looked at her, a bit surprised) and it would be fair to say has had the most incredible ten years with us. She welcomed all other pets into our house, (I have some hilarious pictures of our ten week old kitten cuddled up to Martha’s big head) and all people.
There will truly never be another dog like her but I feel very privileged to have had her in my life.  If you are thinking of taking a chance with a big dog in rescue, take it. They are the most wonderful of companions, and all dogs, even big slobbery ones deserve the chance to have their own big comfy bed in front of the fire.
Thank you Martha (nee Marsha) for those wonderful years.
We will never forget you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

ABBEY- December 2016

So hard to write the words to tell you about my beautiful angel Abbey who we had to say goodbye to on the 11thOctober 2016.
She came into our lives in May 2012 when we went to Oxford to adopt her. Her fosterer had named her Abbey (originally ‘Eckle’).
Abbey was a pretty shut-down little girl to begin with, almost afraid of everything. It took around a month to get her to walk outside in the garden - she would take a step or two then shrink with fear but with time and patience she was walking, mainly by the wall or fence.
Bobbie (my other west highland terrier recue dog) won her over and she followed him everywhere - so wonderful to see how much she trusted him. She was such a shy little girl but slowly came out of her shell. She gained confidence with time and really enjoyed her walks, sadly she never played with toys and she never ever barked. She loved her food very much but was very wary of strangers, she seemed to have missed out on so much in her younger life and you could often see the sadness in her eyes.
Abbey was born with 4 flat paws so she could only walk on grass or on a sandy beach as hard surfaces would cause ulcers so every time she went out they had to be cleaned with medic pads from the vet, she was so incredibly tolerant with this and so brave.
Bobbie sadly died in January 2016, he was nearly 14 years old, it was heart-breaking and so sudden although I'm sure Abbey knew he was ill. 2 days later she was poorly and wouldn’t eat, she missed him so very much we thought it was grief over him. She didn’t improve the following week so the vet did blood tests and the results were not good - her sugar levels were up and down indicating diabetes but a scan for renal failure couldn’t find anything wrong. Abbey would eat sometimes but when she couldn’t she was syringe fed and was so good, never any resistance with it.
She was referred to a consultant and was diagnosed with amyloidosis - a tumour in the kidney which is quite rare and sadly inoperable. She wasn’t in renal failure but was on medication, I really  thought it was time to go over the rainbow bridge in March but the vet said her time hadn’t come yet. We went to Surrey to adopt Hal (now ‘Robbie’) a lovely little boy west highland terrier who hadn’t had a good life either. Having a new friend raised Abbie’s spirits - they hit it off so wonderfully, they seemed to totally understand each others needs.
In June we went to Cornwall on holiday (it was hard to believe Abbie was still with us!). She went running on the beach and walking in the park every morning and evening with Robbie. They had a great time together and she was so happy she ate her food every day, a magical time.
On the 9th October Abbey went into emergency care, she was poorly and we thought she had an upset tummy. On the 11th October I took her back to the vet as she hadn’t picked-up at all, she was just very flat. They did an X-ray and it revealed she had another tumour by her bladder, I knew it was time for her to go and the vet agreed with me, I held her in my arms and saw her beautiful eyes close for the last time. She had defied all the odds and lived many months later than predicted.
We so loved this little angel and I miss her with all my heart. She was so very unique but finally she went over the rainbow bridge and is with her best friend Bobbie now.
Run free little angel, in our hearts forever.

Love Mum, Robbie, Holly (was Oliva) & Graham.

TALLULAH - October 2016

Dear Sylvia and all at Many Tears,
My beautiful wee Cavalier Tallulah, known as Lulah, and originally Rani, followed her sister Lily and cousin Judy over Rainbow Bridge this month. A tiny wee terrified scrap of a Cavalier when I picked her up from MTs in 2007, she grew into a very cheeky, bright and courageous wee character, full of charm and just adorable. She developed a heart murmur which didn't cause any issues till just recently.
Thank you so much for my wee Girl and for all the beautiful dogs and animals that you rescue, and show that their lives are priceless.
With love
Dorothy (Forbes)

CASSIE - August 2016

It is with immense sadness, that we need to tell you, that we have had to say our final farewells to our adorable little girl, Cassie. During the night she had a cluster of seizures, which did not stop. The six and a half years we have shared our life with her, and she with us. have been the best ever, and life without our little canine daughter will never be the same again. Thank you so much for rescuing her, she was a little angel through and through. We are both heartbroken but she will remain forever tucked away in our hearts.
Tom and Beverley Hartnell

DIASY - September 2016

In 2010 we adopted an ex-breeding Cairn Terrier from Many Tears. Her original name was Dolcie – but we changed this to Daisy as we already had another Cairn bitch called Vita – and two dogs called Dolcie and Vita would have been too much.
She was thought to be around five years old when we adopted her and was thought to have had four or five litters. She had previously had a hernia and problems with her right ear – either through  apast infection or a wound. She also was diagnosed with Perthes disease after adoption which necessitated surgery to remove most of the left hip joint. Despite this, she was the most loveable, valiant and biddable dog we have ever had. Despite the physical issues she coped with daily walks of two to three miles with ease and gave us so much pleasure over the years.
Very recently we have taken the decision for euthanasia because of the discovery of very advanced liver cirrhosis which failed to respond to treatment.  Why are we writing this – well, it is sort of cathartic for us – but we also wanted all to know the joys that rescue dogs with problem pasts can bring. We have attached two photos of Daisy – the first one from the day we collected her from Weston-Super-Mare and the second after we’d had her for a few years.
Many thanks for the adoption opportunity and best wishes for the work Many Tears undertake. I’m sure there are hundreds of stories like Daisy’s.
Jennie and George Terry


IVY - September 2016

I regret to say our Westie Ivy who was called Radiant when we adopted her about 4 years ago had to be put to sleep on sunday Sept 11th, she had developed Westie lung and we tried to make her days as comfortable for her as possible but in the end we had to make the painful decision to put her to sleep as her medication was just not working anymore.
We loved her so dearly and our years together were amazing, she was very spoilt and slept on the bottom of our bed. We still have our 6 year old boy Archie who she loved very much and we are all grieving together.
Next year we will be in touch to adopt from you again as we know there are so many dogs that need homes but we want to thank you for bringing her into our lives as she will never be forgotten.
Love from
Lee and Jess Walker

LIAM - September 2016

Two years and nine months ago we saw Liam on the Many Tears Rescue website and we knew that he was a very special boy, who was going to melt our hearts. His floppy ear gave him such an appealing look that we immediately wanted bring him home and look after him. After all the checks we were given permission to bring him from Gloucester to his new home and once he had settled in he became a second shadow to his new mum. Wherever she went Liam followed and his greatest pleasure was to snuggle up to her in the evening and rest his head on the lap top computer. He was a home loving dog, content to snooze and potter in the garden – show him the lead and he suddenly found he needed a rest – and he never understood our other Westie’s eagerness to be out and about! He was kind, gentle and loving and a very special boy. Some weeks ago he developed a cough, which came and went, but last week it went worse and worse and he struggled for breath. Last Sunday we knew that he could not struggle any longer and we had to ask the vet to put him to sleep. He was loved more than words can say, especially by his mum, and they had a very special bond. He was her shadow and her baby. May he rest in peace and enjoy the riches of heaven he so deserves.

POPPY - August 2016

I am writing to tell you that Tilly on the right and I are both very sad as we had to say goodbye to Poppy, on the left, on Thursday last week (25.08.2016).
Pops (called Eccles) bounced into my life at Many Tears in November 2011 and has been full of love and mischief ever since. Last year at her annual check she was discovered to have a heart murmur for the first time but it has hardly bothered her and she didn't require medication. When the very hot weather started this summer she started to slow down and was not playing with her toys quite so much but only needed to start treatment a week before she died of sudden and very rapidly progressing heart failure. She is my second MT dog to die this year so feeling very raw at the moment but can only be thankful that she didn't suffer for long and remained a happy, cheeky little thing until,the breathlessness became too much and she was put peacefully to sleep.
Tilly (MT number 3) is a very frightened dog but is coping very well without her little friend on whom she relied very heavily.
Thank you once again for the opportunity to adopt these lovely little dogs.
Best wishes Jean and Tilly. xx

BELLA - August 2016

BELLA (was Abbey Labrador)
Adopted 2008   Died 2016  .Age 13 yrs,

It is with great sadness that our beautiful girl Bella lost her fight for life on 10th Aug 2016 after bravely fighting multiple health problems for some months.
She was the kindest most loving girl,she laughed with us cried with us. She made herself" Nanny and Carer" to all the famil.
She was an ex-breeding bitch who had memories of her past life but never held a grudge and turned out to be a much loved girl and member of our family.

From the Sowka and Morris Family.


KINGSLEY - August 2016

Dear Kingsley,
We had only adopted you just over 3 months previously. You were a beautiful boy, so loving and happy, and it seemed hard to believe you came from a puppy farm as you weren’t scarred by your past. However when we adopted you, we knew you had a Grade 6 heart murmur, and to look at you happily running around outside in the garden with your canine friends, it was hard to believe you were ill. You loved your food and thought all your heart medication was tasty dog treats! From the moment we brought you to your forever home, it was like you’d lived here for years – you were confident, and soon established which was your place on the settee, and you adored cuddles.
That fateful morning when you woke us just after 4am, we thought you wanted a cuddle but you wouldn’t settle to get back to sleep. A few hours later you were sick....and knowing you weren’t well, we took you to the vets who decided to hospitalise you for a couple of days. However the vet rang that afternoon saying your heart had failed and there was no hope of recovery for you. We were with you whilst you slipped away.
Your forever home sadly wasn’t for very long Kings, but we loved you dearly and don’t regret for a minute adopting you even though you had a health condition and our time together was short. I really wanted you to have this Christmas with us, your first Christmas in a home, but sadly it wasn’t to be. You brought us so much love and we were heartbroken when we lost you after such a short time, in fact we still are. Your photograph sits on the mantelpiece as you keep watch over us, and we remember happy times with you as you were such a special boy. Offering you your forever home was one of the best things we have ever done and we will always be grateful to Many Tears for letting us adopt you even though our time together was cut short.
Lots of love always
Fiona, Logan, Glenn and Brooke
...and Poppy, Bobby, Ruby and Charlie (your canine friends who still miss you) XXXX

SEREN - August 2016

It is with sad hearts that we are contacting you to inform you of the passing of our beloved Seren.
We adopted Seren (formerly She She) from Many Tears fosterer Margaret in Bournemouth in April 2013.  She was a very scared ex breeding dog who had been introduced to a different loving and caring world in her few weeks with Margaret where she was house trained and started walking on a lead.  We said to Margaret that we liked the darker brown fur on her paws only to be told this was from standing in urine from where she came from and will grow out.  We were as innocent about the world of breeding as Seren was of being a loved companion dog.
We brought her home to Southampton and Hattie (our Affenpinscher) took her under her paw and helped her become a companion dog.  Seren quickly learnt not to fear going through doors, that she could get water when ever she wanted it from the water bowls and car doors closing and passing traffic were part of walks to the park and not a threat.
Seren was an exceptionally gentle dog and took great delight in meeting other dogs and their companions.  Through meeting Seren many people became aware of the dark world of she came from and the excellent rescue work of Many Tears.
Seren was taken ill in February with pancreas problems which, with the help of her vets, she recovered from.  While we were on holiday in Scotland the problems reoccurred with complications and on 13th June we made the heart breaking decision to let Seren pass over the Rainbow Bridge.
If we gave Seren but a fraction of the love and pleasure she gave to us then she had a happy life in the far too short three and a bit years she was with us.
Sue, Steve and Hattie xxx

BONNIE - July 2016


Bonnie joined our family on 14th November 2010 aged about 6. She had been used for breeding and was described on the website as “a worried little girl who has known few of the good things in life”. When we met her she was in foster care with Mark and Shona where she had formed a strong attachment to Mark. After a few weeks she decided that my husband would be acceptable instead and she became his faithful shadow until her sad death on 12th July 2016. She could no longer fight liver cancer.
Bonnie was indeed a worried little girl at first. She took refuge in her crate and visitors would peep in to see her trying to hide up in the back of it. How things changed! She became very much centre stage. Bonnie proved to be a great character. She was ring leader of the barking and a dedicated guardian of her garden, both here and in her holiday house in South west France. We will never forget her seeing off the very large Korthals Wire Haired Pointing Griffin, the gorgeous Thieroux, who lived next door in France and who liked to jump the wall into our garden. The first time he did it she watched us telling him to go home. The second time he came in she saw him off in no uncertain terms despite being a small cocker spaniel! He never tried to come in again! Her message had obviously been very clear despite the size and language difference.
When we collected Bonnie, Shona told us she needed “cuddles ++”. In due course that proved to be true. She would spend hours dozing with my husband. They really had a very close bond. She had also fitted in well with the dog pack - Lottie, the Shih-Tzu and Millie the working Cocker who was very much her mentor. For the last 2 years of her life we also had Annie our lovely Cavalier, another Many Tears dog. For the last year she also had a Many Tears Collie next door here in England - he had come via FAITH in Norfolk.
Bonnie gave us so much joy and she has left a huge hole in our family and in our hearts. Thank you to everyone involved in her rescue and care in Wales and then to Mark and Shona who started her on the way to living in a house and being such an adorable pet.

DOUGAL - July 2016

Rescued by Many Tears: 15/03/12

On November 29th 2015, we lost you, Dougal, our beloved Bichon Frise, after a short battle with renal failure. We adopted you in July 2012 when you were supposedly 6, but our vet thought you were much older and about 9. You were our first rescue dog, and not only have you have left us with special memories of a wonderful friend who was so loved and adored, you left us with your legacy – for us to give more Many Tears dogs a loving home just like you had. Not only did you have a forever home – you now had a surname as you were part of our family and we loved you dearly.
You entered this world with nothing, Dougal, a dog who had probably never seen a vet otherwise you wouldn’t have had a cataract in your right eye when you were rescued. You touched the hearts of many and not only us, but our dogs Poppy, Bobby and Ruby, who became quite depressed when they lost you, their special friend. You were the Alpha Male in the pack, the wise one and the leader, and even though there was a definite age difference, you were the one they looked up to.
You became quite a celebrity at our vets because each time we went, you walked in and wagged your tail to greet all the staff, and in return they always wanted to fuss you as they were aware of your dreadful past life. When our vet admitted you to the vet hospital that Friday, he was on holiday the week after, but he called into the surgery specially, on the Monday, to find out how you were, only to find out you had passed away the previous day.  The vets practice even sent us a sympathy card when we lost you.
We had a special bond Dougal, and I look at your photo on our mantelpiece every day as you keep a watchful eye on the doggy friends you have left behind, and think of special times with you. We rescued one dog that day in July 2012, the dog we only had for 3 1/4 years, but to you, we gave you the world and you learned to give us so much love in return.  Finding about Many Tears purely by accident, and then seeing you on the website and offering you your forever home was one of the best things we have ever done and we will always be grateful to Many Tears for letting us adopt you.
Lots of love always
Fiona, Logan, Glenn and Brooke
...and Poppy, Bobby and Ruby (your canine friends who still miss you) XXXX


JUDY - July 2016

Dear Many Tears
I write with great sadness to inform you that my beautiful wee Cav, Judy, (formerly Sparrow), was put to sleep on Wednesday evening.  She was an old lady who, previously, had been used for breeding.  I rehomed her in August 2007.  She enjoyed a wonderful life and, latterly, still loved her food despite having no teeth!  She's crossed the Rainbow Bridge now and joins my Cav, Jilly (formerly Jolly at MTR), who crossed it in 2013. Judy is greatly missed but thank you for bringing us together - it's been a real pleasure having her in our lives. 
Best wishes to all
Anne Edmunds

PEPPER - June 2016

It is with a saddened heart I am contacting you to inform you of the passing of our little girl.
We rescued Pepper (formerly Lears) from Many Tears in December 2007. She was a very scared ex breeding dog who clearly knew nothing of the world. We brought her home to Hertfordshire and it took her a year to really settle into normal life. And boy once she did she really appreciated her new life of walks, our other dogs friendship, good food, cuddles, the sunshine and lots of love.
And there life stayed the same for the next 9 years until last week when she suffered a little seizure at home. The vet said take her home and see how she goes. Unfortunately over the next few days she deteriorated quite rapidly. So With a heavy heart we made the decision for her to cross rainbow bridge.
We are so grateful for having her in our life and despite the bad isolated life she suffered in the first few years of her life the rest of it she was spoilt rotten and she got to live to be nearly 15 years old.
Run free Pepper you will be so missed X

SALI - May 2016

To Everyone at Many Tears,
This was not the letter that I had been hoping to send to bring you up to date on Sali (previously known as Missy). We picked Sali up in April last year. She was excited and enthusiastic and weeing everywhere! The journey home to Cardiff was unforgettable - the smell in the car indescribable!
Having arrived home she could not be bathed for a week and couldn't go for a walk for another month, so,  during that time we got to know her and she got to know us, and the garden, well. She learned that frogs could be caught, mice could be chased and birds barked at at every opportunity. In return we discovered that she was feisty and funny and would nip us to let us know if she was not happy about something. She also had an aversion to any electronic beeps - the microwave, washing machine, dishwasher and sewing machine all sending her into periods of distressed barking. Our first walks were a nightmare, Sali growled and bit every dog we met. We quickly realised that we could have a problem dog on our hands.
On the good side she never disturbed us in the night and she loved going in the car, walking and being out, never pulling on the lead unless there was a squirrel in sight.
We worked hard with her and giving her a treat whenever she saw another dog, distracting her with food whenever we turned on the microwave etc meant that we now had a dog who turned and sat waiting for the treat if a dog appeared and just opening the microwave was enough to bring her to a sit by the kitchen door! She was highly motivated by food and was the only dog ever to get into the treat tin which was in the closed cupboard at the dog groomers!
She continued to nip and we were all wary when we played with her or groomed her. We felt much more confident with her after going to dog obedience where she was certainly almost top of the class! From this we became confident enough to let her off the lead and it was a joy to see her running along the beach or knee deep in dandelions. Within a year she had totally transformed herself and us.
She never ceased to amuse us - she never learnt that the sheep on Countyfile weren't behind the television or that the Westie she saw in the glass of the conservatory was her. She only ever had one toy that lasted more than 20 minutes, all the others were destroyed by the sharp teeth that we were so wary of.
Last week, having been on steroids for her skin she became unwell. A visit to the vets on Thursday led to blood tests and pain killers. We came home with her but during Friday she continued to deteriorate and on Saturday scans and x-rays told us the worst,  she had tumours that we could not treat and we lost her on Saturday afternoon.
She was a beautiful dog who had a very bad start in life and it is so unfair that just as she was enjoying life she had it all taken away. I cannot describe how bereft we feel. She followed me everywhere and waited by the front door for me if I was out.
From our problem dog we had a joyful, loyal companion. It was not easy at the start and we often had moments when we wondered if we would cope but every bit of it was worthwhile to see such a difference in a dog in just the thirteen months that she was with us and she more than repaid us in the love she brought to us. Sali was the second ex breeding dog that we had rescued and we would encourage others to give these lovely animals a chance.
Thank you Sali and thank you Many Tears
Sue John

TARKA - MAY 2016

It was with great sadness on Sunday 22nd May that I had to put my wonderful Tarka to sleep after a short illness relating to her spine.   I adopted Tarka from Many Tears via a fosterer in Corsham in August 2008.  From the moment she arrived we have been the best of friends and she has been my constant companion and by my side.  We did everything together and she never failed to make me smile every day.  I may have given her a good home but she gave me tenfold back in faithfulness and  love every day.  I can honestly say Tarka has been the most rewarding experience of my life.  She will  be very much missed by all her human friends and doggie pals but will always be in our hearts.  I enclose a picture of her last Autumn on her holidays in the Lakes having such fun playing poo sticks.  That smile will always be with me.  Sleep tight my beautiful Tarka until we meet again at Rainbow Bridge with love from your Mum

LUCY - MAY 2016

I wanted to share our story of our last rescue cocker:On the 22nd March 2011 Jamie Armitage and myself became the proud parents of Lucy. We rescued her from a puppy factory in Wiltshire , where she had been used for breeding.
She had been mistreated, never known love, didn't know what a walk was, a treat, a cuddle. It was a long process but she learnt that not all humans were bad.
Jamie became pack leader, Lucy adored him and I was the go to human for cuddles. It was hard gaining her trust but once we did we became our family.
Lucy was still very shy but looked to us for confidence.  She learned happiness, her bald tail grew back fur and she found her voice.
We socialised her and took her everywhere we could. The braver she became the bigger her family got. Everyone loved her waggy tail and soft nature.
Our world was turned upside down in the beginning of February when the suspected hernia got bigger. Jamie knew something wasn't right and ordered scans. Then came the devasting news. It was cancer, she had the tumor and her spleen removed and immediately became the a giddy girl again. Exploring, going on walks, loving life. The rarity of her cancer meant we didn't know how long she had but we cherished every moment.
The cancer returned and the secondary tumor on her liver was bleeding. She wasn't in pain but nothing could be done. Jamie returned from his trip early and Lucy waited for him to get home. We had our normal bedtime routine but yesterday morning at 3.11am out baby girl was put to sleep.
Our hearts are broken but would like to thank our family and friends in this difficult time.
We will meet again our darling Lucy. Keep our boots by the door and our bed warm. Thank you for rescuing your Daddy and me. We love and miss you so much. You will always be in our heart's.
Lots of love Mummy xxxxxxxxxxxx



It's my sad duty to tell you that my Eddie (Eduardo) Blue Roan Cocker  he was 9 or 10 was PTS on Monday 16th May 2016, after 6 years with me... he unfortunately bit a neighbour who required hospitalisation, so was given no other choice.. I did not witness the bite, but Eddie had been displaying extreme guarding behaviour for sometime, and was always dog-reactive but I never thought he would really bite a woman (who was very quiet and had a dog herself (springer) so it was very sad... I miss him dreadfully but honestly something terrible happened to him before I had him, which damaged him psychologically,  he was always a fearful little dog, if anything was new on our walk like a fallen tree across our path he would stand and bark at it and obviously any dog encounters were a nightmare, he would never do a standard meet and greet, he would always go in for the attack and try and pin them!! So I always walked him away from other dogs, and at times when there were likely not to be any dogs, luckily I live in the country and could go two or three years without meeting another dog.
I loved him dearly, he was my constant companion in the home, once he knew you, he was the most the delightful, loyal and loving little dog... 
If I get another dog, I will only get a rescue

LIBBY - May 2016

Dear Sylvia, I am writing to tell you that very sadly we have had to have our brave cocker spaniel Libby put to sleep on May 5th. Libby was one of your very scared ex breeding dogs, she was very shut down when we first got her and terrified of people. We had to gently herd her into the house from the garden,  unable to take her out for a walk, yet she howled when we took the other dogs out, even though she was never left alone.
As  you said, Libby bonded with one of our other dogs, a kind and gentle chocolate lab called Rona,  we had also rescued her, but not from MTAR. Libby became Rona's shadow and over time the world slowly opened up for her, and very gradually over the next 4 years she became a happy and contented little cocker.  As long as she stuck to her routine and could rely on the other dogs,  Isla our loopy golden retriever  or Caris  from MTAR, and eventually she learnt to trust us.
We couldn't touch Libby for 7 months, but from tiny little steps and her huge bravery, she found a place in our family and a place in our hearts. We took her on holidays around the UK and also for weekends away staying in travelodge and she coped with it all. She walked miles, never at speed, unless she thought that she was being left behind.
Sadly Rona died last January,  from renal failure. Her final gift to Libby was to slowly  stop going out for walks due to her severe arthritis,  this meant that Libby got used to going out with us and no Rona who waited at home.
Amazingly, Libby walked on long walks over the May Bank holiday, she slowly went off her food over the weekend  and was unwell on Tuesday 2nd May. Sadly blood tests and X-rays confirmed Libby had liver cancer and it had spread throughout her lungs. Libby had had a hard start to her life, it was only right that she had a kind and gentle end. Libby may have entered this world to indifference,  but when she died she knew she was loved.  Her final gift to me .... For the first time ever Libby let her guard down and leant against me, while we were sitting waiting to see the vet.  The little dog who I thought we would never be able to cuddle saved that for the last day of her life.
We were very lucky that you allowed us to live with us 4 year's ago. She came to us on a glorious sunny day on the late May bank holiday weekend,  and she left us on a glorious sunny day after the early May Bank holiday.  We shall miss her.
Sylvia I wrote this last week,  and Internet failed just as I was about to send. It has taken me a week before I could write it all again. Thanks to you and your team who entrusted that very special dog to us for a short time, it was a privilege to have Libby, fomerly Blaze. Libby taught us so much, and we will pass this knowledge on to those who come after her.

DYLAN - April 2016

Dear Sylvia
On 20th September 2009 I was lucky enough to adopt Dylan from you. He was a seven year old Border Collie farm dog who had lost his home through no fault of his own.
I am so sad to tell you that just over 2 weeks ago, on 21 April, my lovely Dylan died. He had a fit, and the vets came to see him and said it was best to let him go. He died at home, in his favourite bed, in my arms while I held him and told him how very loved he was.
Dylan was so special and I am so grateful we found each other. I saw his picture on your website and was just drawn to him. He was only with you for a few days before I came and took him home. Dylan didn’t always have the easiest of times, he had a lot of ongoing health issues, and could be quite anxious, but he never complained and he overcame so many things and became a really happy and contented dog.
He had some great achievements too, he raised money for charity, had his portrait painted by a brilliant artist, had a photo shoot, appeared on my Christmas cards, became a professional thief – stealing dog beds from his many friends – large or small, had a lot of girlfriends, learnt to eat snow, side stepped every puddle and never ever got his paws dirty, oh and he gave the best kisses.
He had really slowed down in recent months, and some things were becoming a bit of a struggle, but losing him was still a terrible shock. Being without Dylan is horrible and I miss my friend so much. My heart is broken, but thank you for giving me the privilege of having Dylan, and for saving him so that we could have our time together.
Sarah x

DORA - May 2016

Many Tears have been shed today as sadly we said goodnight to dear little Edore (Dora to us).  Dora had been in foster with us since 17th March 2015, she had been the smallest but the most endearing little dog we have had the privilege to foster, at only 4 1/2 kgs she had a HUGE personality, she would always bring a smile to my face even on a dull day, but, if ever her diner was late being served the look she gave you was priceless.
Despite her health problems Dora took life at her own pace, as she was her own boss, always up for a walk and first in the queue for a treat, she also loved her bean bag bed, but, the real love of her life was my husband - who she ADORED - why ??? simply because he treated her like his special PRINCESS. xx

LILY - April 2016

Dear Syvia, and all at Many Tears,
In September 2007 I came to Many Tears for the first of many visits, to pick up Lily, then called Jilly. She had previously had a stroke and held her head distinctly to one side and had no vision in her right eye.  Nine wonderful years later Lily has crossed Rainbow Bridge this April.  There are no words to say how devastated I feel, except I am sure most people reading this will understand.
What a spectacularly brave and affectionate girl she was, a cuddle meant she would press her body as hard as she could into yours to be as close as possible, and with her head on my shoulder, she always lay next to me and walked close by, following me around the house everywhere, and checking me out several times while I was in the bath to make sure I was still there!  She adored food and her balance was amazing climbing over the furniture to reach a tin which may have some food in it, if it did she would always get it open and enjoy the contents! She didn’t let anything hold her back. Such a gentle girl, I absolutely adored her.
Thank you Sylvia and Many Tears for what you do for all these wonderful animals, the benefits reach far and wide not just for the animals but for all the people they help to heal as we think we are healing them.
With Love  Dorothy (Forbes)


SHAMMY - April 2016

Wonderfull, sweet, kind, pretty, great companion, the best temperament, eyes you can drown in, with the greatest silky hair you will ever see, stoke a Cavalier Spaniel and you will never want to stop, I have a love affair with Cavies started many years ago, we adopted Shammy from MT, my Grandson Kyle (now 21) said "Oh Grandama can we have her", I said yes of course, that was in February 2010.  She was 6½ yrs old, she took our hearts in a half minute flat, has been a wonderful companion for the whole family.  All our other MT dogs, Charlie, Annie, Ruby, and Sandy our other fosters have gone to her for comfort.  She passed over the Rainbow Bridge on Sunday the 10th, after having a heart murmer for a long time.  Our great vet gave her more time than we thought, she had bad day and night Saturday, and passed away on Sunday the 10th.  We miss her and crying many many tears for this little beautiful Cavalier.  She will stay in my heart forever.
Pat Mills

PANDA - March 2016

Dear Sylvia, the Many Tears team, and Joyce,
I wish that I were writing to you under better circumstances, but I'm afraid that I have some very sad news. Our beautiful cavalier Panda, who we adopted from Many Tears in March 2014, was diagnosed with mitral valve disease in January 2015. He coped very well on medication and maintained a good quality of life for more than a year, but his condition worsened earlier this month, and after two stays in hospital there was nothing more they could do for him so he had to be put to sleep on Thursday 18 February. We're completely devastated and miss him terribly. Life without him is extremely difficult.
Panda was such a special, affectionate, funny and beautiful boy, full of love and bringing us so much joy every day. He was extremely brave, and even when he was very ill he was always happy and full of life and cuddles. We are extremely blessed to have had him for two wonderful years, but we're utterly heartbroken that our time with him couldn't be longer. Tails is also grieving deeply for Panda as they were best friends and did everything together.
We are so grateful to Sylvia, Jenna, Joyce, and everyone at Many Tears for bringing Panda into our lives, as our time with him has been the greatest gift anyone could receive. We will cherish his memory forever and life will never be the same without him. We're attaching some photos of him here.
Although Panda can never be replaced, in time we would like to give another dog a loving home and find a new friend for Tails (he was so close to Panda, and so loved having another cavvie in the flat, that he is finding it very difficult being an only dog). We would love to adopt from Many Tears again, so we'll be checking your listings and please do keep us in mind if you take in any cavvies that you think would be suitable.
With best wishes,
Lily and James

BOBBIE - January 2016

Our lovely boy went over the Rainbow Bridge on the 15th January 2016, he was aged 14 years. He died so suddenly and that is why it’s so hard to say these words. He wasn’t a Many Tears dog, but he was a rescue dog.
Bobbie was 5 years old when I adopted him with his best friend Jack (who was 7 years old in 2007). They had two previous owners before me in their young lives and were both very much neglected. But with lots of TLC they turned around into two beautiful little angels. So many wonderful memories and so much happiness. Sadly Jack died in 2011, he only had 1 kidney and died of renal failure, brave Bobbie was so sad.
A friend told me about Many Tears so we were so lucky to a little ex-breeding girl Róisín Rua (she was in foster with Jean on the Isle of White), Bobbie fell in love with her and showed her a wonderful life. Sadly that was short lived as little Rosie was only with us 11 short months, she had breathing problems and a lung disease. We were so heart broken we went back to Many Tears and adopted Eckle (now Abbey) from foster in Abingdon in Oxford. Bobbie once again took her under his wing and loved her. Abbey was an ex breeding girl and very scared but he showed her the way. He was her rock and she followed him everywhere. Very sadly the day after Bobbie died she was diagnosed with amyloidosis, a rare kidney tumour that is inoperable. She was referred to a specialist, our sadness is so great right now.
We miss Bobbie every single day. So run free little angel into the sunshine with your best friend Jack.
Love you forever
Jan & Abbey & Graham xxx

MILLY - January 2016

This is a  photo of my Tri Millie/Marley who left us on 18.1.16 so suddenly aged just 6.
Millie never lost her fear of the world beyond our gate but was such a happy and loving little girl.
Also seen are Bella 28.4.15 and Gabby 25.7.14.  Reunited again.  Miss these babies so, so much, my heart is broken.   Thank you for the gift of these sweet girls.
RIP babies you were and will always be loved so much  xxx


RILEY -January 2016

.....We have lost our beautiful boy after 2 short years of finding him.   He came to us with a broken tail and blind in one eye after surviving 10 brutal years in Romania.  Despite this he loved life and lived it to the full - his broken tail never stopped wagging.   I know in kennels at Many Tears he used to nip the back of legs  so only staff could go in his kennel and for a short time he did this to us too  but when he realised that we would never walk away from him or leave him he slowly started to relax and stopped the dreaded nip of  the legs!!!
..... He started enjoying everything - his main love being food  and he never had to worry when he would next eat - his belly was always full (maybe a bit too full sometimes due to his mum spoiling him)  He lost most of the sight in his one eye but we researched living with a blind dog and after a few adaptions to the house and garden and his mum having a bell attached to her all the time - he still lived his life to the full.
.....Three months ago oral cancer changed everything.  He was a brave strong boy  and still his broken tail kept wagging but when it was too painful for him to even eat we knew it was time to let him go.  Our hearts are broken and we have a massive Riley hole in our lives but we are so grateful that Many Tears brought Riley in to our lives.  I would like to thank the kennel staff as I know as with every dog he was well loved when he spent time in the kennels and a special thank you to Joyce and her husband for fostering and loving Jimmmy Jim Jams as he was known to them and starting on his journey to find us.

POPPY-January 2016

It is with a heavy heart that we'd like to let all at many tears know of the sudden passing of our beloved cavalier Poppy (paris) Having nurtured and cared for her for just under two years her passing came far too soon. Poppy showered us with as much affection as we showered her. It was such a pity that just as she was blossoming into a beautiful trusting little girl her life was cut short. We can't thank many tears enough for allowing us the opportunity to adopt this gorgeous girl,even tho we travelled down from Glasgow, it is a journey we would happily follow in a heartbeat. Hoping to adopt another cavalier in the not so distant future. Ann and Alan Keegan (Glasgow)

ROSIE - January 2016

It is a very sad day. Five and a half years ago 4 year old Rosie (known to
you as Tuscany) came into our lives to keep my Cav company after his friend
died. She gave him a new lease of life and had a wonderful summer chasing
butterflies in the fields just as if she couldn't believe life could be like
that. In November our second MT girl, Poppy, came to keep her company and
the groomer noticed how much more settled Rosie was with her new friend. She
never understood what toys were for and just chewed all except little dog
ones which she would gather up around her on the settee. She was a mum
through and through and taught both Poppy and Tilly (MT no 3!) how to behave
and how not to be afraid. We lost Tilly on her first New Years Eve when a
firework exploded unexpectedly nearby but I just said to Rosie 'help me find
Tilly' and she ran off, sniffed around a bit and jumped up at a fence
surrounding our little green. Sure enough, we walked round to the
appropriate garden and Tilly crept out from under a shed. I shall so miss
her. I can't thank you all enough for the chance to adopt these lovely
little dogs ....I remember your vet phoning to ask if I still wanted to go
ahead as she had been found to have a Grade 3 murmur but she has been fine
with homeopathy until the last six months when her cough worsened and she
started medication. On Christmas Eve Rosie's heart failure suddenly worsened
and the vet came today to help her and she is now asleep. Goodnight my
darling girl.....
Many thanks and best wishes for 2016, Jean, Poppy and Tilly xxx


ATOMIC - December 2015

Atomic, better known as our gentle Pip/naughty Oi Stop It, was set free December 2015. I was so lucky to share his first year of freedom, sadly it was the final year of this sweet little cocker's life.  He loved everyone and everyone loved him.
'You'll hear an urgent morse in the gentle rain ...
You'll see the coldest star in the arms of the oldest tree
And you'll know to come to me'
Diana x 


I had forgotten to let you know about “Monty” who we adopted from MT back in 22nd December 2005 when he was known as “MO” and was helped to cross the Bridge on Friday the October 2015 aged 12years.  He was found on the streets of Swansea originally.  He was known as Sergeant Major as he ruled all our other boys just like an Army Sergeant Major.  He had suffered seizures for about 6 months and was on medication, he lost a lot of weight but remained a happy little chap throughout. At the times of his seizures it was heart breaking to hold him while he endured the fits, he took longer and longer to come through them and in the end it was all too much for his poor broken body to take.  Every dog is his own character but Monty was one of those dogs that just get right into your heart not matter what they do, hence it has taken so long to inform you of the passing of another of your “Ex Charges”   Rest assured he had a great life and was loved every minute of his time with us and the rest of our Schnauzer gang.   Thank you once again for rescuing him and allowing us to have him in our lives.
Many thanks

Bob & Leigh Russell (Stockport)


BILLY - December 2015

Hi Sylvia,
Just to let you know that Billy was helped to cross the Bridge on Friday the 11th of December 2015, He had suffered a stroke in the same afternoon.  He originally came from the Stockport Area (quite near to us in fact) in 2008 where he had bitten the owners Husband so was shifted off the South Wales where within a week he had bitten that another Husband.   I travelled down to collect him and there began the start of his forever home with our gang of Schnauzers.  He was perfect but he bit me with a couple of days!  We found the reason why he was doing this when we groomed him, he was just skin & bone under all that fur.  He was a loving little lad who was just a pleasure to have around, he loved his walks but sadly as his eyesight grew worse they could be taken in the daylight but he enjoyed being off the lead.  His recall was sporadic due to deafness so it depended on the wind carrying your voice but he always seemed to know he was too far away from us and came happily trotting back.  Sure going to miss him and as always thank you for saving him in the first place.  Many thanks
Bob & Leigh Russell (Stockport)

JUDY - December 2015

.....All the dog that come to Many Tears touch your heart but sometimes a dog comes along and does so a little bit more and Judy was one of them.
.....She arrived very fearful and worried and it took her a while to settle but we all loved her.  She was lucky enough to be fosterered by Mark a member of staff.
.....She had an incontinence problem and was sent to a specialist vet to have an operation to rectify this. They did an exploratory and found one lung with inadequate vessels going in and a completely abnormal urinary tract. They tried desperately to save her but sadly she did not make it.
.....We are overwhelmed with sadness for her and are so grateful to Mark for giving her just a short time to know about life in a home.  Run free Judy - you will not be forgotten.

ARROW - December 2015

Sadly on the 7th December with a very heavy heart we had to help Arrow our foster dog over the "rainbow bridge"..... Everyone who met him loved his quiet, sweet and gentle nature, for such a tiny dog Arrow has left a huge hole in my heart.

BABY BLUE - October 2015

.....It is with complete and utter all-consuming sadness that I have to let you know that our Baby Blue has passed away at only one year and one month of age, although that is far too young to lose our amazing little man it is more time than the vets told us we would have with him, they said he wouldn’t even make it to six months.
.....Blue suffered from seizures from when he was very young and on the 29th October 2015 we had to make the heartbreaking decision to have him PTS. He had been doing very well but he went into a cluster that just wouldn’t end. Blue was a fighter, the strongest of the strong and the most loving and wonderful little soul. He enjoyed his life more than you’d ever expect from someone with such health issues and every morning would wake up excited for the day ahead.
.....It was cruel that someone so special had to be burdened with such a horrible condition, but he did not let them affect his life when he wasn’t having them. He loved playing with his three rescue brothers, he loved sleeping on the sofa, pouncing on his toys, lying down by the kitchen sink or in his spot in the garden, curling up with his brothers, waking me up in the middle of the night by nudging me to lift him onto my bed (as he obviously couldn’t be bothered to put the effort in at that time of night), he loved feeling the wind on his face, he loved all our other animal friends including the chickens and rabbits,  he just wanted to be friends with everyone and would greet everyone he met on a walk with a tail wag and a sniff.
.....Words could never do that precious soul justice, he was larger than life and so incredibly sweet. We loved him with our whole heart and have devoted all of our time to him this past year and would of continued to do so for as long as we were blessed to have him if only he hadn’t had to leave so soon. It was the hardest decision we have ever had to make but we knew it was his time to go. We want to thank Many Tears for blessing us with Baby Blue, we would not have traded our time together for the world, he made such a huge impact on our entire family in such a short time. He will live on in our hearts forever. It was an absolute privilege to know him and have him in our lives.

Baby Blue (previously Bacon) 11/09/14 – 29/10/15
Adopted on the 9th November 2014.

He shall missed by all who had the pleasure of meeting him, and it really was a pleasure.

CHESTER - October 2015

Chester came to us after our first rescue cav, Clover, passed away.  Chester soon became an extremely loved and integral part of our family, especially when he took it upon himself to become our new born son's bodyguard.  Chester was a hugely loving dog, and would always try to squeeze into the smallest gap in order to get a snuggle with you. His passing has been a huge shock for us, as he was still quite a young dog, and became ill very quickly. But in the nearly 6 years that he was with us we loved him with all of our hearts. Chester, you will always be with us in our hearts but you will be missed.
Soraya Khan xxx


BONNIE - September 2015

Bonnie Bennett with the waggley tail as she was affectionately called, sadly passed away on 14th September.  She became very ill that morning while we were on holiday in Cornwall, so we made the decision to come back home and see our vet where we had to make that horrible decision to say goodbye and have her put to sleep. We adopted her 5 years ago and it was a privilege to have her as part of the family,a beautiful little girl with lots of character,she loved her life and loved her caravan holidays she will be sadly missed by us and all of her friends that she made, and of course Ben the King Charles cavalier her soul mate. God bless.
Chris Bennett


KINGSTON - September 2015

Sadly we had to have Kingston put to sleep this afternoon.  We originally adopted Kingston (Simon) from MT in September 2010.  He was our first dog and was a complete star.

Sadly in March this year he was diagnosed with lymphoma and today we made the difficult decision to put him to sleep as he had gone off his food.

He had a great five years with us - running around up in the forestry with us and we loved his company.  He will be greatly missed.  A very handsome hound.

Sleep well K x


LILY - August 2015

LILY - August 2015

In 2008 I drove to Many Tears to collect my third foster dog - she was an ex-breeding Rottweiler called Binka, six months later we adopted her and changed her name to Lily.
Lily was a gentle dog loved by all who met her, she helped many foster dogs overcome their fears and would also accompany me on collections.   Lily was my constant shadow, during the day she would follow me around and if i went out she would wait patiently by the door for my return, and every evenings were spent sprawled out together on the sofa. 
Sadly on Sunday the 16th - I lost my best friend and soul mate and now my heart is broken....

TRIP - August 2015

.....Nearly ten years ago I adopted a yellow Labrador named Trip from you.  Sadly he died yesterday from cancer but we wanted to let you know that he had a lovely life with us.  As we understood it, you had rescued Trip from the pound.  He had been found without any identification having apparently been abandoned so nothing was known about him, his age, his name or his origins.  You fostered him with a lady in Somerset who named him Trip and about a week later we adopted him.
.....On the journey home I did wonder if we had made a big mistake as he wouldn’t stay in the back of the car with our other dog so we finished the journey with Trip in the front of the car with me.  He rested his head on my knee with his big brown eyes locked on me and by the time we got home I was completely in love with him. He was such a placid dog, nothing fazed him.  He loved running around with our older dog, enjoyed swimming in the sea and playing with my children.
.....Three years ago we lost our older dog but not wanting Trip to be on his own, I got another rescue Labrador cross.  Our new dog, Olly, came with problems, mostly that he is very afraid of other dogs which makes him aggressive.  However Trips calm and placid attitude made him one of the few dogs that he has never had a problem with.  Trip was quite surprised however when he got into his basket one night and Olly climbed in with him.  The look on Trip’s face was priceless!
.....Trip was also quite a stubborn dog.  He never accepted that my son had grown old enough to take him for a walk and flatly refused to go with him.  Even this week when my son, now 20 years old, needed to walk Trip the short distance home, Trip would not go with him.  He just sat and waited for a proper grown up to take over.
.....He was a smashing dog and we are very thankful that you rescued him and gave us the opportunity to know him and share our home with him.
Thank you.
Allison Caffyn

MURPHEY - July 2015

My beautiful Murphey, the boy I fostered then adopted three years ago, has today crossed the rainbow bridge, age fifteen and a half.
He was such a wonderful boy, who I adored. He was not so poorly he couldn't still enjoy some of his days, but he had so many things ailing his body, the family and the vet agreed we wanted to give him his dignity and his pride. He was such a loyal happy, amazing dog, my heart is broken.
Run free sweetheart mummy hopes she made the right decision for you.
I love you always, your mummy and daddy Daniel xxxx

MILLIE - July 2015

.....Some very sad news to tell you - we had to make the heartbreaking decision to have our lovely Millie put to sleep last night.  She had severe Pancreas and each time blood tests were taken they were getting higher counts.
.....Tuesday night we rushed her into the emergency vet as she was in severe pain - she was given strong painkilling injections and kept in overnight but the night nurse had written a report saying she was getting very stressed. We brought her home on Wednesday but she was so unsettled and got worse yesterday and was crying out in pain.  We took her back to the vet and we all knew we couldn't let her suffer any more.  She was on the strongest painkiller medication and even that was not helping her at all. We had to make the right decision for her even though it was the worse one for us. We are so very upset as you can imagine.
.....Something strange though - early on Tuesday morning when Chris got up he went downstairs and thought he saw Martha (our cavalier) running around the dining room table - he thought how strange it was as normally she would have run over to him for a cuddle - anyway he opened the door for her to go into the garden - and no dog - he looked into the lounge and there was Martha on the settee cuddled into Millie absolutely sound asleep - no way could she have gone into the lounge and gone into a deep sleep in the two seconds it took Chris to open the door!!  I believe it was one of my cavaliers come back for Millie and saying "Come and join us over the bridge and we can have a game of chase". A couple of years ago Chris saw a white cat in the dining room (I had a white cat many years ago) and  wondered whose cat it was - that also disappeared and a couple of days later we lost Pixie our cocker spaniel.  I do believe and it is a comfort to think that our pets come back to help others over the bridge. Millie is the black and white cocker spaniel and Martha is the cavalier (both from Many Tears)
Best wishes - Heather and Chris.


PATCH & JESS - June 2015

Dear Sylvia,
.....We adopted Patch and his mum Jess eight years ago from you.  I think you were a little dubious about us but we passed the home visit and they settled in really well. You could tell they were a little nervous of shouting and men's voices but they became really good house dogs.
.....Jess was totally dominant to Patch and he was lost when she died 18 months ago. I didn't want to get another dog quickly after she died, I was very attached to her and felt that I had lost my best friend.  Eight months ago we had Daisy, a working cocker spaniel at 17 weeks (a rescue too).  Patch loved her straight away and she injected some energy into the household
..... Sadly, 10 days ago Patch was given a terminal prognosis as he was anaemic with tumours on his liver and spleen.  He just had a day in the vet and then came home, pain free, just a bit slow.  He had a lovely last few days and even yesterday he had his breakfast and a nice slow walk with a few little gallops to keep up with his crazy little sister.  Last night he had a fatal internal bleed and passed away comfortably and quietly.
.....We have had so much love and joy from those dogs and I would like to thank you for letting them come to us to live out the rest of their days. If we are looking for another dog in the autumn, I will look on your website as you do so much good work.  Daisy needs another dog and loves playing and is quite submissive.
With best wishes


We adopted our beloved dog, Charlie, from Many Tears 8 years ago. Back then he was named Moto although, as he had been found as a stray and rescued from the pound, and this wasn't his real name, he didn't mind when we changed it to Charlie.
He was the gentlest and most loving of dogs and we miss him terribly.
We had some wonderful years with him and we hope we gave him a happy life to repay him for the love he gave to us.

BONNY - May 2015

.....It is with much sadness that we must tell you that our beloved Bonnybec (Bonny) passed away last Saturday. We only had her for six months and during that time the love she received and returned to us all was so wonderful that we are all heartbroken. She was such a gentle lovely lady and the tears keep coming for her.   She was so loved and a joy to have in our lives.It was a privilege to care for her and have in our lives even if only for such a short time.
.....She was only ill for a few days and tests at the vets revealed cancer of the lymph glands and lungs.  What a brave girl we had. Even though our time with her was short, we comfort ourselves knowing she loved being kissed, cuddled and spoiled completely. She loved her walks and visits from the family especially my 10 year old grand daughter Sophie who was her godmother and who always brought her treats. They adored each other.
.....Thank you all at MT for letting us adopt this absolutely wonderful girl who will be in our hearts always. See you on Rainbow Bridge darling girl.
.....Thank you also MT for the very wonderful work that you do for the animals in your care.
Linda James

FLOREY - mAY 2015

Dear all at Many Tears.
.....I'm writing with regard to Flory the 11 year old boxer we adopted from you in August. I regret to inform you that Flory sadly passed away a few weeks ago.
.....Flory was a beautiful boxer with a fantastic nature. She was very cautious when she first moved in with us but she quickly settled in and soon found her voice, barking every morning to tell us the post had arrived. She met many dog friends who she enjoyed chasing around the local fields. She was very bouncy right up until her last couple of days with us.
.....Flory managed to overcome her eye ulcer and made a full recovery, she was an absolutely delightful old girl.  From a family that has had several boxers, Flory was definitely the best and most intriguing of them all and she will be greatly missed. It came as a complete shock when she deteriorated almost overnight after suffering sudden kidney failure. She was taken to the vet and passed away during the night. Thankfully it was very quick and she was not in any pain.
.....I would like to thank Many Tears for bringing Flory into our lives. She touched us all and will not be forgotten in a hurry. The only regret we have is that we couldn't have had her sooner. I hope Flory enjoyed her time with us, she always seemed to be a happy girl and we are very fortunate to have had the privilege to spend time with her.I have attached a few photographs of Flory, however there are a lot more should you wish to have any further pictures please let me know.
Thanks again.
Kind regards
Iain Scott

JASPER - May 2015

We are utterly devastated to have to report that Jasper didn't make it. We are just overwhelmed with sadness at this news but are extremely grateful that our supporters gave him a chance with their wonderful donations. This is the report we received from Langford's and we would also like to thank them for everything they did for our little boy.

From Langfords
Dear Sylvia,
I am so sorry for the news I had to bring you regarding Jasper

Jasper suffered from a vascular ring anomaly (persistent right aortic arch) in which a congenital malformation results in a band of tissue "trapping" the oesophagus as it runs over the top of the heart. This results in enlargement of the oesophagus in front of this, with subsequent collection of food and fluid in the created pouch. This creates a constant risk to life as the contents of the pouch may be refluxed and drain into the lungs resulting in pneumonia. The treatment is surgical removal of this band of tissue, such that oral feeding may one day resume, and placement of a temporary gastric feeding tube, which Jasper underwent ten days ago.

The days following surgery Jasper made progressive improvements, with physiotherapy, nebulisation, oxygen and antibiotic therapy to help with his very delicate lungs. He was enjoying full meals for the first time courtesy of his feeding tube and also keen to explore his environment and was making slow but steady steps towards a recovery. Yesterday, however, he found it progressively harder to breathe and whilst increasing the intensity of his treatments initially helped he subsequently deteriorated further to the extent that this morning, he was struggling to breathe.

Sadly, despite surgical correction of the vascular ring, persistence of the oesophageal pouch leaves dogs with this condition at long term risk of aspiration pneumonia. Despite trying everything we could to get Jasper through this latest episode, the severity of his recent deterioration and that his breathing had continued to become more laboured despite this meant that asking him to continue was more than any puppy should have to go through; he was peacefully laid to rest in our arms this morning.

I am so sorry for your loss of this adorable puppy. He has become part of the family here at Langford during his time with us and we are deeply saddened that we were unable to win this battle for him. Our thoughts are with you at this time.j

DAHPNE - April 2015

.....Sadly Daphne passed to Rainbow Bridge on 1st April 2015 aged 8 years old. Unfortunately, Daphne was diagnosed with an incurable gastrointestinal lymphoma at the beginning of February 2015. Following a consultation with a veterinary oncologist our vet advised us to take her home and spoil her.We did just that and Daphne was able to spend the last few weeks of her life with her family where she felt secure, happy and much loved.
.....We adopted Daphne 21 months ago and she quickly won our hearts and became one of our special girls. She came to us very shut down but slowly slowly we managed to build her confidence and open up the world to her. She accompanied our other girls to shows and was very successful herself winning "Best Rescue" and "Best in Show" at Alvanley and Manley Fun Dog Show last year. Daphne showed me what can be achieved with time, patience and love. It has been an honour and a pleasure to look after this brave girl. Our only regret is that she didn't enjoy the good life for longer. Run free my brave, beautiful girl.  xxxx

BELLA - Aprli 2015

.....It is with a broken heart that I have to tell you that sweet Bella my ruby Cavalier King Charles that came to me 10 months ago has died suddenly this morning.
.....I knew when she came to me she had a grade 5 heart murmer and I could lose her any time but it still comes as a awful shock.  She was so much loved and is with her sister Gabby now who I lost 9 months ago.  They will be missed so much by Millie/Marley and Ruby and Rupert.  RIP Bella and Gabby.   Thank you for 2 lovely girls.
Frances  Simmons

HOPE - April 2015

Hi Sylvia and all,
.....It is through tears that I write to let you know that we have had no other choice than to allow our Hope to cross over Rainbow bridge today.
.....Three years and two months ago we were given the pleasure by you of being able to welcome Hope into our family.  This, deaf, toothless, sweet girl, brought a smile to my face and filled my heart with love everyday, and broke my heart every night as still fearful of the dark, she slept with the light on every night.
.....Whenever I explained to people what this poor little girl had been through their response was always "she is lucky to have found you".  I never understood that as I always saw it the other way round.  WE were the lucky ones, for there is no love like the love of a rescue dog.  The trust and love this girl was still prepared to give after everything that had been done to her broke my heart daily.
.....Hope did not know how to play with toys or with other dogs.  She was deaf and it always upset me that she could not hear me telling her how  much I loved her or how beautiful she was.  However, there were four favourite pass times for Hope, eating, sleeping, cuddling and sitting in the garden watching the fish, the sky and the birds whilst laying on her cushion. She was never left alone as she went to work with Karen through the day or stayed at home with me.
.....From the day we brought her home she had a pull on my heart strings that I am not sure I will ever feel again, and right now I am not sure I will ever get over losing her.  What I can tell you is that whilst she was with us she was loved, every second of every day and for allowing us the pleasure of having her in our lives I want to thank you.  Heartbroken just does not describe what we are feeling right now.
.....Until I found Many Tears I did not understand the level of neglect and abuse that was happening, and until Hope came in to our lives I did not understand the true meaning of rescue.  Your rescue and the love of Hope is the main reason why Harvey's Army exists and every dog we rescue from an abused home or tied to a railing, dumped in the streets is done mainly because of the influence of Many Tears and the love of Hope.
.....Thank you again for giving us the opportunity of loving her and for trusting us with her care.  She brought such happiness in to our lives.
Yours Sincerely
Nina and Karen Blackburn
Harvey's Army

NANA - April 2015

It is with a broken heart that I tell you that we have lost our lovely crazy Nana Bulldog.  She very sadly had a Stroke & didn't make it. We are all devastated & miss her terribly. But would like to thank you for letting us have her she really was a Crazy Character & will be forever missed.

You saw me all skinny and shattered,
Collecting me was all that mattered.
You built me up and made me strong,
So that we could have fun all day long.

You took me in an showed me it all,
Love, Snuggles, Special Meatballs.
I loved it, even the going to school,
We never stopped, we did it all.

Stubbornness was my middle name,
Crazy and bonkers you loved me all the aame.
Naughty and a madam you would complain,
But kisses and cuddles you gave me again and again.

I was demanding and loved to anore,
You changed my life it was no longer a chore.
We had adventures, we had holidays,
And the Chub Chub song was a funny craze.

Barkley, Ralph, Lola and me, we were a pack,
Then came Happy no way he was going back.
Beaches, woods, fields and the stream,
My time with you all was just a dream.

I know I'm missed and you must grieve,
But it just was, my time to leave.
I know its sad and really not funny,
But I'm OK, I'm over the rainbow with Lola chasing a bunny.

My bones don't ache now I am free,
I'll always love you as you love me.
You all gave me my Happy Ever After,
Now its time to remember the Fun, Happiness and the Laughter.

MISTY - April 2015

.....We adopted Misty (formerly Niomi) in September 2014.  She was the most affectionate, grateful and placid little dog one could ever hope to have.  She settled in so well and together we lived with and managed all her little problems, cataracts, wasted leg muscles, luxating patella, a heart murmur, habitual paw chewing and a fear of big open spaces.
.....She was such a grateful little soul and lived happily alongside Minnie, our Jack Russell/Lurcher cross.  We fell in love with her as she did with us so it was such a worry when she became increasingly listless, uninterested in food and reluctant to leave the house.
.....Our vet diagnosed critical kidney failure so she was put to sleep in my arms.  Losing her has broken our hearts.  We are so grateful to all at Many Tears that you rescued her, found her a caring foster home and gave us the chance to give her a loving home for the last seven months of her life.  Once we have recovered from the shock of losing her, we hope you will give us the chance to provide a home for another needy little dog.
.....We had hoped that we would be writing to you to include a mention in your Happy Endings section and are so sad that we didn’t have enough time with Misty to do this.
Christine, Peter & Minnie Glenville

HAPPY - April 2015

Dear Many Tears
We adopted Happy (formerly Cathy) from you in September 2011 where she settled in with her best friend , Cisco. Happy was as her name suggests, Happy and she loved her new life. When she ran her ears would flop up and down and it really was a funny sight.  Happy loved her walks, she loved her food and she was quite a flirt with the male dogs! Happy was also very content chilling on the sofa, she was  super little girl. Unfortunately, Happy became ill suddenly and x-rays showed she had an in-operable tumor on her liver. It was time to let Happy sleep. We have loved this little girl so much and so glad she came into our lives . Although our hearts are breaking now, we will always remember this special girl who, though was rescued , rescued us.  You will always be in our hearts Happy.
All our love Karen , Max and Cisco xxx

HARRIET - March 2013

It is with much sadness I have to tell you that our much loved Yorkie Harriet, died last weekend.  It seems that she had a fit whilst we were out and died whilst in the fit. She was a quiet and unassuming dog and loved family life which she only had for 11 months but they were happy and secure.
Loved you lots Harriet

PEPSI - January 2015

I feel very sad to let you know that my beloved Pepsi who I adopted almost 5 years ago had to be put to sleep in January. She suffered with a collapsed trachea and was struggling so I had to let her go. She was a gentle, placid and loving dog and I miss her terribly as does my other rescue dog Shen.
Jan Porteous


RUSTY - March 2015

Good Morning to you all at Many Tears…
.....I just wanted to tell you the rather sad news that the happy trio of Many Tears Rescue Dogs – ‘Cash, Monty and Rusty’, living with the Whitting/ Sheppard families has now been reduced to Two, as the little Sheltie, originally known to you as Toon in 2008/9, and renamed Rusty when he came to us, suffered sudden and catastrophic kidney failure during the past week, and, last night,  we had to take the difficult decision to put him to sleep rather than let him suffer.
.....As you may remember, he was right from the beginning always a rather delicate and nervous little dog, having definitely not had a good start in life – in fact, you originally described him to us as a “Failed stud dog” – a statement born out by the fact that he had probably been kept in the dark on a concrete floor, which gave him poor sight and very stiff joints!!
.....I would like to think that we gave him a good life with us for the rest of his days, even down to the expensive lifetime fat-free diet he required, after contracting Pancreatitis in the first three months after arriving with us!!
.....Despite being a somewhat cussed and very individual character, who definitely had not been standing in line when the brain cells were given out, he will be very greatly missed by us all, not least, by our youngest granddaughter, Penny, who, when she next visits us, will be wondering where the “Little Lion” has gonE.
Thank you all, and keep up the good work you do – you make such a difference, with your caring.
Robin & Alison Whitting  


ALED - February 2015

.....Aled came from a breeder. He was intended to be a stud dog but – probably due to low testosterone levels – he wasn’t interested and got handed over to Many Tears rescue when he was 18 months old. I collected him from his foster home near London just before Christmas 2008. In many respects Aled then was like a young puppy – he knew nothing. He had never been for walks or run free in the park, he didn’t know how to relate to other dogs or to people, if I put him on my lap he froze (What are you going to do to me now?), in his second week with us he got a bad cough from meeting traffic pollution for the first time. But he learnt so much from his Big Brother Oliver. If Oliver wasn’t worried about something like fireworks, then Aled didn’t worry; if Oliver thought people were nice, then Aled would give it a go.
.....So Aled became part of our family. He came to our monthly obedience training days and wiggled his bum at the other dogs. He even won a couple of rosettes in obedience competitions, though it took me about two years to teach him to retrieve, but once he’d learnt he loved retrieving toys in the sitting room. He came on our camping holidays in Norfolk and loved the beach. He visited friends and co-hosted the Cavalier Christmas parties. I loved the way, when I let him off the lead, he ran around in circles and dive-bombed Oliver with such joy. But if I walked him without Oliver he would simply walk at my heel – Big Bro was his confidence.
.....Healthwise, Aled was a disaster. He came with a grade 1 heart murmur that slowly increased, he had mild CM/SM, an eye problem, and developed quite severe myoclonus. He went into heart failure last July and was not expected to live as long as he did. When he was put to sleep on 5 February 2015 he was 7 years and 7 months old – the classic age for Cavaliers to die of MVD. He had been with us for just over 6 years, and I am so sad that he didn’t have longer to enjoy life after his bad start. But I am glad that though he started life shut in a kennel on his own, he died surrounded by loving friends and with me stroking his head. Like Oliver, Aled was registered with the Cavalier Collection Scheme, so his tissue samples will help research into MVD and pancreatitis. And when his ashes come back to me I shall scatter them on our favourite Norfolk beach.
Best wishes
Kate Hughes


KIRI - January 2015

We are all absolutely heartbroken about the loss of our beautiful little Kiri (aged 2 years 11 months).  We adopted her nearly two years ago.  She grew in confidence continually and was a happy girl.  She really enjoyed her short life.  Unfortunately, a short while after, we discovered that she had kidney failure.  She was a real fighter.  Our vet was so amazed that she was so well with such terrible test results.  In the end she was only poorly for a few days.  On Tuesday 13 January she started fitting and we had no choice but to let her go.  We will miss her every day, but are so blessed to have had our wonderful time with her.  Thank you to her fosterers, Vicky and Charles, for letting us give her a forever home and the rescue for all that you do.

Sharon and Bill Brown

MARTHA - January 2015

Dear Many Tears
....We are devastated to inform you that Martha passed away this morning.  She has been unwell since before Christmas and eventually tests showed a large mass in her stomach.
....We feel honoured to have shared her final year with her and our lives will never be the same again.
Lynda & Rod Smeeton






SUZY - January 2015

SUZY- one more day

If we had one more day with you
We'd tell you even more
How much we really loved you
And we worshipped you for sure.
If we had one more day with you
We'd take you to the beach
To feel the sand beneath your paws
But that's just out of reach.
If we had one more day with you
We'd take you for a walk
Your favourite place behind the church
We'd play and run and talk.
You were so special Suzy Q
An angel through and through
You gave so much of yourself to us
And you taught us so much too.
We knew your stay was short with us
So we made it extra good
We took you to nice places
And gave you tasty food.
You loved your Christmas with us
A family of your own
You had so many presents
A bowl, a bed, a bone.
You learned to play and spin and dance
Despite your former years
You embraced your life and lived each day
And banished all your fears.
We loved to watch you sleeping
And admire your beautiful face
And as you made each milestone
Our smiles could be seen from space.
We were so very proud of you
You changed our lives forever
You were funny, feisty, loving, kind
And wonderful and clever.
Our Suzy Q we miss you so
But we know you couldn't stay
We know you're with Holly and Charlie and Brack
And we'll meet again some day.
We see you at the Rainbow Bridge
Your tail is fully grown
And wagging furiously as you say
"Its ok guys, I'm home."
You're healed now, whole and no more pain
We couldn't wish that away
But our hearts are broken and we wish
We had just one more day......

FRANKIE- January 2015

6 years ago on new years day we went to pick up a red boxer bitch called Krunchie from Corsham being fostered by Jane Pedrick,  She was renamed Frankie and sadly was put to sleep on Monday 5th January due to a bone tumour on her leg.   Being 11 years old and having chronic arthritis in her back legs there was nothing we could do but end her suffering after an xray confirmed the tumour.  She was truly an exceptional dog and couldn't have been more loved.  Her mate Molly the white boxer was there with us when we said goodbye and seem lost without her but will we ever know how they feel.  Frankie and Molly went everywhere with us, days out, holidays, into town to have a Costa Coffee and was a hit with all the customers and staff.  Only the other day a couple sitting next to us at the coffee shop who I have never seen before asked us where our red boxer was, they said they used to see us often there with them.  Frankie was such a good girl with all the dogs I have into groom and the clients got used to treading over her because as always Frankie couldn't be bothered to move.  Our home will never be the same without her. She was a very well behaved and quiet dog, never an ounce of trouble.   The saying that we have lost our Frankie is not right as we haven't lost her as she is here with us all the time. We will pick up her ashes tomorrow to be
with us forever.

RIP our Darling Frankie, Play together with Lulu forever at Rainbow Bridge.

Mummy, Daddy, Molly, Paul, Adam. Kerry and all the grandchildren who miss you terribly. xxxx

MUMBLE - January 2015

.....Thank you for the 4 years and 5 months that we had with Mumble. He passed away in January from a massive heart attack that our vet said he wouldn't have suffered with.
.....Just before Christmas he wasn't himself and although he had always had a grade three heart mummer this had never held him back.  We took him to the vets and discovered that his heart was enlarged and was stopping 4-5 times a minute,He was put on heart tablets and within days was back to his cheeky lovely wonderful self and was able to play with his favourite thing on Christmas day - a toy pig.  At his check up everything seemed great so when he had the heart attack at 1:30 am 17/01/2015 it was a massive shock for us all.
.....Our vets have been great and a firm called Dignity are giving him a well deserved funeral. He has his piggy to go with him. .....Mumble came bowling into our lives he was a cheeky chappie who loved to love you. His favourite things were tearing up toy pigs then playing fetch for as long as you would play it, giving kisses, barking at the postman, vistiors to the house who were always for him of course, His walks brought him great joy he played stick and would even climb a tree if you hid his stick. He swam in the sea and loved trains and going to the castle inn in Dorset for doggie holidays, were he would get sausages for breakfast and chicken and rice for tea.  Last summer he even went on a hover craft and went to the Isle of White. He didn't like the vets and until last August always wore a muzzle there but he got to the stage were he even didn't need that. When we first got him he wouldn't let you touch him or pick him up, when he died he'd taken to sitting on my lap, being picked up.He loved bubbles and in the summer playing in his paddling pool.He was a wonder dog and his kisses will be sadly and greatly missed.
Lots of love
Sally-Anne Harman Jamie and Peter and his doggie friend Ruby (Rhubarb-July 2011 Many Tears dog who we also love she is good at the moment).

POPPY - January 2015

Poppy adopted from Many Tears in 2005 - an ex-breeding bitch.  Now in the arms of the angels waiting for me, her heartbroken mum.


CASSIE - December 2014

I wanted to thank you so much for the two amazing years we had with Cassie, our little deaf ex-breeding cav.  She moved into our house like she had always lived here with our other old cavalier, Pip.  Housetrained in a day and off lead in 3 days!  The happiest, most loving and angelic dog I have ever known.  She has left a massive chasm in our lives.

Although she never became ill, the vet warned us of her weak heart and she passed peacefully in her sleep.

Thank you for the chance no other rescue would grant us.

Ruth Wilson and family

MOLLY - December 2014

It is with an absolute broken heart that formerly 'Real' adopted from you in July 2010 and renamed  Molly past away last week on 22/12/2014.
Within five days of her feeling unwell and all the veterinary care we could give her it was still an emotional shock to lose her so quickly. She was a fabulous little lab to love, full of mischief and fun, I will love and miss her so very, very much. Thank you for rescuing her and allowing us to love her the way we did. She leaves behind one pining cuddle partner called Kaiser, who is at a loss to know what has happened to her.
Sincerely yours.

JULY - December 2014

On the 3rd December we had to say goodbye to our Cavy July, who we adopted in September 2012. Her heart condition had worsened  and there was nothing else we or the vets could do. We are just devastated, she had overcome so much and come so far. She had found the joy and fun in life and despite her many ailments lived every day with a happy grin and a waggy tail. We miss her happy dance and yaps of joy at dinner time and for walkies but we can take some comfort from knowing we did our best for her and gave her the life she deserved and thoroughly enjoyed. She is now running around with her sister, June (who passed in August) splashing in a paddling pool and getting up to all sorts of mischief, safe from any harm. We would like to thank everyone at Many Tears  once again for the opportunity to adopt July.
Jane, Ben, Daniel & Josie


BARNEY - November 2014

Hi Sylvia and all at Many Tears
.....It is with a completely broken heart I have to tell you that our beautiful boy Barney (Feathers) was PTS yesterday. He was diagnosed with Congenital Kidney Disease stage iv and despite being referred and treated by the fantastic team at the Royal Veterinary College Queen Mother Hospital sadly nothing could be done. The vets don't know how he managed to live as long as he has, as he had no recognisable kidneys. We hoped that by giving him fluids and medication he would have longer but he told us he was ready to go. It has been less than a week since the initial blood tests.
.....It has come as a huge shock to us as Barney was a fit and healthy dog on the outside and has never been ill. He was such a beautiful dog. All dogs are special but Barney was extra special. He was super intelligent and goofy in equal measure. Wherever we went people were drawn to him. Unusual for a big black dog! Anyone who met him, human or canine left happier for having known him. He made our world a better, brighter place.
.....He was so clever and loved to learn new things. The things he could do were too numerous to mention but his favourite one is the one I'm most proud of him for doing. I am a type 1 diabetic and Barney learned a command and/or hand signal to find and bring me my insulin wherever it was. I didn't need him to but having run out of normal things to teach him we tried that and he loved doing it. He was a  remarkable boy and we are completely devastated he is gone.
.....Our other Many Tears dog Tilly (Pearl) is doing brilliantly despite her world being turned upside down this last week. She has really come out of her shell since we adopted her and is completely delightful. Having her here is making this awful situation a bit easier to bear, I'm so glad we have her she too is very special.
.....I have attached a couple of pictures of Barney so you can see how beautiful he was. If you hadn't have rescued him we wouldn't have had him and he wouldn't have had the idyllic doggy life he had. Thank you from all of us for allowing that to happen.
Kind Regards
Diane Hamstead


BONNIE - September 2014

.....It is with much regret that our baby girl Bonnie passed away suddenly on 22nd September.  She came to her forever home 7 years ago aged about 6 and during that time she gave us so much love and happiness that we are heartbroken.  Our lives and house are so  very empty without baby girl.  She had been used for breeding and not lived in a house before coming to us and though it did take a little time and patience to get her used to household noises etc. it was more than worth it.
.....She loved chasing the squirrels in the garden and going for walks down at the estuary.  She was a ferocious little guard dog who thought she was a rottweiller!
.....She was her Dad’s girl and they were constant companions – you saw one and you saw the other.  The photo shows, I think, the love they had for each other.   However, she was her mum’s girl when Dad wasn’t there!
.....The pup we had with her called Oscar passed away in November 2013 and he was such a brave little boy having diabetes and pancreatic cancer later.  They were always together and he was a loving darling little boy.  A piece of us all went with him when we lost him.
.....Run free and happy together my beloved little ones. Loved and In our hearts always. We’ll see you both on Rainbow Bridge for hugs and kisses.
Linda James



Hello,It is with huge sadness that I write this email to let you know that we have had to say goodbye to our beautiful boxer Roobee on 1st October 2014.
She was an absolute angel from the minute we collected her from Sarah and Jan in Bury Port just over 4 years ago,  to the day we held her as she slipped peacefully away.
For the first 5 years of her life she was a breeding bitch and had very little experience of 'normal doggy life' how she made up for it once she was in her forever home. What a beautiful, beautiful girl, who will always have a special place in my heart.
Thank you Many Tears for all the fantastic work you do, and for giving us the pleasure that come from adopting Roobee.
Many thanks
Julie Jones & family


At is with the deepest sadness, that I have to tell you my beloved Wendy had to be put to sleep yesterday, she was diagnosed with a heart tumour in march , and was only given 4-8 weeks, that news was just so devastating, my beautiful ,  beloved dog , so ill ,  but with tons of love and lots of care she carried on happily for a further 6months, she still loved going for walks, playing eating .

  I finally had to make the decision to have Wendy put to sleep, when her breathing seemed like an effort and her abdomen was getting bigger with the fluid, and she just was not comfortable .she wanted to go for walks but she was just getting out of breath,  She was a fighter all through this, she didn't want to give up. She was on medication , which she took every day with no problems at all.

I got Wendy in 2009 , and the minute I saw her I fell in love with her, she is the most special loving dog , and she was loved by so many people. She loved life, loved chasing her ball, loved playing with all her toys and especially loved food and she was the happiest dog ever.
Wendy was constantly at my side, so to lose her has left a gaping hole in my life . I was privileged to have Wendy in my life what an amazing dog she was. 5 years is all I had her for , which is far too short, life can be so unfair, but in them 5 years we had the most amazing times.
I hope your at rainbow bridge now Wendy, you will be well again ,and we will be together again one day. Love and adore  you with all my heart ,
will miss you more than words can say xx

Thank you to many tears for allowing me to give Wendy a special home, she really was so loved and adored.

ABI - August 2014

On Monday 18th August we had to say goodbye to our beloved ABI

Although she was only with us for nearly 4 years it was a privilege to have known her. Of all the boxers we have cared for over the years she has been the most loving and placid dog we have ever known.   She was a real crowd pleaser - everywhere we went we would be stopped and she would be loved.   We know little of her past, but we gave her all we could and she repaid us with such loyalty and love that will never be forgotten.
When we adopted ll month old boxer Filly (now Grace) nearly 3 years ago Abi took her under her paw and taught her everything she knew.   Over the last few months of Abi's life Grace repaid her by looking after her the best way she could.Abi is now out of pain but not out of our hearts she was SPECIAL
When all seemed black the next day we were staring out of the window (in a daze I suppose) until we say a brilliant rainbow (it only lasted less than a minute) then we knew all was well

Margaret & Steve Thompson (& Grace)

JUNE - August 2014

On the 7th August we had to say goodbye to June.

She had an inoperable tumour in her pancreas, liver and bowel. Fortunately she was only ill for 2 days. Needless to say we are all in utter shock, until two days before, she was running around enjoying life as only a rescued dog could.

We adopted June and her sister (July) in September 2012. During those two fantastic years June had come such a long way, from the tiny little frightened girl we first picked up to a vibrant, happy bundle of love. Each little victory was greeted with the widest doggy grin and a waggy tail, be it the realisation that she had her own warm soft bed, learning what 'walkies' were or even learning to climb the stairs and even cooling off in the paddling pool.

June was the sweetest, gentlest dog we have ever met; we all miss her immensely but none more so than July.  We would like to thank Sylvia and all at Many Tears who gave us the opportunity to have June in our lives.

Jane, Ben, Daniel, July.

POLLY - August 2014

It is with a broken heart that I am sending this to let you know that Polly (previously Paris) our beautiful Golden Cocker passed away last week. We adopted her from you in March 2013 and it seems so unfair that she only had sixteen months in her loving forever home. She was an ex-breeding dog who had begun to blossom - the look of sheer joy on her face when she rolled on the carpet or ran through long grass will live with us forever. Poppy our other MT Cocker is missing her, she has left a hole in our hearts that can never be filled. Thank you for allowing her to become a part of our family & for all the amazing work you do. Run fast and free through the meadow grass my angel.
Best wishes
Lesley, Stuart,Ruairidh,Freya,Candy & Poppy


TILLY - June 2014

Dear Many Tears,
I wanted to let you know about the passing of our darling Tilly.  We adopted her in 2006 when she was about 5 or 6 years old and she has been the most delightful girl although I do think she was permanently psychologically damaged from her young days. She was always a very nervous girl who would flinch and scuttle away if you surprised her with a stroke she wasn't expecting but we didn't mind. We know she loved us as we do her. We love her like all the owners on your site love their dogs. Her best pal Lucy is lost without her. Our hearts are broken but we will never forget, and will always love our lovely girl Tilly.
Nick Thatcher

AMBA - June 2014

Dear Friends
.....It breaks my heart to tell you all I had to say farewell to my gorgeous girl last week. She has been a member of our family for 5 short years and we miss her more than I can say. She has been so brave battling illness, but last week she could not continue.  I want to thank most sincerely a few who have had a huge impact on Amba's life.
.....To Sylvia at Many Tears; thank you for rescuing my girl who was abandoned in a crate at 5 weeks old . For taking her home and saving her life. Then for letting me have her days afterwards when she was so tiny at 1kg. Amba was my first Many Tears foster.
.....To Christina Maunder at Langfords Small Animal Hospital, and to Rachel Tweedle; My Pet Acupuncture. Thank you both for all your advice, support and unlimited professional help. You gave Amba and I the last 8 months together, something we could never of had without you . I thank you both from the bottom of my heart.
.....To my friend Joy, who is there for my dogs whenever I am away - a huge thank you for all the hours of love and care Amba received from you.
.....Amba being the first of my foster dogs has seen more than 100 others arrive here . She has been amazing with all the sad, sick and terrified. She has been a teacher and a friend to them all.
We will be sponsoring a kennel at Many Tears dedicated to Amba, for other soul like her who need to be rescued and found loving forever homes
With love Carol




Daisy, ex-breeder, was set free on June 17th.  She had coped with increasingly frequent seizures, bouncing back every time to chase squirrels in the wood.  Over the weekend Daisy was in a lot of pain; it was a shock to discover she had a massive, ulcerated tumour on her pancreas, and the tumour was spreading. 

There was never a dull moment with Daisy on the scene; her eyes were always full of mischief. Daisy loved being touched and would drop off to sleep in an instant if she was gently stroked.

I miss you my sparkling beauty.


ROSIE - June 2014

Dear Many Tears,
.....It is with great sadness and heartache that I must tell you that on 4th June our precious little Rosie (Twilight) went to sleep peacefully in my arms.   It was her birthday.   She came to live with us on 13th December 2008, a bewildered, frightened little bundle, looking more like a Cairn than a Westie, her coat was so stained.   Our other little Westie, Millie, welcomed Rosie, took her under her wing, taught her so much, and they soon became devoted to each other.
.....Two weeks after she arrived we were told she had two holes in her heart and wouldn't be with us for long.   She also had a big op to remove a polop from her botty and then ligament trouble in her back leg.   All these problems in the first year.   After this things settled down.   We took her all over the Country in our Caravan.   She loved her food and her bed.   She never learned to play although Millie tried so many times.   Occasionally Rosie chased Millie round the garden but she never chased a ball or played with a toy.   I called her my shadow as she had to know where I was all the time.   We had Rosie for five and a half wonderful years but she still crouched down and froze if we tried to pick her up from behind.   She also wouldn't eat if we watched her, so she always ate alone in the conservatory.
.....In October last year we were told Rosie had an aggressive, in-operable tumour and was given two weeks to two month to live.  (We had always thought that it would be her heart that would take her from us but she never had any problems from that.)   She defied them all - was here for Christmas, New Year, Mother's Day and Easter, but finally she could fight no more.   Rosie was a wonderful, extra special little girl, gentle and loving.   She has left a large hole which can never be filled.   We will love and miss her forever.   Millie is pining.   Perhaps one day we may find another little girl needing a home and I'm sure Rosie wouldn't mind her using her bed and dish.   Rosie bought so much joy into our lives and we loved her so much.
.....Night, night, sweetheart, we hope we gave you some happiness.   We were so honoured to have you.   (Rosie is on left of photo on Dartmoor and the first picture was taken when she had only been here three weeks, curled up with Millie).
Thank you Many Tears for letting us have her.
Dawn & Ray Gulliver & Millie

ADA - May 2014

Dear Many Tears,
.....I am writing to you with the sad news that yesterday evening Ada (aka Milly) passed away.  Ada was an 8 week old collie puppy when we adopted her in July 2010. Last February she had a seizure and was diagnosed with idiopathic epilepsy. Since then she has had many clusters of seizures and was put on medication last August.
.....Sadly last night she began fitting and although was given medication at home, she left for doggy heaven after a short while. She was and is no longer in any pain or discomfort.
.....We want to let you know that Ada was truly an amazing dog, kind and loving, a good friend to my mum's dog Peggy (who we adopted from you in February 2008). She was a character, who loved nothing more than to somersault for a ball, swim in water and wallow in muddy puddles. She was also a wonderful companion, always a smile on her face, she loved her morning cuddles and sneaky bed snuggles with my son Steven (who is heartbroken).
.....We know she is now at rest and peace but we will miss her every day. Thank you Many Tears for allowing us to know her for 4 fabulous years.
Kind regards
Jo Astins xx

JESS - May 2014

On Saturday 25th we made the sad decision to help our beloved Jess over the Rainbow Bridge.  Whilst she was not a Many Tears dog Jess helped lots of foster dogs adjust to life as a pet enabling them to go on to their forever homes having such a balanced dog to live with.  I can't put into words how special Jess was nor the loss we are feeling.

PUSHKIN - 17-05-14

Pushkin - you have brought so much joy into my life during the three and a half years we spent together. I remember when I went to pick you up from your Foster Mum and you meowed all the way up the M4. When you came into the house for the first time it was as if you’d always lived here. You loved to sleep on the bed with me but when you decided it was time to get up you would tap me constantly with you paw and rub your head against me until I did get up. I loved to see you walk up and down the plank into the garden, especially when you’d stop half way just to taunt the dogs in the garden next door!  There are many other things – you were such a special little cat and I love you so much. Be Mummy’s good girl until we see each other again at Rainbow Bridge.

God saw that you were tired
He knew you needed rest
You’re in His lovely garden now
He only takes the best

With love from your Mummy xxxxx


TIA - March 2014

Hello Many Tears,
.....My name is Kristina and I would love to share with you the story of Tia, the loving friend we adopted from you in 2010.   We were a family of three women who had unfortunately lost our loving husky, Timber. He had unexpectedly passed from diabetic epilepsy. We were so distraught that we thought getting another dog was wrong. Until a friend referred us to Many Tears. After a casual browse, something caught our eye. Two big Brown eyes to be exact! "Elephant" the Malamute! An ex breeding dog who needed a stable home life with a loving family who would treat her like a dog needed to be treated. Needless to say, we fell in love.
.....After driving to the centre, we were introduced to the lady in question. She melted our hearts! Yes, she was growly and nervous but we were confident we could show her what it was to be wanted. And we did.   After you agreed she would have a suitable home with us, we took her in. We named her "Tia" as a little reminder of Many "Tears" the people who saved her. Wow. She wasn't in the least bit used to being in-house. But we persevered. The little accidents became few and far between. The growling became less frequent. And soon...
..... Over time, she became a confident, obedient companion who would give a little malamute howl when she needed to go to the toilet, a roll on her back when she wanted her belly rubbed and a nudge under our arm when she wanted to go for a frolic in the field behind our house. She came on leaps and bounds. I would stay with her all day until my college couse started and an hour before that, my mum would come home. Anyone who left the house, she would miss. And anyone who left the house would miss her too. She became such an affectionate pooch!
..... As the years when by, her enjoyment of her daily walks decreased and she's tire easily. No problem, we would take her for shorter walks whenever she asked. She was getting older, why make her keep up with my daily jogging routine? Although it was sad to see her getting more tired more easily, we always let her keep up as long as she could. Whatever she felt comfortable with. And when she got home, the look on her face was priceless. A happy dog who'd had her daily dose of fresh air and just wanted to have a happy, lazy rest. She was blissful!
.....  Last week though, she became ill. For a day or two, we thought she may have just had a belly ache. She wouldn't eat and couldn't go to the toilet. We worried. The next day, she perked up! She went for a little trot with me, (not very fast though, but I didn't think I needed to worry) and she fell asleep happily. But the next morning was worrying. Through the night she had kept pacing and panting. She was very short of breath and would not settle. We were very worried.
..... As soon as the veterinary surgery opened, we drove her straight there for what we assumed May have bee. Some kind of stomach problem or chest infection. They asked us to wait for half an hour while they checked her out. And then, after 20 minutes, we were called in. "It's bad news, she's had a heart attack" the vet told us. We were worried immediately. "What can we do?" "Can you save her?" "But she seemed so healthy!" - all these thoughts raced through it minds. But when the vets told us she'd passed, we fell to our knees. Our girl had gone. Our beautiful friend who we'd taught to love again had slipped away. We were in total disbelief. My boyfriend told me it was the first time he'd seen me cry out of sadness. It was a pain we knew all too weak and didn't believe we'd have to say goodbye to this amazing dog so soon. We were heartbroken.
..... A few days later, and we have arranged her cremation. She will be individually cremated and her ashes will be planted in a young bush, planted in her favourite spot in the garden. Her ashes will grow the bush as a symbol of her becoming ever growing love. Which she gave us. And we are so grateful to her for filling our lives with such happiness, and so grateful for Many Tears for introducing us to our loving friend. We cannot thank you enough. And when the time feels right, I know Tia would love us to make another dog as happy as we made her. Thank you, Many Tears, you made ours and Tia's lives so happy.
Tia really did have her forever home. I hope the same realised dream will happen for every other dog you rehome.
All the best of luck,
Kristina, Jodie, Liz and Tia  xxx

ROSIE - February 2014

Dear Many Tears,
It is a sad time for us as yesterday 16/2/2014 at 14.30 we lost our westie ROSIE (CORA).  It came as a great shock to us as she was only six years old and had been full of life and fun. Rosie will be greatly missed, for her little ways were so gentle and precious, always wanting to give you a wash when picked up and keeping her dark eyes on you if we were in the kitchen, there she would be waiting in case a tip bit came her way. She was not a demanding dog but always there for us this is what we miss oh! so much.  Rosie was sitting beside us when her time came, which was a horrible shock as she laid down and went to sleep.
Having Rosie with us has been a wonderful experience giving of so much love both ways, which can never be replaced.
God bless you all for the love and joy that comes out of Many Tears
Yours sincerely
Mr and Mrs Lamont

KIP - February 2014

.....It is with great sadness that I write to tell you of the passing of our wonderful Kip.  We adopted him from you in February 2007.  He had come from a place near you where he had been harshly treated.  He was aged 2 yrs. Since being with us he blossomed and became everyones’ favourite.  He had the most wonderful nature and always wanted to please.  He passed all his obedience tests within his first 9 months with us.  He went on to learn agility and did some competing with success.  He loved it and was so fast.
.....He always accepted the other dogs that we adopted after him and at his passing lived with 2 other shelties, a papillon and a chihuahua. 
.....He became ill in August and had ultrasound scans and a liver biopsy.  It was found that more than half of his liver was not working.  He has done well since then on various tablets but had gone down hill again recently.  The vet could feel very enlarged lymph nodes.  He had given up eating and had had enough.  It was a very sad decision, as you know only too well, but the only thing we could then do for him.
.....He was the youngest of our gang which makes it even harder to bear.  But he loved life for the last 6 years 11 months and I thank you for allowing us to give him a home.  He was a treasure.  When all the insurance is sorted I will send a donation in his memory towards caring for another needy soul.
.....Thank you so much for everything you do for the dogs.  You are an absolute star.
All the very best.
Carolyn Harper.

PIXIE - February 2014

.....It is with so much sadness that we had to have sweet Pixie our yellow/white cocker spaniel put to sleep on January 23rd 2014.  She was losing so much weight and had so many health problems it was breaking our hearts to see her going downhill daily and the vet could do no more for her.
.....We had her from Many Tears on a lovely sunny day on Saturday 10th October 2009 and as soon as I saw her it was love at first sight.  She was such a sweet girl loved everyone and everything - food and treats at the top of her list of course - and she always had a smile on her face and was loved by all who met her.
.....She had her special little Pixie face and we absolutely adored her.  She loved stretching out on the sofa and always pulled down a cushion to rest her head on or snuggled into one of our other dogs or our cats. (Pixie is on the lead in the picture as she had gone blind but still loved her walks)   We miss her so much and she will always be in our hearts.  Run at the bridge sweetheart where we will meet again one day.
Heather and Chris xx

FLOSS - January 2014

We had to let our border collie Floss go last week she had a heart condition and despite the vets best efforts stopped eating so we had to end her pain.  We adopted her from you in September 2008 you thought she was about eight years old and we collected her from a fosterer home she was a wonderfully soft dog great with adults, children and other dogs a real barker when we first had her but with work she got better stopping when told.

She was a real mums girl and loved a cuddle and would sit forever if she was being brushed and with a long coat she needed regular brushing.  The only thing she hated was postmen possibly the ill treatment in her past we were told about by here foster mum was by someone in uniform, she and our other dog Rosie (Della) an exbreeding cocker spaniel bitch we adopted from you in November 2008 were great friends and we are going to scatter her ashes in there favourite walking place, although I suspect rosie loves it more because of the old barn who do teas and dog treats on weekend mornings if she vanishes I always know where to find her.

We bought them back to Wales last September and left them in your kennels for a few days while we had a short break in the area.  I have done some vetting for you in northampton area and am always happy to do so in the future, and am glad Floss had five happy years with us.
Tina Oxborough

WILMA - November 2013

November 28, 2013- 4:30 a.m.
Wilma died today. She was almost 16 years old and travelled with me to this country from the United States. Wilma was and always will be very precious to me. She and I went through some tough times together and there were instances when she probably saved me life.  We also had some truly wonderful times as well and, Wilma was my "seed" soul whose presence in our home allowed me to have the first of my three MT little ones.  I am so grateful to Wilma for all the love she has given me over the years - I will always love her and she will live on in my heart forever.  Wait for me at the Bridge Wilma--we will be together again I promise.  Run free my special, special girl.
Love from you Momxxxx

MEGAN - November 2013

Today (18/11/13) is a very sad day. Megan fell to sleep in our arms this afternoon. She was such a special little dog and although we rescued her at the age of 10 we had the most amazing 2½ years with her. RIP my little princess sleep tight xxxx

Thank you Many tears for giving us the opportunity to adopt Megan. We are all devastated by her loss.


DREAM - November 2013

.....Dream our beautiful ex Many Tears  Border Collie, who we adopted in February 08, passed away on 07.11.13.
.....Dream was our 3rd foster dog, and we couldn't bear to let her go, so we adopted her ourselves.  She was an ex farm collie who didn't know how to play. My husband was determined that she would learn, and with the help of some wonderful people in our local Flyball team, over 18 months  she grew to love playing ball. She even went on to take part in a couple of 'starters' events in flyball.
.....She had been ill over the last month, and finally it all became too much for her little body to cope with.  She was the perfect dog, and her name matched her exactly. Dream by name and Dream by nature.
.....There will never be another dog like her, and  we will miss her always.
.....We would like to thank Sylvia and Many Tears,  for giving her the chance to be loved, to learn how play.

RIVER - August 2013

Darling River, your bright intelligent eye, alert  ears, sweet panting smile, unconditional loyalty.  A 'lick' of my hand 'please take me out' daddy. Tilting head and cocked ear, waggy tail another nudge of my hand. Beaming smile, a laugh, excitement, as we go out together. You look at me as we trot. River, you were God's child, not a dog to me. As age has taken you, we will meet in a meadow, and your swinging and wagging tail will bemy comfort to see you alive again. 
God Bless River, all Collies and those who rescue them.
Bless you River
Love Mum and Dad xxxx

JILLY - October 2013

It is with a heavy heart that I write to tell you about the end of the road for my  beloved little Tri Colour Cav, Jilly, (formerly Jolly) whom I rehomed from Many Tears in April 2007.

She was put to sleep today following a stroke.  I held her in my arms and she slipped away very peacefully.  Jilly had a high grade heart murmur and was on medication but was a game little girl who followed me everywhere.  

Thank you for bringing us together, she lit up my life and all those who knew her.  I will miss her hugely.

Kind regards

Anne Edmunds

WINNIE - October 2013

It is with great sadness that we inform you of the death of our beloved dog, Winnie. She passed away on Wednesday morning at home with my husband. We will miss her more than we can express, she was a wonderful addition to our family and we could not have asked for a sweeter companion. She was highly intelligent, funny and endearing. She had incredible zest for life and gave us 15 months of joy. Many thanks to all at many tears for all your help and especially to Anne Louise for all her care. The Watkinson family.

WINNIE - October 2013

It is with great sadness that we inform you of the death of our beloved dog, Winnie. She passed away on Wednesday morning at home with my husband. We will miss her more than we can express, she was a wonderful addition to our family and we could not have asked for a sweeter companion. She was highly intelligent, funny and endearing. She had incredible zest for life and gave us 15 months of joy. Many thanks to all at many tears for all your help and especially to Anne Louise for all her care.
The Watkinson family.

SAFFIE - October 2013

I am very sad to have to tell you that Saffie (Shelby), the beautiful border collie I re-homed from Many Tears 10 months ago, passed away last week. We are all devastated as she had settled in so beautifully to the household and was much loved by all. She broke in to the compost bin and ate some very mouldy old food which, despite immediate and extensive Vet treatment, she wasn't able to recover from. It was very unexpected and a tragic accident. I felt that I ought to let you know. But she did have a very full and happy time with us and brought a lot of laughter. She was doing very well in obedience classes and was about to begin flyball training. I am so sorry to have to share this sad news with you.
Kandace Tiala


WILLOW - October 2013

.....My husband and I are devastated at the loss of our faithful companion Willow who had to go to Rainbow Bridge yesterday.
.....We adopted her from you in 2006 from the Centre.  Sylvia had to carry her out to the shed to meet us as she was so poorly and told us we didn't have to take her if we weren't sure.  Of course we fell in love and brought her home and can honestly say that she was so grateful for her new life. We never had any trouble with her. She was always a gentle loving companion but sadly never had the best of health.
.....We have lost two of our MT dogs in just over 12 months. Both were ex-breeding dogs. Although we have broken hearts right now we will always have room in our lives for another rescue dog as they give so much back if you have a little patience.
Jane Morris

MABLE (formally Berry) - September 2013

.....Our darling Mabel has died. She had pancreatitis but despite spending a week at the vets she was so ill we had to have her put to sleep on Saturday 28th Septenber. She fought so hard, but her poor body could not take any more so we had to let her go; we visited her everyday, and we were both with her when she died.
.....We brought her home and buried her in the bottom of the garden where she loved to potter. We covered her with a stone from our local beach where she liked to walk and we have planted winter cyclamen and spring bulbs on her grave. We miss her so much, the house seems so quiet without her; she would get excited and bark at squeaky noises like the garden hose being unreeled, and the tin opener, but it is so silent now. The cats miss her, but poor Lily (Bumble) was very sad and subdued at first, but she is a little better now. Although she has always been the most outgoing of the two she always relied on Mabel to be there to run back to. When the time is right would definitely like to adopt a little ex-breeding bitch as a friend for Lily, there will never be another Mabel, but we think she would have wanted Lily to be happy.
.....The photo shows Lily and Mabel (Mabel is the one in the blue lead) at our village fete in August, they won first prize in the rescue dog category, everywhere we went people adored them both and wanted to cuddle them; one night in the pub we thought that we would not be able to get Mabel back because she was so popular.
.....I wish with all my heart that we could have given her a longer life with us, in the end she only had about a year (six  months with us and five with Dee) of a happy, normal life. My husband says that given a choice she would have chosen a year like that than ten years of her previous life, and I think he is right.
.....Safe passage my darling, you will never be forgotten, Mummy and Daddy will always love you; we hope to see you again someday.
Lissette and Bill.

SOPHIE - September 2013

.....Just thought I'd let you know, Sophie who I adopted from Many Tears 3 years ago, previously Estralla went to Rainbow Bridge 16th September this year.  Sophie didn't have Epilepsy after all........ as Jo suspected, it was more than that. Sophie had a brain tumour.  She had a course of steroids which improved her quality of life for a couple more months only.
.....My heart is broken, shattered..... She  was just 4 years old and I thought I would have her for years. Sophie was the most beautiful stunning little yorkie ever.   Please include her on your Rainbow bridge page. Sophie was sooo so incredibly loved and cherished and lived a beautiful life full of love and cuddles and snuggles and the best grilled fish and chicken and fresh tuna steak, fresh poached cod, along with her Royal Canin biscuits.  Sophie's little life may have been short but what she had with me and Brandy and latter stages with Tilly were amazing and full of love!
.....Every time death part us from our precious rescue dogs, there does indeed flow many many tears. But Sophie runs free and well and whole again with  my precious Max who was my first rescue from MT some years ago with grade 6 hear murmer, and my precious blind Leo aged 13 with grade 3 heart murmer who was my little one eye'd shi-tzu from the Mayhew rescue in London.  All 3 are now united and running free and whole and happy together in the same place Sylvia's precious ones have gone this year.
My love to you all always

POPPY - September 2013

Dear Sylvia and Team,
......It is with great, great sadness that I find myself having to let you know that our beloved Poppy-dog finally fought her last fight on Monday 16th September.
......We collected Poppy from Many Tears on 23rd December 2011, a poor, dishevelled, scared and worn out little urchin! On Christmas Eve, we realised that she had a nasty cough and took her to the vet, only to find out that she had Westie Lung. After reading all the information on the internet, we knew that the prognosis was not good, but resolved to make her last 18 months - 2 years the happiest a dog could ever have!
......We went through all the usual challenges of an adoptee, and she took most of it in her stride, house trained in two weeks, walking on a lead was more of a trial for her and even after 18 months, she could still freeze at the most awkward places, like in the middle of a busy road!!
......She went on holiday with us and our Jack Russell - Snitch, and absolutely loved the beach, running through all the water while Snitch tiptoed and jumped over the pools, then she delighted in rolling over in the sand. Poppy was never happier than when she could roll in mud, or in the wet grass and get as dirty as possible. I would see all these lovely clean westies on their walks and then there would be Poppy, covered in mud, but hey, she was happy!
......We decided in July this year that we would get another Westie from you, but before we did, Poppy had her 6 monthly check up and her lungs were obviously very crackly, but her heart was strong and there was no reason why she shouldn't go on for quite a while longer.
......On August 31st little Delia (now Amber) arrived into our family, Poppy took her under her wing straight away. Amber slept in the same bed as Poppy and Amber became her shadow.  She introduced her to house training and walked with her when we went out, and she even tried to show her how to play. Poppy would have been a fantastic mentor.
......On the Saturday after Amber arrived, Poppy suddenly had a different sort of cough to her usual Westie Lung hack, and I got in touch with the vet who put her on antibiotics straight away. ......Unfortunately the cough didn't get any better and she was put on different antibiotics and a stronger dose of steroids. On Sunday 15th, she took a turn for the worse, the vet came out at 10.30 pm and gave her some injections to make her more comfortable including a strong steroid , I sat up with her all night. On Monday morning we took her back to the vet and realised the kindest thing to do was to have the pain taken away and at 10.15am with me hugging and kissing her she passed over to the other side. She is now pain free, running along and playing with all the other dogs and finding the biggest, muddiest puddles to splash and roll in. Have fun little Poppy-dog, till we meet again.

PIXIE - July 2013

.....It is with sadness that I have to tell you Pixie went to sleep yesterday.  We took Pixie (MT name Christie) on as a foster dog, and  when the time came for someone to show an interest we could not let her go and adopted her ourselves.
.....Pixie came to us from MT's  after having been found wandering the streets of Dublin, having taken 2 hours for the MT staff to catch her, and only doing so as she was so exhausted and simply gave up.  We took Pixie home Easter 2011, the MT foster co-ordinator knowing that we would always take a Staffie on, not being frightened of the breed as we had a boy from pup already.
.....She grew her fur back, she put on weight, (probably a little too much a few times, so had to diet)!  She learned how to trust humans again, would try and sit on your lap if she could, and above all else stole our families hearts.
.....After suffering what we thought was a stomach upset, made worse by the current heat wave, the blood tests came back with Liver problems, jaundice and Cushings Disease.  After deliberating that she was possibly 12 years old,  (so a little old lady), she would require constant medication, and very probable further attacks of vomiting etc on a regular basis, therefore the kinder option would be to let her fall asleep.  I held her paw, my husband held her head in his hands, and she fell 
asleep with the contact she so loved.
.....She is now with Bella (our female staff we lost a year before adopting Pixie), no doubt eating grass, waddling at snails pace but being the cheeky little madam that she was.  The photo shows her helping herself to the remainder of my daughter's milk!
Samantha Horne

ELY - June 2013

Dear All at Many Tears,
I have been dreading sending you this email and feel very sad to tell you but we lost little Ely on 25th May.  Unfortunately Ely had been suffering with canine epilepsy for over 2.5 years.  We tried absolutely everything you name we did it but he took a turn for the worse and knew this time he was not going to bounce back, so we decided to let him go this was the kindest thing to do. He was such a brave lad and know he will be missed by many he was a real character.  I remember the day like yesterday 6.5 years ago when we picked Ely up, he was so small wearing a knitted jumper and snuggled in a cat basket and I couldn’t wait to get him home.  We miss him so much and we both feel so empty.  It is hard not having him around asking to go for a run in the fields or badgering me for a treat.  We tried our best and the last 2.5 years have been an emotional roller coaster.  Although Ely has given me many fantastic experiences and memories.

I would just like to thank you for allowing us to have the pleasure of having such a beautiful and wonderful dog and he will never be forgotten.

With Love,
Paula & Ivan xxx

TYLER - June 2013

It is with great sadness that Tyler, our gorgeous English Bull Terrier went to Rainbow Bridge on the 3rd of June 2013 after her kidneys failed her.  Sadly the toxins were poisoning her and there was nothing we could do to help her.  She was only 3 years old, was the most loving, caring and friendliest dog anybody could meet.  Her passing has left a huge hole in our hearts, one that can never be filled.  Sleep tight sweetheart, we miss you so much.
Lots of love, Mummy & Daddy xXx


PANSY - May 2013

It is with great sadness that our eldest girl, Pansy, had to be pts today after an inoperable tumour she had on her shoulder ruptured today. She was 14yrs 8mths old and first arrived as a foster dog with us in December 2011 - then thought to only have 6 weeks to live. She is now reunited with her sister Daisy who sadly died in February.
RIP Pansy, lots of love Mummy & Daddy xxx


PHOENIX - April 2013

Phoenix was 2 year old ex-breeding girl who was rescued by Many Tears. Her life came to a tragic end on Monday 29th April when 11 days earlier she managed to run from her foster home. We tried so hard to find her.  The first week we had no sightings until she was seen running from a field. Let's hope that first week she had fun running through the field with the sun on her back and eating food left out for the foxes. Phoenix only had such a short time of being shown love and affection but in that time she stole the hearts of all she met.
Phoenix (Mable) I'm so sorry we didn't get you back home safely. Run free little one, now you are safe and pain free at Rainbow Bridge.
Good night, God bless. xxx

NALA - April 2013

I’m absolutely devastated to be sending you this email to let you know that my beautiful,  one in a million girl Nala, has passed away.  She came to us on “foster” four years ago, absolutely terrified but despite this made her own mind up that she was already home and wasn’t going anywhere despite having visits from potential adopters.  She was the most kind, gentle natured girl who never wanted much other than to be as near to you as possible, a comfy bed or sofa and a nice walk. She was so loving and so devoted to me, rarely leaving my side. I was so fortunate and blessed that she came into our lives.

Sadly she suffered from continual ill health and never fully recovered from a bout of Acute Hepatitis just before Christmas and then went on to develop a brain tumour.  Our sense of loss is immense is overwhelming and the pain unbearable at the moment, she was such a huge part of our lives and loved so very, very  much.

Nite Nite darling girl, wait for me at the bridge, love you always xxx

ROXIE - May 2013

Hi, I wanted to let you know that very sadly we lost our lovely boxer girl Roxie (was Trixie ) to cancer 2 weeks ago. We got her when Kevin was fostering for you and went to see her and her friend. It was actually her friend we thought we wanted but when we got to Kevin's she just came straight up to us and wiggled her entire bum, she chose us.

She was fit and well until a few weeks ago when she started to hold her head slightly to one side almost like a small stroke had occurred but after further examination she was found to have a large internal tumour that wasn't treatable as it was in her neck, we had her on strong painkillers and anti inflammatory but she went downhill very quickly and couldn't eat anything other than puréed food but even then she struggled.

Very sad for us all as we had her for 7 years and she was very much part of the family with our other 3 dogs.  I have attached some pictures of her so you can see how lovely she was.  On her last day she laid out in the sunshine which was always her favourite place in the garden.  She was so strong and brave but had become a shell of herself when we took her on her last journey.  We were there cuddling her at the end and when she went all her pain went and she looked so relaxed and years younger again, like the old Roxie.

She will be running along now with our other boxers Diesel and Boston, no doubt bossing them all around.  Roxie is the brindle boxer with short tail and Gambit who we also rescued from Many Tears is the black boxer x lab!
Dawn Fenton

RICKI - April 2013

Sadly Rickie our gorgeous Many Tears foster pup,  went up to Rainbow Bridge on Thursday the 21st March 2013. Rickie (or Sam as we called him or Samson when he was being a naughty monkey) was stunnningly beautiful  with his gleaming black coat.  Yes OK his right ear was only half an ear as a huge chunk was missing and yes - he just kept growing upwards so he ended up looking like he was on stilts but he had the most gorgeous gorgeous soft face and he was a gentle boy - truly he was. The house is so very very quiet without him even though we still have other furbabies here, and we miss him so much you just can not write down how much.  Even though our hearts are broken, Georgie and I both agree we would foster him all over again if we could, as we had the total pleasure of knowing him , cuddling him and not loving, but adoring him.         

    Sam was only six months and when he was x-rayed to see why he wasn't walking or when he did he was weak on his back legs.  It showed spine problems and was advised by the specialist that we should let him go.  We wanted to say no as we all do inside to ourselves when we are told this but we all do what's right for our furbabies.  Sam had several good months which he actually walked and turned without falling but a few weeks ago he seemed to be stiff on one of his back legs so we e-mailed the office to ask for painkillers as we felt he was in pain though not terribly. We then several days later took Sam up for his usual weekly accupuncture with Jo the MT vet and she agreed his leg was a bit stiff so we took more painkillers with us.  Several  days later Sam had his x-rays and we were given the tragic results.  Although all this is so very very sad please be assured Sam had a fantastic few months, he played with our young dogs here on a good day standing up, on a bad day lying down and the dogs would lie down with him and play.  He loved his food and cuddles  and he slept with Georgie and her two shelties every night.  Angus was his best mate and it was lovely to see them play.  We will love him forever and a day.

Goodbye our sweet Sam see you up at Rainbow Bridge one day my beautiful boy.
Love you
Maz, Georgie, Angus, Willow and all your other friends here . xxxxxxxx                

FREDDIE - April 2013

For Freddie
My first foster boy who I adopted
Love Mummy


"I'll lend you, for a little while, a soul of mine," God said.
"For you to love while he lives, and mourn when he is dead.

It may be six or seven years, or maybe two or three,
But will you, till I call him back, take care of him for me?

He'll bring his charms to gladden you, and shall his stay be brief,
You'll have his lovely memories as solace for your grief.

I cannot promise he will stay, as all from Earth return,
But there are lessons taught down there I want this soul to learn.

I've looked the whole world over in my search for teachers true,
And from the throngs that crowd life's lanes, I have selected you.

Now will you give him all your love - not think this labour vain,
Nor hate me when I come to call, to take him back again."

I fancied that I heard them say, 'Dear Lord, thy will be done.'
For all the joy this soul shall bring, the risk of grief we'll run.

We'll shower him with tenderness and love while we may,
And for the happiness we've known, forever grateful stay.

And should the angels call for him much sooner than we planned,
We'll brave the bitter grief that comes, and try to understand."

If, by your love, you've managed, my wishes to achieve,
In memory of him you've loved; be thankful; do not grieve.

Cherish every moment he filled your home with joy,
Let not his passing take from you those memories to enjoy.

"I will lend to you, a Soul", God said, and teach you all you have to do.
And when I call him back to heaven, you will know he loved you too.

Author Unknown

EMILY - April 2013

For Emmie
With all my Love
Mummy xxx

I Only Wanted You

They say memories are golden
well maybe that is true.
I never wanted memories,
I only wanted you.

A million times I needed you,
a million times I cried.
If love alone could have saved you
you never would have died.

In life I loved you dearly,
In death I love you still.
In my heart you hold a place
no one could ever fill.

If tears could build a stairway
and heartache make a lane,
I'd walk the path to heaven
and bring you back again.

Our family chain is broken,
and nothing seems the same.
But as God calls us one by one,
the chain will link again.

By Vicky Holder

WENDY - Aprill 2013

Wendy arrived at Many Tears a few years ago and was already a very old lady. She settled into her new life very well and absolutely loved to be outside on the grass enjoying the sun shine.

When Katie joined Many Tears to care for the horses Wendy soon had her trained as to who was boss and to always carry treats in her pocket and let her decide whether she had her tea with the other horses or in her stable.

Very sadly Wendy became more and more uncomfortable and so yesterday when we could not longer ease her discomfort we made the very sad decision to put her to sleep. She will be very sadly missed by us all.

ANNIE - March 2013

I am writing to let you know my precious little baby died on Wednesday 27th March.  When I saw her on your site it seemed like a sign. It was the anniversary of when my mum had died and her maiden name was Gamble.

  Despite her life she had a light at the back of her eyes. She spent days shivering on a corner of a chair, only leaving it when we had gone to bed. I could hear her tentative steps,then she took a toy back to 'her' chair, then after a few days she crept into our bedroom (we live in a bungalow). After about a week she had progressed to sleeping on my clothes which I left on the floor for her.It didn't take her long then to jump on the bed every night. She was amazing. We thought she wouldn't house train but in fact within a few months she went from 'going' in the house to conquering her fear of the outdoors and 'going' outside. She had a 'tell'. If she wanted to go out she would stand and look at me until I noticed her then she would shimmy from side to side. 

  She learnt how to answer to her name, learnt perfect recall,which meant going offlead in fields, how to play with toys. She loved helping me to make our bed, which turned a quick boring chore into a very long enjoyable game. After freezing when I first picked her up she learnt to enjoy being cuddled and would always sit on my knee at night.

  We had a glass storm porch built and Annie loved sitting there watching the world go by or warming her bones up when the sun shined (she loved the sun). If she saw me looking at her from the kitchen she would fly down the hall to me, tail circling thirty to the dozen, head nodding up and down, little body twisting and turning as she ran to greet me as if she hadn't seen me for years (probably, in reality, it was only about 5 mins).

 I don't think her 'smell sense' had developed when we had her. When we first encouraged her to go out and she had progressed to a walk,she would just walk at my side. We have a caravan and go away regularly all over the country, Annie soon learnt to love these times. On one particular walk Annie was walking by my side as usual when she suddenly did a comical double-take, went back to a patch of grass and stood there fascinated. I couldn't work out what was wrong until I saw what she was doing-going along very slowly sniffing everything and I mean EVERYTHING. From then on any walk became a long slow ramble with Annie stopping constantly to examine and sniff all she found. We may not have walked far but Annie's pleasure had increased hundred fold. 

  I can still remember the day when her tail gave a tentative wag,it brought tears to my eyes. She wagged it almost continually after that. The day she broke into a trot, then a canter then a run was one I'll never forget. We were in a field and she was pottering about as usual when all of a sudden she started trotting, then built up to nearly  full blooded run. The look on her face as she was running free, with the wind blowing through her hair, I swear if you could bottle that look of pure unadulterated joy and happiness we would all be millionaires.

There was another side to Annie though. I know some people say dogs live in the here and now but I still believe they carry all their memories with them. She never learnt to be near men. My son only managed to gently stroke her head.  Every night she would try and bite my husband. It was strange because he was the only one Annie would take food from out of his hand. He gave her all her treats. He was incredibly good with her.  It sounds daft but he never tried to stroke her beyond her head (she bit him once when he did), never picked her up. She would sometimes run across the lounge and bite the back of his ankles, we could never work out why. She would hurl herself on my other dogs and have a fight with them. If they were walking, even on the other side of the lounge she would run across and attack them. She never learnt how to play with them.  She was always ready to turn and defend herself. I think,because of her history,she was never able to fully trust anyone or anything.

On the Tuesday she was fine, eating her breakfast and dinner, playing with her toys. Then about 6pm she whimpered in her sleep,something she had never done before. She woke up and started panting a bit. We took her to the emergency vet who gave her pain relief, anti-this and that. In the morning we took her back and saw a lady vet. She gave her heart injections and diuretic injections. She put her in an oxygen cage, letting me stay with her. It eased her a bit but she started panting again the minute she came out of it.  She said she should keep her in for tests but she knew Annie's background and said she wouldn't do that because the stress would kill her, her heart was so bad. She was unsure if anything could be done even to a dog with a normal history. She gave me some pills to take home but I think she was just giving me a bit of time. In the afternoon Annie got worse. I had her with me and she looked at me and put her paw on my arm. The light that had always shone out of her eyes had dimmed. It sounds fanciful but I felt her say to me 'please let me go'. We went back to the vets and saw the same vet. She was so kind. She said she would give Annie a heavy sedative first to make it as peaceful as possible. She sprayed some anaesthetic on Annie so she didn't feel the injection. She left Annie and I alone, I spoke to Annie telling her how much I loved her and  thanking her for being in  my life and for all she had taught me. I realised how fragile her heart was, her breathing kept stopping and struggling to start. Before long she had slipped into a heavy sleep and then the vet came back in to do what I hate them to do.

My heart is breaking for that courageous little girl. She only lived free for nearly 4 years. It wasn't long enough. People say 'oh but she was a good age', at least you gave her a good life' but none of that means anything. My prayer for Annie is that, in death, her poor tormented soul finds the peace that, in life, she never truly found.

Goodnight,my precious, lovely little baby.

DAISY - February 2013

have just had to make the hard decision of letting Daisy, the 14yr old Lhasa Apso go to Rainbow Bridge.  She had had a chest infection and had got worse overnight, and sadly the vet thinks she had pneumonia. 

If you remember, you rescued her with her sister Pansy, who we still have, but they were in such a bad state, you thought they both had about 6 weeks to live.  She had 14 months of being spoilt and loved here with us! 

I stayed with her whilst she fell asleep and she is to be buried next to Pumpkin the Beagle in my friends orchard.  I'm sure she will make him tow the line at Rainbow Bridge, as she did here.

Good night Daisy Duke, we miss your cantankerous ways already!
Love Mummy & Daddy

DEE DEE - February 2013

We adopted Dee Dee from you in May 2010, she was an ex-breeding girl.  She was very frightened when she came home with us but over time she blossomed into a confident beautiful girl.  Dee loved feeling the sun on her back and would spend hours laying in the garden sunbathing.  She also loved her soft 'donut' bed, which she spent lots of time in!  Dee was not blessed with good health and was diagnosed with Cushings in March 2012, then in October 2012 Dee had surgery for four slipped discs, she was so brave and was determined to walk again, which she did achieve. After this operation Dee was never really the same again, her spark had gone and she was frail and weak.  Dee recently became poorly and started to decline.  On 12th February 2013 we made the heartbreaking decision to let Dee go and we feel she was ready to go, she passed peacefully in my arms at the vets.  We are so grateful for the time we had with Dee, although it wasn't long enough.  Dee was so gentle and kind and we miss her so much, she was the best little girl in the world and she knew she was much loved.  Thank you to Many Tears for rescuing Dee and helping her onto a new life.
Karen & Paul Grange

BLISS - February 2013

Dear Many Tears
I adopted Bliss from you in January 2012, after she had been fostered by Lorna and Pete Milton in Didcot. She was a wondeful little dog, so gutsy and brave despite her terrible 7 or 8 years as a breeding bitch. She loved everyone and every other dog she came into contact with and they all loved
her back. During her too short time with me she put on 2 kilos in weight, her coat thickened and she learned to wag her tail, not to mention bossing me and my other Westie around. She was an absolute joy and it broke my heart to have to let her go on Sunday 10th February, due to cancer of the womb,
which had spread to other parts of her body, including her brain. Despite my pain right now though, I wouldn't have missed the privilege of knowing and loving Bliss for anything. I was so proud when my vet named her as one of her heroines of the year.

Bliss is the Westie on the right of this photo, shouldering her way forward to the camera while Meg, as usual, holds back. It would be lovely if you could put her details and photo on your Rainbow Bridge page, so others will know what a special girl she was. Thank you again for allowing me to have Bliss in my life.
Best wishes
Lesley Blundell


TRIXIE - January 2013

On Monday 28th January 2013, our adopted Trixie(formally Caffine is the pup on the left) passed away in my arms. We never new how much we would miss her. In her short 4 years we had her, she gave us so much love and fun that we did not expect I cannot put it into words, but we were honoured to have her, part of the family.  The vet told us that there was no cure as it was Kidney failure, God bless her and keep her. 

We adopted Trixie on the 22nd November 2008 at the age of six. A little while later we adopted Me-Me (the pup on the right a so started a wonderful relationship wear one went the other would go. Now Me-Me misses as much as we do.

Thank you Manytears for giving us the opportunity of loving the pups we have adopted, thank you once again.

All our love goes out to all the people and pups at Many Tears.
Yours sincerely,
Mr &Mrs J Lamont.

FAX - January 2013

This is a courtesy email to let you know that our beautiful beagle Fax whom we collected from yourselves had to be put to sleep 3 weeks ago.  We had 7 wonderful years with the old boy and he is a companion that will be dearly missed.
Thank you for entrusting him to us.
Mrs S Catney

MINDY - January 2013

We are very sorry to have to inform you that Moomin (named by us as MIndy) passed away on Sun 13 Jan. We are devasted to have lost her after such a short time and feel so sorry that she hasn't been able to enjoy a longer and fuller life. We collected her from Ann-Louise in Birkenhead in Oct 2010, understanding that she was 4 yrs old, had arthritis in one shoulder and was still wary of being touched. She travelled home with us (3 hr journey) sharing the back of the estate car with our Welsh collie, Freddie, and with our daughter's small lurcher (a frequent visitor to our home).

All the dogs accepted each other happily and we were delighted that Mindy and Freddy enjoyed playing together from the start. It had been suggested that exercise should be built up gradually so that muscles in Mindy's arthritic shoulder would gradually strengthen so we tried to avoid over-taxing play and, in any case, were exercising her on the lead only for the first few weeks.

The first time she was let off the lead (on our usual country track well away from traffic) she just raced away across 2 fields before returning to us, encouraged by Freddy. She showed no sign of discomfort and on subsequent walks stayed closer to us but still enjoyed moving quickly. However, colder weather coincided with her starting to show signs of walking unevenly and painfully. Our vet had already said that he thought that Mindy was  at least 6 and more likely to be 8 yrs old.  X-rays showed that she had severe dysplasia in one elbow and  a serious neglected injury in the other. The growth spurs on the deformed bone would cause severe pain and inflammation on movement. In fact  he had 'never seen anything like it'. It was terrible to realise that we had allowed her to make her situation worse but with permanent medication, and very restricted exercise at first, we were gradually able to build up to longer but not very energetic walks. She loved her walks and her food but, although following us around the house or garden, still remained a bit 'anti social', certainly not appreciative of any stroking.

Then, 9 months after she had joined us, we went on holiday - 2 adults and 2 dogs in a small 2-berth caravan. We came home with a different dog!  Whether she realised that we all belonged together wherever we were or whether sharing a very small 'bedroom' did the trick we don't know, but from then on she gradually grew more responsive and affectionate. For the last year we have seen her 'character 'develop and she has become more and more a typical labrador - apart from not being able to run and play. Her one fault was trying to scavenge for faeces, a habit we have tried hard to break.

Recently she was on on antibiotics because of D&V and so late afternoon walks (in poor light) have been on the lead so that we could watch her carefully.  On Sat evening  we  met a couple with their 'rescue' collie which played with Freddy but  suddenly snapped at Mindy. She yelped and twisted round and round on the lead then ran round my legs still yelping. We could see no mark anywhere and were sure that there had been no actual contact. As soon as the collie was led away Mindy seemed fine We finished the walk and returned home where both dogs rested for an hour (as usual) before being fed. All seemed to be as normal that evening and at bedtime.

I woke at 7am on Sun morning and, as usual,  went into the kitchen, switched on the fluorescent light which flickered as I opened the door for Mindy to go into the garden. As usual I switched on the outside light expecting to see Mindy rolling on her back on the lawn before having a wee but there was no sign of her. I called but she did not appear, and, even with a torch, it was a while before we found her in the border huddled against the fence.

With help she managed to walk towards the house where we could see that from her ribs to her tail she was extremely swollen. We rang the emergency vet, dressed quickly, de-iced the car and reached the vets before 8 o'clock but by then her whole body seemed distended and she was unable to stand.  The vet suspected a twisted stomach but was able to pass down a tube without a problem and an x-ray showed only 'perhaps a slight tilting of the stomach'. However the x-ray did show that spondalosis was beginning to develop.

In the meantime large amounts of gas and fluid were drawn off and we were told that she was much more comfortable. We were advised to return home, awaiting a phone call as to whether she would come home later that day or continue to be observed overnight. At 1.30pm the vet rang to say that Mindy had been doing well but suddenly bloated again and passed away within 15 mins as they were releasing the gas.  Neither the emergency vet or our own vet seem sure of the cause of the problem but have indicated that 'something else may have been going on' in her system or with an organ. Whatever the cause the trauma was just too much for her body. Our only consolation is that she has been spared the pain of the deterioration of her elbows and spine - especially as the medication may have proved less effective in time.

For such a quiet, undemanding and, at first, undemonstrative girl she has left a huge gap in our lives and the whole extended family are shocked and deeply saddened by her sudden passing. We wish we could have had longer together but our two and a bit years of  our faithful, loving and loveable 'shadow' are much treasured.

If only the people who give dogs like Mindy such a bad start in life could be stopped.
Thankyou for all you do.
Carol Milner and David

TEAGAN - January 2013

Tegan was one of the lucky dogs to have been saved from death row in Ireland. We feel it was fate that were visiting Many Tears when she arrived in a starved and terrified state. We nursed her back to health and rebuilt her confidence to learn to live life to the max again. In return she has given us 5 years of sheer joy and happiness and it has been a gift to have shared our lives with her. She will be sadly missed but happily remembered.
John & Dawnte

BLUE - January 2013

Dear Sylvia
I am writing with some very sad news, we adopted Blue (previously Chiles) 5 years ago. Blue had been dreadfully starved and had suffered so much in his short life. Blue was diagnosed with a condition called pica most likely brought on from being starved. The vets warned me that this condition would kill him (following the removal of a can from his stomach).

On 17th January Blue was rushed to the vets and died within 3 hours. He had eaten something that ruptured his intestines and he had internal bleeding, there was nothing that they could do.

This was the last photo taken of Blue at Christmas, we are all absolutely devastated. We hope that in time the pain of losing a member of our family will ease.

We want to thank you for saving Blue and giving him the opportunity to experience love and kindness with us. I can't bring my beautiful gentle boy back but I would like to help you save more dogs like him, so I am sending you a donation in Blue's memory.
With love
Helen & family xx


MADDIE - December 2012

Dear Sylvia,
It is with great sadness that I have to inform you that Maddie (Medley on the website) a beautiful tiny black and white cocker spaniel had to be helped to the bridge on 21.12.12.  We adopted her from her Fosterer Sue Ashman in November 2009 when she was a very scared ex breeding dog. During the time with us she obviously received lots of love and attention and blossomed into a lovely little dog. 
She loved to boss me by barking if I stopped to chat with anyone as if to say 'C'mon mum, this is no fun'. Maddie enjoyed  her walks with her doggy friends and loved to be fussed. During the last three years she has been my constant companion and I am going to miss her dreadfully.
Rest in Peace my special little girl. 
From your mum and dad and doggy friends Annie and Lottie xx

AMBER - December 2012

It is with an aching heart that I say there is another addition to the beautiful rainbow bridge. My darling girl Amber passed away the morning of the 17th December 2012. Curled up warm and comfortable in her bed my 12 year old lady slipped into peace in her sleep. She was my best friend, my companion and my precious little person. I will never forget her and always love her for the happiness she gave me with her unconditional affection.
Rest in peace my little Ambi Bami,
with all my love Alex.

CLAUDE - December 2012

Claude we a gorgous little collie pup who came to us very unwell.  Tests revealed he had a liver shunt and so he went to a foster home to build him up so further tests could be done under anesthetic.  Very sadly Claude had too many shunts to repair and under the advice of the vet he was not woken from the anesthetic.  We are all very sad at the loss of Claude and our thanks to Jane for the wonderful care she gave him.

SYDNEY - December 2012

Dear Sylvia
......It is with incredible sadness that I write to tell you that my gorgeous weinmaraner, Sidney (Silver) died last Sunday.  I adopted him from Many Tears in September 2011 and have had the most fantastic 14 months with this incredibly special dog.  He was calm, funny and completely perfect with a beautiful coloured coat that everyone admired, and his long silky ears, and stunning eyes that would just look deeply at you.  I really enjoyed looking after him, and we were a great partnership.
......He was my first dog that I cared for on my own - he made it so easy for me, and I loved watching him grow into a dog that loved and appreciated his home comforts…the sofas, the pillows and cushions, the fire on, the nice treats and food, and his lovely doggie friends on his walks, and his holidays in Devon.   We had a great year of firsts  - his first toy, his first Christmas, his first turkey dinner, his first paddle in the sea, his first steal of a cheese sandwich from the buffet table for the cricket team on the park (he went on to steal many more over the summer but they didn’t mind!)…and his first year of being someone’s special dog that was very loved.
......The hard bit now is having to accept he has gone after a fortnight of him being really poorly and collapsing badly.  It feels like it happened so suddenly.  One minute we was planning our second Christmas and the next he was gone.   After a very stressful fortnight of me desperately trying to find a cure for whatever was causing the problem, we realised it wasn’t going to work out as I had hoped and his last weekend instead was as our whole year had been…cuddles, smiles and treats…. although I did make his paws soggy when I cried.  Sidney was a true gentleman.
......The hard bit is not seeing his face when I come in, not hearing his tail whack hard against the sofa when he sees me, not having him watch me cooking with his tail doing big loops, not hearing his rumble purrs when he is happy….and ultimately not having him in my life anymore.  The whole village misses him too and I am inundated with cards and messages from all ages saying how much they loved him.  My house became known as ‘Sid’s cottage’ and I wish he was still here to be enjoying it with me.  I knew that adopting an older dog was going to eventually make my heart ache…but I wasn’t expecting it to be so intense…or so soon.  I know it means simply that I was so lucky to get the chance to spoil him on his last year and make him know that he was really loved.  I loved every minute of it.  I taught him to offer his paw and in the last two days of his life he always offered me his paw when he knew I was finding it hard to let him go.  I miss him very much.
......Thanks to you, Emma and Many Tears for giving me Sidney – a dog in a million.
Michelle McCarthy.

HOLLY BEAN - November 2012

Sadly on the 1st of NoSvember 2012 we lost our beautiful 13 year old Golden Retriever Holly Bean. Whilst Holly was not an MT dog herself she was a fantastic role model to our two MT cavies Lily Pink and Teddy. She was the most patient ,gentle and loving dog with them both and taught them all about life as pampered pets. We are devastated to have lost our golden girl and the house is very strange without her. We love you Holly. Run free Beanie.  
Kerrie McCarthy xxxx



HARVEY - November 2012

Dear Sylvia and staff at Many Tears
......it is with deep regret that i write this email with tears falling, we lost our beautiful labrador Harvey on 14th November.
......We adopted  Harvey from you on 12th December 2008 and what a special boy he was it was a great shock to us both.  He did suffer from skin problems from the start and during a routine visit to the vets he collasped and suffered a stroke the vet found that he had a tumour on his spleen which had burst we did have time to kiss him goodby and tell him how much we loved him.
......We had such good times with him, just after we adopted him we bought a caravan in Devon so we could take him on holiday with us he loved the beach he swam all day we took him on the steam train the ferry boats where we went he went, we spent nearly all summer together with him in Devon for the last 3 years and every one at Goodrington knew him and loved him  we have such wonderful memories of him and we will never ever forget him,please can you put him on Rainbow Bridge as forever in our hearts.

Steph and Andy Mitchell

ROSIE - November 2012

My beautiful little Cavvy, Rosie.

You slipped into a gentle sleep, where humans cannot go,
I wished that I could follow you, because I miss you so.
But my rescue work must carry on, to share the love I have,
No-one could ever match you, My Rosie, my little Cav.

Slipped away 21st November 2012
Dreane William


We adopted Willow (was Nibblet), a beautiful ex-breeding Labrador on 2nd June 2012 and her story in brief is below, as copied from e-mails to Juniper Connal her foster mum (who was always interested in how Willow was progressing). We have been meaning to send Willows happy ending story all summer, but each time we tried she had another illness and we put it off for a better day. Sadly, we lost Willow this week and the better day will never come. We are totally devastated that poor Willow had to go through so much pain and leave us after only 5 months. She will be loved and missed forever. She was so gentle, loving & kind she touched everybody’s heart that she came into touch with.

PUMPKIN- September 2012

Lovely Pumpkin arrived at Many Tears with an obvious problem with his back legs.  Sadly x-rays did not show anything wrong and it was decided his problem was Neurological.  He arrived in foster with us in June and slowly lost the use of his back legs.  He was bought some made to measure wheels which he loved to zoom about on and it gave him back his freedom.  However, slowly we noticed him not able to do so much and we were doing more and more for him which he found frustrating.  He loved the neighbours children coming in to visit him and they would sit for ages stroking him and playing with his lovely Beagle ears!  Sadly he went downhill quickly and had to be helped to Rainbow Bridge.

Pumps, you may have only been in our lives for a short time, but you have left such a gap in our hearts now.  Everybody who met you, fell in love with you.  We're so sorry that nothing could be done to give you the life you so deserved, but we know you loved our cuddles, treats, baths and laying in the sun on the patio, as you were such a happy boy!  Run free now sweetheart and we will never for get you.

God Bless, love Mummy, Daddy & Granny xXx

CHARLEY CHALK - September 2012

Charley Chalk was diagnosed with Lymphoma shortly after arriving at Many Tears and had a life expectancy of only 4 to 12 weeks. I am truly grateful to Sylvia for allowing me the privilege of being able to foster Charley for the time he had left. Those 5 weeks I had with him were far too short but I will always treasure every moment of that time.

My dear sweet Charley, such a beautiful soul taken far too soon, you were the most wonderful little boy, so special and absolutely perfect. I love you and miss you so much, when the angels took you a piece of my heart followed. I may not be with you now but I have not left you, I will never leave you and one day I will also come to the bridge and take you into my arms again, to be my special little boy forever.
Julie xxx

MILO - September 2012

Today we lost our beautiful, loving, Milo who we rescued from Many Tears in 2008 as known to you by the name of Hawk. Our beloved Milo died with a tumor of the liver and we are all devastated. Milo was quite old when he came to us and in the four years we have had Milo he has given us so much joy and happiness. We helped him through his fears and not knowing his full background guessed his earlier life may have been tough. He was very happy and secure with us and repaid the love we gave him.

I and my wife Wendy formed a strong bond with Milo and he tusted us without condition. I have never imagined how it would feel to lose Milo and at the moment he has left a large hole in our life. Milo was 'My Boy' he laid across our bedroom door at night to protect us, but would not enter the room as he knew it was our space. He had the whole house and could be left for a few hours and never touched anything. Milo was a special companion, friend and at times just like a child. He would smile and cock his ear when he wanted something.

Tomorrow morning he will not be there, when I come home he will not be there to greet me and Wendy's day will not be the same.

Wendy and I would like to thank Many Tears for the chance to give him our love and in his older years some happiness. I have attached a picture taken at Christmas.

God Bless Him.
Alan and Wendy Thacker

WHISPA - August 2012

It is with great sadness that I am writing to you. Sadly today we had to say goodbye to our beloved Whispa.  She had malignant mammary cancer that had spread to her lungs. Despite all our efforts the disease spread and she was in too much pain to go on with life. She drifted out of this life in my arms and I know the pain for her has ceased. The pleasure that she has given during her 2½ years has been immeasurable.
Whispa you will be missed so much, run free out of pain at rainbow bridge.

OLD DUFER - July 2012

2½ years ago Sylvia rescued a very sick collie from the farmer's gun. He was approx 12-14yrs old and very poorly. I was asked that if he survived could he retire to the country and live with me. His MT name was Albert - and he became the founder member of 'codgers corner' at my home and was lovingly renamed 'old Duffer'. Duffer relished in his retirement, yet still took his 'working' duties seriously, accompanying me every morning and evening to oversee the 'letting out and putting to bed' of our ducks and chickens. He was a complete gentleman, would never enter a door before me.  Dear Old Duffer passed away in his sleep early this morning.  2½ years of pleasure for you and me Duffer. Run free, young again at the bridge. I will miss you old chap.

TOM - July 2012

On Sunday 15th July with a very heavy heart we had to help Tom over the Rainbow Bridge.  Whilst Tom was not a Many Tears dog he was a special dog helping lots of foster dogs to adjust to life as a pet.  He would allow foster dogs to share his bed, his toys, his food and also share us.  We miss him terribly, as he has left a big empty bed and two broken hearts.

HOLLY - 07-2012

We recently lost our Holly who we adopted from you in 2004. She was an ex breeding dog, not house trained and never walked on a lead. She came to live with us and my two Scottish Terriers and I have to say she turned out a brilliant dog and I miss her every day. She gave us nearly 8 years of pure bliss and I would recommend anyone thinking of having a dog, rescued dogs are exceptional dogs of loving natures. I am glad we had that time with Holly she was my whole world. Holly is the white Westie.
Roz Brennan Hunters Moon Aller Somerset

WINNIE - 02-07-2012

On Monday 2nd July we said a last goodbye to our beautiful Winnie when our vet helped her cross over to Rainbow Bridge. It was a heartbreaking decision that we could not put off any longer - she had a very enlarged heart, fluid on her lungs and her breathing had become very laboured. She loved going to the beach especially when the tide was in and we remember her walking along the beach sniffing in the air and trying to eat the seaweed and just enjoying her life. The last day it was a struggle for her and for us to watch her spirit was so strong but her little body was so weak. One of my cats was always cuddling into Winnie which was so lovely to see and a great comfort to Winnie since we lost her soul mate Minnie - I know in my heart Minnie and Winnie are now together again at Rainbow Bridge. You will be in our hearts and thoughts always and we will love you for ever.
Run free until we meet again.
Love from Heather and Chris xxxx

ELLA - 02-07-2012

Dear Ella crossed rainbow bridge tragically on Monday 2nd July. Ella was a dear sweet brave girl who only spent three weeks knowing that humans can and will love her.
Run free dear girl, love always, your foster mummy, Laura x

SOPHIE - 06-2012


Sweet Sophie you will always be in our hearts.  Now run free from pain and old age, we are left with many happy memories.

LADY - 06-2012



 Hi Sylvia It's with the heaviest of hearts that I inform you that we had to let Lady go late this afternoon. Lady collapsed this morning and I rushed her to the vets. After lots of tests, x rays and an ultrasound they found 2 masses. It was suspected that they were tumours and the only way to find out was to operate. She was not responding to treatment and was deteriorating fast. Unfortunately she was not fit for an operation and we made the sad decision to let her go to rainbow bridge. She was so poorly that we only helped her on her way. She has not been quite herself lately and had tests, x rays, etc a few weeks ago as she was limping. They put her on medication and we were due to go back for a check up. She was her usual self yesterday and this has been such a shock today. She has been part of our family for nearly 7 years now and I can honestly say she has been spoiled and had the life of riley. I know we have more than made up for her horrible start in life. Thank you for allowing us to adopt her and making her part of my family. 
Regards Sylvia Cooper 

NONNIE - 29-05-2012



Today we lost our beautiful Nonnie. She came to us six months ago having had a tumour removed from her head, it was attached to her ear so her ear was also removed. Nonnie bounced back quickly from her op, she played like a puppy with my dogs and would run round the garden so full of beans. Her biopsy results showed the tumour was aggressive cancer. She showed no signs of being ill and had no further lumps for four months. Her sweet, bubbly personality shone through and she loved walks on the beach and rides in the car. One day we found one lump. Within a week the lump grew and soon there were more.The vet helped Nonnie be comfortable and we made sure she made the most of every second. She loved her holidays last week, we will always have the memories of her eating icecream outside the caravan and being carried around the woods. This morning we knew her time had come and Jo our lovely vet helped her go very peacefully to Rainbow Bridge. Nonnie, we miss you so much, we will never forget you and will always feel privileged to have shared the final chapter of your life with you. When the children look at the sky tonight, they know that the brightest star that shines is you. 
 Run Free Princess
 Love from all of your family xx

HETTIE - 28-05-2012



It is with a very sad heart that I inform you of the loss of my beloved Hettie (formerly Kiwi). Hettie suddenly became very ill and kidney cancer was diagnosed. She did not respond well to any of her treatments and we had to let her go on 4th May 2012. Hettie, an ex-breeding, Old English Mastiff, came to her forever home at the end of October 2006 at the age of five years. She was a very nervous dog, but her new companion, Gucci, ensured that Hettie had the canine support she needed. Gucci and Hettie became the best of friends. Though she remained nervous and wary of strangers, her confidence increased. She blossomed into a very beautiful dog. She was loving and gentle with a cheeky sense of fun. Her favourite pastime was travelling in the car. Hettie would jump in the car at every opportunity and loved going to different places. Hettie and I had three and a half years together filled with love and happiness. I miss her very much. I would like to thank Many Tears for giving me the opportunity and privilege to look after Hettie for the last years of her life. 
Penny xxx

BEN 22-05-2012


We adopted Ben from MT in November 2011. He was instantly loving and a joy to have around, he'd obviously had a rough start to life but was willing to trust humans and keen to play and be a puppy at every opportunity. Sadly Ben was diagnosed with JRF (Juvenile Renal Failure) shortly after Christmas 2011. His blood levels suggested he should be barely able to function, yet he was a very strong boy and so happy to be in his forever home that the only symptoms he showed were excessive drinking and peeing. With a managed diet he was able to beat the odds for several months. Sadly in May he became seriously anaemic and wasn't able to recover from a stomach ulcer preventing him from taking in food. Sadly he was beginning to suffer and when all opportunities to help him had passed we agreed with our vets that we had to let him go. Ben passed away in our arms on 15th May - he went peacefully and was brave and loving to the very end. Thank you so much to everyone at MT for letting us adopt Ben and for all the support since adopting. Although his time was far too short we made it as happy as possible for him and have fantastic memories.
 Steve & Jen

ROISIN RUA (Rosi) - 22-05-2012


Only 1 year, 2 weeks and 1 day. 
 We were so very lucky to adopt this dear little angel. It was a beautiful sunny day on the 24th April 2011 when we travelled to the Isle of White to meet and adopt this little girl. Robbie (also a rescue dog) her new brother came along to. His life long friend – Jack – had gone to the rainbow bridge on the 23rd February 2011 and he was very sad and depressed. It was on meeting Rosi an instant friendship formed. He loved her and they were so good for each other. He showed her a new way of life and her cheeky nature came shining through. With lots of love and patience she came to be a very happy little girl full of fun. We had so many wonderful times and have lovely memories of our time together. She had a tooth out in July 2011 and the vet was concerned about the little cough and her lungs so he did an endoscopy. With devastating results she had chronic bronchitis, sadly there isn’t any cure - only medication. She did so very well even though they only gave her a year. On April 30th 2012 she was rushed to emergency care and put in an oxygen tent and then the next day went to my vet where they kept her. I thought it was her time to go but they said no and she pulled through so bravely. Sadly she was only home for six days and I had to let her go over the Rainbow Bridge. Her spirit was so good but her little body couldn’t cope anymore.
 Run free little angel, we will never forget you and will love you forever. 
 Jan xxxxx

TIMMY - 23-03-12


It is with the heaviest of hearts that I have to tell you of the passing of my darling little Timmy, Border Collie, whom I got from you on 21st April 2006. He became unwell and was diagnosed very quickly with a malignant tumour in his liver. I knew I had to let him go, but it just ripped my heart out. He was an ex working sheep dog, aged four years, who was "sacked" because the grandchildren on the farm decided to use quad bikes and so he was handed to yourselves for re-homing. I saw him online and fell in love with him. A few days later I was on the M4 driving down to meet him and that was it. In my car and home we came. That was 6 years ago all but some 4 weeks. They were very precious years. It quickly became apparent that he had been previously badly treated and it took time and patience to gain his trust. Having done that, we developed a bond that was quite beautiful and so strong. He had the most lovely personality and became so affectionate. He could talk to me with his facial expressions. He was a wonderful little man who everyone admired. He loved running in his huge sweeping circles on the golf course. All the golfers knew "Timmy" and would call across to him. He also adored running through the woods and would play hide & seek with me. I want to thank you for allowing me to have him. He had six good years with me, he was loved and cherished. I feel privileged to have been his "mum".

DAISY - 10-04-2012



It is with great sadness and heartache, that I write to tell you that my darling Daisy passed away in my arms on 5th April 2012. I already had two bichons when I discovered M.T. and I met Daisy formerly Blanch. The moment I saw her, I loved her and after the home check, we picked her up. From that moment on, we had such a very special bond. Since then I fostered a few little dogs and I also adopted two more dogs, another little ex-breeding girl and one from Ireland, both from M.T. We only had the privilege of having Daisy 2 years and 8 months, but in that time, we had wonderful times with her, she loved to come with us to our caravan and she was never left alone. A bit of my heart has gone with her. My other little dogs are missing her so much. I thank M.T for all the great work that you do and for giving us the privilege of having these dogs in our lives, please keep up the good work.
Run free little Daisy till we meet again xxx 

JACK - 05-04-12


 Three weeks ago today, Jack died after a 4½ month fight against Epileptic fits. He is sadly missed by all the people who knew and loved him, also his doggy chums, including his ‘brother’ Robbie who still looks in the kitchen for him. We will always remember the 2 years and 8 months we had him with us, he was so loved . 
Sandra, Steve and Robbie

SCRUFFY - 22/03/12

Dear Sylvia


My darling Scruffy crossed the rainbow bridge last Thursday, March 22nd.
My heart is broken without him, but I knew for him I had to make the choice, and I knew by his very last loyal act that I had done the right thing for him. I rescued him as a one year old dog, and he lived well over 15 years with me. He was not a MT dog, however as you know I have my Lucy from you and she loved him dearly.
He will forever be in our hearts he was the most loyal companion I could have had, funny, naughty, loving and loyal.
My darling boy I love you and you are in our hearts forever.
Mummy, Daddy and Daddy Dan xxx Run pain free now King Dog xx

DELILAH - 26-02-12


Dear Sylvia,
It is with great sadness & a very heavy heart that I write to you to let you know that our beautiful Rottie baby Delilah passed away on Sunday 26/02/12. We adopted her from you on 04/12/05, she came from a litter of 4 that were very close to death when you rescued them from the pound.
We found out on Christmas Eve 2011 that she had a malignant histiocytoma in her tummy, this is apparently extremely rare in Rotts. To say we were & are devastated is an understatement. I just wanted to say thank you so much for trusting as enough to allow us to adopt her & to assure you that in the 6 years she was with us she was loved & cherished so very much. One of my proudest moments was the day we brought her back down to see you, she must have been a couple of years old then & you told us what a credit she was to us.
Lilah was such a beautiful girl, inside & out & everybody who met her loved her, even in puppy training classes she was always the one picked out by the trainer to show the others how things should be done! We are missing our girl so very much but are so grateful that we were the ones lucky enough to be able to share her life with her. We were with her & cuddling her right to the very end & can only hope that she knew how much she was loved.
I've attached a picture of Lilah with Ruby, our other beautiful Rottie baby adopted from you in March 2009 & who has just celebrated her 4th birthday! Lilah is the one without a tail & Ruby the one with. Again thank you so much, without all the hard work you & your team do we would not have had the privilege of having these girls in our lives.
Very best wishes, Ali x

ADO - 13-02-2012


Ado my little blind yorkie, crossed Rainbow Bridge on 13th Feb with the help of my wonderful Vet Rachael.
Ado has been suffering for the past year, of catastrophic heart failure with complications. We tried all that we could, but Ado developed a huge water filled abdomen and couldn't breath or walk properly. Still the first in line for food right till the end, she was a real fighter. She was my first foster dog for MT who I adopted after 5 weeks when she wagged her tail at me for the first time. She was an ex breeding dog who had gone blind. Sylvia kindly gave her the chance of sight, and although her surgery had complications and we were not sure for some weeks if she would see, she did have a small amount of sight in one eye for about 2 years until ulcers developed, and the scarring of the healing process turned the lights out for her again.
I loved her deeply, and am so very grateful for Sylvia for giving us the chance to love each other for the four years, two months and five days we had together. You can see Ado on this clip taken with Sylvia at MT two days before she came to me.
I will miss her always

TARA- 07-02-12


Tara (approx. 16 yrs) joined our family 2 ½ years ago initially as a foster – she was partially sighted, hard of hearing & had just been diagnosed with mouth cancer. She melted our hearts the moment we saw her so here she stayed.  She had an incredibly amount of energy, love and above all CHARACTER – a daddy’s girl through & through. She was a brave girl & we were going to fight for her for as long as she wanted us to but Monday evening she decided she’d have one last sleep with us. She woke Tuesday morning to say her goodbyes and with much pain in our hearts we helped her to the bridge. She will always be our Princess, so sadly missed and forever loved.
XXXX Jo, Paul, Connor & Stephanie XXXX 

MINNIE - 20-01-12



 It is with such sadness that Chris and I had to make the heartbreaking decision to have dear little Minnie (was Eternal) who we adopted from you on 4th October 2008 put to sleep. She was admitted to the vet overnight on Monday 16th January and the next morning had x-rays as she was having trouble with her leg - it came back she had narrowing of the nerves and disc. We brought her back home on the Tuesday afternoon with pain killers but bless her she detoriated rapidly and could barely walk and was in pain. We could not bear to see her suffer and had to make the right decision for her which was our last act of love for her. She will be so sorely missed by us - she always loved the company of our other pets - whether it was the dogs the cats or even our rabbit. She is the one lying on the blanket with the other 2 dogs (she came from Many Tears with Winnie the tri-colour as they were to be homed together)) and she is in the basket with one of our cats. She loved cuddles and kisses, the settee, her walks, running and playing on the beach and at Clevedon with her friends, and of course treats and food ! We will miss you so very much little one and you will always be in our hearts and our thoughts. Run free at Rainbow bridge little sweetheart where we will meet again one day. Heather and Chris.

RICKI - 18-01-12




We adopted Ricki from Many tears in April 2006, for a rescue dog found wandering the streets, he was fantastic. A bond built between my youngest son James and Ricki, like I have never seen before. Sasha (our other boxer) hated Ricki at first, but they soon became best friends too. Ricki was fantastic, vocal when food time and loved and followed James every move. James took him fishing, shooting and anywhere he would go. Sadly, we lost Sasha in November 2011 and Ricki missed her terribly.  Then just 3 weeks ago we notice that Ricki was not himself, he was drinking lots, and weeing lots, back and forth vets, revealed that he had Lymphoma and renal failure. It was the kindest thing to do to say goodbye to Ricki, James, now 20, held him with tears streaming until he had gone, then lay on the vet floor and said his goodbye.  It was heart breaking to lose one, but to lose two within 9 weeks has ripped our hearts out. We think that Sasha and Ricki just could not live without each other and are running and playing together like they always did.
Thank you Sylvia for letting us adopt Ricki, he was certainly a fantastic Boxer, and James best friend. 
Emma Treweeks xx

EMO - 16-01-12

Emo sadly left us this Monday aged approximately 11 and a half and was with us for an all too short 3 and a half years. He was the most loving dog imaginable taking everything life threw at him in his stride. The last year and a half of his life he had a doggy wheelchair as the effects of the spinal injury he had received at some time meant he had progressed from a limp to not having full use of his back legs. He was the centre of attention wherever he went with his wheelchair and was the star of the show at the local Village Fete this summer. He is so much missed and for anyone who is hesitant at adopting an older dog - all I can say is it made me feel so humble his last few weeks as his face was so full of love and trust and yet all he had been given was what any dog deserves. He was truly what we nicknamed him when he got his wheelchair "Emo the Wonder Dog"



We adopted Harley our Bichon from MT in May 2008 he was a very nervous not small dog 12.5Kg but he very quickly learned that he could trust us and became the most loving and faithfull dog that anybody could wish for, always greeting us like we had been away for weeks even if it was just getting up in the morning. He also very quickly showed us his cheeky side taking great delight in nosing into bags and taking clothes out of the washing machine and generally enjoying life. Early in December he became ill and was diagnosed with couple of tumors and with great optimism went in to the vets to have these removed on the Thursday just before Christmas. It was then found that these tumors had progressed far beyond a point that anything could be done, and we were then faced with the heartbreaking decision to save him from anymore suffering and distress. He never lost his fear of strangers and other dogs but we know now that his fear has gone and he runs free healthy and unafraid, goodbye little man we love and miss you more and more everyday and will never forget our little boy till we see you again at Rainbow Bridge.
Love mum and dad xxxxxx

KITE - 10-2011



Leaves Behind:
15kg sack of food and half a box of Spillers Shapes.
Several well chewed bones, real and plastic.
Some unfinished flower pots, and other garden items.
Breathing space for a cat hiding in front of the kitchen window.
A lifetime of smells to check out.
Horse muck on the roadside, and other interesting things found in hedges.
A sofa that has been used by several generations of dogs, and humans if space allows.
Many long walks in Snowdonia, that had been planned, but never walked.
Ditto Clwydians.
A comprehensive wardrobe of jackets and trouser suits. 
Many friends in the village, and in his training class.
A career in obedience, and other studies.
Taking the man for a walk, to help control blood sugar levels.
Jumping up and nipping the man’s elbow to persuade him the produce the squeaky ball.
Slippers, which were part of his duties to pick up.
Shopping baskets, that needed checking before the contents could be stored.
Two very sad owners.

BEANIE - 18-10-2011


We adopted Beanie at Easter 2011 and I write right with very sad news. We sadly lost Beanie on the 18th October due to being very poorly. Beanie from the start was the most dear, dear little dog we could of ever had. She was at the core of all our hearts the moment we picked her up from you. Her weight when we got her home was 8.7kg and we managed to get her up to 11.4kg in the short time that we had her. She went downhill very quickly and we soon found she was suffering from chronic kidney failure and we also found that she had a fused spine which she had from birth. We are lost without her, she showed us her quirky ways and she had bags of personality. Charmer misses her especially at bedtime where they would curl up together. I attatch the most beautiful photo of my little girl and would like to thank you for giving us the chance to show her what her life should of been like before she died. 
Best Wishes
Shauna and the Stedman family

CHILDIE - 14-11-11


Sylvia bought Childie (a small collie) back to Many Tears in the Spring of 2011.  She was a very elderly lady (possibly 20 yrs old ) who could barely walk, her eyesight was all but gone and she has not a single tooth.  Despite this she was adopted by a wonderful lady and soon mastered how to get around and always let her new mum know when she wanted her milk with an egg whipped in it and her cuddles.  Lately she had been on antibiotics and pain relief for infection in her gums.  On Sunday she told her mum she had had enough took to her bed.  She was ready to go and today the vet helped her make the crossing to Rainbow Bridge. Go forth you lovely lady and may you have sunny days forever.  Our thanks to Kate who gave her such a wonderful home for the time she had left.
From everyone at Many Tears & those who knew and loved Childie

SAFI SANA - 07-11-11


Please accept our donation in loving memory of our much beloved Safi Sana, who brought more love and joy in her short life than we could ever ask for. 'Safi Sana' means 'very pure and splendid' in Swahili. To us and those who knew her, she always will be exactly that. Safi we miss you and will love you always and forever. In our hearts, you and your fluffiness will always remain. We know that by supporting Many Tears, other puppies and dogs in need will be closer to finding the loving homes they deserve.
With Love, Christian D and Caroline L

ELLIE- 04-11-2011


Ellie was a very poorly little westie.  She was owned by a man who although had taken her to the vets, whenever she was seen she was racked with pain.  Eventually a kind lady offered to care for her and shortly after  Elly was taken back to the vet, where it was decided her day of going to Rainbow Bridge was long overdue.  Her little body and face so racked with pain that the lady who had taken her on and other ladies who had been touched by Elly's dreadfully painful life gave her a peaceful ending.   They have asked for her to be put on Rainbow Bridge so she knows that they all loved her and that she will never be forgotten.

MEGAN - 30-07-11


Dear Sylvia & Bill, 
It has taken weeks before I have been able to contact you. 'Megan' our wonderful tri-colour Basset Hound made her last trip to our Vet in the late evening of Sat 30th July. She had suffered with arthritis and that had been treated with Metacam. But in the last months she became troubled with gastric pain and seemed unable to understand when beset by double in-continence. She could not settle at nights and so we held her and comforted her. For short periods her digestion and excrement seemed to have returned to normal. We were with her right through her passage to the pain free eternity that she deserved. She is buried here across from the pool and beside Max. She could not take his place, but she made our loss easier to cope with and created her own place in our hearts.
A little About Meg:
Her great ability to seek out anything edible often got her the inevitable consequences - uhh I don't feel good! She quietly unzipped a friends bags to get at cigarettes or sweets. Two Christmas's ago she managed, without breaking anything to get two fully wrapped boxes of chocolates off a sideboard. She then discarded the wrappings and ate the contents. Some were still in silver paper. Clock changes did not bother her, she was fed twice a day and she liked her food on time - please. As her life became more difficult we made beds for her in both sitting room and bedroom. But if she felt like it, she would try and fit in 'Mink's' little bed. It is the size of a cat bed! She used to take what ever she could reach to make a 'nest' with. We used to take her with us to the cabins at Victoria Wells in Powys. She loved it there and we had booked us all in on 13th. Aug. Sadly, Meg did not manage to make the trip with us, but 'our sleepy time girl' wll always be near in spirit.
I am sorry that it has taken so long to let you know. But, we thank you both, for providing us with an opportunity to share our lives with Megan.
Sincere thanks 
Christine & Peter Harris

GRACE - 13-09-2011



Grace passed away on the 13th September 2011 exactly a year to the day we adopted her. She became our first schnauzer that we fostered and kept. Grace was a quiet, beautiful girl and was already 8 years old when she came into our lives. Under our loving care she blossomed and became a wonderful companion to ourselves and all our other dogs. She died in our arms after a very quick and sudden illness. We took her to the vets with lethargy on the Monday they said she was jaundice and sent away blood tests. On the Friday we went back for the results to say the blood tests showed she was severely anaemic and an ultra sound revealed a mass in her spleen. She was bleeding to death although no obvious outward signs. They told us she was not in pain and we took her home still walking, eating, barking and going outside to clean. This deteriorated and she died at 2.45am Tuesday she just slipped away and broke our hearts. Run free my princess no words could ever express how we felt but her lasting glance to me said it all.
 Good Night and Sweet Dreams my little one.

BUDDY - 22-07-2011


Buddy came over from Ireland in March 2011 to find a forever home at the grand old age of 10. He was a lovely gentle boy, watchful and affectionate but also cheeky. He'd let three of us carry him in to see the vet but when we returned home he'd walked his way to the front door - some 18ft! He'd quietly come to rest his head in my lap late in the evening and receive a hug. I loved him loads I'd say "love you Budd" and plant a kiss upon his head. Buddy suffered with right-sided heart failure and as a consequence his liver and spleen had become engorged causing a huge increase in the size of his abdomen. Many Tears assisted with his medication, but his prognosis was always poor.  These internal organs do not stretch resulting in increased pain and discomfort. He was put to sleep in my arms on 22nd July 2011 and will be buried at home. 
 Kate Gaunt

POPPY - 17-05-2011



Today is the saddest day of my life.My poor wonderful loyal poppy died in my arms at noon. She has been ill for a while but we hoped that she might pull through. She had a brain tumor. Words cannot explain what a wonderful dog she was. We only had her for 10 months but from day one she was at home she adored me and my husband and followed us everywhere. We haven't stopped crying. My darling Poppy you never will be forgotten we loved you so much I only hoped that we could have had you longer.  Thank you for letting us have Poppy. 
Kind regards Trix Pearson

TAYLOR - 09-05-2011


Taylor came in to our lives by a chance meeting through Many Tears 2½ years ago. She was the most sweetest, loyal girl you could have met. Sadly, whilst sleeping peacefully on the operating table, she left us after diagnosis of tumours in her pancreas and liver, amongst some other issues she was having. The love and affection she gave to us all will never be forgotten, and her ray of sunshine will always beam in our hearts.
We miss you already poppet. x

POPPY -23-05-2011


We are so sad to have had to say goodbye to our precious Poppy. 6 month old Poppy arrived at Many Tears in Sept 2009 with a liver shunt. My vet offered to do a life-saving op so she came to me a week later, but sadly a scan showed multiple inoperable shunts and she was given only 6 weeks to live. But Poppy defied everything and blossomed into a loving, adorable girl, and we adopted her as  our own. As the months went by we were so hopeful that she was going to live for an awful lot longer than predicted. Sadly, in March 2011, she became very ill, and after numerous tests, she was diagnosed with Meningitis, and we thought we were going to lose her, but her fighting spirit again shone through and we eventually brought her home, weak but on the long road to recovery.
Sadly, the hand of fate was about to deal Poppy yet another cruel blow. Poppy had previously been diagnosed with a slightly herniated disc in 2010, which had healed quickly, or so we thought. 8 weeks into her recovery from Meningitis, her disc herniated more and she was put on complete crate rest, but she slowly deteriorated, and within 2 weeks Poppy had become paralysed.  On May 23rd 2011, I held her while our lovely vet helped her to a better place, where she will run free without a care in the world. Poppy was one of the most kind, gentle and loving puppies you could ever wish to meet, and to lose her life at just 2 years old was just devastating. She is going to leave a huge hole in our lives and an ache in our hearts.
God bless you, our sweet girl.
If it should be that I grow weak,
And my pain should keep me from my sleep,
Then you must do what must be done,
For this last battle can't be won 
You'd not want me to suffer, So, 
When the time comes, please let me go. 
Take me where my needs they'll tend,
Only, stay with me until the end. 
Hold me firm and speak to me,
Until my eyes no longer see
I know in time that you will see,
It is a kindness that you do to me.
Although my tail it's last has waved
From pain and suffering I have been saved
And please don't grieve it should be you,
Who has to decide this thing to do?
We've been so close these past 2 years,
Don't let your heart hold any tears


GIZZY - 20-04-11


We are all so sad to have to say goodbye to Gizzy who passed away on the evening of 20-04-11. We only had her for a few weeks but in that time she came on beautifully - loved playing with my children and sunbathing in our garden.  I 'm so glad we were able to give her a taste of what life was meant to be but am upset it was cut short for her. Our family will miss her terribly but there will always be a place in out hearts for her.
 R.I.P my baby girl xxxxx

ARCHIE - 23-04-11



An Urchin From Ireland

Across the pond did we all sail, to a place that you call Wales
In a kennel I am lead, to lay down my weary head
battered body and broken tail, were all signs of my past hell
Today I’m taken for a trip, but I come back without my bits
My head is down and I feel sad, I just want to be someone’s special lad
Please tell me what’s I’ve done wrong, why have I waited for so long
As I wait patiently each day, for a special person to come my way 
At last a foster has come for me, now I’ll be living by the sea 
I thought I’d keep them on their toes, so over the fence did I go 
The bunnies just kept taunting me, so I thought I’d go and see 
Small man traits are what I have, although I’m not really a bad lad 
Two walks a day to keep me fit, and a special lap for me to sit 
Other foster dogs come and go, some just have time to say hello
A year has passed and I’m still by the sea, I can’t see what’s wrong with me 
Although today seems strange to me, as a Vet I am about to see 
My ears prick up when I hear my mate say
This is Archie and he’s MINE and here to stay 
For Archie who was Urchin and came to Many Tears in May 2009




We adopted Misty from Many Tears and feel fortunate to have been able to give her the forever home she deserved, she was so full of life and fun, she filled our home with her large personality and cheekiness. We have many memories that are irreplaceable and although she is going to be sorely missed we are relieved that she is not suffering. She damaged a claw about 2 months ago that became infected in spite of weekly visits to the vets and daily bathing and antibiotics it never got any better, and we also noticed lumps in her glands. After talking to the vets we took the hard decision to have her put to sleep due to the fact she would not make it through an operation to remove the claw / toe because of her age. We stayed with her right to the end and she slipped away in our arms. 
Regards Andrew & Roslyn Nassa.

BULLSEYE - 16-02-11

Dear Sylvia


 Hello, you may remember the lovely 'Mr Ice' the English Bull Terrier that we re-homed from you via Bullies in Need in March 2006. We renamed him Bullseye because of his little brindle mark around his eye and because of our love of the film/musical Oliver! Sadly we had to let him go yesterday due to a problem with his liver which had become enlarged and was causing him trouble to breath; our vet could not do anything more for him and we did not want him to suffer. We have laid him to rest in our garden alongside two other Bull Terriers that passed before him. Our female Duchess who we re-homed a few months after we adopted Bullseye is missing him as we are. I am sorry that I have not written before to tell you what an amazing dog he was. He was the most gentle, funny, happy dog we have ever had the privilege of knowing. Thank you for saving him and giving us opportunity of 5 fantastic years with him. I am now a coordinator for Bullies in Need helping to rescue lots of Bull Terriers every year. I have attached a few pictures of Bullseye and a couple with our Duchess (she is the one with the bigger patch). Thank you once again, and bless you for all that you do. Alison and Darron McCleave Canvey Island, Essex

JESSE - 10-01-2011



We just wanted to say our darling springer Miff (we renamed Jesse) had to be pts on the 10th of Jan. Her tumour came back with aggression and her days in pain began to out number her happy days so we had to make the heartbreaking decision to let her go, and we are all totally devastated. We only had her for 5 short months but they were precious and she brought so much to all our lives we could not have asked for a more affectionate, sweet and loyal dog. It makes her short life seem ever more tragic when we think of her previous life and how her chance of a happiness was cut so short. I have attached some pictures of her doing her favourite things (after eating chicken). I don't think she had ever seen toys or been played with before she came to us but she took to everything quickly and was playful to the end.
Debra Holt

POLLY - 14-12-2010


 Polly was diagnosed with Central Nervous system Lymphoma on 24th Dec 2010, an incredibly rare cancer in dogs, she also developed megaesophagus around the same time. Words can't describe what you feel when you are told this. We went through several diagnostic tests (MRI, xrays, ultrasound, Blood tests, Spinal Tap) at the AHT. Polly didn't have any major organ involvement, or any masses! She had mild inflammation (the neurologists words) in the nerve behind her left eye and in the silent part of her brain, which was thought to be causing the dip in her head and the changes in her eye. I was given hope when Chemotherapy was offered on our third trip to the AHT and it was agreed we would start next week, however response rate for the type of cancer Polly had was rare. I very quickly realised that the cancer wasn't causing her the immediate problem but the dreadful megaesophagus.
      On the 2nd of Jan Polly developed pneumonia. A midnight emergency vet trip, anti-b's and inflams brought her temperature down within 24 hours - amazing! The week that followed was ok, Polly still went for her little walks. But towards the end of that week, she was getting weaker and weaker. Things were progressing soo quickly in the last week and a half. At the time of diagnosis you wouldn't have known anything was wrong with Polly, she was normal apart from a physically strange appearance to her eye, and a very slight decrease in energy levels.
      Polly slept peacefully with me holding her tightly in my arms at home at 12.45. I didn't want my girl to have an end where she really suffered, had difficulty breathing, couldn't walk or had seizures. So I made the hardest most painful decision in the world to help Polly not fight the tough brave fight she put up right until the end. We went for a very short walk which she enjoyed, then came home where she ate a good sized meal, drank as much water as she wanted in the normal standing position instead of being sat vertical. Hopefully she passed with the knowledge of those nice normal dog things. 
      I miss her terribly and my heart aches. She was my world literally. Polly was only around 3-4 years old and to her very last moment as always her tail didn't stop wagging. I had her cremated privately and individually and collected Polly the same day and brought her ashes back home so she could be with her friends Lucy and Zoe. What I do know is Polly had the best 1 year and 6 months living with me and I'm so pleased she came to live with me. For those of you who know her background as a rescue from a breeder and know me and my girls will know that. So please take a moment to think of Polly say a prayer/wish light a candle.

ROSE - 08-01-2011


What to say about her?  She wasn't the best looking, she was very stubborn, grumpy, demanding and a little smelly.  With her problems that Bulldogs have she was hard work and I swear you've never heard snoring like it.  We wouldn't have changed a thing!  She was a massive part of our life, and it seems so quiet and empty without her.  She was so loyal and had a huge personality, you could really tell how she was feeling.  We had to make the hardest decision.  We hope she knows why.  We loved you so much. We miss you so much. 
Bye x

TEIJA - 05-01-2011


I can't even write this without being in floods of tears.  Teija (which means 'Gift of God') the little BC born deaf and blind that you brought into our lives in 2006 started having fits a couple of years ago. We always said that as long as she came out of them OK we would just manage them without medication and our vet agreed. After a massive fit on Wednesday the 5th Jan 2011 from which she was clearly distressed we made the hard decision to let her go. She did come round enough to know who we were and she slipped quietly away in our arms. I can't even begin to tell you how empty our lives feel at the moment and how lost everyone is especially our other dogs. She has left a huge hole in our little family and a bigger one in our hearts.
Lee and Colin x

GOSH - 02-01-2011


Sylvia, Bill & all the wonderful MT Staff, I just thought I'd write to let you all know, that on Boxing Day we sadly lost our gorgeous Gosh :( She had a heart attack whilst out on a walk, was happily running, fell down and was gone in seconds. We truly couldn't have hoped for a nicer end for her but needless to say we wish she could have stayed with us a little longer. We adopted Gosh from you in March 07 and are so grateful that we got to spend nearly 4 years with our amazing girl. Thank you so much for saving her from a puppy farm and allowing us to take her home and give her the life she deserved. Due to her high prey drive, chase instincts and amazing intelligence I began agility with her and along with Canix running she found her perfect life. She loved to run, tried so hard to please and enjoyed life to the fullest. She was so so special and clever, teaching us all we needed to know about doggie behaviour. She was gobby and bossy but a fantastic pack leader, she made it crystal clear to all our adoptive and foster dogs how to behave and everybody just fell into line. We all miss her so much, losing her has left a very large hole in our pack, our family and our hearts. Sleeptight Gorgeous Gosh xxx

SALLY - 30-12-10



It is with great sadness, that Sally (Sal) had to be PTS, she had only been in her forever a couple of weeks. Kate her new mum did all that she could for her, but her heart was enlarged and was failing on both sides, plus her lungs where filling with fluid. She went very peacefully on Kate's lap. Run free sweet girl in your short time of freedom, you were loved by many.

ROSIE - 21-12-2010


We adopted Rosie from Many Tears in September 2009. She had come in with her daughter Daisy, who we had originally come to see, but we fell in love with Rosie and took her home to be part of our family. Rosie had lived outside on a farm all of her life and looked like she had been very heavily breed from. She came with all sorts of problems, she was deaf, she had a low grade heart murmur and we found out at a later date she had diabetes inspidius. But regardless of all of these problems, she was such a lovely happy and gentle girl, we didn't give up on her. Rosie came to work with me everyday, and used to lie at my feet looking at people from under the desk, snoring heavily and farting alot! She always knew the people that would give her a biscuit and would stubbornly wait until they gave in and gave her a biscuit. She loved her walks, and her tail wagged so hard it was like it had a motor attached, and she loved her ball that she had to carry round on all walks with her. Rosie went on four holidays in her time with us, and loved swimming in streams and running about on the beach.
We noticed last week that she was getting really slow on her walks and took her to the vets where they took a heart and lung scan. Rosie had multiple tumours all over her lungs and the vets said they couldn't believe how she had managed. They said she only had a couple of weeks to live. I watched her over the next few days struggling to breathe properly and although she still wagged her tail and ate her treats, she kept putting her head on the sofa beside me just looking at me and I know she was telling me it was time to go. I did not want her to be in any pain over Christmas and we would struggle to get someone to come out to her, so we took the decision for the vets to come to our house yesterday to put her to sleep.
She lay down on her enormous bed we had in the living room for her, with her ball and we let her go to sleep. She looked so peaceful and had her ball with her to the end. We tucked her up in a soft blanket with her ball and a treat for her. Rosie will be privately cremated and then buried in the garden where she had hours of fun running around with her ball and jumping in the paddling pool in the summer.
Rosie left a legacy, she inspired my husband to do a scooter run from John O Groats to Lands End for Many Tears. We raised over £6000.00, this is her legacy. So not only did she touch our lives with her gentle ways and her lovely brown trusting eyes, but she has hopefully helped other dogs. Rosie we will always love you, sleep well my baby.
Love Louise and Dave

ANGEL - 06-12-2010



We adopted Angel from Many Tears on the 31/3/2007 but sadly we lost you 6/12/2010.
Angel when mammy & daddy and your brother Dylan first met you in Many Tears Rescue you was a very nervous and shy little girl so dreadfully thin and in need of a perfect family and we came along and was looking for the perfect dog and there you was the most gorgeous little cavalier that I had ever met you look so scared and your eyes look so sad and worried and in need of some serious love and attention.  I picked you and i instantly fell straight in love with you.  When I fetched you on that day the sun was shining so beautiful it was the best day of my life and I felt so proud adopting you it was the best thing that I have ever done.  When you came home you was so shy and scared of everyone and everything and did not come out of your bed for over a week You totally stole our hearts you got braver and stronger every day with the help from your best friend Shargill that you looked upon as your leader and followed him everywhere. He is very quiet and missing you terribly.  We all miss you so very much and are so lost without you.  You ware taken away so suddenly with no warning and I smile one minute thinking about all the fun times we have had and your cheeky little face that can melt butter just by looking at it and then I realise I'm not going to see you again.  The vet told us you were one sick little girl and you had an heart attack. I so was not prepared for that you had not shown any signs of being ill it just happened all in a couple of hours it broke my heart to leave you there. My baby girl I'm so sorry that you where taken away so soon I miss you so much I get a lump in my through just by thinking about you. I wish I could hold you just one last time my little princess you are so greatly missed.  Rest in peace Angel Summer sleep tight and bee good girl till we meet again. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 
Lots of love Mammy, Daddy, Dylan and Shargill

MONTY- 04-12-10



I just wanted you to let you know that yesterday morning we had to say goodbye to our little man, Monti. It was a hard decision but we did not want to let him suffer. We adopted Monti (Horace) from you just three years ago, although we expected to have him only months rather than years as his age & health were against him, he had a strong spirit & surprised us all by getting stronger & stronger & enjoying his life to the full. Everybody that met him loved him, he used to look up at them with his big brown eyes & I do not recall anyone being able to resist. Over the last year his sight had deteriorated & when we were out on a walk if someone walked past he would turn round & start walking with them, we were always having to turn back to retrieve him but it made everyone laugh. He was an ex stud & right from the very start he adapted to home life, his favourite position in the winter was lying upside down & next to the radiator & in the summer sitting in the sun, he loved killing teddies, shoes, hats, what ever he could get hold off. I think he was desperate for the puppy hood he never had & that is what kept him going for so long. He was approx. 13yrs & the house will never be the same without him, he was our little comic. 
Thank you for giving Monti the chance of a home life & thank you for letting us have Monti in our lives.
Elaine, Michael, Millie & Gwenni

PADDY - 02-12-10



Patience Paddy
 We sadly had to have Paddy, Richard's Collie x put to sleep on Weds 2nd Dec. He suddenly become very lethargic and bloated, an x-ray and ultrasound showed a very weak heart, free fluid and multiple tumours in his abdomen. He only became unwell on Tues 1st where he did not run as much as usual on his daily walk, on Weds he did not run at all and only just managed his walk. This was not usual Paddy behaviour. We did not want to put him through any degrading treatments which he would not understand or recover from so all we could humanely do was end his suffering. Both Richard and I are devastated by the loss of Paddy and Jack keeps looking for him to come home. He will be sadly missed. We adopted Paddy from Many Tears Rescue in 2004 when he was approximately 2 years old. Richard and Paddy had an understanding between them which allowed them to work as an amazing team in the early days of obedience training and later in agility. Paddy reached the dizzy heights of Grade 6 where he competed this year at the shows we attended. The last competition course Paddy ran was under Marie Hembrow at Gillingham. He was such a brave boy to hide his illness from us to the very end and we will be forever grateful to him for that.

PENNY - 20-11-11


Very sadly Penny has gone to Rainbow Bridge.  We are so grateful to Jane her fosterer for the love and care she gave to Penny for the time she was with her.  This is what her fosterer said of Penny.
Penny has sadly gone over to Rainbow Bridge today.  She was PERFECT in every way and dearly loved.  I feel very privilidged to have fostered her.  

MARY-LOU - October 2010

Today Mary Lou lost her fight of life. Her brave fosterer Jane loved and cared for her and did the right thing and brought her to us when her beautiful wagging tail could longer wag. She ate her favourite ginger biscuits to the end and had a wonderful, full of love few, weeks with Jane and her family.  We are so sad we could not give her more but so grateful that she was with the most wonderful foster family.

NOTUS - October 2010

After being diagnosed with Patent Ductus Arteriosis (PDA) and long discussions between the Sylvia, Diane our specialist vet and Notus’ lovely fosterer, it was decided together that Notus would undergo surgery.  This took place today and we are extremely sad to say Notus did not wake up from his operation. The operation itself went well although Notus’ heart was very enlarged and Diane could not get him to wake up.  It is thought that the pressure may of caused a brain hemorrhage. Some may say that we should not of gone ahead with the operation and but we stand by our decision and just want to thank Notus’ fosterer Julie for the amazing time Notus had whilst in her care.  Julie stood by every decision made and cared and loved poor Notus and a huge hole has been left in many hearts. Tonight take a look up and an extra star will shine very brightly - run free sweetheart.

SHIVER - September 2010

We adopted Shiver from your kennels in 2004. She was a Lhasa who came to you in a very bad way. At the time we lived in Gosport in Hampshire. Two years ago we moved to Worcester in the Midlands and live in a beautiful green flag park right by the river Severn so Shivers last two years have been wonderful. She treated the park like her own front garden and there were copious amounts of people to fuss over her which she loved. Shiver gave us so much love, she was a beautiful tempered, funny, affectionate and gorgeous little girl and we miss her greatly. She went in to have some teeth removed and a clean as she had developed very bad breath ten weeks ago. The vet found a tumour in the back of her mouth which he removed but eight weeks later the cancer had spread all over her body. It was with huge heartbreak and sadness that we made the decision to have her put to sleep before she started to really suffer. Our house is so empty without her and she has left a massive hole in our lives. We just wanted to send you some pictures of her and thank you for the great job you do. We would not have found her but for you and for that we will always be grateful.
Kind regards
Yvonne and Steve Bidgood

REGAL - September 2010

Regal, we got you in October 2009 with a yellow blanket which you loved.  At the time it was the only thing you had as your own. You soon came out your shell following our other Cavalier Archie everywhere, even swimming in the sea! You finally had your chance to be a normal happy dog. Sadly we lost you in February after a long battle with cancer. You were so brave and strong at times it seemed you were winning.  The chemotherapy was intensive and it was so hard leaving you there at Langford. You must of been the best mum in the world. You showed us this by the way you looked after you toys carrying them around and putting them all together in your bed as you sit next to them, just like they were your puppies. They are all so lucky to have had such a good mum. You really lived up to your name, so brave no matter what was thrown at you. You were a definite lady. We all miss you everyday, that will never change.
Sleep tight beautiful
Forever Regal

BILBO BAGGINS - October 2010

Dear all,
   As you all know, unfortunately we lost Baggy last Monday night. He had a massive seizure from which he never recovered.

We are absolutely devastated. He was such a special gentleman who quickly became part of our lives. Just to add to our heartache we had just lost our old springer who was 15,  twelve days before Baggy. I want to thank all of you at Many Tears and his foster carer Jane for giving us the chance to love Baggy for those few weeks. He was doing really well and as always was behaving like the true gentalman he was. Somebody asked us if we regretted having Baggy because of the pain of losing him. My answer to them was ' not a chance, he gave us so much , he loved us unconditionally, he trusted us and I would do it all over again. We were very privileged to have been been Baggys family even for such a short time.
Many many thanks for giving us that chance. 
Mandy and Mark

LOTTIE - September 2010

Dear Sylvia
It is with much sadness that I have to tell you that Lottie (formerly Duce) died on Monday. She was diagnosed with a heart murmur when we first had her, but having already had two Cavs with the same problem, I wasn't unduly worried. However, in Lottie's case, the problem was very progressive and she didn't respond well to treatment. She kept going valiantly (as was in her nature), but finally the coughing, panting and gasping became too much for her to bear and we took the decision to let her go. We are all absolutely devasted (including our other Cav, 14 year old Lucy.) No words can express what Lottie meant to us. She had 6 years of sadness before coming to us and only 2 years of joy in our family, but the happiness she showed every day of her life enriched our lives so much. Our home is a much emptier place without her. I'm so glad we had our time with her, and she'll never be forgotten.
Regards Judy Gibbons

BARNEY - August 2010

On 23rd August, our much loved Barney collapsed and died whilst out on a walk.   The minute I met Barney I knew I wanted to share my home with him and that he would be loved and cherished by my family forever. Not for one moment did I imagine his time with us would be cut so tragically short.   Barney, you brought such great joy into our lives and we all miss you so much.
Rest in peace my beautiful boy x x x

LILY - August 2010

Our beloved Lily, rescued in Ireland by Many Tears, and adopted by us in November 2008. She was a delightful little cav and adored by us all. Life isn't the same without her.

ALDO - August 2010

We adopted Aldo from Many Tears on 10 October 2009 and feel fortunate to have  been able to give him the forever home he deserved, even if it was only  for ten short months. Aldo was so full of life and fun, he filled our  home with his large personality and cheekiness. We have many memories  that are irreplaceable and although he is so sorely missed we are relieved that he is not suffering. We would like to share one of our  final memories of Aldo with you - one week before being put to sleep  Aldo visited Babbacombe beach, he loved playing in the sea, sticking his  head under the surf to grab pebbles but seemed unable to find a favourite  (he often brought home sticks from walks that he became attached to). On  walking a short distance to one of the sea defences he spotted HIS  pebble, undeterred that is was securely sat in the sea defence he dug and dug until it came loose. He had decided this one was his and promptly pranced back up the beach with it in his mouth! He looked so  proud and would not put the pebble down just in case anyone else wanted  it. He spent the rest of the beach visit grinning like a Cheshire cat  and prancing around with this pebble - he charmed many other beach  visitors who thought that he was wonderful. Aldo never met anyone who  was not charmed by him, and it was impossible not to love him!
All our love is with you Aldo
Lou and Rich

POPPY -August 2010

We got Poppy from you two years ago. She was a very scared little cav who had no idea of free will sores all over her and very little fur. Over the two years she was with us she blossomed into a very fluffy fun lovely happy dog. She loved playing with our other dogs and they will miss her ( she is the one on the right). She never quite got over her fear of the rain but did overcome fear of the outside world. She loved chasing rabbits in the fields near our house. I feel very happy to have been able to give such a loving little dog a second chance at life it is just sad for her it was only a short time. She died peacefully in her sleep today.
Best wishes Siobhan

GUS - March 2010

It is with great sorrow I write to say that despite the best efforts my vet, Gus had to be put to sleep on 23 February 2010. I knew I wouldn’t have him long because of his health problems but initially he responded so well that I hoped I would have him for a year or so, sadly that wasn’t the case. His health started deteriorating just after Christmas and eventually the brain damage had become so severe he had started to lose control of his back legs and was so confused he didn’t know where he was or what he was doing – occasionally the old Gus would come back but these occasions became less and less as time went by.  He was a beautiful dog both in appearance and in temperament. His greasy coat had fallen out and left his coat soft and silky and of course he had such lovely soft brown eyes. He had a lovely, gentle nature and was as good as gold with everyone, including my 2 year old granddaughter.  I’ve attached a few pictures taken of him before he became too unwell. I still miss him even though I only had him a few short months.

RUBY WAGTAIL- March 2010

Ruby Darling,
You brought so much love and laughter into our house we will be forever grateful to Many Tears for rescuing you at four months.  We were a sad lot after losing our 13 year old  Munsterlander and with a 14 month old Munstie to keep busy we needed some new life in our home.  And,  in you came, tail wagging from the onset and you immediately found your place in all of our hearts.  After only eight short months you left us but we are thankful for the time we had with you and for the knowledge that all the love and attention could not have saved you.  Sleep peacefully dear girl, your pink pig is with you.
Love,  David, Suzanne and Cossi

LULU - January 2010

I'm  here among God's creatures now
In the Heavens of your mind
So do not grieve for me my friend
as I am with my kind

My collar is a rainbow hue
My leash a shooting star
My boundaries are the Milky Way
Where I sparkle from afar
So when your life on earth is spend
And you stand at heaven's gate
Have no fear of loneliness
For here you know I wait
RIP Lulu our love.
Jane and Mick Riva

PINKIE - December 2009

We are sorry to let you know that one of Annie's pups has passed away. Sleep tight little angel pup Pinkie. We tried so hard to help but you were too special to stay. Sweet dreams Pinkie, hope you like the pictures and card the children have done for you. Shiya will look after you at Rainbow Bridge til you see your Mummy again. You were only here for 2 days, but there will be a tiny paw print in our hearts forever.
Love from Jen, Ian and all the family x x x

EDDIE - December 2009

Our angel Eddie lost his fight with cancer today. We knew when we adopted him that he had bone cancer and was not likely to live long. In the end we had him for seven wonderful months, and he was the happiest and most loving dog you could imagine. Here is a list of things that Eddie loved - cuddles, walks, going to Bamburgh on holiday, food, cuddles, going in the car, barking at the door with the other dogs, cuddles, sleeping on the bed, cuddles and food. Even to the end Eddie did not know he was ill - he loved everything about his life, the tragedy was that it was so short. Now he is at peace, and in the end leaving was easy. It's only for us that it's so hard. We would like to thank Many Tears for rescuing Eddie and his lovely first foster family to whom we know Eddie meant the world. We would also like to thank our vet Helen who worked so hard to make Eddie's life painless, and his final passing so comfortable.

CLOVER - November 2009

Clover went to sleep on November 28th 2009 after losing her fight against two horrible diseases. It all came as an awful shock to us, as we only found out that she was unwell about a week before it all happened.

Clover came to us nearly 18 months ago as a very scared and shaken dog and in those 18 months she developed into the most beautiful dog anyone could wish to meet. She played like a puppy (probably since the first time round she didn’t have the chance) and was always wanting fuss and attention no matter what the time, day or night. Clover touched the lives of everyone she met, and she was a best friend to my other cav, and to us all.
We would like to thank Many Tears for rescuing Clover and giving her a second chance at life.
The hardest thing is to say goodbye to someone you love so much, but that love will never fade and Clover will be in our hearts forever.

PERCY - November 2009

Percy was a really sweet 6 wk old tabby kitten who came to Many Tears with his Mum and brother.  They all came in because their owner could not cope with them and Percy and his brother went to a lovely fosterer to find their forever homes but despite the care and love he received there very sadly Percy died suddenly.  We are all very sad but very grateful he was in a loving home for the little time he had.


VERNON - October 2009

Yesterday we lost our lovely Vernon.  We only had him for 2 short years but will remember him for a lifetime. Always larger than life his huge personality filled the house – joyous, eager, funny, loving. Like a child Vernon always wanted to know what was happening and take full part. Vernon came with a very weak heart but for the time that he was with us filled our lives with joy and laughter - thank you Many Tears for rescuing him and allowing him to come here to live. He was bursting with life and will be so sorely missed both by us and by all his friends.
Sian and Jane


DOLLY - October 2009


Dolly was a much loved and cherished labrador adopted from Many Tears.  She was very sadly put to sleep in October 2009 and  we wished we could have had more time with her. She was such a gentle and kind soul despite her life before she arrived at Many Tears.  Dolly held no grudge and settled to a joyful life for the 20 months we were privileged to share our home with her. Her final hours were comfortable, with every effort made to find a way forward but we knew we had to let her go. So as we sang every night to her
"Hey Dolly dog,
Ho Dolly dog,
Dolly, Dolly, Dolly, Dolly dog – sleep tight."
With our love and admiration,
Mum, Dad and Many Tears sisters Rosie, Lottie and Little Nell

MILLIE - August 2009

After 20 months of giving unconditional love and enjoying being a happy very special wee girl, Millie Billie Bo Bo gently succumbed to the rigours placed on her tiny body and with a heavy heart and out of her love for her, Mummy helped her to go to Rainbow Bridge to play forever with her little pink ball and friends. A special squirllie girlie, never to be forgotten by those whose lives she enriched. A candle burns, a new star twinkles. Run Free Millie Billie Bo Bo you are in my heart forever, until we meet again.

Love and Huggles Mummy, Chloebelle, Freddie, Williamena, Norrie, Annie, Archie and Tamara xxxxxxxx
Weep not for me though I am gone
Into that gentle night. 
Grieve if you will, but not for long
Upon my soul's sweet flight.
I am at peace, my soul's at rest 
There is no need for tears.
For with your love I was so blessed
For all those many years.
There is no pain, I suffer not, 
The fear now all is gone.
Put now these things out of your thoughts,
In your memory I live on.
Remember not my fight for breath
Remember not the strife.
Please do not dwell upon my death,
But celebrate my life.

RICK - August 2009

I adopted my lovely Rick from Many Tears on 17 March 2007 (he was being fostered in Somerset).  Despite his very bad start (picked up from the pound) he was a fun and loving boy and as bright as any collie could be! During the 2 short years that I was lucky enough to have him in my life he brought me great joy and happiness…. he loved life, had fun & enjoyed everything – obedience, agility and was well on his way to becoming a lowland search and rescue dog with Berkshire Search & Rescue Dogs! 

He sadly passed away peacefully on Tuesday 23 June 2009 aged only 3 & half years after a very short illness.  Rick was my very very special boy and life without him will never be the same but he will remain in my heart until we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge. Run free my precious boy. 
Janice Follwell (nee Heal)
When we fostered Rick we wondered why nobody enquired seriously about him, but we now know that special dog was destined to meet his special person, Janice.  His life was too short but I know it was full of fun and love.  Janice stayed in touch, giving regular updates and even travelled all the way to Devon where we now live to let my family (including my 6 dogs) see him again.  We miss you Rick and will think of you, and those enormous ears, often.

HOLLY – July 2009

We adopted our beautiful Holly from Many Tears in March 2005. My husband and stepson came to meet her with our Samoyed Meg and all fell in love with Holly. She was eight years old at the time and had obviously lived outside and was very quiet for a Samoyed. Yet she settled in immediately with Meg and was so loving and glad to be indoors and cared for. She soon learnt from Meg how to ‘woo-woo’ freely in that Samoyed way and then talked to us constantly. She was the sweetest and kindest of dogs and bright and funny and so clever: though smaller and older than her sister Meg, Holly regularly outwitted her and found ways to be first to the pats and the treats - or to be in the front in photos such as this one! Over the years, her joints got stiffer, probably due to her long years outside, but she took great joy in life and remained bright-eyed and interested in everything until after four happy years her heart gave way and the vet advised that there was no more that could be done. It was a joy and a privilege to know our Holly and love her, and we all bless the day she came into our lives.

Jeremy and Thomas Flye and Sian Jones.

BASIL – June 2009

My Uncle Terry adopted Basil from Many Tears in July 2006, after he was handed in by his terminally ill owner. Aside from an initial language barrier – Basil understood Welsh, my Uncle spoke only English – they seemed to be a perfect match, and Basil, despite his age, adapted well to outings in the car, chickens, rabbits and everything else his new life presented him. Sadly Basil’s health deteriorated in summer 2009, and when his kidneys started to fail the decision was taken to let him sleep, after 3 happy years. He was a wonderful boy, and will be sorely missed by all, particularly my Uncle.

IZZY – June 2009

We adopted Izzy from Many Tears on 20th November 2004. She had been rescued from a breeder. As soon as we held her, we knew she was ours. We had her for a glorious 4 and a half years but sadly, her liver starting failing 6 weeks ago and on the 2nd June, the Vet could do nothing more to help her and we had to make the heartbreaking decision to let her go. She was our princess, our joy and made our lives happier for being in it. She leaves a void in our hearts and we will always love and miss her. Our hearts are breaking with the thought of her not being here anymore.

Run free precious Izzy xxxx 
Gary and Sharon Broom

MORK - April 2009

Mork came to Many Tears at 5 weeks old.  He was blind and his fontanal gap in his skull didn't close resulting in a strange lump on the top of his head.  Sylvia asked me to take him and he had nearly four wonderful weeks with me.  I do not regret having him for one moment.  He was a little ray of sunshine and very happy for the time he was here and so loved I just can't put it into words.  He had a tiny paw print but it's placed very deeply in my heart.

TILLY - March 2009

I was given the saddest news today, my beautiful foster dog Tilly had to go to Rainbow Bridge as she had severe spinal problems and the vet said it was the kindest thing to let her go.   Her mum Pam is distraught as she loved her so much and I am absolutely heartbroken for both of them.

Tilly, we all loved you  but know you can run free with the others until we meet again.
Forever in our hearts and dreams.
Your wonderful mum Pam and foster mum Debs

HARRY - February 2009

Harry was my Mum's dog, she chose him at Many Tears and they adored each other and went everywhere together.  My darling Mum died on April 9 2008, I always promised her I would look after Harry for her and I did.  He was the dearest little fellow, easygoing, happy and just a joy to have around.  Harry had a heart murmur and had a heart attack on February 3, 2009, he was 10 years old.  I miss him terribly, he was a link with my Mum but I think they're together again which is just how it should be.

MR EMERY - February 2009

Today was a very sad and distressing day.  This afternoon I have had our vet put dear Mr Emery to sleep. The last few weeks have been getting harder for our boy. No physical problems but mentally I guess he was stewing. He started to bite us over food. The staff were being careful and we were working with him. James who already has so many hard to home dogs offered to have him but today whilst running free in the sand school he went to the handler and bit her multiple times.  I felt it was kinder to just let him fall asleep then keep him caged, muzzled and homeless.  We all loved him but I felt he is a danger and obviously very unhappy too.  I will remember him always.

MOLLY - Februay 2009

Molly was the most beautiful girl.  When she arrived it was obvious something was majorly wrong with her.  Her stomach was huge.  We did several tests and it was found that she had a liver shunt.  She deteriorated really fast and sadly we had to put her to sleep just a few days after she arrived. So although her time at Many Tears was short she is on this page so she will not be forgotten.

PRECIOUS - December 2008

Precious was in severe pain and the pain killers were not controlling it so we felt it was time to set her free. In the two short years that we had her she has brought us some much love so we did what was best for her. Run free our special girl.

SHIYA - November 2008

Our beautiful GSD, Shiya went to Rainbow Bridge on Friday morning. She was 12 years old, yet so active and forward going we honestly thought she'd be with us forever.  Sadly her heart wasn't as strong as her will and despite help from our vet she slipped away from us to Rainbow Bridge.

Shiya was a beautiful, loyal, smart and loving member of our family having been rescued by CARA at the age of  8 years. She showed many children that big dogs are wonderful dogs, especially when out on street collections for the Friends of Many Tears she set a shining example and raised a lot of money to help dogs less fortunate than herself.
Shee Shee, our lives won't be the same without you  .I will miss you nosing through the shopping bags to find your treats, raiding the salad drawer and the way you adored the cat!! We will always remember you and when we look up we can see the star we named after you. We are so glad we found you and you found us, we are honoured that you accepted us and I've loved every minute that we spent together as a family.
Run free, be young again. 
Jenna   x x x x x x
Today Shiya left our family for her forever sleep.  Shiya was a CARA rescue dog that my daughter and family adopted.  She was a super smart loving GSD with a heart that was made of gold.Shee shee sleep well old lady.
Nanna Poppy and Alex xxxxx

FLO - October 2008

Dear Flo

Today I watched as you took your last breath in this world, with the memory of when 14 years before you had taken your first.
My dear black Staffie, what a great lifetime you have had.   You would come to work at the stables with me and were adored by all the children and grown ups.  As you grew older you became nanny to my own children, how happy I feel that Romina and Jed will always remember you and I can share my memories of you with them.  You had your likes and dislikes, you were strong willed, there were a few near death experiences and a few uncomfortable Staffie moments.   You knew when I was sad or upset before anyone. You tolerated sharing your life with Vic our cat although he continued to adore you and Gwen and Ness.   Saffi a pup from Many Tears came to us last year and she loved you to bits.  You tussled and played with her, something I thought you had given up a long time before.
The last few months you have spent mostly at rest, it became too much for you to get up to greet me.  I couldn't bare watching you waste away. I'm sorry you cried when the needle went in, you went to sleep until it was time to say goodbye for ever.  I felt helpless, it was meant to be a peaceful end but I know Flo that is was the only pain you have ever felt in your lifetime and the nearest I have ever been cruel to you.
    Miss you and love you forever dear friend Flo.
 Stacey, Martin, Romina and Jed xxx

MUMBO JUMBO - November 2008

Mumbo Jumbo was a year old collie cross who we rescued from the pound.  He was a friendly, loving boy who probably never had a real home.   He was with us for about 3 weeks  when one morning we went to let the dogs out of the kennels and found Mumbo Jumbo comatose. We think he had a fit and could not get out of it. We were unable to help him and lost him. We had never seen him fit, and this has been a terribly sad shock. I think this was the happiest home he had ever had and he loved his sweet kennel mate so much too. RIP little fellow - I am so sorry you never found your own person but we all loved you!!!!


SLITHER - October 2008

Slither was an extremely sweet  16 weeks old JR puppy who somehow ended up at the pound. He was deaf but a cute and happy puppy.  He went into a foster home but suddenly started to fit.  The vet was unable to stop him from fitting and on his advice the decision was made to send Slither to Rainbow Bridge.  We are all terribly sad for this poor little boy who had such a bad start in life but would like to thank his fosterer Nia who has been wonderful and has shown Slither what a loving home is like even though it was for a short time.

LOOP - Octoer 2008

Today (07/12/2008) Loop sadly lost his fight with cancer. He has been a bigger than life part of our family. He has never failed to make mum smile when she was sad and we will sorely miss him. Loop was a real gentleman who deserved the very best in life so I hope that this poem I have found will being fitting enough.......

I'm Still Here 

Friend please don't mourn for me
I'm still here, though you don't see.
I'm right by your side each night and day
and within your heart I long to stay.
My body is gone but I'm always near.
I'm everything you feel, see or hear.
My spirit is free, but I'll never depart
as long as you keep me alive in your heart.
I'll never wander out of your sight -
I'm the brightest star on a summer night.
I'll never be beyond your reach - 
I'm the warm moist sand when you're at the beach.
I'm the colourful leaves when fall comes around
and the pure white snow that blankets the ground.
I'm the beautiful flowers of which you're so fond,
the clear cool water in a quiet pond.
I'm the first bright blossom you'll see in the spring.
The first warm raindrop that April will bring.
I'm the first ray of light when the sun starts to shine,
and you'll see that the face in the moon is mine.
When you start thinking there's no one to love you,
you can talk to me through the Lord above you.
I'll whisper my answer through the leaves on the trees,
and you'll feel my presence in the soft summer breeze.
I'm the hot salty tears that flow when you weep
and the beautiful dreams that come while you sleep.
I'm the smile you see on a baby's face.
Just look for me, friend, I'm in every place!
Author Unknown
Run free and happy my big boy
 Love Leah, Sylvia and Bill

MEG - October 2008

Meg was adopted in July 2008 by  Pat & Dave Blackie..  She was rescued from a farmer who was getting a new dog needed Meg out of the shed she lived in. Sadly Meg had a massive stroke just a couple of months after she was adopted and despite her new owners and their vet doing everything possible for her in the end they had her put to sleep to end her suffering.   Meg was a wonderful dog with a marvellous temperament and her owners are very sad at her passing.   Pat & Dave did not have her long but she has left a big hole in their lives and she will never be forgotten.

BARNEY - October 2008

Barney had done very well since the diagnosis of his tumour last November and even put on 4 kilos.  He had been on pain relief for a few months. However, he went downhill suddenly and he paid his last visit to the vet’s where he went peacefully.  He’s been much loved and  will be sorely missed.


FRANK - September 2008

Frank was brought to Many Tears from the pound after serving his 9 days  in September 2008.  When he arrived we noticed he had a problem with his back legs and found he had a broken pelvis.  He was placed with one of our wonderful foster carers and put on crate rest but sadly he went downhill very quickly and had to be put in a drip at the vets.  After two days Frank sadly lost the fight for life and went to Rainbow Bridge.


KATIE - August 2008

Katie was an ex-breeding westie adopted in January 2005 by Sandra and Andrew Page. She had a bronchial condition (known as Westie Lung) and was on medication for life.  Katie's favourite place was home either snuggled up on the sofa or in her bed. Katie was the sweetest little dog you could wish to meet and that she could be that way, even after all she'd been through shows what an angel she was.  She was loved so much and has left a huge hole in Sandra and Andrew's  lives.  She was with them for just over 3½ years, but behind all their tears and heartache they can be sure that Katie knew they loved her and that at last she'd found the love and security she deserved.

BELLA - August 2008

Bella our beautiful foxhound sadly had to be put to sleep on 8th August 2008.  She had suffered with ill health since she arrived at Many Tears from Ireland.  She went into a foster home and despite all our efforts her condition failed to improve and in the end she had to be put to sleep to end her suffering.  Bella was a really wonderful dog and loved by everyone who met her.


DOLLY - July 2008

Dolly (aka Venture) was a deaf Old English Sheepdog who we adopted in February 2008. She suddenly started to have epileptic fits and suffered 8 fits in one night.  We are heartbroken that never fully recovered and had to be put to rest. In the 6 months that we had her she was a very special beautiful girl, who loved life despite her deafness. I loved her the first time I saw her on Many Tears website, she will always be loved and missed.
The Gibbs Family

JENNY - July 2008

Jenny the labrador pictured here had a brain tumour and sadly passed away on 9th July 2008.


BETH - June 2008


A little spaniel died today
In the arms of someone kind
She tried to live, she died in peace
No forever home to find
A production factory in a little soul
Her life was just for breeding
A home life was never there for her
Her job was birth and feeding
But it all went wrong, as these things can
And her health was doomed to fail
Someone had to watch her die
As she feebly wagged her tail
But at least the public got the goods
got the lovely pups she bore
They never saw the end result
Of a little dog, sad and sore
To the people who bought the little pups
And played the breeder's game
Its you who gained from her suffering
It was all done in your name
Author: Fionna Duncan
Beth lost her fight for life on 26 June 2008 at Many Tears.  She fought very hard for six days but sadly it was all too much.  The whole rescue was devasted to loose her and Sylvia has planted an evergreen honey suckle to remind her always of this beautiful little dog. 
We all hurt the day we lost Beth. Sandra has very kindly sent us a bench with a plaque in Beth's memory. We hope many will come look around and ponder over the dogs here whilst sitting on this bench.

ARK - June 2008



Ark's new owner called to let us know she had suffered from a twisted stomach and following vetinerary advice very sadly had to be put to sleep.  We are so sad that this poor girl had such a short time in her new home but very grateful to her owners who gave her the chance of learning about the joys of living in a home.

TREAT - May 2008



The day you came my life was complete
 Such a beautiful girl, my darling Treat.
 But the Angels decided you were so special
 Took you in their arms, for you to nestle.
 Now I remember with a heart full of pride,
 How you were so happy to be by my side
 Gone to the rainbow, without the pain you once bore,
 But with the love we gave you, for evermore
 Rainbow Bridge a place with no pain, no harm nor fear.

EDDIE - March 2008

Dear little Eddie had to be pts on 21 March 2008.  He had kidney failure. He was at least 16 years old and was rescued with Bessie (who died March 2007) from the pound.  Both due to be pts - their crime - they were old and Bess had mast cell cancer.

     I took them in thinking they only had weeks to live but Bessie had 7 months and Eddie was with us for 19 months. He was the happiest little chap, full of fun, feisty, cheeky and told all the other dogs off whatever their size if he thought they deserved it.
     We knew the end was near, we hoped we might have him just a little longer but it was not meant to be. He is missed terribly, not a day goes past when I think I hear his funny, gruff little bark or feel his paw patting my leg to be picked up. A little soldier, determined to the end who brought such happiness and so dearly loved by us. He is with Harry, Bessie, Nikki and Barney now in a place where there is no cruelty, all dogs are loved whatever their size, breed or age and where the sun always shines. He is irreplaceable and will never be forgotten.

HARRIET - March 2006

Today I was heart broken to hear this news that Harriet had gone to Rainbow Bridge we fostered her and in her time here she was a very loved dogs by the whole family she loved to play and loved the kids she was a very special girl. As a fosterer it's sometimes heart breaking to let a dog go in to their new homes even though you know they are going to be well loved.  But to find out Harriet has gone forever to rainbow bridge is the most heart breaking feeling you can have.

RIP Harriet we loved you very much.
You will stay in our heart forever Harriet 
Love Kev, Liz, Hayden, Ethan and all the dogs with in our family.

BERTIE - March 2008



Very sadly we have lost our dear friend Bertie. I felt I wanted to let you know as it was through you that we went to see him and collect him just over three years ago from St Clears pound. Bertie was a fantastic member of our family always helping settle new foster dogs by offering to share his bed which he always did and brought myself and Tom many Happy times.
He did extremely well as we rescued him at 12years with an estimated 6months or so to live, it soon became apparent he was very happy with us and lived a good life for just over three years just struggling the last few months.
Claire x

NIBO - January 2008

Nibo, our angel, sent from above
Sent by God for us to love.
Pleasure and happiness into our home,
you brought peace and kindness and never left us alone.

When we were sad and needed a kiss, 
there you were with a tongue that wouldn't miss.
Your love for us I could see in your eyes.
You gave trust and kindness, never any lies.
You stood by our side when we needed a friend
And in return, we was by yours at the end.
To hold and comfort you those remaining seconds, 
we were blessed by Heaven to be there when the angels beckoned...
He wants you to greet the ones who are here without any friends.
Those that are lonely, sad, and whose lives you can help cleanse.
You can show them what love from a human can do.
To hold your head high, nose in the air, and never be blue.
We loved you, my precious one, because you needed us.
There in your brown eyes was one last plea.
"Please give me a chance and let me come live with you.
I promise to give you all that I have, all that you are due."
We knew he was special, kind, gentle and sweet, 
such a tiny little body to lie at my feet.
We could never say no because we needed each other,
So we paid his fine, picked him up and carried him to my car, 
and off to my house in the country, the drive was far.
You came into our home with a cheery attitude; 
we could look in those eyes and see the gratitude.
We was fortunate enough to have you for 1 year, 
we loved you each day and gave you lots of hugs, kisses and love
We will miss you my angel because you were a dear little soul, 
who woke up each morning with only one goal.
"Kiss my mum & dad everyday and be by there side,
to protect them forever until I die.
I will protect my Family from Heaven above, 
so no harm will come to them, only love.
Don't miss me too much because I am not very far.
Just look to the Heavens and you can see my star"
Ps thanks for the pear tree
RIP BABY BOY 31/01/08

BARNEY - January 2008

...... My little lion died in his sleep Saturday morning. I came downstairs at 7am to find him, he looked as if he was asleep, I called him, he didn't move. I had put him to bed Friday night, given him his biscuits, kissed him goodnight as always, he kissed me back. He had Addisons disease but it was well controlled but it seems he had Addison crisis. My vet told me he just slipped away and wouldn't have known anything about it and for that I am thankful, at least he died in his own bed and home and that was the way I would have wanted for him.
     Words cannot express what he meant to me. I rescued him at 9 months, he was a very bad cruelty case and was terrified of people. The first time I saw him I was told he wouldn't come near me. I crouched down, opened my arms and called his name and he came straight to me and buried his face in my chest. He had chosen me and how I loved him. He went from strength to strength and as time passed he learnt to love others and was so loving and gentle. Everyone called him a 'little lion' because he looked like a lioness. He was diagnosed with Addisons in 2002 and nearly died. We travelled thousands of miles together to Liverpool Veterinary Hospital for treatment for two years until he was able to be cared for by my vets.
     He had such presence and could stop any bad behaviour from the other dogs with just a look, he commanded such respect. My father who died in 2002 adored him and called him 'his beauty boy'. I know he'll look after him for me until I see him again. Snatched from me when I least expected it, I thought we had more time together.
    I'll love you forever my beautiful boy, the world will be a darker place without you.


DOTTY - January 2008

.... Sadly Dotty (Bugle on the website) died peacefully in her sleep on 7th January 2008.
     She was an  ex puppy farm dog and unwell when she came in to Many Tears.  We fostered her and she seemed to be getting better.  She spent several happy months running around on the farm, playing with the children and stoically ignoring the cows.  She improved so much she was put on the website and had a home to go to.
     Just after Christmas her health suddenly deteriorated and she left us, sad but our lives enriched for having known her.  Thank you Dotty for all the fun, for keeping the young pups in order and showing us life is for living no matter how long you've got or how awful your past.
     Thank you  also to Kenneth and Shaun who were willing to give her a home despite her problems.  Sorry it wasn't to be.
Karen and family.

J.D. - August 2007

......J.D. was more than a best friend, he was my absolute everything. He went everywhere with me except work and I mean everywhere! He could be absolute trouble some days but it was hilarious, it was almost like he had a wicked sense of humour and was on a wind-up! You could say to him "where's your mamma?" and he would run over to me and you could ask him "where's your temper?" and he'd playfully give a little bark. He was never nasty or snappy, just a bouncy ball of love and fun and he loved people. He was always stuck by my side when people came over, he always liked to show visitors who I belonged to! Definitely a mummys boy! I started looking on the many tears site originally because I was looking to home another little addition to love and a sister or brother for J.D. Some people couldn't comprehend how hard I took it when he became ill and there was only one possible outcome, though at the time I was defiant and hell bent my boy was going to be made better no matter what. I felt he had been so cheated - "why him? what did he ever do to deserve it? He's only a baby, it's not fair!" It still hurts, I still get angry about it. I still cry over him. I don't say his name out loud anymore, I can't. He's referred to as 'boy'. Does that ever go away? Maybe I'll be a 'mamma' again someday, but I'll never forget my boy.

J.D. 25/06/04 - 01/08/07

J.D. you were my little baby from the second I met you.
I miss you so much and I would do anything to have you back.
Nothing is the same anymore.
It's not the same getting up in the morning to an alarm clock 
instead of your sniffs and licks on my face!
It's not the same coming home to an empty silent house instead of you bouncing
around like mayhem on four legs and being so happy to see me!
It's not the same going in the bath and not having to try to explain to you
why you shouldn't try getting in it when I'm already in it!
It's not the same when I feel down and you're not there to
jump on my lap and snuggle into me.
It's not the same going to bed on my own without you snuggling in behind my knees...
you slowly making sure you have most of the bed (despite you having two beds of your own!)
You were the perfect mix of love, fun, loyalty and complete mischief.
You were so brave, bo bo, when you were dealt a hand so cruel and unfair. 
Certainly braver than I. 
Sweet dreams, bo bo.
Mamma misses you and loves you so much.xxx

HEAVEN - January 2008

......Heaven came from a pound. She was old and spent 9 days there. Her breathing was poor and the pound owner got some tablets for her. Lisa, Heaven's  "Angel "saved her from being put to sleep. She brought  her here but Heaven was gasping for breath, close to death. Her heart was terrible and her life was ending.
      Problems finding a vet to help her peacefully die meant we needed to snuggle her in a quiet kennel and gently talk to her. Hours later she was no better and a vet saw her and gave her some heart medication which we have administered with a lot of love. Sophie, who finished work at 4pm, only left her side at 7pm and James stayed the night and will looked in on her.
      We were desperate for her to be able to get relief and find some happiness however short. The thought of her last days of no cuddles lying in a pound was too upsetting. 
     At 1pm the following day I said goodbye to Heaven. We put her to sleep here so there was no more stress for her. She had a warm night filled with love, cookies and cuddles. Her poor heart just was unable to help her though her spirit was so willing. It was a very hard time to make that decision for a dog we knew had suffered so much at the end but I felt it was the only kindness left.

JESS - July 2007



Dear Many Tears
      I was hoping you would let my baby girl Jess join your memorial at rainbow bridge.
      Jess was a special dog (like all dogs).  She was my soul mate, and I never knew what grief was until death.
      We had from the pound 11 years ago.  She was 6 months old.  She was in her cage shaking and scared cowering in corner.  We fell in love with her straight away.  We didn't know why or how she ended up there but we do know she had a bad start, she was so skinny and part of her tongue was missing (someone had kicked her in the the mouth).  She became our first baby.
      Then we had Benn our Doberman X.  They became best friends overnight.  When my three daughters came along, she along with Benn was fantastic and became proud and protective of the pack.
      Jess was a lovely happy lab/staff X.  I hope we gave her a loving happy life as I know that is what she gave to us.
      Sadly Jess had cancer earlier this year.  She got through the operation, which was a relief as she was 11 and had a heart mummer.  The steroids held it back for a little while but the inevitable happened on 9th July 07 and we felt the time was right for her to go and become an angel, not for her to suffer.
      At first I felt a great sense of peace, which I wasn't expecting, knowing she was at rest.  The great sense of peace was short lived and along can the grief.  It was through Jess that we found Many Tears while looking for a companion for my grieving dog Benn.  Reading Rainbow Bridge has helped.  I cry every time but it is a release and a feeling of understanding and there are other people who understand how important best friends are to us and we are not alone.
      I hope you will add Jess to Rainbow Bridge and I know £10 isn't much but I hope you will accept it to honour Jess.
 Thank you
 Leigh & Nigel Fullman

JINGLES - December 2007


Jingles was the Victor Mildrew of the dog world, those he loved and trusted were to be kept close, others were probably not to be trusted!
Mum and I found Jingles in a pound in Arizona, shortly after I had lost my first ever dog. He was literally on death row, next to be put to sleep......
need I say more?
Jingles couldn't be homed due to his slightly unpredictable behaviour, so lived out his life with us. He was a great dog, and loved being part of the pack. He was always at his happiest when with the other dogs. 
We will sorely miss Jingles, as he has been such a huge part of our lives for so long!
Run free Jingles..............
Please instead of sending an e-mail of condolence, light a candle.

REAGA - September 2007

1989-2007 (3rd Sept)  

My poor, sweet boy lost his fight with cancer today, aged 18 years and 10 months. He was amazing for his age, still able to run, hear and see. Everybody always asked me if I was sure when they asked me his age.
I rescued him when he was 2 years old, he lay scared, beaten and starved in a welsh council pound, it was 2 days before Christmas, and he was due to be destroyed Christmas eve as he was a dangerous dog (so my mum and I were told!)
Many people told me to give up on him, that he was unpredictable and would never come right. All I can say to this is that for the last 17 years I have had the most wonderful, loyal, loving dog that anybody could ever find! Today I feel lost and empty as it feels like he has always been with me. I hope that other people will put all their love and belief into a scarred lost soul, and be rewarded with the love that I have been so blessed with for all these years.
Run free and be happy, my loyal companion.
Love forever Leah, Jay and the rest of your pack x

BRANSTON - October 2007

Branston and her friend Pickles were turned out on a mountain and left to die.  This is how she arrived at Many Tears where she sadly lost her live after a few days, despite our very best efforts to save her.

Those days up on the mountain in the cold and driving rain

 Were the worst I can remember then, at last, somebody came.
 They took me in and Pickles too, for she was dumped with me
 took us home, warmed us up and gave us chicken for our tea.
 They would have loved to keep us but just were not equipped 
 so they took us to the pound to see if we were chipped.
 We weren't, of course, so that is when they asked rescues for help
 the first was full, the second too but the third, at last, said 'Well'

 We'll take you in tomorrow if we can find someone
 who'll collect you in their car and agree to do the run.
 Luckily Eileen came and collected us next day
 and in no time, all tucked up and warm, we were on our way.
 When we arrived at Many Tears, the staff just stood and stared
 then cried as they took us to our beds, we could tell they really cared.
 Pickles had managed better than I to get some food to eat,
 But I was tired and really thin and could hardly use my feet.
 They gave me lots of tasty things to try and build me up
 then a nice warm coat and heated bed I could not believe my luck.
 I managed a little food and drank lots of water too
 but they worried I hadn't ate enough and hadn't had a poo
 So Sylvia took me to the vet who put me on a drip
 as they couldn't operate or test until I was more fit
 Sylvia stayed up with me all night........to make sure it all went in
 so the vet could then determine why I was so thin
 Next day I felt much better, but the vet was unhappy still
 He thought there was something in my tum that was making me so ill.
 He said he had to operate almost straight away
 otherwise he didn't feel I'd see another day.
 And so, today, he did his best, but what he didn't know
 was that I had had some puppies, several days ago.
 One was stuck inside me and that's what made me ill
 and sadly I arrived too late, with Sylvia and Bill.
 So, Many Tears, is aptly named, for many now are shed
 by Sylvia and the other staff as they clear away my bed.
 and put away the balls and toys with which I'd never played
 It's sad to think I'd still be here..........if only I'd been spayed.
 Written by Chris at CARA

CHLOE - July 2007

 Yesterday 11th July 2007 I lost my friend and my protector Chloe. Although she was 15 it doesn't make it any easier. Today when I came in there was a space on the floor where she should have been. I know there will never be another like her. I rescued her when she was not much more than a pup, someone had tried to drown her but she managed to run off. She repaid me in bucket loads. I never worried about

being on my own because she was always there to look after me. Even on the odd occasion when I heard a noise downstairs and had to wake her to send her down to check. She loved to swim and would spend hours in any pond or lake swimming round and round just catching the splashes. There is now a big hole in my heart. Although she is gone she will never be forgotten. Night night Chlo I'm so glad you picked me.

SIMON - July 2007

 Today (9th July 2007) my mum (Sylvia) lost her best friend.......here is a little about him......

Simon was a once in a life time dog, and my mums best friend! He was left tied to a fence at the Stow on the Wold gypsy fair, he stole my mum’s heart, as well as many other peoples.
Simon was a great ambassador for the rescue world, embarking on twomajor fund raising events. He walked from Cornwall to Kent with my mum raising £13,000 for the rescue, and again from John ‘O’ Grouts to Lands End raising another £21,000.
He loved nothing more than sliming in the mud and rubbing himself dry on your nice clean walls!
Simon will be sorely missed and will leave a gapping hole in my mum’s heart.
Sorrow fills a barren space;
you close your eyes and see my face
and think of times I made you laugh,
the love we shared, the bond we had, 
the special way I needed you - 
the friendship shared by just we two.
The day's too quiet, the world seems older,
the wind blows now a little colder.
You gaze into the empty air
and look for me, but I'm not there - 
I'm in heaven and I watch you,
and I see the world around you too.
I see little souls wearing fur,
souls who bark and souls who purr
born unwanted and unloved - 
I see all this and more above - 
I watch them suffer, I see them cry,
I see them lost, I watch them die.
I see unwanted thousands born - 
and when they die, nobody mourns.
These little souls wearing fur 
(Some who bark and some who purr) 
are castaways who - unlike me - 
will never know love or security. 
A few short months they starve and roam, 
Or caged in shelters - nobody takes home.
They're special too (fur balls of pleasure),
filled with love and each one, a treasure.
My pain and suffering came to an end, 
so don't cry for me, my person, my friend.
But think of the living -
those souls with fur 
(some who bark and some who purr) - 
And though our bond can't be broken apart, 
make room for another in your home and 
your heart.
--- Caro Schubert-James ---
Super Simon
What a boy was super si
big and gentle lad
cheeky, funny, loving si
never really bad.
A great companion, faithful friend
went with you everywhere
the traumas, heartbreaks you went through
- were only his to share.
No words will heal the wound you have
nor dry the tears you'll cry
but at your side will always be
gentle super Si.
By Christine at CARA 

JESS - July 2007

Yesterday, Friday the 13th, was sad day for us. Jess our very old Staffy passed away. When I say old I mean I rescued her before Nathan was even born and he is now 15. She was about 2 when I first had her and the vet reckons that is very rare for her  particular breed.  I put it down to the good food she used to have when she managed to escape from the garden and we would loose her.  However, all we had to do was look for the meals on wheels van and sure enough you would find her! She beat cancer, a stroke, but blindness did start to slow her down a little.  Even after all this she still had to go to her chair upstairs.  OK it did sometimes take her a few attempts to get up there but she never failed and she never failed our family with the love and affection she gave.

Now Jess you sleep well and i think its time you left them pussy cats alone.....


NIKKI - July 2007

Yesterday I lost the most precious part of me.  Nikki died so suddenly, she was only 2 1/2 years old - just a baby.

I prayed to God to bring her back to me, I begged him to make her well, he didn't listen to my pleas, what sort of God takes away the one thing you love more than anything in the world?  I shan't ask him for anything again.

She and I were as one, my heart is irreparably broken, the ache is too much to bear.  Wait for me on Rainbow Bridge, my dearest little girl, and we will be together again forever.


Well, little Nikki.......now you are gone
but not very far away.
The memories of you and me live on
you're here with me every day.

The awful start you had to your life
was, hopefully, cushioned by me
and I know, you knew, how much I cared
It was out there for all to see.

I look to the stair, where you waited each night
and I still see you, wagging your tail
Yet others insist you are no longer there
and thats when I start to wail.

They don't understand, the bond that we have
they never would quite get 'the plot'
They judge me and you on all that they know
but they'll never know all that we've got.

We have each other, for all of our lives
and that will remain 'til we die
For the greatest gift that we have, is our love
- for each other, just you and I.

Written by Christine at CARA

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