Roger Status: Available

Name: Roger

Breed: Dwarf Rabbit


Gender: Male

Location: At Many Tears in
Llanelli, Carmarthenshire

Roger and his friend Jessica have always lived together and we want to keep them together.  They are dwarf rabbits and we have estimated them to be about 8 months old.  They are quite friendly and let us pick them up etc but they do kick back so need a little more handling to get used to this.  If homed with children older ones would be best who will be able to handle them better.  We are looking for a donation for the pair of them and will help with transport if an adopter can meet the foster run van which goes down the M4 every Sunday as far as Reading and stops at various service stations.
10-02-18 UPDATE

Roger is a very docile bunny. Just like his friend Jessica, he too was very nervous around people and new things. Roger is very easy going and is easy to pick up. He would stay on your lap while being fussed however, he still isn't a fan. Once he leaves, he goes to his toilet and cleans/grooms himself. Roger keeps to himself unlike Jessica but does sometimes come over to also be fussed. Both Roger and Jessica are clean and nearly always poops in their toilet. When it comes to weeing they always go to their toilet. As a result, cleaning is very easy. However, Roger does sometimes lunge are the small hand brush when sweeping the floor.  Roger loves Jessica and would feel lost being an only rabbit or living without Jess. Therefore, i feel that rehoming him and Jessica together would be in their best interests.

If you are interested in adopting Roger please complete the adoption form below.




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